Winner of the RITA Award for Best Paranormal Romance The critics love her. “ devilishly. passionate. ” . Romantic Times.) series The Immortals After Dark. Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark #6) Raised as a human, Holly never knew that some frightening legends are real until she encounters a brutal demon who inexplicably guards her like a treasure. Yet just when he earns Holly's trust, will Cade be forced to betray the only. Dark Desires After Dusk. (Immortals After Dark 6). By Cole, Kresley. To read Dark Desires A er Dusk (Immortals A er Dark 6) PDF, make sure you click the.

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Get Free Read & Download Files Dark Desires After Dusk The Immortals After Dark Series Book 6 PDF. DARK DESIRES AFTER DUSK THE IMMORTALS. Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole is Paranormal From #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole, an electrifying standalone. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kresley Cole is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Immortals After Dark paranormal series and the young adult.

She shrieked. All hell broke loose. A lightning bolt jagged down through the opening to spear her squarely in the chest, tossing the men away. She screamed from the impact, arching with her fists clenched. The bolt was a physical force continuing on and on. Unimaginable heat sizzled through her veins. Her two rings melted off her fingers, her earrings from her ears. Her necklace and watch were seared to liquid, dripping from her body. She was unharmed—because her skin was somehow hotter than the boiling metal.

The pressing weight of the electricity filled her with power, with. When it ended, Holly was changed. Punish them, a voice seemed to whisper in her mind. They dared to hurt you. Her earlier terror was strangled by a fresh rage. Her fingers were suddenly tipped with razor-sharp claws.

Her eyesight was keener than it had ever been even in the darkness. Fangs grew in her mouth. Though she felt no ill effects from the lightning, the demons looked dazed, blinded. They were bleeding from the falling glass. But they quickly regrouped. She rose, crouching on the altar, waiting as they stalked closer. One had a club—her eyes fixed on it.

A club. To beat her unconscious so they could continue their sick ritual. Red covered her vision. When one lunged for her, she snatched him by the horns.

They were. Not a costume. Which meant real demons? Which meant hallucination. And in her nightmare, the instinctive drive to kill with her new strength and fury overwhelmed her. When the others attacked, Holly was unafraid.

She knew to wrench their heads from their necks, to slash out with claws that would rend through skin and arteries as they would tissue paper. When the blood began to spray, lightning scored the sky above her as if in encouragement. I see. Yes, their last sight on earth should be my laughing face. She was covered in blood. Her eyes were. Which meant Valkyrie.

Somehow she was no longer a mere human. A Valkyrie at Gibson Hall. Holly was indeed the Vessel. She had her knees drawn up to her chest and was trying to cover her breasts while baring her little claws at him to ward him off. She was trembling with fear and shock, and tears coursed down her blood-splattered face. It was killing him. Her eyes darted from his horns to those on one of the heads lolling on the stone floor. But not at all like them. Though the carnage looked to have been done some time ago, Holly still had gashes on her arm from the claws of one of these demons.

Which meant that she was still incredibly vulnerable to harm. Like a human. Humans die so easily. Did they injure more than your arm? She finally shook her head. Hurt you anywhere? Do I need to get you to a hospital?

Other factions were searching for her. Power still sizzled from her and throughout the chamber. New power was easily traceable. She whispered, Good. I want to help you, Holly. She frowned at his use of her name, studying his face. Lightning gave Valkyrie strength, but it also mirrored their emotions. When he began unbuttoning his shirt to cover her, she gave a cry, and bloody claws swiped out at him.

Then she stared in horror at her fingertips. Now she had become something he never could have predicted. A Valkyrie. Or half one. The shock of the ritual must have triggered the transformation. If not for this power, she would have been brutalized, her womb offered to the dark god this order of demons worshipped. When he removed his shirt, she bared her small fangs and hissed, then looked aghast at her reaction. There, now, a good hiss never hurt anyone. He crouched beside her, fighting the urge to clasp her to his chest.

