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Das Alphabethaus - Roman ebook by Jussi Adler-Olsen, Hannes Thiess, Marieke Heimburger Verheißung Der Grenzenlose - Der sechste Fall für Carl Mørck. download or read online Verheißung - Der Grenzenlose. Jussi Adler-Olsen, Siebzehn Jahre lang hat. Polizeikommissar Christian Habersaat vergeblich. Verheißung book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Siebzehn Jahre lang hat Polizeikommissar Christian Habersaat vergeblich.

But yeah, if you like crime novels and have not read the Department Q novels yet, then you have to start immediately. David Hunter is a forensic anthropologist who has the tendency to go on my nerves here and there but his cases are really interesting, really brutal and they also make me feel like I can learn something while reading. The third book clearly was the weakest of the series for me so I am having high hopes for this one.

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I am only pages in so far and I surely hope that there will be a 5th book at some point but I could not find any information about it. This one is about a psychotic rapist and serial killer so it surely sounds promising.

And maybe no animal has to die in this one. There are too many dead animals in the other books, especially the first one.

Something that always bothers me. I want Jackson to come to my house and meet my cats.


Even though they are not from hell. That guy has been through a lot in his life and it clearly is fascinating to read about it. That guy wears shirts that say "Real men love cats" so what's not to love here?

So those are only 4 of the books I am reading right now. There also are huge piles of books in my living room and bed room which are waiting for me to start reading them.

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I really have no idea when to read them all plus I cannot stop myself from downloading new books. Jussi Adler-Olsen made his debut as a non-fiction writer in , and as a fiction writer in Early life Born in Copenhagen , he was the youngest of four children and the only boy.

Son of the successful sexologist and psychiatrist Henry Olsen, he spent his childhood with his family in doctors' official residences at several mental hospitals across Denmark.

In his late teens, he played in a couple of pop groups as lead guitarist. After a manager career, he began to write full-time in Adler-Olsen's novels have been sold in more than 40 languages. Outside Denmark he has enjoyed particular success in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands being a frequent visitor on the top of the bestseller lists e.

Adler-Olsen's books have been on the bestseller lists in numerous other countries including Austria, Iceland, France, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Valby, Denmark: Donna. Dansk tegneserieleksikon - den store Komiklex in Danish. Groucho: …en Marx Brother bag facaden in Danish.

Videocounter in Danish. Alfabethuset in Danish. Copenhagen, Denmark: Cicero.

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Der Albtraum einer Frau. Die verzerrte Stimme kam aus einem Lautsprecher irgendwo im Dunklen: Du bist jetzt hier seit Tagen, und das ist unser Geburtstagsgeschenk: Das Licht wird von nun an ein Jahr Read more Eine Reihe vermisster Personen aus dem Jahr , die durch eine Person und deren entsetzliches Schicksal verbunden sind: Nete Hermansen.Error rating book. I even forgot to check my list of books I've read on Goodreads to be sure that I wasn't repeating myself.

If I hadn't been so captivated by the first five books I doubt I would've finished this one. See also References "Erbarmen".

Which means that I started a bunch of books but haven't finished many recently. There is no middle ground.

It still has it's Danish "quirkiness" as well a a few mildly interesting plot developments. The award is given for all books, not for a sub category.

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Also read my other posts. I absolutely love freestyle football. I enjoy reading novels shrilly .