GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING her gray mantle back from her shoulders, and I saw then that under her dark blue dress a baby was growing. It would arrive by. Chevalier, Tracy - Girl with a Pearl Earring. Read more · The Girl With the Pearl Earring · Read more · The Girl With A Secret. Read more · Pearl · Read more. Girl With A Pearl Earring. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. a book based on the creation of the famous painting by Vermeer. Popular Pages.

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PDF | Insight Text Guides Girl With a Pearl Earring is designed to help secondary English students understand and analyse the text. Girl With a Pearl Earring. View PDF. book | Fiction | UK & Comm → HarperCollins. US → Plume. One of the best-loved paintings in the world is a mystery. EKPHRASIS IN GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING Miriam de Paiva Vieira [email protected] Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible.

In the film, genre painting's tendency to depict pictures-within-pictures receives special currency enabled by the plot's focus on the production of pictures.

Yet the act of cinematic adaptation also uncovers the potentials that lie dormant in representational painting and reveals the latter as an anticipation of the cinema. The scene takes place after the plot's dramatic events have reached their end.

Griet, the adolescent daughter of a Delft tile painter who lost his eyesight, and thus his livelihood, in an accident, is taken up as a maid in Vermeer's busy household. Navigating between the demanding supervision of the family cook, the animosity of Vermeer's wife, Catharina Bolnes, and the inexplicable viciousness of their daughter, Cornelia, Griet gains Vermeer's silent favor as she witnesses and even assists in the slow production of some of his famous paintings.

Griet's position shifts again from clandestine assistant to model when Vermeer's lascivious patron, Pieter van Ruijven, takes a special interest in her and demands that she sit with him for Vermeer's next commission. Although van Ruijven hopes to use the modeling sessions to seduce Griet, as he has done on a previous occasion with another maid, he is forced to settle for an image of her sitting alone.

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Orchestrated by Maria Thins, Vermeer's shrewd, business-oriented mother-in-law, the project proceeds secretively in order to enable Vermeer to avoid the jealous objection of his wife. The plot reaches its climax when an outraged Catharina demands to see the finished painting, in which Griet is depicted wearing Catharina's pearl earring.

Vermeer is quick to protect his work from his wife's rage, but he remains silent and impassive as Catharina dismisses the young woman who served as its inspiration. The novel extends this plotline to a more conclusive resolution in which Griet, whose impoverished [End Page 52] family depends on her wages, accepts a marriage proposal from her social peer, the butcher's son, thus securing her and her family's financial future.

Ten years later, long after Griet has married Pieter and settled into life as a mother and butcher's wife, she is called back to the house following Vermeer's death.

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There Griet learns that Vermeer had asked for her painting to be hung in the room as he was dying. In addition, though the family is now poorer, Vermeer's will has included a request that Griet receive the pearl earrings that she wore when he painted her, which Van Leeuwenhoek forces Catharina to hand over.

Griet realizes, however, that she could no more wear them as a butcher's wife than she could have as a maid.

She therefore decides to pawn the earrings and pay the fifteen guilders owed to her husband from the price. In Plume released the U.

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Griet's ability to suggest to Vermeer how to improve a painting demands one stretch of the reader's imagination. As Time magazine notes, Chevalier presents "an exquisitely controlled exercise that illustrates how temptation is restrained for the sake of art".

It concentrates particularly on visual detail, both in the appearance of characters and of domestic surroundings, and their spatial placing in relation to each other. In addition, it too started from an attempt to decipher the enigmatic look of the sitter in a painting of the period.

Van Ruijven and other characters assume she is sexually available simply because she is an unchaperoned maid. Griet describes the painting to her father and also witnesses its creation in closer detail now that she is helping in the studio.

During this episode it is recalled that she had previously appeared in Woman with a Lute and that her husband had seduced the maid who sat for The Girl with the Wine Glass. This hangs on the wall to the right of The Concert.

That has allowed Chevalier to integrate into her imaginary scenario some of the few facts that are known about Vermeer and so give her fiction the appearance of reality. Van Leeuwenhoek was certainly interested in optical devices and it has been speculated that Vermeer made use of a camera obscura , but that is as far as the evidence goes. And there is certainly not the slightest hint that he was the sexual predator that Chevalier portrays.

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For Walter Liedtke , the gallery's curator of European paintings, the success of [the exhibition] was due, at least in part, to Chevalier's novel.All of our family, even my father and brother, were small.

Griet leaves the studio, without even taking a last look at the canvas, and proudly returns the earrings to her mistress. Hearing his voice made me feel as if I were walking along the edge of a canal and unsure of my steps.

Another day the shadow of the yellow curtain had grown bigger.

We have no choice. When she narrowed her eyes I realized she knew everything I was thinking.

Young mistress wants him to paint more, but my mistress says speed would ruin him. It was the first time I had smiled all day. And a bit of cheese. Now help me up.

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