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Download Escape From Paradise ebook freeType: ebook pdf, ePub Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformReleased: July 4. PDF | 20+ minutes read | On Jan 1, , Brian L. Fisher and others published Escape from Ant Paradise. Paradise Cove Resort Escape to Paradise. Rates VALID FOR - Accommodations in Studio, Deluxe 1 Bedroom or Super Deluxe.

D I enjoyed our BR very much and I'm looking forward to the next! View all 66 comments. Angela and Colin are two people whose lives have been stolen from them. They are living in different parts of the world but their paths are going to collide together by the unfortunate events that stole their freedom.

Angela is an American college student in Cancun enjoying a mini vacation with her sorority sisters. Trusting a local man whose beauty is only skin deep will turn out to be the start of Angela's nightmare. After taken as a prisoner and explained how her former life no longer existed Angela and Colin are two people whose lives have been stolen from them. After taken as a prisoner and explained how her former life no longer existed she was left with little hope. Colin's life mission was to find his brother and bring justice to those who killed his parents.

Years later he was hired to rescue Angela. As Colin sets out to rescue Angela the lines between saving her or making her his own began to blur. He began to think of her as 'His. No cliffhangers. View all 34 comments. Apr 15, Elizabeth Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: This story explodes out of the gate and grabs you very early on.

One thing I thoroughly enjoy—and without any shame, I might add—is well-written, dark erotic romance. Escape From Paradise is exactly that. It walks that fine line and provides a perfect balance of dark and light. The situation which Angela finds herself in is interesting, especially as Marco Ruiz, the slave owner, is not written as a total super villain. This makes for a different type of relationship between he and Angela, as opposed to the other slaves, and at moments I almost wondered if, in his own way, he was trying to protect her.

However, he is, indeed, a villain and a slave owner, and the relationship is precariously delicate.

Escape to Paradise

He hates the thought of taking advantage of her. Things do get out of hand between them several times before the rescue takes place, and it affects them both in very different and yet similar ways.

The chemistry between Angela and Colin is combustible from the start, and I confess that I love a storyline like this where the man is fighting himself and his desires, trying to hold himself back. The sexual tension ramps up quickly in a situation like this, and I could feel that as it happened.

Their attraction for one another is not fully explored, in the traditional manner, until the rescue is complete. This only adds to a certain build-up. For me, though, what makes this story is the writing, the depth of the characters, and the emotions which flow throughout the book.

I actually often wonder what became of the characters after that last page, though there is no cliffhanger. I highly recommend Escape From Paradise for those who love a dark erotic romance with great characters, an exciting storyline and, of course, sinfully sexy love scenes! View all 9 comments. Loved this dark, sensual, scary, entertaining, and emotional ride! Escape from Paradise is Angela's story.

Angela lied to her parents about where she was going. On her final day in Mexico, Angela meets the handsome Fernando Ruiz in a coffee shop. Later that night at a club, Fernando proceeds to drug, rape and kidnap Angela changing her life forever.

Fernando tak 4. Fernando takes Angela to his father, Marco Ruiz where she becomes one of his sex slaves, held captive on an isolated island paradise She develops bonds with her fellow captives.

Everyday brings less and less hope for her survival and freedom and more and more acceptance that this will be her new life. She is in a constant battle with her mind and body. Small changes over a long course of time could go easily unnoticed, until one day you look up and realize you're not the same person anymore. Colin's family was killed and his brother was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave when he was teenager.

He vowed to find his brother and avenge the death of his parents. He goes "under-ground" infilitrating drug and sex rings in search of his brother. Colin is later hired to find Angela. He spends 15 months posing as an artist before gaining access to Marco Ruiz. Colin must "become" what he has always loathed. In order to gain Marco's trust he has to present himself as a willing participant in Marco's game. Enjoying the pleasures that his paradise provides. Including Angela!

Colin struggles with his attraction for Angela and not wanting to "take advantage of her".

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Their encounters together are heart-breaking, yet sensual When time is almost up, Colin finally gets his best chance at rescuing Angela. Just when it looks like Angela's escape will be easier then Colin expected Oh shite Colin makes a potentially deadly mistake. Colin and Angela are forced to make choices Will Colin be able to save Angela from captivity? Will she ever be the same again? Was what Angela and Colin shared more then just your hero saving the girl? Will Angela and Colin ever be "free"?

You MUST read this gripping, fantastic story and find out. Being able to feel the pain and suffering that Angela experienced and the internal stuggles that Colin battled made the story that much more real and entralling.

