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To search additional IP protocols, you can utilize the IP protocol scan. This scan will unearth uncommon IP protocols that could be active on a system. Nmap will not allow you to combine the verbose and OS scanning options. It will display the below error message: Invalid argument to -v: The nmap -sS is performs a TCP half scan. Here an attacker will send a SYN packet to a target port. Which of the below represents the type of packet inspection used by a firewall when scanning the DMZ interface on a firewall Nmap reports that port 80 is unfiltered.

Deep b. Stateless c. Proxy d. Stateful Solution: As a contracted Ethical Hacker, Al has recently contracted to complete a project to do security checking on a website. He wants to find out which operating system is used by the web server. Which of the below commands can he use to complete this task? Choose two. The correct answers are A and D.

According to the scenario, Al will probably choose "nmap -v -O In this case, he would also use the nmap command "nmap -v -O www. These combinations could then be used to infer the remote operating system or to incorporate the information into a device fingerprint.

Which of the below kinds of machines do security teams often use for attracting potential intruders? Bastion host b. Data pot c. Files pot d. Honeypot Solution: A honeypot has intentionally low security permissions and is useful in collecting intelligence about attackers and their tactics. Which of the below are password-cracking utilities? Choose 3 a. NMAP b. J ohn the Ripper c. Cain and Abel d. KerbCrack e. Wireshark f. WebGoat Solution: The correct answers are A, B and D. Luke is an Ethical Hacker.

The tool analyzes raw IP packets to discover the following: Based on the above information, which of the below tools is Luke using? Nessus b. Kismet c. Sniffer Solution: Nmap is an active data collection tool. The port-scanning ability of the nmap utility can be the open ports on a Linux machine. Administrators can employ this tool to discover which services are accessible to external users. NetWitness b. Netresident c. Snort d. Wireshark www.

It was originally called Ethereal. Wireshark will excel in which one of the below situations you might face as an Ethical Hacker? If your target is a Windows-based network. If your target is a Linux-based network. When a device is a hub, it is convenient for capturing through Wireshark. A hub based on switches will only transmit 'clean' packets—whereas a real hub will simply act as a repeater with no verification of packets.

Network hubs do not manage network traffic. Therefore, each packet that enters a port is repeated on every other port. A switch learns and maintains a table of MAC addresses. A switch does not simply forward all packets to all other ports, but rather uses a bridge to determine which packets are forwarded to which ports. You need to obtain a packet capture for a network.

Which of the below devices would allow you to capture a total picture of the traffic on the wire through Wireshark? Network tap b. Layer 3 switch c. Network bridge d. Router Solution: Steve B. He decides to use the nmap command to execute his scan. Because he is worried that the admin may be running www. What nmap options can he use to do this? You want to access and pull password files from various websites. What could you use from the below options that would allow you to do this?

Google b. Nmap c. Whois d. Sam Spade Solution: Google hacking is a way to find and retrieve password files which have been indexed within a web server's directory from specified websites. Search queries on Google will potentially discover information from a web server's index directory. While browsing an online job board, you come across a job posting for tech professionals.

Which of the below hacking phase s does this fall under? Gaining access c. Covering tracks d. Scanning Solution: When a match for an alert rule is found in Snort, the intrusion detection system carries out which of the below actions? Blocks a connection with the source IP address in the packet www. Halts rule query, sends a network alert, and freezes the packet c.

Continues to analyze the packet until each rule has been checked d. Drops the packet and selects the next packet detection option Solution: Anonymizers are used to mask a user's web surfing. Anonymizers work by removing all identifying information from a computer throughout the time the user is surfing online.

Internet users seeking privacy will use an anonymizer. Once they have enabled online access anonymization, each link they open for the remainder of the session will also be accessed anonymously, with no extra actions on the part of the user.

However, anonymizers do have limitations. Which of the below represent examples of such limitations? Secure protocols b. Plugins c. ActiveX controls d. J ava applications e. J avaScript Solution: These are the limitations of anonymizers: Third-party plugins accessed by websites cannot be properly anonymized.

