Make your morning commute feel just as invigorating as that first cup of fresh ground coffee. With the Ford Fiesta, we've prepared the purest blend of engaging . The Ford Fiesta is designed to liven up your drive – and your day. FUN AT Whichever you prefer, go with Fiesta Titanium for a ride that shines all around. and responsive handling, Fiesta thrives on curves as much as it does on straightaways. Combine that can last all day long. Go further in the Ford Fiesta.

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Choose your Ford Fiesta a Style a Edge a Zetec a Zetec S a Metal a Titanium a ECOnetic. The range. Add those extra touches a Individual Red. Ford Fiesta Classic comes with a 2 year / 1,00, kilometres warranty and an option to download 'Extended Warranty' that covers the car against all electrical. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 77,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy .

The bodywork was specific to the Indian market, not related to the Mark V sedan as sold in Latin America. Production of the Ford Ikon was discontinued when the Bharat IV emission requirements came into effect for metropolitan areas. In July, Ford introduced the sixth generation Fiesta, marketed in India only with saloon bodywork. This coincided with a drop in prices and the introduction of a new variant called "Titanium".

The only bodystyle was the 5-door hatchback, with the 1. The Fiesta Sportizm was sold in Japan and was limited to 50 cars. The model is based on the 1.

The Sportizm was only sold in the 'Colorado Red' colour. It includes a 2. To stay in line with all sports model Fords sold in Australia it received the 'XR' badging, instead of the 'ST' badging used in Europe. The 1. It includes four-two-one Arvin Meritor exhaust, 6-speed Hewland sequential gearbox , MacPherson strut front and twist-beam rear suspensions, spoke magnesium wheels with 18" Pirelli P-Zero tyres.

The car was unveiled at the Birmingham Auto Show. Audio unit Automatic volume control AVC When available, automatic volume control AVC adjusts the volume level to compensate for engine noise and road speed noise.

Electric Folding Mirrors Quick start Welcome lighting Automatic folding The mirrors will fold automatically The side and tail lamps will come on when you lock the vehicle with the when you unlock the doors with the remote control.

The mirrors will unfold remote control. They will switch off when you unlock the vehicle with the automatically after a short time. Mandatory use of child restraints varies from country to country. A choice of ECE approved child restraints which have been specifically tested and approved for your vehicle are available from your Booster seat E Secure children that weigh between 13 and 18 kilogrammes in a child safety seat in the rear seat.

E Seating positions Mass group categories Up to 10 Up to 13 9 - 18 kg 15 - 25 22 - 36 Front passenger E Lock Unlock Occupant Protection Occupant protection Note: This is normal. Airbags Note: Do not modify the front of your The restraint system comprises: Occupant Protection Occupant protection Driver and front passenger Side airbags airbags E E Side airbags are fitted inside the The driver and front passenger seatback of the front seats.

Ford Fiesta Owner's Handbook Manual

A label airbags will deploy during significant indicates that side airbags are fitted frontal collisions or collisions that are to your vehicle. Only when you use the seat belt properly, can it hold you in a position to achieve its optimum effect. See Sitting in the correct position page You have not fastened the seat belt properly if you do not hear a click. If you need to fit a child restraint on a seat protected by an Position the lap strap comfortably When you switch the ignition on, check that the passenger airbag deactivation warning lamp illuminates.

Enabling the passenger airbag WARNING Make sure that the passenger airbag is enabled when you are not using a child restraint on the front passenger seat.

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If the frequencies are To programme a new remote jammed, you will not be able to use control Reassemble the transmitter unit in reverse order. You will not be able to unlock the doors from the inside if you have double locked them. Automatic Relocking Locks Locking and unlocking the Reprogramming the doors with the remote unlocking function control You can reprogram the unlocking function so that only the driver's door is unlocked or all doors are unlocked.

Press the lock and unlock buttons on the remote control at the same time for four seconds with the ignition switched off. Engine Immobiliser If you lose a key, you can obtain a replacement from your Ford Dealer.

If possible, provide them with the key number from the tag provided with the original keys. You can also obtain additional keys from your Ford Dealer. Automatic arming delay The 20 seconds arming delay begins when the bonnet, luggage compartment and all doors are Volume down: Pull the VOL switch towards the steering wheel.

Release the locking lever to adjust the height of the steering wheel and its distance from the driver. Switch off the autowipers feature before entering a car wash. Replace the wiper blades as soon as they begin to leave bands of water and smears or when they do not completely remove water from the windscreen. Thereafter, or when the ignition is switched on with autowipers selected, the wipers will not cycle until water is detected on the windscreen.

