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Investment Growth Calculators Uncategorized November 08, views. Southern France where Venantius Fortunatus Carminim libri, viii, 3, calls upon her life as an example of chastity. Gregory of Tours De Gloria martyrum likewise mentions the flowers which bloom around her tomb, even in the heart of winter. By contrast North of the Loire, only two locations bear a name related to Eulalia and both of these are in the Aube territory surrounding the French city of Troyes.

II, In the aftermath, according to historian Ali Ibn al-Athir, the rulers of Caesaraugusta, Girona, Osca and Barcinona called on the Frankish monarchy, offering their homage and allegiance in exchange for military aid. Thus in Louis the Pious, at the head of an army besieged Barcinona; it capitulated on December 28th, and until the independence of Count Borrel II in Barcinona effectively remained a Frankish satellite state. This particular Galindo, also known as Prudentius went on to become bishop of Troyes in Francia.

He was a prolific writer and had a brilliant mind. Galindo began his career as a notary at the court of Louis the Pious for many years where he honed his impeccable style of writing.

Here is not the place to discuss his role in theological controversies but his Hispanic origins ran deep, and on this account he is a likely candidate to have imported the Eulalia story to northern France. He likewise built a monastery near her sepulcher.

Liber mozarabicus Sacramentorum, Florez likewise suggests that the Visigothic attack on the city 19 She was also recognised at the fourth and fith synods of Toletum in , , Furthermore, Ildefonse was a friend of Quiricus bishop of Barcino and would later hand him the diocese in Within ten years from of eachother both cities had acquired reputable saints for themselves and the transfer of Quirinus to Toletum in his old age suggests important political and personal links between the leaders of these two cities.

He supported a double predestination which meant that certain souls were chosen by god to live good lives and arrive in heaven while others were selected to live wicked lives.

In , as a reaction to their recent loss of autonomy, the counts of the Southern reaches rose up in rebellion. Though Charles the bald died on October 6th , the rebels continued their fight against his successor Louis the Stammerer.

A lingua de eulalia

While Hincmar bishop of Rheims was able to subdue Boso, Hugh and Plantapilosa, Bernard and his family continued the fight alone. King Louis II the Stammerer was likewise present. By empowering the clergy, Louis II was better able to secure stability within the Empire. From this discussion emerged two strategies, one political, the other cultural.

Here I presume that the Cantica Uirginis Eulalia was composed to be read aloud in the Occitano-Catalan speaking regions of the Empire, notably in Barcinona. It would likewise have been understood by educated scribes of the Carolingian court. French Benedictine monk and music theorist. An invested audience Why is the Eulalia sequence in romance? As a reflection of Northern romance, it seems likely to have been read aloud or even sung to the romance speaking population of northern Gaul,30 but also, and perhaps more importantly still, to the Frankish nobles across the Empire especially in the southern regions where the cult of Eulalia was strongest.

If Eulalia was to be given any weight, and thus gain esteem among the Frankish rulers of the Midi and the Marca Hispanica, it would have to be transmitted in a language which was familiar to them. Few nobles still read Latin not even Charlemagne did , but they were fluent in either the Germanic lingua teudesca or the common romana rustica.

But the question of why it was composed still remains. In the weeks following the Council of Troyes, Sigebode the Frankish bishop of Narbonne is said to have had a dream in which the body of Eulalia was seen in Barcelona. He travelled there and informed his colleague the Frankish bishop of the Spanish Marc, Frodoin. At first they were unable to find it. But then on October 23rd , just some 6 weeks after the council of Troyes, the aforementioned Frankish bishop of Barcinona, Frodoin, discovered a cavity just below the alter of the of the extra-mural basilica Santa Maria de las Arenas now Santa Maria del Mar from which a odor suavissumus diffuses, i.

There in the cave Frodoin discovered the relics of Santa Eulalia buried in a marble sarcophagus; the people discovering this rejoiced.

Absolutely critical read on the composition of the Eulalia texts. This theory has been taken up again in Ibid. In the fourteenth century her relics were transported to the then new Gothic Cathedral where they remain to this day. By coordinating their influence both on the ecclesiastic and political level the Northern Franks were able to solidify their hold on the Midi, Septimania and the Marca Hispanica. But what evidence do we have for this?

Besides the serendipitous meeting of the bishops, the pope and the monarchy in Troyes, the previous diocese of a noble Spanish bishop who took the name Prudentius, first author to honour Eulalia, and besides the Eulalia toponymes found nowhere else in northern France, and besides the need to draw the Marca Hispanica and the Midi into the empire after a falling out of its counts.

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Le livre des couronnes: Peristephanon liber. Lewis, Archibald R. Development of Southern French and Catalan Society, University of Texas Press, Septentrion, Broekhaus et Avenarius, In Migne, PL, Instituto Enrique Florez, Ruby, Christine. Universidad de Granada, Introduction au latin vulgaire. Klincksieck, Paya, Wheeler, Max.

The Phonology of Catalan. Oxford University Press, Wright, Roger. A Sociophilological Study of Late Latin. Brepols, Neophilologus 60, no. Zink, Michel. Zuk, Fabian.Thus the Peristephanon hymn number III can be seen as a reaction to the saints pre-existing popularity throughout Spain. Atlas of Romance Languages.

II, Oggi si concorda nel datare il codice all'inizio del IX secolo e nell'attribuirlo ad un atelier Lotaringio. Austin: University of Texas Press, Eulalia was likewise noted by fifth century historian Hydatius and made the subject of various passions. Thus in Louis the Pious, at the head of an army besieged Barcinona; it capitulated on December 28th, and until the independence of Count Borrel II in Barcinona effectively remained a Frankish satellite state.

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