When a Java application is accessed via an anonymizer, it cannot circumvent a J ava security wall. ActiveX applications will have nearly unlimited access to the computer system of the user. This model sets forth design guidelines and implementations for different networking protocols, enabling computers to interface through a network.

This data model has five 5 separate layers of abstraction. Each layer of this model contains several different protocols. This creates a way for computers to interface via network connections.

There are various protocols for communication services to and from computers.

CEHv8: Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8 Study Guide

Another name used for this model is the Internet model or the DoD model this is because it was created by the Department of Defense. This is represented in the below image. The Application Layer or Layer 4 Programs communicate through application layers.

Other aspects handled in this layer include encryption and session details. The Transport Layer or Layer 3 In the transport layer, devices will negotiate to determine how to talk to each other over a network. This involves such decisions as communication type e. Most work done in device communications is completed through this layer. The Internet Layer or Layer 2 The Internet Layer is where IP addressing, internetworking connecting one network with others through gateways , and path determination occur.

The path that a packet will take through a network is handled in this layer through routers. The protocols in this layer will examine multiple avenues to determine the most efficient way for one host to connect to the other. The Link Layer or Layer 1 The link layer is responsible for encapsulating the data. The network type will determine which way this layer accomplishes it task—which encapsulation protocol is appropriate.

The physical connection between the devices as well as the topology of the network plays a major part in the selection. Regarding answer C above: Phil needs to procure information related to a server with an IP address range that is within the IP address range that is used in Brazil. Which of the below registries will be most useful to him? APNIC c. ARIN d. Phil needs to obtain information about a web server situated in Brazil. Registries are available throughout the world, most often broken up into geographic locations.

Its chief purpose is to assign and administrate IP addresses for the region of Latin America and parts of the Caribbean. Routing protocols are used to show how computers communicate.

From the below options, select the two routing protocols: BGP c. UDP d. RIP Solution: The correct answers are B and D. Which of the below is a good definition the principle of least privilege?

A manager should have all the access and privileges of his or her employees. All users should need to input a unique password before given any access. Users should have access only to the data and services that are necessary and important to perform their job s.

Erik is a System Administrator. He has the responsibility to ensure network security for an organization. Which of the below advanced setting types will require modification? ICMP b. SMTP c.

SNMP d. UDP Solution: This is an important part of IP that is used to report errors in datagram processing. A datagram is a basic transfer unit that is associated with packet-switched networks, an independent entity of data that carries enough information to be routed from its source to a destination computer.

This protocol enables the management of multiple network devices from a remote workspace. This protocol does not guarantee delivery or verify sequencing for any datagram because it is a connectionless and often unreliable communication protocol.

When data provided to a caching name server that has not originated from a non-authentic source in other words, a DNS source , this is called DNS cache poisoning. PTR d.

SOA Solution: As stated above, when data is provided to a DNS serve that did not originate from authoritative Domain Name System DNS sources whether due to intentional or unintentional www. To perform such an attack, the attacker discovers and takes advantage of a flaw in the DNS software.

A server must correctly validate DNS responses have originated from an authentic source, or the server may end up caching incorrect entries locally and inevitably deliver them to users whom key in identical requests. A name server record, or NS record, establishes the server that is considered an authoritative server for the DNS zone. These records are used when performing reverse DNS lookups. Which of the below items is a straightforward example of two-factor authentication?

Fingerprint and smartcard b. ID and token or pin d. Iris scanning and fingerprinting Solution: Which of the below methods would succeed in protecting a router from prospective smurf attacks?

Disabling the ability to forward ports on the router b. Placing the router into broadcast-only mode for a full cycle c. Disabling the router from accepting any broadcast ping messages d. Installing a new router in the DMZ Solution: Which information can an attacker get after tracerouting any network? Network topology b. Web administrator email address c. Firewall locations d. Trusted routers www. The correct answers are A, C, and D.

What is Google hacking? Keying in advanced operators in the Google search engine enables a hacker to pinpoint specific strings of text in a search result. Which of the below terms is a valid Google search operator that can be used in searching for a specific file type? The filetype Google search query operator can be utilized to search a specify file type.

