COMICS GERMAN. 1. Band Asterix bei den Schweizern. 2. Band Die Trabantenstadt. 3. Band Die Lorbeeren des Cäsar. 4. Band PDF | Created in Vienna in by cutting up existing Asterix comic books, rearranging selected Bibliographic Forensics of a German Underground Comic . Asterix (Collection) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Asterix or The Adventures of Asterix is a series of French comics.

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COMIX-LOAD | Asterix () () | Comic | German | Format: CBR. DOWNLOAD, A collection of links to German comics and cartoons online. Bubi Livingston. Donald Duck. Kai Pirinha. Promis. Uli Stein. Asterix. Chain of. La librairie anglaise des enfants! Achetez des livres neufs de bonne qualité pour enfants de tous âges en anglais, et bilingue français-anglais, ainsi que des.

Italics Italians are the inhabitants of Italy. In the adventures of Asterix, the term "Romans" is used by non-Italics to refer to all inhabitants of Italy, who at that time had extended their dominion over a large part of the Mediterranean basin.

But as can be seen in Asterix and the Chariot Race , in the Italic peninsula this term is used only to the people from the capital, with many Italics preferring to identify themselves as Umbrians, Etruscans, Venetians, etc. Various topics from this country are explored, as in this example, Italian gastronomy pasta, pizza, wine , art, famous people Pavarotti, Berlusconi, Mona Lisa , and even the controversial issue of political corruption.

Learn a Language with Comics

Goths Germans are disciplined and militaristic, they are composed of many factions that fight amongst each other which is a reference to Germany before Otto von Bismarck , and to East and West Germany after the Second World War , and they wear the Pickelhaube helmet common during the German Empire. Helvetians Swiss are neutral, eat fondue , and are obsessed with cleaning, accurate time-keeping, and banks.

The Britons English are phlegmatic , and speak with early 20th-century aristocratic slang similar to Bertie Wooster. They stop for Tea every day making it with hot water and a drop of milk until Asterix brings them actual tea leaves , drink lukewarm beer Bitter , eat tasteless foods with mint sauce Rosbif , and live in streets containing rows of identical houses.


Hibernians Irish are the inhabitants of Hibernia, the Latin name of Ireland. They fight against the Romans alongside the Britons to defend the British Isles.

Hispania Spain is overrun with tourists , the country where people of northern Europe go on vacation, ask to eat the same food they eat at their homelands, and cause tremendous traffic jams on the Roman roads.

Other recurring topics are flamenco , bullfighting , and olive oil. Reference is also made to the famous literary character Don Quixote. The warrior first hallucinates American-style emblematic eagles ; the second time, he sees stars in the formation of the Stars and Stripes ; the third time, he sees stars shaped like the United States Air Force roundel.

Asterix's inspired idea for getting the attention of a nearby Viking ship which could take them back to Gaul is to hold up a torch; this refers to the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from France.

Corsicans are proud, patriotic, and easily aroused but lazy, making decisions by using pre-filled ballot boxes. They harbour vendettas against each other, and always take their siesta. Greeks are chauvinists and consider Romans, Gauls, and all others to be barbarians.

They eat stuffed grape leaves , drink retsina , and are hospitable to tourists. Most seem to be related by blood, and often suggest some cousin appropriate for a job. Normans Vikings drink endlessly, they don't know what fear is which they're trying to discover , and in their home territory Scandinavia , the night lasts for 6 months.

Cimbres Danes are very similar to the Normans. But while Asterix and Obelix were unable to communicate with them, they are perfectly able to understand the Cimbres. Their names end in "-ten", perhaps similar to those of the Normans, whose names end in "-sen". Belgians speak with a funny accent, snub the Gauls, and always eat sliced roots deep-fried in bear fat. They also tell Belgian jokes. Full Name Comment goes here.

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However, fortunately I had comics. Learning a language with comics offers a big advantage over books.

It is that the images which accompany the reading make it possible to understand better. It is indeed much easier to understand with images, to guess both the story, and the vocabulary.

Asterix: The freedom fighter who conquered the world

What are the advantages of how to learn a language with comics This reading model offers several advantages: the first advantage, of course, is the ability to use the images to understand the meaning of the story if you have trouble with the vocabulary alone.

No need to turn to a dictionary, comics and especially the images allow us to understand for ourselves.

Reading comics in a foreign language allows us to combine business with pleasure. We are not tired of this learning activity, since it is above all fun and enjoyment.

This allows us to be regular in learning. Finally, there are comics for all tastes, and for both children and adults.

Learn a Language by Reading Comics

Personally, I have always been a fan of comics. I started very young with Tintin, and I continue to read comics regularly.WordPress Shortcode.

In: Femina Feb-Apr. Some translations have actually added local humour: Archived from the original on 19 July His chief is Vitalstatistix.

In another example: Hiccups are written onomatopoeically in French as hips, but in English as "hic", allowing Roman legionaries in more than one of the English translations to decline their hiccups absurdly in Latin hic, haec, hoc.


However in the year the Gaul warrior entered Tanzania. First of all Asterix is a warrior who is frequently hunting with his friend Obelix.

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