The rear wiper will follow the front wiper interval at intermittent or normal speed.

To remove, press the retaining clip in the direction of the arrow, disengage the wiper blade and pull it off the arm in the opposite direction. Lighting Lighting Note: The headlamps will come on and go off automatically depending on the ambient light. E Note: It is not possible to switch on Headlamp flasher the front fog lamps when the lighting switch is set to AUTO. Rear Fog Lamps Lighting Note: To switch on the rear fog lamps, switch off the autolamps feature.

Switch on the exterior lamps 1 and pull out the control two positions 2. Depending on applicable laws and regulations in the country for Courtesy lamp which your vehicle was originally built, the hazard warning flashers may flash if you brake heavily. Removing A Headlamp Lighting The courtesy lamp will also come on when you switch off the ignition. It will go off automatically after a short time or when you start or restart the engine.

If you set the switch to position C with the ignition switch off, the courtesy lamp will come on. Carefully pull the bumper towards the front of the vehicle and remove the screw. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove the headlamp.

Page 48 Lighting Note: The following instructions describe how to remove the bulbs. Fit replacement in the reverse order unless otherwise stated.

Headlamp main and dipped beam 1. Remove the headlamp. See Removing a headlamp page E 2. Remove the cover.

Page 49 Lighting Front fog lamps 2. Turn the bulb holder anticlockwise and remove it. Gently press the bulb into the bulb holder, turn it anticlockwise and remove it. Side repeaters E 1. Disconnect the electrical connector. Gently press the bulbs into the bulb holder, turn them anticlockwise and remove them.

E 1. Open the tailgate. Remove the rubber grommet. Release the clips using a flat-bladed screwdriver and remove the lamp.

Page 51 Lighting Number plate lamp E 1. Carefully prise out the lamp. Remove the lens. Remove the bulb. E Reading lamps 1. Loosen the screws and remove the lamp. Interior lamp E E E Bulb Specification Chart Lighting Luggage compartment 1. If you operate the switches often during a short period of time, the system might become inoperable for a certain time to prevent damage due to overheating.

They will switch on automatically when you switch the heated rear window on. Shows the temperature of the engine coolant. At normal operating temperature, the needle will remain in the centre section. Warning Lamps And Indicators Instruments If the needle enters the red section, If a warning lamp or indicator does the engine is overheating. Stop the not come on when you switch the engine, switch the ignition off and ignition on, this indicates a determine the cause once the malfunction.

The front fog lamp indicator will come on when you switch the front fog lamps If the brake system warning lamp comes on with the ABS warning lamp or the stability control warning lamp, Frost warning lamp this indicates a malfunction.

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Main Beam Indicator Instruments Main beam indicator Powertrain warning lamp The main beam indicator will Vehicles with an automatic come on when you switch transmission the headlamp main beam If the powertrain warning on. It will flash when you use the lamp comes on when the headlamp flasher.

Page 61 Instruments If the powertrain warning lamp flashes when the engine is running, this indicates a malfunction.

Stop your vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so. Have this checked before continuing your journey. Rear fog lamp indicator The rear fog lamp indicator will come on when you switch the rear fog lamps Stability control ESP Page The information display will remain on for several minutes after you switch off the ignition.

Information Displays Information displays Type 2 information display Press the button to scroll through the displays and hold the button to rest, select a submenu or change a setting. You can change the settings of Language various functions through the information display. You can set the display to your preferred language. Check the brake fluid level.

See Maintenance page If the ABS warning lamp or the stability control warning lamp also come on, this indicates a malfunction. Avoid heavy accelera- tion or deceleration. The transmission will continue to operate but you will notice some unusual conditions.

Have this checked as soon as possible. Page 67 Information displays Message Message indic- Meaning ator message is still displayed, switch the ignition off and have this checked before continuing your journey.

If the message is no longer displayed, you can continue your journey and have this checked as soon as possible.

The Outside air resulting condensation is directed to the outside of the vehicle and it is Keep the air intakes forward of the therefore normal if you see a small windscreen free from obstruction If you switch the blower off, Air distribution control the windscreen may mist up.

E Windscreen Footwell and windscreen Face level Climate Control Climate control Heating the interior quickly Face level and footwell Footwell Face level, windscreen and footwell You can set the air distribution control to any position between the symbols.