You know all those creatures you thought were myths? Which meant it had become possible for Cade to claim her for his own. The means to pay for a sword to kill our enemy. Never had it been so close. She remembered meeting him before. As if she could ever forget those stunning green eyes. She blinked at him, then down at the flask. Twenty percent of our supplies is alcohol?

Still staring, he addressed Cade: Damn, Cade, I like how you roll. And two dead ones in the main house. Enjoy her while you can. Pacts allowed one to summon a demon at will. Maybe something possible.

Follow the trail and take out whoever ordered this. Also, get our crew to eradicate the rest of the Order of Demonaeus. A fugitive. Lives under a terminate-at-will order in two dimensions. And Cade had just hobbled his old truck. Desperate times, Rydstrom… 8 C adeon popped the trunk of the most incredible vehicle Holly had ever seen, then hastily stowed their gear inside. It swallowed her. Though the bottom would probably hit him at the waist, it almost reached her knees. The dash was a brushed metal.

The key looked like a minuscule USB drive. But Holly had never seen a car like this. Cadeon pushed a button that said start and the garage-door opener at the same time. As she hurriedly buckled it above her lap, he shifted into gear and pulled out. The driveway from the garage split in two directions. He veered left, and the cement ended shortly, turning into a tree-covered lane.

Nothing but deserted streets. Then she turned to him with a frown. The ride was as smooth as silk As the engine purred louder, he seemed to go heavy-lidded. Zero to sixty in under two and a half seconds. Full acceleration would be like riding a rocket.

Demons loved cars. And Valkyrie. He was doomed. She chose that moment to uncross and cross her smooth legs, drawing his eyes, reminding him that she wore no panties…. She can bring my spare pair. Those small black ones that sat so sexily on her nose. The bombshells of the fifties.

He missed that decade. This is a life-or-death situation, Holly. Cadeon, will you kindly explain why I am the most popular girl in town? Beautiful to a fault. Holly would fit right in. Fast, too, with good senses. So every five centuries, unique things happen. Could there be a more derogatory term? By its very definition, a vessel is of no importance compared to its contents. Vessels are disposable.

They were toned, taut—all that swimming had done her right. He wondered what she would do if he reached over and put his hand on her knee, sliding it up her thigh.

As if she knew his musings, she pulled the jacket down with a glare. Hell, he might have to turn her over to Rydstrom completely. As soon as the thought arose, Cade swatted it down. Call him a glutton for punishment, but he was going to take every second with her that he could get. Even some of the good guys will seek to kill you. The rest are evil.

She was too far gone into the transition to Valkyrie. She was quiet for long moments. Are you doing it just for the pay? Because you drive me crazy, and I want you more than is right. I have a history of taking on tough jobs.

Second rule of being a mercenary: Lie through your teeth—but stick as close to the truth as possible to keep it convincing and less complicated. But his kingdom was usurped by a dark sorcerer called Omort the Deathless. Omort is immune even to those means. A wicked sorcerer did want her, just not the one she was aware of. So Cade told her the truth: Because he was born of one. Unfortunately, Rydstrom had been there to see it.

Were you already watching me about this? Clearly, he had issues with this Rydstrom. She remembered the brother from that day of the awards. Every time Cadeon explained something, she got the sense that he was just treading the surface of the subject.

She hated this vulnerable feeling, going with no underwear, no hose, no bra. Nothing was as it should be, and she wanted to hit something in frustration. This night was all wrong. A nightmare for someone like her.

Most times she endeavored to forget she had a body at all, much less one that could be sexy. Or could feel sexy. No man had ever seen her completely naked before tonight. Now thirteen demons had. But only one had lived to tell about it. Oh, God, this is too much, too much to take in. My laptop. Not even my shoes! I get the picture.

Not nails—claws. And for some reason they were now curling, her mind locked on that memory of his hard, tanned torso leading down to those unbuttoned jeans. Oh, let me guess. Swimbos with more breasts than brains? I bet you also like your tarts barefoot and pregnant. And then the truth of her situation hit her. My fate is in the hands of a chauvinist demon, who seems to be trying to exacerbate my condition.

