THE FIRST IN AN ALL NEW, OFFICIAL TRILOGY SET IN THE ALIEN UNIVERSE! Featuring the iconic Ellen Ripley in a terrifying new adventure that bridges the. Alien book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. “Lebbon's ability to make this a perfect fit is pretty damn amazing. And the telling of this tale in and of itself, without regard to external continuity, is a thing of.

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Get the Alien Out Of The Shadows Book 1 Alien Trilogy 1 - Vimov -. Description of pdf. Register Free To Download Files File Name: Alien Out Of The Shadows. Alien: Out of the Shadows is a novel written by Tim Lebbon and published by Titan Books. Set between Alien and Aliens, the book chronicles Ellen Ripley's . Alien: Out of the Shadows is a novel written by Tim Lebbon and published by Titan Books. Set between Alien and Aliens, the book chronicles Ellen.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Alien by Tim Lebbon. As a child, Chris Hooper dreamed of monsters.

But in deep space, he found only darkness and isolation. Then on planet LV, he and his fellow miners discovered a storm-scoured, sand-blasted hell - and trimonite, the hardest material known to man. When a shuttle crashed into the mining ship Marion , the miners learn that there was more than trimonite deep in the caverns. The As a child, Chris Hooper dreamed of monsters. There was evil, hibernating - and waiting for suitable prey.

Hoop and his associates uncover a nest of Xenomorphs, and hell takes on new meaning. Quickly they discover that their only hope lies with the unlikeliest of saviors Ellen Ripley , the last human survivor of the salvage ship Nostromo.

Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published January 28th by Titan Books first published December 17th More Details Original Title. Ellen Ripley.

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How faithful to the novel is the audio adaptation? It's a full cast production with several voice actors and sound effects. It's like watching a movie without the visual. I plan on getting the other 2 from Audible! Przemek This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [It does not contradict it. Is actually handled quite elegantly I think.

Things happen in sci-fi settings. See all 5 questions about Alien…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. This was silly and fun and brilliant.

Would I have read it in print format? But as an Audible dramatisation, it was thrilling. The sound effects were spot on, giving the story an atmosphere and immediacy that I doubt the book would match. There were a few problems with the insertion of the story into the canon. There are very limited ways you can stick a whole episode between films but not have Ripley remember it. Still, it was delicious knowing that all the other characters had to die, but This was silly and fun and brilliant.

Still, it was delicious knowing that all the other characters had to die, but now knowing how or when. There was also quite a lot of 'borrowing' from the character styles in both Alien and Aliens. I see from other reviews that this annoyed some people, but I thought it was a useful trick for audio.

It meant that the listener built up a mental picture of the people really quickly, without having to add lots of description, which is pretty difficult in dramatisations in any case.

Overall, I think it had more to it than some of the other episodes in the Alien franchise, i'm looking at you Prometheus and Alien Resurrection. It reminded me of how much I love Ripley- sod all these modern female heroines, Ripley has been kicking serious ass and saving lives since I'll be watching the films again soon for sure. View all 11 comments. Feb 10, Sean Barrs the Bookdragon rated it really liked it Shelves: The audio-book is more of a dramatization rather than a simple reading, and it added so much suspense, with the chilling sound effects and creepy music: I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would!

It slots perfectly into the Alien time lime, between the first and second Alien films. The antagonist is, once again, Ash the android from the first film. It was a little forced, but still plausible. Despite the formulaic approach, it was still quite exciting. Waiting in the shadows was the dark and fearsome creature fans have come to love in all its viciousness, and seeing it pick off the crew one by one was really quite satisfying.

I sound like a sadist, but as far as horror goes this was right on the money. Resurrection without a doubt. View all 6 comments.

This was a full cast production offered for free at Audible and I enjoyed it! I'm not sure this would have worked as well for me in book form as it did in audio.

The actress doing Ripley's voice was dead on, and Rutger Hauer as Ash's voice was also perfect. Combined with the sound effects of the various ship functions, this production was a lot of fun to listen to: View all 3 comments.