A small amount of air is always E directed towards the windscreen. Switching the air conditioning on and off Defrosting and demisting Automatic Climate Control Climate control Cooling the interior quickly The system controls the temperature, amount and distribution of the air flow automatically and adjusts them according to the driving and weather conditions. Pressing the AUTO button once switches on the auto mode.

Avoid adjusting the settings when the vehicle interior is extremely hot or cold. When the system is in auto Heated windscreen mode and the interior and exterior temperatures are quite hot, the system selects recirculated air E automatically to maximise cooling of the interior.

Once the selected Heated rear window temperature is reached, the system will reselect outside air automatically. Head Restraints Seats E E 1. Pull the unlock levers. Insert your fingers between the seat cushion and seatback and 2. Push the seatback forwards. Creating a level load floor 2. Adjust the head restraint so that the top of it is level with the top of your head. Ignition and all General points on starting main electrical circuits are disabled.

The ignition key should not be left in If the battery has been disconnected this position for too long to avoid the vehicle may exhibit some unusual discharging the battery.

Do not touch the accelerator 1.

Select park or neutral. Fully depress the accelerator pedal and hold it there. Fully depress the clutch pedal.

Fully depress the brake pedal.

Ford Fiesta Owner's Handbook Manual

This could cause Stop refuelling after the fuel a chemical reaction. Your Ford dealer can give you advice on improving your fuel consumption. This could lead to the inadvertent selection of 2nd gear and can cause damage to the transmission. Release the parking brake. Selector lever positions 2. Release the brake pedal and press the accelerator pedal. Page 88 Transmission Press the button on the selector lever Drive to select reverse and park. Select drive to shift automatically The selector lever position will be through the forward gears.

Insert a flat-bladed screwdriver gradients there may be a tendency into the slot. Push downwards on the shift between 4th and 3rd gears. The switch will illuminate. Press the switch again to turn the system on. The system will be switched on automatically every time you switch the ignition on. For item location: See Quick start page 8.

Keep the sensors free from dirt, ice and snow.

The parking aid does not relieve Switching the parking aid you of your responsibility to on and off drive with due care and attention. Parking Aid Parking aid Manoeuvring with the You will hear an intermittent tone at parking aid a distance of up to centimetres 71 inches between the obstacle and rear bumper, 80 centimetres 31 inches between the obstacle and front bumper and 60 centimetres 24 inches to the side.

Load Carrying Load carrying 1. Pull the luggage cover towards you and remove it. Use load securing straps to an approved standard, e. See Vehicle identification page Not all vehicles are suitable or approved to have tow bars fitted. Check with your dealer first. Place loads as low and central to the axle s of the trailer as possible. Vary your speed frequently If the low fuel level warning lamp and change up through the gears comes on, refuel as soon as possible.

E The switch is located behind the glove box. Inspecting Safety System Components Status after a collision 3.

If no fuel leak is apparent, reset the switch by pushing in the button. Turn the ignition switch to position II. After a few seconds return the key to position I. Make a further check for leaks in the fuel system. Have repairs to the electrical system and the replacement of relays and high current fuses carried out by a properly trained technician. Switch the ignition and all electrical equipment off before touching or attempting to change a Page Fuses Fog lamps Horn Lighting control Daytime running lamps Windscreen wipers Automatic transmission or Durashift EST Rear window wiper Engine management diesel or catalytic converter Heated windscreen Starter motor Heated rear window Audio system and diagnostic connector Heated exterior mirrors Engine management or electronic module Electric exterior mirrors Open the glove box and empty the contents.

Press the sides inwards and swivel the glove box downwards. The steering lock will engage and the direction indicators and brake lamps will not work if you do not. The brake servo and the power steering pump do not operate unless the engine is running.

See Brake and and resale value. There is a large clutch fluid check page See Washer professional servicing expertise. We fluid check page Pull the lever.

The Ford Fiesta

E 3. Open the bonnet and support it with the strut. Closing the bonnet Note: Make sure that the bonnet is closed properly. Engine Compartment Overview - 1. See Engine coolant check page Ford Fiesta Owner's Manual pages. Carefully prise out the lamp. Engine Compartment Overview - 1. This is normal. If you operate the switches often during a short period of time, the system might become inoperable for a certain time to prevent damage due to overheating.

Use only the specified jacking points. The connection to the system will be displayed on your phone. Voice Control Voice control Note:

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