Border Collie Training and millions of other books are available for site site. Border Collie Training: The Complete Guide To Training the Best Dog Ever Paperback – February 23, The Essential Guide to Training Your Border Collie. A new, practical guide to training your Border Collie, by a highly esteemed trainer and Barbara Sykes' Training Border Collies and millions of other books are. This book will provide adequate information on how to train your Border collie so that he can become a part of your family. You will learn obedience training.

Border Collie Training Book

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A: There are several good dog training and care books that I know of, but the Border Collie Owners Guide has everything combined. It;s the. Understanding Border Collies book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Border Collie is an extremely versatile breed, fait. Sheepdog Training BOOK - Understanding Border Collies - by Barbara Sykes There is no doubt about it, this is one of the best books about Border Collies.

Available direct from the David Kennard website at www. Well made and informative, the video also gives an insight into the working environment of the Cumbrian Hill farmer. Along the way the makers manage to provide background information on Health, Diet, Breeding, Behaviour and more.

Well made and informative. W8 5TZ.

NN8 2QD. IP1 1RJ. Well Illustrated. Contact Border Collie Rescue.

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Essential Reading for those wishing to understand the Border Collie breed. Sheepdog Training.

Dog Behaviour. General Interests. There have been some awful books written about the Border Collie over the years - badly researched books by people who know very little about the breed - badly researched books that pose questions but never provide answers - even some badly researched books that are positively misleading and dangerous due to the poor quality of the information provided. Alpha Dog important-stuff-here! Listen, your dog craves the alpha. And from the car ride home its either going to be him or you that determines it.

This is critical in training your dog at once. So, if you are ready to boneUP with the best of them, like, the pros then try my audiobook right now. Now, and not some-time, some-day, in some future, with some other so-called-system.

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Jul 18, Meghan rated it liked it Shelves: Overall, I found this book disappointing. There was some advice I found questionable very few toys And that's probably the rub- I have plenty of dog experience, and was really looking for a book to explain the oddities this breed: It wasn't in this book.

I did appreciate the pictures and the talk about stalking. I further appreciated the author's explanation about why kids and bcs can work together just fine, thankyouverymuch, if both kids and dog have clear rules to follow. Unlike too many websites, the author was not trying to steer everyone away from these fabulous dogs, nor was she trying to scare us with horror stories.

Since this book was written primarily for pet border collies, she does a good job of discussing hyperactivity, and what owners can do to 'fix' it or what they could do in error and on bad advice to make it worse. She abhors food rewards I used to agree..

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UNTIL my bc came, ironically. There is a little talk about pack position, but she neither discusses it at length, nor ignores the value of positive training methods- very middle of the road, so regardless of which you embrace, you probably won't be offended by her book.

It is clear the author knows and loves bc's- it just wasn't clear that she fully understood how different they are than other breeds. Better than nothing, but not really that helpful. In a way, that was helpful: However, I still believe it doesn't make a good enough distinction between border collies and other breeds. It also didn't address many of the challenges we had to work with that just aren't out there my bc never ate the house, herded the children, or chased cars.

This book should have been the go-to source to that stuff. Unfortunate that it wasn't.

Understanding Border Collies

View 1 comment. Brilliant read Thank you to Ms. Sykes for helping me to know my pup so much better. I know know si much more to appreciate her intelligence.

Oct 21, Corey rated it really liked it. Excellent overview of raising and yes understanding the border collie focusing on the puppy year.Sheepdog of the Hills, Wellingborough: Venture Pub. No matter if you have a puppy or an old dog, it is important for him to learn how he should behave with people and other dogs around. And that's probably the rub- I have plenty of dog experience, and was really looking for a book to explain the oddities this breed: Along the way the makers manage to provide background information on Health, Diet, Breeding, Behaviour and more.

Collin Story of a sheepdog.

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