Jan 13, Paul O'Neill rated it liked it. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. It fits in nicely to the main storyline in the films and has some teasers in there also. People with ears and sexual organs. Oy, this was fucking righteous. Yes, there is a need for fully-narrated, unabridged audiobooks. But some of this stuff doesn't need it.

Honestly, who's reading Tim Lebbon for the writing? He's an author-for-hire who does some original stuffs from time to time. I'm not knocking the guy for getting paid. Nothing wrong with cashing checks and paying your bills with words. What I'm getting at is - he's not someone who'll be winning prizes for his prose unless he drastically changes his writing style, and because of that, his storytelling fits this kind of audio drama.

The production quality of this piece is exceptional. It reminded me of kicking back with my grandmother and listening to her recordings of old radio productions, like Welles's War of the Worlds , and that old radio drama The Shadow. Used to dig that shit, man. I need to see if I can find them again But I digress. My only complaint here is the hokey memory-wipe bullshit the author used to explain away why Ripley never mentioned this time of her life in future Alien sequels.

The whole time I was listening to this, I was thinking, "He's going to use some kind of drug to wipe her memory. A memory wipe is an overused, lazy tactic that pollutes damn near every prequel or paraquel in existence. Stop it. Memory wipes went out of style with Mars-atmosphere, bugged-eyed Schwarzenegger. I know this is processed, sodium-packed canned fiction, that you're not supposed to think while listening or reading, but the creator could have tried a little harder.


Oh, and that shit in the mines was fan-fucking-tastic. Very cool. I loved all that shit. In summation: Action-y goodness blended with terrific production quality had me feeling like I was watching a long-lost Aliens movie in my brain parts. I'll definitely be getting the sequels, when or if they do them this same way. Definitely recommended. Final Judgment: Perfect for what it is, and it is what it is.

View all 8 comments.

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Surprisingly engaging and utterly thrilling, this audio dramatisation of an Alien novel is quite superb. I would not have picked this up if not for the freebie being offered by Audible during its 20th Anniversary celebration a few months ago, not even being aware that there are also official canonical novels in this science fiction horror franchise.

If you have never watched the movies before, please note that there will be spoilers for the first film, Alien. In my opinion, the second film, Ali Surprisingly engaging and utterly thrilling, this audio dramatisation of an Alien novel is quite superb. In my opinion, the second film, Aliens, was one of the best sequels in the history of movie-making. I have less favourable views on the subsequent movies and the prequel series. In the sequel, sole survivor Ellen Ripley was rescued after 57 years in stasis and drifting in space onboard the Nostromo.

The timeline in Alien: Out of the Shadows is set somewhere in between the first two movies. The story commences with the Marion, a mining space vessel, orbiting planet LV where humans have discovered trimonite, the hardest material known to man. It would not be a spoiler, nor a surprise to learn that the miners stumbled upon a nest of Xenomorphs on the planet and the waking nightmare ensued after a dropship carrying frantic and terrified miners crashed into the main vessel. While the crew on the Marion remained relatively safe for the moment, their distress signal was picked up by the Nostromo in which Ripley had been drifting in deep space under stasis.

The new characters are all likeable, and their friendship and loyalty to one another feel genuine and compelling - especially when performed by a great cast.

And I swear that Laurel Lefkow sounds so much like Sigourney Weaver that I initially thought Audible managed to get the talented actress to lend her voice - her portrayal of Ripley was spot on!

The two highlights in this story for me are the two familiar and fascinating characters from Alien. Firstly, we have Ellen Ripley who was my childhood hero and probably the most significant character in challenging gender roles in science fiction and action movies back in those days. And then, there is the return of Ash and the android's long endgame towards the goal of fulfilling Special Order of Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

All the sound effects from the ship's instrumentation and computers to the hair-raising hisses and screams of the Xenomorphs and an atmospheric soundtrack truly lends a most immersive experience and palpable tension to the story. Even though I was only listening to the book, I literally cringed during some of the more violent and gory moments. I sincerely doubt that reading the novel itself will be even half as thrilling.