This was full of suspense and twists and turns and I couldn't put it down. This was a standalone with a HEA I think the only thing keeping it from a full five stars would be that I felt that the ending was a bit rushed. I also wanted more Josef! I would have liked to have known what happened to the other slaves. Overall, a fantastic read that I highly recommend.

View all 8 comments. Someone please tell me what the heck I just read!! I was so not prepared for this mind fuck that was zooming through my head..

Move over "Captive in the dark" and make room for "Escape from Paradise" this was gritty, dark, with hotness galore for good measure!! View all 10 comments. Jun 15, Anja rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was I can't believe that this "treasure" was sleeping on my site for such a long time!

Simply perfect for my little dark heart. View all 14 comments. There she meets a handsome man named Fernando, who invites her to go dancing with her. Next thing she knows, she has been kidnapped and is no longer in Mexico, but on a boat heading to Spain where she is will be introduced into the world of sexual slavery.

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Colin Douglas life isn't perfect. In his youth, he tragically lost his parents and his younger brother went missing. His revenge fueled him all those years he spent looking for his brother. That is what eventually led him to become an undercover agent. His next assignment is to locate Angela Birch and to bring her back home to her parents. When I read the first chapter of this book quite a while back, I was so intrigued and couldn't wait for this to be released.

The beginning of this book really hooked me. But as the story progressed, I unfortunately couldn't connect with the characters completely. I felt like the story was being told to me, rather than letting me experience what was happening along with the characters. Maybe if things had been described a bit better, it might have made it more engaging. I didn't quite like Angela, to be honest. She was not so bright, and her friends were no better.

In fact, they were terrible friends in my opinion. Who lets their friend hang out alone with a stranger, in a club, in a foreign country?

They should have been keeping tabs on each other. I felt absolutely horrible for everything Angela was going through. I was sickened by it all. But again, I struggled to really connect with her. I wanted her to fight, but I knew she couldn't, at the same time I still wanted her to just do something. Soon, I found her becoming okay with her predicament, or it seemed like she did.

I felt like she was giving up too quickly. Some things were moving too fast for it to be believable. I couldn't fathom some of things Angela would notice or care about. Shouldn't she be repulsed? She seemed at times too casual about it all.

I just didn't really understand her, despite having her POV. Colin interested me from the start. He was introduced with a back story and from that, I knew I wanted to know more about him.

He was on a mission to rescue Angela from captivity. Okay, I did like Colin, but I felt a bit conflicted about him, just like he was feeling about himself. He seemed was the good guy that had to act like a bad guy to try to save her. I kind of questioned their relationship a bit. They fell so fast for each other, I wasn't sure it would work, or if it was just the situation they found themselves in that thrust them together.

I still am not sure if I can believe in their relationship. I feel like they still have so much to move on from. The sex was quite disturbing to read. The rape scenes weren't overtly descriptive but it still made me feel completely ill for her.

She still needed to heal, they both did. Marco I hated completely. I never really warmed up to him and felt so bad for all of the other slaves, because they had accepted thier lives as it was. They didn't seem to have any hope or want to escape. I wanted to know more of what ended up happening to them, but I didn't get to know. Overall, I really tried to love this book and I am saddened that I couldn't like it more.

Maybe it was just me, I don't know. I felt that the story needed to be further developed in some scenes. And some parts were just not believable to me. The ending was just okay for me. Well, I just hope that if you decide to give this a try, that you will enjoy it more than I did. View all 23 comments. Jun 15, Didi rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I LOVE kidnapping stories.

Like crazy. And then add an element of dark to it? This was a dangerous, heart-pounding and scary story. Scary because this shit actually happens. An innocent vacation to Cancun turns into a deadly capture of an innocent college girl. She is thrust into the world of sexual slavery and it's horrendous to witness. I really liked everything about this book. The first half was more of a what led up to Angelas' capture and enslavement, including her awful conditioning and subordination at the hands of a ruthless yet incredibly powerful business man--Marco--and secret slave owner.

I thought the author did a wonderful job of laying down the foundation for the reader to understand the gravity of Angela's situation. You saw how she was broken down and re-created to fit the mold of a submissive slave.

It was crushing and overwhelming to see her slowly shed her independence and spirit to become a vessel for the highest bidder. And then the second half. Colin Douglas, posing as a wealthy artist looking to liven up his work, is introduced to Marco and is given the lucrative chance to stay at his seaside paradise where he runs a tight, pleasure-bound slavery ring.

These slaves belong to Marco and he uses his discretion in allowing guests to sample the goods, so to speak. Colin must work fast to find and rescue Angela and his chips all fall to Marco's retreat. From then on it is a race to the finish! I was practically holding my breath during the second half never knowing what the hell was going to happen.