If you wanted to search all pdf files with the word hacking in their filenames, you could key in the search query filetype: You need to obtain the default security report from Nessus. Which of the below Google search queries could you use?

Nessus is a proprietary vulnerability scanner utilized by many organizations. Which of the below is a technique used by vulnerability scanners? Banner grabbing b. Port Scanning c.

Analyzing service responses d. Malware analysis Solution: Which of the below ways could be used to defeat a multi-level security solution? Leak data via asymmetric routing. Leak data via a covert channel.


Leak data via steganography. Leak data via an overt channel, Solution: Administrators use Remote Desktop to gain access their servers from different locations. In which of the below ways could a hacker exploit Remote Desktop to gain access? Utilize a social engineering tool to capture the domain name of the remote server.

Scan the server to see what ports are open. Which of the below options represents the best defense against privilege escalation exploitation of a bug vulnerability? Patch all computers and servers immediately after the release of any updates. Run apps without administrator privileges and download a content registry tool for storage of tracking cookies.

Run services with your least privileged account s and then implement multi- factor authentication, or MFA. Monthly reviews of user and administrator roles. Various devices, in the form of hardware and software, can emulate key computer services, such as browsers and email. Through these tools, system administrators can determine what vulnerabilities are enabling a hacker to break into a system.

What is another name for this kind of device? Honeypot b. Router c. Port Scanner d. Core Switch Solution: As the Security Consultant for a firm, Ingrid must check security for her client's network.

Setting up an intrusion detection system IDS. Configuring a believable honeypot. Scanning for open ports. Scanning and removing vulnerabilities.

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Choose the two options below that represent this kind of control. Audits b. DRP c. CCTV d. Encryption e. Two-factor or multi-factor authentication Solution: IPSec offers which of the below? DDOS protection b. Non-repudiation c. Anti-virus protection d. Availability www. Rodger, a security administrator, is very worried about his system becoming infected with a virus. He decides to implement a multi-layered strategy involving anti virus software on each of his client machines as well an e-mail gateway.

What form of attack will this defend against? Scanning attack b. Social engineering attack c. ARP spoofing attack d. Forensic attack Solution: The use of alert thresholding in an intrusion detection system IDS can reduce the repeated alerts.

Certified Ethical Hacker v8 - Study Guide

However, it will introduce one of the below vulnerabilities. Which one? The IDS does not distinguish among packets originating from different sources. An attacker, working slowly enough, may be able to evade detection by the IDS. Network packets will be dropped once the volume exceeds the threshold. Which of the below netcat command switches will you use to telnet a remote host?

Common Netcat switches: Command Description nc -d Detach Netcat from the console. Ian must analyze the results of an internal vulnerability scan to be run on website hosting servers. The code is written in J ava and his team lead wants to it for buffer overflow vulnerabilities using the SAINT scanning tool. Why should Ian discourage his team lead from this avenue? SAINT, as an automated vulnerability assessment tool, is too resource-heavy.

J ava is not vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks. Because Java uses a sandbox to isolate code, it is not vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks. Most web and application servers, as well as web application environments are actually susceptible to buffer overflows. However, environments written in interpreted languages such as J ava or Python are a notable exception.

They are immune to these attacks except for overflows within an Interpreter. Scott, a professional Ethical Hacker, has been assigned to do security and vulnerability testing for an organization. In order to find out whether certain computers are connected to the server or not, he will need to ping about computers. Which of the below techniques would save him time and energy?

PING b. Ping sweeping d. The Ping sweeping technique allows you to ping a batch of devices and get the list of active devices.

It is a tedious task to ping every address on the network, the ping sweeping technique is highly recommended. How can an attacker discover what rules have been set up on a specific gateway? Firewalking b. Firewalling c. OS Fingerprinting d. Ping Scan Solution: The Firewalking technique can help a hacker learn which rules have been set up on a gateway. Packets are ordinarily sent to a remote host with the exact TTL of a target. Hping2 be used for firewalking as well.