She was unable to stop seeing that golden hair leading down from his navel. The more she endeavored not to think about it, the more the picture flashed in her head. What would it be like to nuzzle that trail? To clutch his hips as she lowered her face to it…? Her heart thundered in fear of what she might do if she lost control. The last time had been eight years ago.

Ten more minutes passed. His brother had told him just tonight that Omort would be dispatching everything he had to stop them.

I need Rydstrom for the directions. I need him to keep me in line with the asset. Half an hour had dragged by when a red Bentley pulled up behind them, hopping the curb in an alignmentwrecking jounce. Never had Cade seen such an abused Bentley. There were dings in the body, mud all over the tires, smoke tendrils rising from the hood, and at least two bullet holes.

A Garfield doll was stuck to the rear window. Surely Rydstrom had sent her to tell Cade about a change of plans. But this was a problem. He hastened to the car—and found the soothsayer shutting down the engine and the blaring music. Sand poured from the floorboard. She wore a T-shirt that read: Keep Me Separated. If you know where he is, then you must tell me. Is Rydstrom being held in Tornin? Tell me. Cade was a lowlife mercenary, but he drew the line at hurting females.

Block it out…. Strawberry blond hair and violet eyes. She died two decades ago, a glorious death in battle.

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I thought Valkyrie were docile. For shame.

Valkyrie were violent. Furies were…incomprehensible. Hell, if Cade turned her over to Groot, Holly might off the sorcerer herself. But for now, you need to leave. His name is Groot the Metallurgist.

She lifted the weightylooking bag with a finger, setting it on the ground. And here are your pearls. Naturally, she would have backups. Now, those pearls have been bespelled. He shook himself and finished. Oops, I forgot—you want to stay that way.

Seeming dazed, Holly took the bag and turned toward the station bathroom. He tore into the bag and snatched the first pair of shoes he could find, shoving them on her feet. She groaned when he followed her inside and checked the stalls. Before he left, he pinched her chin. Found out who—and what—my birth mother was. Learned about a secret world existing side by side with our own…. Now, she was just…numb, deadened to the shocks that kept coming. At least, she hoped that she was numb. She stood in front of the mirror and stared at her eyes.

The rings that had always circled her irises were much more noticeable. Whatever that was. Holly drew back her hair, unable to ignore her sharply pointed ears any longer. One of the most classic OCD symptoms was an unfounded fear of losing oneself.

She truly was losing herself, one feature at a time. If only I had my— Her eyes widened. Diving into her suitcase, she yanked the zipper open.

Her wireless laptop and case, her cell phone, even her antibacterial wipes were all there. But no pills…. Holly leaned against the wall, tempted to run away, to escape all of this.

Holly had no choice but to go along with their plans for her. Plans that involved leaving town. In fact, she rarely went anywhere except from her loft to the campus ten minutes away. The campus really was her entire world—a regimented and orchestrated microcosm where things made sense. Days were divided into class hours, weeks into school days, and years into semesters.

Shaking away that thought, she collected her phone and dialed her friend Mei. When there was no answer, she left a message. I was wondering if you can take over my classes for a spell? Not a literal spell. I owe you big-time. Need to get dressed, get moving. Crouching beside her bag, Holly checked the side compartment for her underwear, frowning at what she found.

Inside were thigh-highs, thongs, and demi-cup bras, each still packaged or with the tags attached. They were all in her size, and they were…provocative. Left with little other choice, Holly smoothed on silky thigh-highs, and for the first time in her life, she donned a thong.

Once she was fully dressed with her pearls and glasses in place, she set about righting her hair. With angry strokes, she brushed the curls back, wrestling them into submission as usual, only now she made sure her weird ears were covered. With the last hairpin in place, she studied her reflection.

How could she look much the same as usual when she was such a wreck inside? Her eyes began to water, and she clutched the countertop for balance. After all the madness of the night, she knew only two things for certain. I have to get this condition reversed. And Cadeon Woede is dangerous for me to be near.