Could Colin pull it off? There are so many characters here and they are truly interesting while never taking away from the story. The twists and turns are endless and it truly made for an exciting reading experience.

It even got to a point where you think everyone is in the clear till BANG!! You're surprised again and asking more questions! Highly recommended read for those looking for a dark and deliscious captor tale, but prepare for some highly graphic and uncomfortable situations. View all 13 comments. Jul 06, Pam Godwin rated it it was amazing Shelves: And written with powerful emotion.

There's romance weaved in the end, but the bulk of this gritty tale focuses on a Texan girl's experience as a slave. It's a not a long read. I read it in one sitting, but the plot is meaty. You're immersed in the hopeless situation and your head will throb as it forces you to think and try work out how YOU might endure.

This is a story of greed and selfishness. A miserable, confronting experience, one I probably wouldn't read aga Disturbing. A miserable, confronting experience, one I probably wouldn't read again. There are a couple contrived plot elements toward the end with her parents and the villain that might have you questioning how it concludes, but this didn't deter me from rating it 5 stars. I highly recommend it to lovers of dark erotica. The writing is polished and engaging and prose is passionate.

View all 11 comments. May 22, Kirsten rated it really liked it Shelves: Angela Birch never thought when she lied to her parents about taking a trip to Cancun, that she might not return home. Who would have thought that the handsome local that she'd met would drug her soda, and her freedom would then cease to exist.

Now property of Marco, she joins the ranks with other sex slaves and must get used to this new life. No privacy, no freedom, and performing sexual activities with the patrons of a beautiful Spanish villa. When Colin Douglas was sixteen, his When Colin Douglas was sixteen, his ten year old brother was abducted from their home while Colin was away at school. After years of searching for him, he finds his broken brother under the thumb of the vicious underground sex industry.

With news of his efforts, Angela's parents are willing to pay him handsomely to try to find their daughter. After a great deal of searching, he has finally got a lead that Angela may be in the hands of Marco Ruiz. His only way to get to her will be to infiltrate the guarded villa under the guise that he is a guest, looking for some no strings attached sex.

When Colin's instincts were right about where Angela is, he has very conflicting feelings about what's about to take place. This is a girl he is supposed to be rescuing, but he can't let on that he is there for for that reason. He needs to play along, use her body, and hopefully not get himself caught Will Colin be able to help Angela escape? And then what? He can't help but have feelings for the young and beautiful captive. This was a pretty good dark romance.

Even though this trope usually has the same recipe, I found that this one had some great originality. For starters, it wasn't the captive falling for her captor, which I liked view spoiler [ and secondly, as a slave, Angela and the other slaves were treated pretty well as long as they abided by the rules. This probably made me have my own Stolkholm-y feelings, as I liked Marco as an owner. No, he was not always gentle. But he cared for Angela in a special way, and did have a sort of respect for his human property.

However, I have to say, that I was not too annoyed by Angela accepting her fate rather early. It was probably a smart choice, considering she didn't really have any options.

In doing this, I think she kept her wits about her predicament. I also thought the inner battle that Colin was faced with was interesting and very real. I cannot imagine what it would be like to go into a situation to save someone in such a dangerous environment, yet have to and want to take advantage of doing things to her that go against his mission.

Marco also owned some other slaves. Three other females and a male, Josef, who all shared a quarters together. Josef and Angela bonded and I believe he was able to help her transition into her new life. The second book in this series will be dedicated to his story.

There was a few edge of your seat moments, and I have to say there was something that happened near the end that totally shocked the hell outta me.

All in all, a really good story that that I really enjoyed. If your not opposed to some dark situations, I would recommend you read this. Jun 18, Johanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Because this is not your typical paradise, behind this facade lies unspeakable acts of cruelty to the human body and soul.

These are not ordinary walls Escape From Paradise is a wicked dark read about circumstances, survival, and hope. Hope is necessary. Without it, you feel dead The story is portrayed in alternating point of views between the hero and heroine. Escape from Paradise commences with college sophomore Angela Birch sneaks from Texas to Mexico for Spring Break, she believes the worst that can happen is her parents finding out. This book is not for the faint of heart. LOVED every dark minute of this book and will be recommending this to anyone who will listen to my ramblings.

I would like to commend the author for doing an outstanding job! Escape from Paradise will forever be ingrained in my mind. View all 40 comments. Jul 05, S.