What is the process of identifying hosts or services by sending packets into the network perimeter to see which ones get through? Enumerating c. Trace-configuring d. Banner Grabbing Solution: Which of the below statements are true about N-tier architecture? N-tier architecture requires at least one logical layer. Each layer should exchange information only with the layers above and below it.

When any layer is modified or updated, the other layers must also be updated so that they agree. Each layer must be able to function on a physically independent system. Which of the below can be used to determine which range of IP addresses is mapped to live hosts? Ping sweep c. KisMAC Solution: You need to find out which protocols a router or firewall blocks as well as which protocols a router or firewall will simply pass onto downstream hosts.

You are going to map out any intermediate routers or hops between a scanning host and your target host. After viewing the results, you need to identify which ports are open. The tool displays "A! Which tool are you using for the scan? Firewalk b. NMAP c. HPing d. Traceroute Solution: All header fields can be modified and controlled using the command line. War dialers are used to scan thousands of phone numbers to detect any modems that have vulnerabilities. This provides an attacker with unauthorized access to a target computer.

Which of the below utilities would work for war dialing? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. ToneLoc b. THC-Scan c.

Wingate d. NetStumbler Solution: Answers A and B are correct. Netstat b. SuperScan c. Hping d. Nmap Solution: Given a range of IP addresses to ping, it will resolve the host name of a remote system. Which is the correct sequence of packets needed to perform the 3-way handshake method? It involves three steps: In the first step of the three-way handshake method, a SYN message is sent from a client to the server. At this point, both the client and server have received an acknowledgment of the TCP connection.

In which of the below scanning methods do Windows operating systems send only RST packets irrespective of whether the port is open or closed? FTP bounce d. UDP port Solution: If the port is closed, the victim assumes that this packet was sent mistakenly by the attacker and sends the RST packet to the attacker Q: XMAS scan b.

IDLE scan Solution: This is also known as half-open scanning because a full TCP connection is never opened. Send a SYN packet to a target port. Send an RST packet to break the connection. If an RST packet has been received, it indicates that a port is closed. Xmas scans: If a target port is open, the service running on that target port will discard the packets without www.

Which of the below methods did he choose? IDLE b. NULL c. XMAS Solution: What is a sequence number? A sequence number is a bit number ranging from 1 to 4,,, Data sent over a network is broken into packets at the source and then reassembled at a destination system once it arrives. Each packet includes a sequence number used by the destination system to reassemble the data packets correctly upon arrival. When a system boots, it has an initial sequence number ISN.

As each second passes, the ISN will be incremented by , When the system connects and establishes a connection with another system, the ISN will be incremented by 64, Therefore, the new ISN will be 1,,, Which of the below scanning methods is most accurate and reliable, with the downside being that it is also incredibly easy to detect?

TCP half-open d. Xmas Tree Solution: A hacker should avoid this scanning method Q: While performing a security assessment of a web server, Erin realizes she needs to identify a cross-site scripting vulnerability. Which of the below suggestions would correct the vulnerability?

Inform the Web Administrator that all Web application data inputs must be validated before they are processed. Add a warning to users that cookies can be transferred only via a secure connection. Disable ActiveX support within all Web browsers. Disable J ava applet support within all Web browsers. Validating data input is the most efficient and secure method of fixing cross-site scripting vulnerabilities because this will address cross-site scripting on ActiveX controls and J ava applets downloaded to the client as well as vulnerabilities within server-side code for an application.

Disabling cookies will do nothing to counter cross-site scripting. Which of the below is not a packet capturing utility? Cain b. Aero peek c. Wireshark d. Aircrack-ng Solution: An attacker sends a FIN packet to a target port.

What type of stealth scanning did he likely use? UDP port scanning Solution: Port scanning is a process of connecting to TCP and UDP ports to discover services and applications active on a target system. Data packets are sent teach port to collect information. Nick needs to send a file to an FTP server. It will be segmented into several packets, sent to the server, and reassembled upon reaching the destination target the FTP server.

In order to maintain the integrity of the packets, which information will help Nick accomplish his task? Sequence number b. TTL c. Checksum d. Acknowledgement number Solution: Fred is an Ethical Hacker.

