By using the iTunes software, you have the ability to not only download Audible audiobooks to your computer, but to transfer them to your iPod for playback. As long as you have iTunes, you can download and transfer your books to your iPod. Follow the instructions below: Plug your iPod into your computer and. If you would like to more closely manage the storage space on your iPod, manually transferring your audiobooks would be ideal. This allows you to choose .

Audible Book To Ipod

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In this article, you can discover the ways on how to play Audible books on iPod Touch/Shuffle/Nano without any limitation. If you can't play Audible audiobooks on your iPod, it is possible that the Audible formats AA/AAX are not compatible, check this post to find the. Our simple guide tells you how to put an audiobook on to your iPod. Step 5: If you have created an 'Audio Books' playlist, you can put a tick by this. Otherwise.

Choose the audiobook you wish to transfer by clicking and dragging the cover art to the left click the audiobook and hold the left-clicker on your mouse.

Drop the cover art over the device icon by releasing the held click on your mouse. Then the transfer should be started and after the transfer is over you can disconnect the iPod device and start listening to the audiobooks on your iPod.

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Part 3 How to Play Audible Books on Unlimited Device Though audible audiobooks are compatible with many media players, there is a limitation for the number of devices that can be authorized for an Audible account. Currently, the number is four computers and three portable audio players.

Therefore, what if you want to play audible audiobooks on unlimited audio players? You can take advantage of an audible converter.

With the DRM protection removed, you can transfer and play audible books on as many as devices you want. Free download the trial version and have a try now.

After the audible files added to the library. You can begin to convert audible to MP3 by following the tutorial below.

Part 1. Do Audible Books Work on iPod Touch/Shuffle/Nano?

Step 1. Step 2. Select Audiobooks You Want to Convert Go to "Playlists" section and click on "Audiobooks", all audiobooks stored in your iTunes library will display on the right panel of the main interface.

You can see the file type, name, artist and other information of your audiobooks. It depends on the format. Generally, the Shuffle supports the formats 2 and 3 while the formats 2, 3 and 4 are compatible with Nano.

Both don't support the latest Audible enhanced format AAX yet. So when you download the books from the site Audible website, please select the compatible formats to ensure they are playable on your devices before syncing with iTunes.

Here is the trip on how to sync audiobooks to iPod with iTunes.

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Connect your iPod to the computer where you have downloaded all your audiobooks. Launch iTunes, your should see the device icon on iTunes.

Please click the device icon, iTunes will show you all the files which are allowed to sync to iTunes. On the left-side menu , please click 'Audiobooks' menu and then click 'Sync' button to put all your audiobooks to iPod.


If you happen to get such a classic iPod, then the above solutions may not work. What is more, even if the format is supported, sometimes you just can't sync some of the big files due to the small storage. No worries, you can also convert your Audible to a more popular MP3 format and split the large file to small chapters with a converter.

In this way, any playback related problems which we talked above can be solved too. Anyway, you can try it out for free.You can begin to convert audible to MP3 by following the tutorial below.

How to Transfer Audible Books to iPod Nano/Classic/Shuffle

Generally, the Shuffle supports the formats 2 and 3 while the formats 2, 3 and 4 are compatible with Nano. Most read guides.

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