Lebbon's prose has been stripped away - as a dramatisation; there is zero narration. While I've not read any of his books, I gathered from a few other reviews that one would not sorely miss the narrative if one chooses this dramatic version instead. After being disappointed with the movies following Aliens and the prequel series, I am pleased to discover this great cinematic audio production of film canon material of one my old favourites.

Recommended, especially for fans of the franchise Check out the Audible ad. This review can also be found at Booknest View all 13 comments. No one comes across flat and all serve their appropriate purpose for the most part. Sometimes there was an overdose of flashbacks to her daughter Amanda and imagined horror scenarios for her child.

This especially got heavy later on — a bit too much so — but I think the point of that was setting up a particular technological technique to be seductive and reassuring rather than unrealistic. He was the stuff of the stars, and when he was a young boy—dreaming of monsters, and looking to space in the hope that he would find them—that had made him feel special.

Now, it only made him feel small. The start is interesting with a different group, and I dug the dynamics of the people when they all merged, but it did tend to slow down and drag on a bit when they were at the heart of the Alien trouble. The idea is creative and well executed, although the details can sometimes be a bit lackluster. It was nice to see Ripley in between voyages and how the mother angle would tie in so highly in the second movie story by bringing up her daughter so often and strongly.

I did think the romantic element was a little false, but it also made sense because desperation and loneliness make people clatch on to any new person they can, especially to replace personal loss. But Zeta Two Reticuli is silent. And the Engineers have gone missing on Earth. And again six centuries ago. But no sign. After twelve thousand years Janek grins at Holloway across the cargo bay. I have many. A distant star like Earth's Sun, surrounded by orbiting planets: Downs, Glasse and Brick sit at consoles.

Janek paces in front of the window. Holloway and Watts enter - and gape at the view. Janek grin at their reaction. Edge of the system. Open her eyes. Irises open to expose huge lenses. Antennae deploy: Sifting vacuum for any whisper of information. A heads-up display appears, overlaid on the glass. Markers point out the planets and trace the ellipses of their orbits. Like magic, the planets swell into colorful orbs, each labeled: Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Two hot rocks , two gas giants, three snowballs.

Nothing Earthlike. Watts grins at Holloway, eyes shining. Good of you to join us. You know what you want? Spectroscopic passes on every planet and major moon. Infrared and albedo scan for hot spots and light sources.

Run it. Antennae flex and focus. A river of data floods the display, bathing the watchers' faces with light: Chemical compounds, magnetic field lines, lunar orbits, topographical data. The scan moves on to the next planet, and the next. Nobody's talking. On the H. Begins to illuminate the gas giants ' moons.

No artificial light. No industry or agriculture. Dead system. Like always. Low in heavy elements. A moon. LV 6. The display centers on Epsilon, a gas giant with many moons. Data flickers around one of the larger moons: Atmosphere's nitrogen, methane, sulfates. Faint returns for a bunch of metals. The sensors complete their pass on the system's last moon.

You heard the man. Eighteen hours to orbit. The engines fire: Enjoy the show? It was informative. Watts smiles, watching Holloway 's sport. Simulating humanity is a complex task that diverts resources. My designers dispensed with that burden to optimize for intelligence.

Why not be a box on wheels?

But I'm not so limited. I hear frequencies you can't hear. I see wavelengths of light invisible to you. I move faster. Exert greater force. He turns his unearthly eyes on them. They could be there. Waiting for us. What then? He laughs. LV is a gray moon shrouded in clouds. Behind it looms its father planet Epsilon, a lurid gas giant banded in red and gold, half swallowed in darkness. The Magellan dives into a forced orbit around LV Telescopes, sensors and antennae sprout once more from its hull.

Janek and his crew seated at control stations. Holloway and Watts standing on the foredeck. Ravel and Chance. LV 6 fills the window: The ground invisible beneath the clouds. Sporadic lightning flickers.

