When the Wind Blows is a novel by James Patterson. It is the precursor to The Lake House and inspired the Maximum Ride series. The novel was adapted into a movie. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters; 3 References; 4 External links. Plot[edit]. The book centers on Frannie Devin O'Neill, a veterinarian, whose husband. When the Wind Blows book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Frannie O'Neill is a caring young veterinarian living in the. . When the Wind Blows book. Read 82 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The children were waiting. Waiting for centuries. Waiting for.

When The Wind Blows Book

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When the Wind Blows [James Patterson] on bestthing.info *FREE* shipping on 5 stars customer reviews. Book 1 of 2 in the When the Wind Blows Series. Frannie O'Neill is a young and talented veterinarian living in Colorado. Plagued by the mysterious murder of her husband, David, a local doctor, Frannie throws. Find the complete When the Wind Blows book series by James Patterson. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US shipping on orders over.

Meanwhile, a widower mining engineer named Mr. Lyons comes to town to try and get the mine restarted. He dies, leaving behind his nine year-old daughter, Christie. In his will, he gives guardianship to the Amber family: ish crone Edna, and ish crackpot, Diane.

Christie soon finds that Diane treats her like a toddler--insisting on giving her baths, and making her sleep in a crib. Also, whenever Christie cries, Diane starts beating the shit out of her.

And Diane is the more pleasant Amber to be around.


Miss Edna, as she's known, is acid-tongued, and downright cruel; some Amberton townsfolk think she's a witch. So every time the Wind blows, Diane goes a little crazy. She enters a sort of fugue state, and does things she can't remember. Like kill Christie's friends, her horse, and freak out a little that she can hear her baby crying in the distance.

Book Summary

Amber is crazier: the mother or the daughter. Flip a coin.

Ultimately, we learn the reason Diane's so screwed up, and Edna's so mean. By the time we get this information, though, I had a really hard time caring. I just wanted a house to fall on them both and be done with it.

I couldn't help but feel bad for young Christie. She was an innocent, thrust into this bizarre pas de deux of whackjobs. The most interesting character, a Mexican woman named Esperanza, is deplorably underused.

"when the wind blows"

She has spiritual wisdom regarding the water babies and the sanctity of the mine, and she tells Christie the first day she moves into the Amber estate: "If you need me, come running, and I'll protect you. Sadly, though, she seems to be an afterthought, like a character who'd be written into a picnic scene because none of the other characters brought macaroni salad.

I felt like she had a lot more to offer, and it only made sense to me that Christie would escape to Esperanza's house the first chance she had. Edna made it clear she doesn't want Christie living there, and Diane's gone round the twist, so it would be easy enough to arrange.

She was strong, but she was beginning to tire.

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As she ran, her long blond hair flared behind her like a beautiful silk scarf. She was pretty, even though there were dark, plum-colored circles under her eyes.

She knew the men were coming to kill her. She could hear them hurrying through the woods behind her.

She glanced over her right shoulder, painfully twisting her neck. She flashed a mental picture of her little brother, Matthew.

Where was he? The two of them had separated just outside the School, both running and screaming. She was afraid Matthew was already dead.

When the Wind Blows

Uncle Thomas probably got him. Thomas had betrayed them and that hurt so much she couldn't stand toHe works at an invitro clinic where he delivers babies. Except, of course, when the little brat falls down the mine shaft.

Peyser The head of the School. He is possibly codenamed 'Uncle Thomas'.

The most interesting character, a Mexican woman named Esperanza, is deplorably underused. Behind the scenes on When the Wind Blows The storyboard. Hell, I quit caring about either of them around the halfway mark. The key relationship is the triad between Christie, Edna, and Diane.

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