Once he performs a Teardrop attack on the web server, it crashes. Why did this happen? The server is not capable of handling overlapping data fragments. Ping requests at its server level are too high. The ICMP packet is too large. It cannot be larger than 65, bytes. In performing a Teardrop attack, Fred sent a series of data packets with overlapping offset field values to the web server. The server was unable to reassemble the packets correctly and is therefore forced to crash, hang, or reboot.

When you receive e-mail with an attachment and execute the file on your machine, you get this message: Which countermeasure should you take? Run your antivirus program. No action necessary. Search for files that match the name of the attachment and remove them from your drives. Shut down or restart your system and check to see what processes are running.

The message displayed upon execution indicates that the attachment might be the EICAR virus, which checks to see whether an antivirus is effective. It allows you to discover whether your system is protected without causing actual damage to your system. Which of the below would you use to perform HTTP tunneling? HTTPort b. Tunneled c. BackStealth d. Nikto Solution: The correct answers are A, B, and C. Nikto is a Web scanner. You want to use FTP to connect to a remote server online.

How will you get around the firewall? BackStealth c. HTTP tunneling refers to the technique of using various network protocols to perform communications, which are then encapsulated using the HTTP protocol. The HTTP protocol then acts as the wrapper for a specific covert channel that the tunneled network protocol uses to communicate. The HTTPort tool is used to create a transparent tunnel via proxy server or firewall.

This enables the user to operate Internet software from behind the proxy. An employee in your company is suspected of downloading ftp of sensitive and proprietary data onto a competitor's remote ftp server. Which technique might the employee be using? Tor Proxy Chaining software b. IP spoofing c. HTTP tunneling Solution: IP-spoofing is when an attacker masks his source address by forging the header to contain a different address.

Then he can make it seem like a packet was sent via another machine. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that work like a big chain proxy.

The identity of the originating computer is hidden and a random set of intermediary nodes is used to reach a target system. You configured a rule on a gateway device that blocks external packets with source addresses from inside the network.

Which type of attack are you attempting to protect your network against? DOS attack b. Egress filtering d. ARP spoofing www. Packet filtering is a defense against IP spoofing attacks. The gateway to a network usually performs ingress filtering, or blocking packets from outside the network that use an internal source address. So attackers cannot spoof the address of an internal machine and trick the network into trusting the connection.

It is a technique used to attack a local area network, or LAN.

ARP spoofing can enable an attacker to intercept data frames on a LAN, modify its traffic, or even stop the traffic. However, the attack can only be used on local networks. Egress filtering works on outgoing packets, by blocking the packets from inside the network with a source address that is not internal. This prevents an attacker within a network from filtering by launching IP spoofing attacks against external machines.

Brutus is a password-cracking tool used to crack the below authentications: Which of the below attacks can Brutus perform to crack a password? Choose three. Dictionary attack b. Brute force attack c. Replay attack d. Hybrid attack e. Man-in-the-middle attack Solution: In a brute force attack, the attacker will work through software that attempts a large number of different key combinations to guess passwords.

To prevent such attacks, users should create passwords that are complex and therefore more difficult to guess. SMB signing ensures that the transmission and reception of files across a network are www. Enabling SMB signing on the network reduces the performance of the network because of the increased processing and network traffic required to digitally sign each SMB packet.

What uses a bit hash to prevent against brute force attacks? PGP b. MD5 c. SHA-1 d. RSA Solution: Which of the below attacks uses a pre-calculated hash table, a structure that maps keys to values, to retrieve plain text passwords?

Rainbow attack c. Hybrid attack d.

Certified Ethical Hacker Books

Brute Force attack Solution: A rainbow attack uses a hash table, also called a hash map, to retrieve plain text passwords. This kind of attack is one of the fastest methods of password cracking. Through it, the hacker calculates all possible hashes for a set of characters, which are then stored in a table, known as the Rainbow table.

A rainbow table is rendered useless with the use of which of the below? Uju beans b. Pepper c. Salt d. Cinnamon Solution: There are DNS resolution issues with the network. Which of the following utilities could be used to diagnose the problem? PING c. This is useful for verifying that resource records have been added or updated correctly within a zone, as well as debugging other server-related problems.

