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Вы ищете каталоги продукции WAGO? Значит, вы пришли по адресу! PDF eBook. Каталог . - MCS - Multi Connection System. Запрос PDF. Wago Offers MCS MAXI Series PCB Connectors for High Power Applications - Sep 11, Contact This Company Download Spec Sheet. GERMANTOWN, WI — WAGO Corporation has extended the pole configurations WAGO's MCS MIDI Jumpers are currently the only Spring.

Visual specification. Thermocouples a safe shutdown before serious damage occurs in the event of a wire break or consist of two different metals that are short circuit of the measuring sensor.

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In order to prevent these open ends of an element. The transistor complete range of modules for measureblocks the output in the case of an error. The electronics are protectect by an enclosure which can be snapped on a DIN 35 rail.

Additionally, the separation of wiring and function levels offer maximum flexibility and ease of service. Compared with the standard solder connection, the mating connector with IDC connection offers additional advantages.

They allow prefabricated plugs to interface to discrete field wiring. The use of these interface modules offers the following advantages in the system wiring: t easy and time-saving planning and calculations Connectors acc. The TopBoost function, which provides a much higher output current of up to 60A for 50ms, permits use of standard circuit breakers for protection on the secondary side.

This enables safe tripping within the time limits required by the EN standard. Single-phase, primary switch mode, industrial power supplies provide a with wide input voltage range and robust metal housings.

The devices achieve high efficiency and the integrated LED status indicator conveniently provides operational status at a glance. Single-phase, primary switch mode power supplies in sturdy metal housing offer a wide input voltage range from 90 to VAC, without manual switching. The stabilized, front-panel adjustable 24VDC output voltage is protected against open and short circuits, and constant current operation is provided in the overload range.

LEDs quickly provide operational status at a glance. The modules are DIN-rail mountable. Rail-Mounted Modules — Power Supplies Conventional transformer power supply with bridge rectifier, smoothing capacitors and stabilized output voltage via longitudinal voltage regulator.

The low residual ripple makes the units well suited to applications using analog technology. Select devices utilize the LineMonitor feature for current and voltage monitoring, fault memory and parameterization options via LCD display, on-unit function keys, or free monitoring software and available RS interface from a PC and PLC. This allows the power supply to replace additional devices, such as phase failure and phase sequence monitoring devices or operational hour meters.

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Contact the manufacturer directly. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

WAGO Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks with Levers!

Rail-mounted terminal block systems. WAGO is the leader in spring pressure connection technology that eliminates loose wires resulting from vibration and temperature cycling, while providing highly reliable, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free connections.

Please find the entire product range in our Full Line Catalog, Volume 1. Additional information at www. Datasheet; Quantity Increments of 1 Minimum 1 download. In Stock.

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Marking materials, printers and software from WAGO Patent No. Free delivery on eligible orders. All 4 Day s or Less. Thank you for your cooperation.

Female Connectors Pin Spacing 5 mm, 5. We ask you to please be patient.

Plan wago mcs execute your tasks reliably with our wago mcs conditioners, relay and optocoupler modules, voltage converters and power supplies, as well as interface modules and system wiring. The balance ncs is impressive, as evidenced by our sales, personnel and investments in research and development. Connection Technology The wago mcs for greater safety and lower costs: For rapid, secure, maintenance-free connections: Your user account only applies to wago mcs country.

Get to know us. WAGO Our Company Total number of potentials 1 2 1, 3 2, 4 1, 5 1, 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 44 18 85 19 53 20 21 42 22 57 23 42 24 76 26 15 28 15 30 15 mmcs 15 wago mcs 15 36 15 More Less.Custom-engineered solutions, such as diode modules up to V DC , complete the system. This incoming resistance using the configura- reistance level is registered by the JUMP- tion software.

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However, the key disadvantages: slow response speed and in AC applications, the crowbar action across the supply. In addition to minimizing wiring and installation time, all terminations are permanently gas-tight, maintenance-free and resistant to vibration and thermal cycling.

Rail-Mounted Modules — Power Supplies Conventional transformer power supply with bridge rectifier, smoothing capacitors and stabilized output voltage via longitudinal voltage regulator.

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