I have the instructions for this test clearly in mind. a. Yes b. Uncertain c. No. am ready to answer each question as truthfully as possible. a. Yes b. Uncertain c. PDF | The introduction of the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) in This article provides an overview of the 16PF and its applications in and Keywords: diagnostic methods; personality; self-reports; testing. PF traits' prediction accuracy for intra-subject tests based on test sample induced .. of the 16PF traits as the 16PF questionnaire can be faked.

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SCORING/INTERPRETATION: The 16PF requires about 30 minutes to score by bestthing.info NAME: 16 PERSONALITY FACTOR QUESTIONNAIRE (16PF). items per factor or three-quarters of an hour of test time per form, i.e., an hour the items on the combined A and B forms of the 16 PF, then /(is better. the 16PF Questionnaire shown in Table From the the 16PF plus new items written by the test characteristics are improved, hand scoring is easier, and.

Its' initial norm groups were high school and college students with the current validity studies conducted on various employed occupational groups. Split-half reliability studies indicate a range of. This inventory is appropriate for most of the groups served in rehabilitation settings with the notable exception of persons with mental retardation.

The test, being untimed, can easily accommodate persons with sensory impairment. The reading level is approximately the 5th grade.

It can also be machine scored, or scored by the evaluator using plastic overlays. There are a number of different reports which can be obtained from the Myers-Briggs, ranging in length from one paragraph to several pages.

The interpretation of the Myers-Briggs depends largely on the expertise and familiarity of the evaluator. The test has heavy vocational significance, particularly when relating the personality type to temperaments and learning styles.

Although the inventory has been used in other settings i.

When used properly, the MBTI is an excellent test, although it attempts to measure an obscure construct. It is not an either or. It can be described as a continuous scale from totally dominating to totally self-doubting. Adolf Hitler and Mohammed must be assumed to have been one hundred percent dominant persons.

They received a revelation early in their life and thereafter they had a patent on truth. They were completely sure that they were always right. A very self-confident young businessman. Completely dominating people are impervious to any form of logic, reasoning or empirical data. They may have heard about arguments and logic - in theory, but basically, they do not know, what it is good for. They already know the truth, why make it so complicated?

Mohammed did not have the slightest doubt, that the whole world in the very end would profess to his beliefs. Adolf did not have a shred of doubt that he would win. It was their extreme self-confidence, which gave them their impressive mental power over their followers. Completely dominating persons spell binds their many supporters thanks to their intense ardent beliefs. They have only little use for actual arguments.

You will often see a kind of symbiosis between a highly dominant type and a large group of anxious and less self-confident persons. They need each other. The anxious persons feel that the dominant's unshakable certainty in all matters, gives them a fixed point in life, and the dominant needs to be admired and applauded.

This short-circuits the organization, and analytical and constructive initiatives are suppressed. Highly dominant types can be found everywhere.

Adolf and Mohammed had some limited success, but it is not the rule. They see the light, seize the power in their union, parish, faculty, company or nation, and in sovereign contempt for the cruel merciless reality with its ruthless laws of nature, they lead their devoted followers and their entire organizations towards stagnation and defeat.

A self-confident and a less self-confident person got senseless drunk together. They went to a bar, threw off all their clothes and danced naked on the tables singing dirty songs.

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The next day they could not remember anything. When the worst headache was gone, they met some of their friends, who told them about the evening's events. The self-confident person gave a tough smile and shook his head. We were really that drunk?

Together with the night's spectators, he could laugh at the details. The less self-confident nude dancer turned glowing red in his face, when he realized, what he had done.

He turned around and ran back to his room.

He locked his door from inside and did not come out the next several days. A self-confident person does not think that he has any personal secrets that the others may not know about. This means apart from passwords and this kind of stuff. He feels that he's actually very nice and clever and intelligent and everything.

It can not hurt to show it a little.

Well, he had really danced naked on the tables in a bar. I have better not do too often, he will think. Highly self-confident people do not think there is any contradiction between what they think about themselves and what others think about them. They do not mind that others are interested in them. A less self-confident person thinks that he has his own ways and quirks and his own thoughts. He fears that if others knew them, they would not accept him.

Most companies are interested in candidates, who have the confidence to take action as necessary. They must be able to deliver a speech and in all to represent the company in a dignified manner.

But they are often afraid that very dominant persons will make troubles and irritate the customers. Therefore, one should score of self-confidence, but with caution. Do you like to talk to strangers? It is easy to see that a yes scores on extraversion, and no scores on introversion.

Do you consider yourself to be shy? A yes scores evidently on low self-confidence and introverted, and a no scores on self-confidence and extraverted.

Do you like parties? It is not hard to realize that a yes scores on extraverted and a no on introverted. Do you feel bad about meeting new people? Note that this question is a mirror of questions 1. It is a control question in order to detect cheaters. If you answered yes to question 1, you must necessarily say no to this one.

Do you easily get bored? Of course, a yes scores on extraverted and a no on introverted.

Do you like detailed work? Watkins and V. Campbell Eds. Google Scholar Meyer, R.

Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. Google Scholar Russell, M. Google Scholar Schuerger, J.


Using tests and other information in counseling. Holland occupational typology.

Rieke Eds. Career assessment and the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire.Bruce Truong. Woody Allen has represented the neurotic and overly anxious personality on film. The test has heavy vocational significance, particularly when relating the personality type to temperaments and learning styles.

Over several decades of factor-analytic study, Cattell and his colleagues gradually refined and validated their list of underlying source traits.

The Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire ( 16 PF )

Number of factors in the personality sphere: Its reliability coefficients range from. The summary questions on the last page can be thought of as optional. We offer a range of pre-employment personality test solutions, helping to ensure you are prepared and confident on test day.

Answer no.

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