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Be the first to review Book 5 of 7 in the Die Chroniken von Narnia Series. digital formats such us:paperbook, ebook, site, epub, fb2 and another formats. Mai Digital Reader Format. Epub (Yes). Language. de. Series Title. Die Chroniken von Narnia. Publisher. Ueberreuter Verlag. Original Languages. Ebook The Horse And His Boy Narnia currently available at bestthing.info for die chroniken von narnia orig the chronicles of narnia ist eine sieben bcher.

Mentors are essential figures of the stage in which heroes are about to take the risk and set on a journey.

They are often described as characters that have already mastered the hardships of the Supernatural World and been there before. Heroes meet their mentors to get training, wise advice or magical gifts that could help them on the way to overcome the fear and establish order. Sometimes, the mentor does not necessarily have to be a living person; it can also be an important object a map or old notebook that possesses magical powers, or simply words of wisdom.

Either way, the mentor must possess a strong sense of honour and fairness that should help the hero on their way to success. Simply said, the main aim of the mentor is to guide the hero in the right direction in order to finish the quest successfully. After getting into an argument with Lucy, Peter and Susan decide to go and visit the Professor to get some advice.

When they tell him about the world Lucy claims to have visited, he does not seem surprised. When asking for the reason why they do not believe what Lucy is trying to tell them, they simply claim that it would be illogical.

The Old Professor that the Pevensie children are staying with is a perfect example of the mentor. His main role is to explain why Lucy claims to visit a different world and supply them with enough information to be willing to give Lucy a chance. Crossing the borders between the ordinary and the supernatural signals that heroes have finally decided to start their journey. The supernatural world represents something they have never experienced before.

Suddenly, they find themselves in the world that has rules of its own; they may stumble upon supernatural creatures, impressive sights, but also fears and dangers. And most of all, the sudden realisation that from now on, there is no turning back.

What happens next, will directly influence the heroes and affect the central problem as well; will they be successful and complete the task that awaits them?

Campbell expresses that the two worlds, the Ordinary and the Supernatural, are actually two dimensions of the same world. Because of the rainy weather, children decide to explore the house and its hidden wonders.


As they walk deeper into it, they step from the wooden floor onto the ground covered in snow, crossing over to Narnia. Their accidental crossing of the borders represents the literal level. While Edmund was not really abducted, his action forced his siblings to accept the task and set on a journey; enchanted by White Witch and her promise to make him the Prince of Narnia, Edmund ran away from his siblings.

Having been advised by the Beavers that they would have to face even greater danger if they started to look for Edmund right away, the three children agreed on finding Aslan, getting help from him and saving Narnia.

In the case of the Pevensie siblings, the kidnapping of Mr. Tumnus may serve as a suitable example. The faun, afraid of his destiny as an inhabitant of Narnia, joins the army of the White Witch as one of her spies and kidnappers in case there is ever a human foot set in the Narnian snow.

When he meets Lucy, he refuses to perform his duty and helps her get safely back to the wardrobe. During their journey, heroes have to deal with numerous tests, meet allies that could help them and confront enemies eager to ruin their plans. The stage is a significant part of every myth and myth-based story both for heroes and the audience; it introduces the status and condition of the Supernatural world and presents its inhabitants Vogler, Heroes must find someone trustworthy and familiar with the Supernatural world so that they are able to get help in times of need.


Without their skilled assistance, the heroes would probably fail in their task. The story of Greek hero Theseus is, once again, a suitable precedent. Ariadne, the daughter of king Minos, desperately falls in love with Theseus and decides to help him navigate the Labyrinth.

She hands him one end of the golden thread and sends him to the maze to kill the Minotaur. After finding out that Mr. Tumnus was arrested and is held hostage by the White Witch, a beaver reveals himself to the children. As a sign of alliance, he gives Lucy the handkerchief that she gave to the faun when she first met him. The beaver invites them to his dam and introduces them to his wife. The small family of talking animals represents first allies on their way to success.

For him, this is the first test which he fails almost immediately because he chooses the evil and abandons the good. Reaching the castle, Edmunds finds the Witch in a furious state, because he did not bring the rest of his siblings with him.