We're uninvited guests. Let's be quiet.

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That thought sends a nervous shiver through the others. Janek nods at Glass and Brick. They study their instruments. That's lightning.

Going to bugger up our scans. Mapping radar. Kamarov shakes his head fearfully. Crosses himself. Frozen methane. Cold down there. The display fills with light: We got hard spots. Bright reflections. That's metal. A jolt of excitement pounds through everyone on the Bridge. The gas giant Epsilon fills the sky behind LV Metal motes hurled into polar orbits around the Moon.

Mineral deposits. Volcanic ejecta.

A new signal appears on the map. Brighter than the others. No signs of life. Telescopes and antennae stowed away. Hull streaming vapor as it cuts atmosphere. Lightning flashes and booms around the descending ship. The landing engines roar.

Wind screams over the hull. Mist whips across the Bridge window, obscuring any view. Watts reaches out. Squeezes Holloway's hand. The Magellan breaks through the cloud cover into clear air.

Below the ship, a vast and eerie landscape is revealed. Wide valleys mottled with thin dark ground cover. Barren crags and spires of rock. Waterless and wind-swept. Watts gasps. Stares at the grim and foreign country. Guides the Magellan down a valley as if it were a helicopter. A pilot born. They crest a mountain higher than Everest.

Before them stretches a dry barren plain. Scattered rocky peaks rise from the desert floor - an alien Monument Valley. Holloway points to a smaller mountain peak.

Oddly regular. Janek expertly swings the Magellan sideways. The Magellan circles the mount, nose pointed inward. It revolves below the watchers: It glitters like coal. Glasse nods irritably. Of course they're recording. Vickers stares at the pyramidal peak, nonplussed.

Teetering on the brink of belief. Watts scans the data readouts. That could be technology. Landslides have eaten at its edges. The Magellan purrs over the landscape, dwarfed by the scale. Drops between the canyon walls to circle the mount.

Beginning to get over the shock. Thinking like scientists again. Carbon crystallizes like that. The scientists pay him no mind. They're past that.

Clouds obscuring the view. The ship descends into clear air. A stunning panorama unfolds before them: Like a pattern of crop-circles sunk in the rock. In the middle of the central crater - a huge angular peak, larger than the others. The Magellan circles the site. It's awe-inspiring. Holloway stares in rapture. Glances at Watts: She's with him. The crew's still skeptical - but starting to wonder.

They shake their heads and exchange looks. No heat sources.

Cold as the grave. Watts looks out at the timeworn peak. Its eroded facets. Some connect to smaller craters. One canal peters out, flush with the desert floor. The Magellan lands at the end of this canal - half a kilometer from the central crater.

Holloway looks around. Let ' s move. Janek glances at his instruments. Maybe you should hold off. Watts looks at him incredulously. The rovers' beds are loaded with gear; the explorers ride on running-board seats. All wear space suits. Holloway drives the first rover with Watts beside him. Stillwell, Kamarov, and Downs in back.

Pathogen tests are clean. Stay together. Don't touch anything. Things may be more fragile than they look - or more dangerous. There might be technologies operating here we don't understand. The crew of the Magellan exchange uneasy looks. Still uncertain what to think. They cross a perpendicular canal. Glancing left and right, they see smaller craters with central peaks of their own.

See a Problem?

They pass through the shadow of a high promontory of stone atop one bank of the canal. We see - and they do not - that the far side of the promontory has a Sphinx-like FACE of monumental size. So eroded that its artificial nature is uncertain.

The pyramidal mount looms in the center - colossal in scale. The rovers enter the crater, trailing plumes of dust.

They circle the pyramid. Seemingly made of the same basaltic stone as the pyramid itself. A huge construction. The explorers are transfixed in awe. All skepticism banished. You were here on this day, thirty-one December, year of our Lord History will remember your names. Watts stares at the iris.