Grey rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am upping this rating from an original 3. And the reason is this: Yes, some of the scenes are rather, um, disturbing. But this story has stayed with me, which is always a sign that the book was overall-amazing. So, my takeaways: Escape from Paradise is well-written and holds your interest, but some parts are extremely dark and hard to read.

I'd classify this book as VERY dark erotica. Escape from Paradise made Captive in the Dark look like a PG-rated tale, and Consequences a damn Disney story, just to put things in perspective. That being said I remember not being able to put it down. I grew to love the characters so much, and my heart went out to them.

I will definitely be reading more from Ms. Final thoughts: The story is riveting, well-executed, and a page-turner. Pick it up, but remember lol: Jan 23, Candace rated it it was amazing Shelves: When Angela, a college student from Texas, lies to her parents and sneaks off with her sorority sisters for some fun in the sun in Cancun, she never could have known the horrors that awaited her.

Lured to a club by an attractive young man, everything she's ever known is changed in an instant. Raped and forced into a life of sexual slavery, this book tells her story as she tries to survive the horrors of her new life. Posing as a patron, undercover agent Colin is sent to rescue Angela. In doing s When Angela, a college student from Texas, lies to her parents and sneaks off with her sorority sisters for some fun in the sun in Cancun, she never could have known the horrors that awaited her.

In doing so, he risks losing himself to his darker desires. Gaining the trust of Angela's powerful master, Marco, is no easy feat and Colin must cross lines he'd never imagined. Every minute of his time at the villa he's fighting a battle with himself, wondering if the end justifies the means or if he is just as cruel and depraved as Marco and the others.

This story is NOT for the faint of heart! It is dark, gritty and disturbing. It is a harrowing account of her experiences during her two years of captivity, detailing the sexual, physical and psychological abuse she endured as she tried to survive. Her ability to not lose herself entirely was amazing given the treatment she endured.

I was in awe of her inner-strength. If you can handle it, I'd highly recommend this book. It was outstanding! View all 5 comments. I don't think I have every read a book that gave me so many emotions! I'm going to stop, it is to much. But Christene and Soraya told me to just go on it does get better If you look at my status updates the people must think I've lost my mind haha. I've screamed, I've cried, I've sat on the edge of my seat but wow this book was awesome!

To date this was my hardest book to read but I made it! This was really awesome! Thanks to Christene, Soraya and Farah encouraging me to finish it, it was worth it. Over and out. Jul 13, Pepper Winters rated it it was amazing. Well written and I loved the insight into Collin's headspace. Overall a fantastic dark read: Jun 14, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: Well, once again I have found an author to put on my auto download list!

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And then there were crotches: "The crotch rubbing. She suppose to be this broken woman, who was captured, held against her will, abused and dehumanized. More often than not she sounded like it wasn't that big of a deal. I was annoyed when she, while "waiting" to be raped, managed to ogle men in the room and analyze their physical features, who's hot and who's not.

Sometimes she even described some of her abusers as hot, attractive, nice and sexy. There must be something attractive about a man who thinks that a woman is less worthy than a dog. How in a world can she find him attractive when he is about to brutalize her?! I don't understand why author felt the need to point out that Angela's rapist was attractive. It was ridiculous and completely unnecessary. First Angela says: "But in real life there was nothing sexy about rape.

But then, later, she starts saying things like: "Oh shit. This was so hot. Oh, yes, yes, yes. That pissed me off to no end. I seriously doubt, that a persona in her situation, would say something like that in real life. There weren't any hot rapists?

Would that have made your slavery easier, to be raped and beaten by a hottie??!! Come on! So that was Angela. Now let me tell you about another piece of work name Colin or Collin, apparently author haven't made up her mind about the name yet Douglas. It's a Scottish name and should be spelled with one "l", but sometimes he was Collin and other times Colin.

I didn't find anything interesting about either of them He is undercover agent extraordinaire. He doesn't have any formal education, but is the best undercover agent on the field. One day, he gets a job offer, after finding his brother and impressing the hell out of agency with his story. Does that agency have any requirements at all?

All he did was told them how he found his brother and boom, the job is his. He could have been telling them fairytales and talking out of his ass. They just took his word for it. Remind me again, where did you got your "education", smartass? Wasn't it on the very same streets, among thugs, that you now looking down on?Final thoughts: Escape from Paradise 32 63 Jul 09, Ooooor maybe we shouldn't.

Yes, Colin found and brought his brother home, but he also completely failed to save him in every other way. And the reason is this: Escape from Paradise by Gwendolyn Field. Trusting a local man whose beauty is only skin deep will turn out to be the start of Angela's nightmare.

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