L0phtcrack c. J ohn the Ripper d. Obiwan Solution: Cain and Abel is a multipurpose tool that will assist with Windows password cracking, VoIP session sniffing, and Windows enumeration. It is capable of performing the following types of attacks to crack passwords: This tool will recover account passwords of Windows and Unix accounts to access user and administrator accounts.

An attacker who captures the VoIP traffic on a network can use which of the following tools to recreate a conversation from the captured packets? HPing b. VoIP-killer Solution: Assuming that the Network Administrator of the company did not modify the default port values of any services, which of the below services will be found to be running on UDP ? NetBIOS b. HTTP c. HTTPS d. The information gleaned from the DNS zone can be used to collect usernames, passwords, and other sensitive and valuable information.

An attacker must first connect to the authoritative DNS server for the target zone. In addition, the attacker may launch a DoS attack against the zone's DNS servers by flooding them with a high volume of requests. Which of the below tools can this attacker use to perform the DNS zone transfer?

NSLookup b. Dig c. Host d. DSniff Solution: DSniff is a sniffer that can be used to record network traffic. Scott works as a Security Professional testing the security of a web server.

He needs to find information about all network connections and listening ports, listing them in numerical form. Which of the below commands will he use? According to the scenario, Scott will use the netstat -an command to accomplish the task. The netstat -an command is used to get information of all network connections and listening ports in numerical form. Deny any and all unauthorized inbound connections from connecting to TCP port Value name: RestrictAnonymous Data Type: You have just installed a Windows server.

What action should you take regarding the default shares? You should disable them. You should disable them only if it is a domain server. Modify the values so that they are hidden shares.

Unless they are absolutely necessary to system function, default shares should be disabled, as they pose a significant security risk. These kinds of shares give intruders the means to hack into your server.

Masquerading attempting to impersonate a person or another machine , providing false information, or denying the existence of a transaction or event is classified as which of the below forms of attack? A dictionary attack b. A repudiation attack c. A DDoS attack d. A reply attack Solution: The attack may also involve an attempt to give misleading and incorrect information or the denial that a real event or transaction occurred.

For a distributed denial of service DDoS attack, an attacker would act through multiple computers in the network that were previously infected. In a distributed denial-of-service attack, multiple machines can generate more attack traffic than just one machine and they are more difficult to turn off than one attack machine. In addition, each attack machine can be stealthier, making it harder for network administrators to stop the attack.

In a replay attack, attackers will capture packets containing passwords or digital signatures as the packets transmit between two distinct hosts.

The attackers will then resend that captured packet to the target system in order to try to force an authenticated connection. It can also use common words in both upper and lower case to discover a password. How can you do this? Disable anonymous authentication. Enable anonymous authentication. Stop FTP service on the server. Disable the network adapter on the server. Anonymous authentication allows access to an FTP site without a user account and password.

So you will need to disable anonymous authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the FTP server.

Your computer uses the Windows Server OS. You need to improve the security of the server. Which of the below changes are required to accomplish this? Select two answers from the below choices. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Rifqi Multazam.

Amit Verma. Balaji Paskanti. Deris Bogdan Ionut. Mehrdad Jingoism. Dheeraj Chopra. More From hrpetr. Adela Bejtovic.

Om Namah Shivaya. Mihailo Jovisevic. Daniel Dimitrov. Himanshu Singh. Justin Lopez. Popular in System Administrator. Venkat Chowdary Yamparala.

Joyjit Ghosh. Alberto Bandettini. Satya Narayana. Chandana Siri. Junyoung McArdle. Sameh ElAraby. Santosh Indulkar. Hassan Zaheer. Rizzy Shinigami.PGP b. These are the limitations of anonymizers: Modify the values so that they are hidden shares. Identifying the active system b. No action necessary. Which of the policies listed below is a valid set of rules regarding connecting to a system to an internal network while physically in a different location?

A port is a way separate systems can talk to each other, a medium.

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