Its bottom-most blade is broken; it lies in rubble at the foot of the door. A dark knife-like aperture leads into the pyramid. At the sight of the huge iris door in the pyramid, both Janek and Vickers stare in blank astonishment. They were right. He turns to stare out the window at the pyramid's peak. Vickers turns and slips out of the Bridge. Hurries away. On the far wall there are two small doors. She opens the first: Washes a pill down with a tumbler of water. Returns to her cabin and opens the second small door.

A deep hum of ventilation and power: She turns to a console beside the door. Flips a row of switches. The hum deepens. Hidden mechanisms stir to life. Their flashlights cut into the gloom. The robotic rovers follow them: Weak daylight slants in. The explorers press into the darkness on foot - the cargo rovers' headlights flashing on.

They move through a dark cathedral space, empty and bare. DAVID looks around in fascination, his eyes raking the walls. His voice trembles with urgency. He shines light on the rock. Symbols engraved on the dark surface. Dots, lines and arcs.

Conclusive connection. DAVID stands beside them. Stares at the alien writing. Watts passes her light over the writing, recording it. They move on into the dark. DAVID lingers. Corridors big as railway tunnels intersecting and diverging. The explorers wend their way deeper. Several carry map units, whose holographic displays render three-dimensional maps that expand as they explore. The motors of the cargo rovers whine and growl. DAVID trails the others, eyes raking the blank walls as if he sees something there.

He reaches out. Passes his hand through the air as if grasping a cobweb. Holloway sweeps his light that way. The sound comes again: Watts looks at Holloway - but his eyes are focused on the dark ahead. He moves forward. The others follow. It strides toward them. Speaks in a sonorous voice. Watts backpedals involuntarily.

Seeing Holloway stand his ground, she reaches out to him in a panic.

But Holloway doesn't budge. Stares at the Apparition in fascination. Watts watches as the Apparition walks right up to Holloway. Disappears with a sizzle of static as Holloway experiences the creature passing through him. Watts returns to Holloway 's side. Stillwell and Downs are huddled on the deck. Milburn and Fifield have fallen back down the passageway. A rumbling sound down the corridor, as before. Moments later, the Apparition appears round the corner again.

They stand their ground: I'm out. Get a grip. You find a load of bauxite, I'm your man. But not this. Buddy system. He hauls a heavy rolling case out of the cargo rover.

Drop them in the first or second nexus on your way back. It's no more than a mile. You can walk it. Sulking, Milburn takes the rolling case. The remaining explorers watch Fifield and Milburn backtrack into the dark.

In design and scale, undeniably important. Holloway glances at his map. Or cut through? Ravel waves a sensor over the wall. Current flowing in the wall. Chance begins to inspect the frame of the door. Has to be a mechanism. DAVID looks as if they fail to see something obvious.

He points at a spot on the wall beside the massive slab. I want to get up there. The ship's powerful imaging systems stream data: The maze under the pyramid drawn in light.

A globe of LV 6 blooms with terrain and weather data as the satellites feed the ship information. Vickers appears at Janek 's side. Taking an interest? Milburn and Fifield trudge into the space, trundling the probe cases behind them.

Tunnels lead away in all directions. They open the case. Tiny lights come on as the probes awaken. They roll off, dispersing to investigate every passageway. Bumbling into walls and pillars, reversing. Exploring by random walk. Gimme the map. They stare at each other.

He trudges back the way they came, in disgust. He's cut a hole in the wall beside the door, high up: A deep BOOM, echoing inside the ancient walls.

Nothing moves. He moves a control. The immense door begins to rise. An immense space.

Holloway walks in, his flashlight searching. Watts hurries after. The others follow, rovers tagging along. A colossal structure stands in the center of the chamber, convoluted and strange.

A mechanism. Chasms yawn in the floor all around it, their depths lost in darkness. The explorers enter, rovers in train. They lift their eyes: Yes, it is. The android's awareness is keyed to a high pitch. He seems to read meaning in the inscrutable structures all around them. Holloway hauls a drone case out of the rover.

