ECE Computer Programming Course Notes · Engineers in Course Notes: Artificial Neural Network Lecture 01 - AI - Artificial (k). LECTURE NOTES. PRESENTATION HANDOUTS. QUESTIONS. CONTENTS, cpdf. CHAPTER 1. FROM BIOLOGICAL NEURON TO ARTIFICIAL. accompanied with a "imgnn" folder (for instance "img11") containing the images which make part of the notes. So, to see the images, Each html file must be kept.

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John A. Bullinaria, 1. Module Aims and Learning Outcomes. 2. Biological and Artificial Neural Networks. 3. Training Methods for Multi Layer Perceptrons. B Intelligent Systems. Semester 1, Week 3 Lecture Notes page 1 of 1. Artificial Neural Networks. (Ref: Negnevitsky, M. “Artificial Intelligence, Chapter 6) . There are a large set of introductions to neural networks online. Popular ones that I Andrej Karpathy's lecture notes:

Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic Notes

Genetic Algorithms: Elements, a simple genetic algorithm, working of genetic algorithms evolving neural networks. Download Unit 1.

Download Unit 2. Download Unit 3. Download Unit 4.

Thank you so much sir ,,,these notes are very helpful but please upload data mining and data warehousing notes if you have available… Thank you.

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Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic Notes

Software Engineering by Roger S. Pressman PDF.

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Setting up the data and the model

Bali Pdf Sep 30, Students and researchers desirous of working on pattern recognition and http: Communication The course starts with some mathematical foundations and the structures of artificial neurons, which mimics biological neurons in a grossly scaled down Engineering version.

It offers mathematical basis of learning mechanisms through ANN. The course introduces perceptrons, discusses its capabilities and limitations as a pattern classifier and later develops concepts of multilayer perceptrons with back propagation learning.

As more advanced ANNs, radial basis function networks and support vector machines are discussed. Competitive learning and self organizing maps are 1.

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Knowledge of matrix algebra and calculus. The course also outlines fuzzy neural networks, used in automated control applications. The course adequately stresses on the analytical aspects of ANN rather than on applications directly.

My expectation is that on completion of the course, the Prof. Somnath Sengupta students can apply the concepts to real-life engineering problems.

Biological neurons and artificial neurons. Model of an ANN.

Neural Networks Lectures by Howard Demuth

Activation functions used in ANNs. Typical classes of network architectures. Re-visiting vector and matrix algebra.

State-space concepts. Concepts of optimization.

Error-correction learning. Mem ory-based learning. Hebbian learning. Competitive learning. Structure and learning of perceptrons. Pattern classifier - introduction and Bayes' classifiers. Perceptron as a pattern classifier. Perceptron convergence. Limitations of a perceptrons. Structures of Multi-layer feedforward networks. Back propagation algorithm.

Back propagation - training and convergence. Functional approximation with back propagation. Practical and design issues of back propagation learning. Pattern separability and interpolation.Approximation properties of RBF.

Model of an ANN. Unlike all layers in a Neural Network, the output layer neurons most commonly do not have an activation function or you can think of them as having a linear identity activation function.

Mobile Computing.

We can use this to reduce the dimensionality of the data by only using the top few eigenvectors, and discarding the dimensions along which the data has no variance.

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