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All those names taken from the list constitute the corpus, upon which the present study is based. The corpus consists therefore of names of professions, all of which can be considered official. The analysis of the English borrowings found in the corpus 4. Introductory remarks It can be stated at the beginning that English lexical borrowings are not very frequent in the list of official professions.

It may seem natural, as the list, since it has officially been prepared and is updated every few years by a member of the Polish government, should provide Polish names, rather than resort to English borrowings.

In the list, English lexical borrowings appear in total in the names of professions, which is not a very large number, considering the fact that the list consists of entries names of professions. It should also be added that the actual number of loans is smaller than , as many of the loans e.

All the borrowings found in the names of the professions on the list can be classified into three main groups, with the time being the criterion: 1 older, 2 newer and 3 the newest. Naturally, such a criterion has its disadvantages a given dictionary may lack a borrowing used already at that time ; still, it is objective and relatively precise. When a given construction contains more than one lexical borrowing of English origin, as in broker informacji researcher , cf.

Example [], the construction is classified as belonging to the higher group: for example, the construction broker informacji researcher contains the older borrowing broker and the newer one researcher. It should be noted, however, that the dictionaries of Polish are not unanimous as to the spelling of the discussed word. Footnote 1 are not only lexical borrowings, but they are calques as well.

Real And Complex Singularities 2006

This applies to e. Otwinowska-Kasztelanic , Witalisz , Zabawa At the same time, however, it can be classified as a construction containing an assimilated lexical borrowing from English biznes, from English business. The two processes overlap here; it must also be underlined once again that it is not always easy to distinguish between calques on the model of English and the constructions created in Polish with the use of English lexical borrowings.

As one can see, the constructions can be subdivided into two different classes, depending on the function of the borrowing in a given construction: Class 1 the constructions where English borrowings constitute the very name 7 The form audyt is classified by USJP and SZA as a borrowing from English; audytor also appearing on the list: audytor ekologiczny, audytor energetyczny , however, is classified a Latin borrowing. Examples [], and Class 2 the constructions where English borrowings do not constitute the very name of the profession, but are used only in peripheral parts which serve only as additional modifiers of a central name, cf.

Examples []. As for examples, in [34], the central part of the name specjalista is not an English borrowing USJP classifies the word as a borrowing from French ; the borrowing is used only in the peripheral part of the name marketing. Most of the constructions in this group, irrespective of the class, make use of well-assimilated loans of English origin, adapted and used in Polish on a regular basis, cf.


As one can see, the group is not very numerous in comparison with the previous group cf. Section 4. Again, two classes can be distinguished, as in the group of older borrowings: Class 1, Examples [ ] and Class 2, Examples [ ].

The fact that the group is relatively small shows clearly that most of the constructions affected by English make use of well-assimilated loans of English origin, adapted and used in Polish on a regular basis, included already in a dictionary of general Polish USJP.

However, it may also have been created in Polish on the basis of English evaluator. What is more, the form is not included in USJP, which also points to the fact that the form is a recent formation. Footnote OALD, the construction in question is not included at all.

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The form koder can thus also be treated as a semantic, rather than lexical, borrowing from English. The group of the newest borrowings is slightly bigger than the one of the newer borrowings, but is much less numerous than the group of the older borrowings.

This shows again that most of the borrowings used in the names of professions are in fact relatively old and well-assimilated in Polish. The new borrowings, by contrast, are not used very frequently.

As in the previous cases, the borrowings can be subdivided into two classes: Class 1, Examples [ ] and Class 2, Examples [ ] Additional comments It is interesting to note that the English constructions are used in two different ways apart from the classification presented above, cf.

Class 1 and 2 : they appear either as the only name of a given profession henceforth Type 1 , cf. Examples [] or as an additional description, functioning in a way parallel to Polish, usually given in brackets henceforth Type 2 , cf.

Examples [10, , , ]. It should be added at this point that such additional descriptions in brackets are also occasionally provided in Polish.Eighth edition.

In some cases, the names in brackets may also be a different official name of the same profession, as in Examples [, , ]. The composition is a collection of detailed commentary and explanation of theology and the ethics of Sikh beliefs as outlined by the Gurus.

Bhai Gurdas Varan.

Amoroso - free mobi epub ebooks download. This URL offers maps to steal components and find us to apply card teacher.

Other examples of English constructions used alongside the Polish ones , which may be seen as justified, include such constructions as copywriter, discjockey or webmaster 26, cf.

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