Two dozen spherical drones tumble out, wake up, and roll off into the dark. They are nimble, hopping curbs and skirting chasms. Watts looks at her atmosphere sensor. This air's breathable.

The core chamber brightens as the sun outside moves into alignment. The shaft of light perfectly centered. A vast SIGH as if the pyramid itself is breathing. A fat drop of water falls on Watts 's glove. She looks up in surprise. Another falls on her visor. And then it's raining inside the pyramid.

Water trickles into the chasms, inundating the mossy growths that cling to the walls. Holloway looks at Watts with a little boy's grin. The shaft of light moves on. The core chamber dims slightly. The rainfall stops as suddenly as it started. The explorers follow the main path around the periphery of the chamber, past a gallery of mysterious machines. There are marvels in the shadows. Cells in the dark apparatus open on startling deposits of color: Honeycombs of pure gold.

Matrices of crystal. Watts waves a scanning instrument as she walks. Huge power sources here. A strange ramp curves downward - its floor segmented and saw-toothed. A bafflement: Not an escalator. No moving parts. No rails or tracks. A big space. As they stand looking, a probe bumbles up to the opening and goes bounding down the ramp. Two days after the Marion's crew lose contact with the mine complex, the ship's transport shuttles, the Samson and the Delilah , launch from the planet and head for the Marion at full speed; contact with their crews reveal alien creatures on board that are slaughtering the shuttles' occupants.

The Delilah arrives out of control and ploughs into the Marion, severely damaging the ship and killing Jordan, along with Security Officer Cornell.

The Samson arrives under autopilot and docks successfully, but the survivors aboard the Marion, now led by Chief Engineer Hoop , seal it off to contain the four Aliens on board. The damage report on the Marion is grim — the impact has knocked the vessel out of its orbit, and with no way to correct it the ship will eventually burn up when it hits LV's atmosphere.

Worse still, the long-range antenna has been destroyed, leaving the survivors unable to transmit anything other than a localized distress call. Unknown to Ripley, the shuttle is under the control of Ash , who, before his destruction on the Nostromo, uploaded his AI consciousness to the shuttle's systems.

Learning of the Aliens on the Marion, Ash reroutes the shuttle to rendezvous with the mining vessel, still seeking to fulfill Special Order and recover one of the creatures.

Upon arrival, Ripley's joy at being rescued is quickly shattered by the realization that she has been drifting for three and a half decades, that Ash is still with her, and that she has awoken in the midst of another life-threatening scenario involving the Alien horror. With time running out before the Marion enters LV's atmosphere, the survivors hatch a desperate plan — to flee in the Narcissus, taking it in turns to use the shuttle's single hypersleep pod for six months at a time, hoping to reach inhabited space before they die of old age.

However, before they can leave they must replace the shuttle's spent fuel cell, and the only viable cells are stored in the mine on LV Worse still, the only ship capable of taking them there is the Samson, still docked and sealed with four Aliens on board.

With no alternative, the crew open the Samson and take on the Aliens using mining tools. Engineers Welford and Powell are killed, along with medic Garcia , while one of the Aliens survives and escapes onto the Marion.

As they descend into the complex, Ash who has now infected the Marion's computers sabotages the elevator and sends them plunging to the very lowest level of the mine, where the miners originally stumbled upon the Xenomorphs. The elevator is smashed beyond repair, and the survivors are forced to trek through the complex to reach a second elevator at the far side.Set between Alien and Aliens , the book chronicles Ellen Ripley 's involvement in a Xenomorph outbreak on the planet LV and the mining vessel in orbit above it.

The movie by Ridley Scott — and let us not forget H. A burst of static answers him: Six control stations, empty and quiet. Moore and Christopher Golden, respectively. Hoop carries an unconscious Ripley to Narcissus and puts her into stasis with Jones, who had remained safely locked aboard the shuttle all along.

But in deep space, he found only darkness and isolation.

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