The countertop cracked under her grip. And apparently, not you either. Why did you lie to her? Rooting for the flask, he snagged it, then drank deeply of demon brew. Unfortunately it had a delayed effect, but he would sow the seeds of buzz for the future. But now that bitch Sabine has my brother, and I already owe him so much. The kingdom and its people are now depending on me, and me alone.

Bugger me.

Are you certain? And secondly, because I believe you have to be cruel to be kind. Holly needs to be educated about the world—bluntly and swiftly—and no one would be better at that job than you.

To take away the blinders she has so assiduously relied on. She has content controls on her computer, and no cable on her TV. Now, other Valkyrie will have felt her energy emerging. If you vow not to fly any leg of the journey. More time to get attached to Holly. She emerged from the bathroom at that moment. Her shoulders were back, her chin raised.

Her signature confidence had returned in full force. That sexy smart woman confidence. Cade wanted to kiss her till her knees went weak. At that moment, more time to get attached to Holly seemed just the thing. There are more detailed instructions in the welcome bag I put together for Holly. Yes, Cadeon might be good-looking, but the fact remained that he was a demon—with horns. Holly was struck anew by how preternaturally lovely—and peculiar—her new aunt was.

But why was there new underwear and stockings? So I collected a few grand worth of lingerie for you. Everything in your house was perfectly linear. Or in threes. But now you no longer need to. I need to. Could they download me more time to get to this sorcerer? In the restroom, you had the urge to scream to the ceiling and pull your hair out. And really, dearling, they have someone to clean that area.

Best choose your babydaddy carefully. The Vessel must be of the Lore. She could take action to combat the random. Get Valkyrie change reversed, lose Vessel status. Stop having immortal assassins trying to kill me or demons attacking me. Break free from the finite solution set of dead or bred. Go back to being one code away from PhD and previous life. Eventually, have normal kid. No ultimate evil. You have no idea. You will soon, though. Did my mother die young? And who was my father?

How will I get in touch with you? Are there more of our kind walking around? How can I recognize them? You said I was family. Holly glanced inside, then stared in horror.

C-4 plastique. She took an involuntary step back. Is that what you want? With less lickable horns and a less sexy Sith Ifrican accent? Lickable horns? Must go now. Coincidentally, this car hauls ass. Inside, she found her passport, a handwritten letter, a map with an X right above Memphis, and two weighty tomes. You get used to it.

She turned down the corner of the letter until he shrugged and faced forward again. Then she read the flourishing script, or tried to—her glasses actually seemed to make it harder… Dearest Niece, Welcome to the family at last!

He was killed in a revenge hit for one of her vampire raids before Greta even knew about you.

Revenge hit? Vampire raid? Why would someone like Holly ever want to descend into this new, even more tumultuous world…? And we all thought you were mortal. She did it with love in her heart for you. Never doubt that. Read both tomes. There will be a quiz. Now, I know that you expressed some doubts about staying a Valkyrie….

How could she know that? All the cool kids are doing it. Simple enough! Lick his horns? Two tips: Too much to think about.

So much information, and she was only on the intro letter. The maiden woke in their great hall, healed but unaltered—still mortal—and pregnant with an immortal Valkyrie daughter. In the ages that passed, their lightning would strike dying women warriors from all species of the Lore— from Furies to shapeshifters to Lykae. The daughters were all half sisters, each one unique; but according to the Lore, one could always recognize a Valkyrie if her eyes fired silver with strong emotion.

Holly glanced up. Running her pearls along her lips, she pondered this new information. If Holly believed this legend, then that would mean that she was the granddaughter of Norse gods. It was one thing for an adopted person to find out he or she came from a family of wealth or fame.

But this was ridiculous. Her obsession with shining jewels? Valkyrie derived nourishment from electricity, taking energy from the earth.

Lightning was how the species was first created—and how Holly was first turned. Valkyrie were preternaturally strong, fierce, and warlike. Greta the Bold had been a master strategist and had led troops of Valkyrie, witches, and Furies in the great Battle of the Plains of Doom.