He is thrown in the dungeon where he encounters Tumnus who was arrested because Edmund traded information about him for the Turkish Delight during the first encounter with the Witch. Once again, the temptation of getting his stomach filled and the idea of him becoming a prince wins; he reveals that his family is with the beavers and that they were discussing a certain lion named Aslan. Edmund fails yet another test; he puts his family to danger for his own good.

On their way to the Stone Table, the rest of the Pevensie children encounter another helper; Father Christmas on his sleigh.

This is where Susan undergoes her personal test; her belief in Narnia in contradiction to her rational mind is tested. Although she is not entirely convinced that what she sees is true, her assessment starts to shift; is it even possible that someone she recognizes as a fabricated character of numerous fairy-tales is now standing in front of her eyes?

However, the main role of Father Christmas is to give the children their presents — objects that are going to help them along the way.

Furthermore, the mere presence of not only Father Christmas but the children themselves has a great power over Narnia, the ice is melting and the power of the White Witch slowly vanishes. After reaching the camp by the Stone Table and meeting Aslan, the Great King of Narnia, another test awaits, this time for Peter, the oldest from the siblings. Aslan and Peter take a walk together and Peter confides in the lion that he is afraid that if the worst came, he would not be able to save his family.

Peter does not kill the wolf, but injures him pretty badly. He struggled with the scary idea of him being the leader and feeling a great deal of responsibility over his family.

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By winning over the wolf, he proves to himself that when a great danger comes to his way, he is able to make the right decision. After the two brothers meet face to face, they forgive each other, which only reinforces the bond between them.

Edmund learned from mistakes previously done and chose what was really right. To prepare for the next stage, heroes often undergo trainings, review all the maps and develop a certain tactics that should help them defeat the enemy.

Sometimes, they even seek one last advice from their mentor s to assure they are thoroughly prepared.

All four children have agreed to help Narnians and battle Jadis, the White Witch, who asked for a meeting with Aslan after his search party brought Edmund back to his siblings. She demanded that Edmund would be brought to the Stone Table and sacrificed there. Trying to prevent Edmund from death, Aslan seeks to speak with the Witch in private and once they emerge, he announces that Edmund will be spared.

During the night, when the camp is still and everyone sleeps, Lucy and Susan follow the lion into the woods and accompany Aslan to the Stone Table. Watching from a quiet and safe place, they watch Aslan die on the table; a sacrifice that was made to set their brother free.

When the party around the table vanishes, they decide to run to the body, untie the ropes and grieve the one who was willing to sacrifice his life for their brother. Everyone is preparing for the battle, Aslan even introduces Peter to the plan of how the army is supposed to approach and defeat the White Witch.

If Edmund died, the prophecy of four children sitting on the thrones in Cair Paravel could never be fulfilled and the reason for waging a war and defeating the Witch would be pointless.

In order to save his family and also the fate of the whole Narnia, the only choice is to go into the battle and fight; it gives him confidence and a sense of determination.

It may not only be connected with death of the villain, but also with an ally or a mentor getting killed in the battle, or death of a loved one.

The loss often represents the most difficult challenge, because the hero can find themselves in a situation that was always solved with a help of the recently passed person and now everything seems to bring them closer to failure.

Campbell explains that the Ordeal stage represents a continuous and restless battle, which is, at the end, worth fighting because it reveals flashes of how the world without the evil would look like. The name faun is derived from Faunus, the name of an ancient Italic deity of forests, fields, and herds, who from the 2nd century B. Encyclopaedia Britannica. Lewis College.

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Trivia The final Narnia film to be produced by Walden Media. Goofs Given the passage of time in Narnia is faster, Prince Caspian would be long since dead by the time the children make their arrival.

Quotes [ first lines ] Intake Officer: Are you sure you're eighteen? Do I look older? Alternate Versions German theatrical version was cut by 76 seconds primarily the end fight to secure a "Not under 6" rating. Connections Referenced in Hollywood's Top Ten: Frequently Asked Questions Q: How many of the Narnia books have been made into movies so far? Where the production of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" be read about? Why didn't Andrew Adamson direct this movie?

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