Six years later, Greta had lost her life on the front line in the infamous Eighteen-Night Siege. Holly was struck by the fact that if a new world existed, then she would have an entirely new history to learn. Suddenly feeling exhausted, she dragged the weighty Living Book of Lore onto her lap without enthusiasm. Flipping through, she found everything from wraiths and sirens, to Wendigos and demonarchies….

My favorite brand. With a sigh, she put the cap back on and placed the bottle at her feet. He opened it without contaminating the rim, then handed it to her. She continued to feel as if she were reading fiction—as if all of this were far too fantastic to be true. Even when a thousand-year-old demon sat a foot from her. You said Valkyrie are docile.

And then there is Emmaline the Unlikely, who slew her own father. Cut him up into three pieces. I like Emmaline already. How many demonarchies are there? Where are they? There are such things? Does it have purple skies and a green sun? Rothkalina looks a lot like the west coast of North America.

Then she frowned. Few ever asked him that question, though it seemed one of the most material in his mind. The one who controls Tornin controls the kingdom. Omort desired what was within the castle. Before written history, Tornin had been constructed around the legendary Well of Souls—to protect that mystickal font of power from sorcerers like Omort.

And the rage demons had been dispatched to Tornin to safeguard the stronghold. Mindless fury and all that. Like when you fought tonight.

His fangs would elongate, and his horns would sharpen, reaching their full size. In that state, he could emit a toxin from the ends that could temporarily paralyze even an immortal.

She swallowed. And all those people in the past who were killed because they were supposedly possessed by demons?

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They were demons. We mainly stick to crazy cities, party towns. Most humans assume that anything off is a costume or, these days, part of an MTV prank. What if you threw on your hat and a cop wanted you to take it off? I read about that. It means to teleport? For centuries I enjoyed that power. But Omort bound my ability to trace. Then his gaze slid to her, and he seemed to shake himself. My mom used to tell me the story of the day someone left me on their doorstep. She always called me her foundling.

And he outlived her. Her parents had had an extraordinary kind of love, the kind that you read about but rarely see. Had her biological parents experienced it, too? Did you pour alcohol in your drink? But prude might fit. What do I have inscribed and flickering over me? Because heaven help her, he might be right. How is that even possible? Sex is pervasive. But Holly had diligently trained herself to Turn Away. Somehow, she unfailingly forced herself to avoid anything that might make her lose control—anything erotic, passionate, moving, angering….

A couple necking on campus? Turn away. A steamy scene on network TV? Or that a dieter avoids the bakery? Flicks help to…pass the time. I went to high school. Now all she could do was envision what a day would be like broken up by regular bouts of sex. Would a male like Cadeon simply find her wherever she was and take her?

Dark Desires After Dusk

She stifled a shiver. He slanted her a heart-stopping grin. Almost as if he was jealous. But why? Maybe demons felt possessive of females that were in their care? My parents both got to meet him before they died, and they liked him, too.

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The main reason why people look down upon them is because a lot of them are poor people from villages and have a 'strange' Hindi accent. With the mangalsutra and chooda finding favour among Muslim women,how can the sindoor,that eternal sign of amarried Hindu girl,be left behind But while most Hindu women prefer red sindoor,Muslims tend to go for orange.

So you must understand why we can be a little uptight. They have a black beaded chain and a gold pendant. Every cut is a lie. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. So, we tell you why dating a Bihari Girl is super cool and as good as going for your favourite adventure sport.

Do not put Mahabharta Granth in your house as it is the book that provides negative energy and war between blood relatives. Explore more on Sindoor.She had the right delicate features and slight build. Humans die so easily. An illusion all around him. Kings, Queens and X Factors 7. He drew his sword as he strode toward Cadeon, raised it—and seemed surprised when Cadeon refused to back up. It is believed that the forehead of Sri Hanuman always shines with sindoor. They clearly thought Cadeon should die.

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