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Retailers in one piece is essential. An online visual mannequins. The benefits of an to manage markdowns and in-house graphics team are, seasonal offers, communicat- however, unquestionable. Some retailers expect the manufacturer to provide professional images that they can upload without any studio or model costs. However, visual organize their window displays. They then merchandising is usually undertaken by tell the visual merchandising teams when just one individual.

Working for an area and how the window schemes should be manager, the visual merchandiser in a installed, and offer tips on mannequin multiple chain will be recruited through dressing and styling. However, each store may not have the These positions are best suited to organized luxury of its own in-house visual merchan- individuals who enjoy travelling — even diser. Instead, one visual merchandiser or travelling abroad as, on many occasions, the a team of visual merchandisers may stores for which they are responsible are travel from store to store in a chain, overseas.

Of course, those working for a chain covering specific areas of the country. For whose head office is overseas may also have any major promotions such as Christmas to travel to that office for briefings. Above The floor layout at this Zara store in Salamanca, Spain, was carefully planned.

A display of mannequins and folded products acts as an anchor, or focal point, in the centre, while sufficient space has been left around it for customers to circulate. There the visual merchandising manager will design and plan the installation of windows and in-store visual merchandising projects for the entire chain, and will then filter the tasks through to the individual area visual merchan- disers.

International stores, such as Gap, follow these rules. The Gap head office in the USA, for example, enforces strict guidelines to ensure that the brand is not compromised. Because members of their team.

Budgetary merchandised, produced using either Adobe constraints may also mean that they rely Photoshop or InDesign with illustrated on more economical and simpler window templates or photographs of the product. The schemes, such as print-work that may form in-house visual merchandising team will a backdrop for the product, which can be stipulate whether the products should be installed by just one visual merchandiser. Outfit building merchandiser in a multiple chain store, as involves the placing together of specific he or she has to ensure that all of the stores merchandise to create an entire look; for launch the same product in their windows at example, a shirt, pair of trousers and a jacket, the same time.

Promotional activities will which may be displayed with accessories, also require coordination and planning. This will include the expected to maintain any in-store and repositioning of fixtures for seasonal collec- window displays. Signage and ticketing can tions. During sale times the visual merchan- be ordered and monitored by the visual dising teams will be given clear instructions merchandiser also.

All these guidelines are sent to the in-store and area visual merchandise teams in a Above A group of mannequins strike dramatic poses under a ceiling covered with metallic branding in this Topshop store in Liverpool, UK. The surrounding area has been merchandised with the current trends, as seen on the mannequins. Clearly the more skilled and often called, can change the look and efficient freelancers are, the more work they atmosphere of a store in a matter of may acquire.

Because they generally work on a On some occasions an independent store- project-fee basis, freelancers are usually owner will spot the creative potential in a fast and efficient. Most of these creative member of staff and encourage him or her to individuals have trained within an dress the windows and arrange the in-store established and renowned visual team displays. With no formal training, this can be and have contacts who can manufacture risky: A freelancer merchandiser have no mentor to learn from, may specialize in designing windows or in he or she may also pick up bad habits that in-store visual merchandising, or may will not transfer well into a reputable visual offer both services.

Some may also merchandising team in the future.

In the specialize in fashion styling, while others smaller retail outlet, arranging for a member may excel at product grouping. Above Last Footwear, an independent store in Brighton, UK, has been designed using pieces of second-hand furniture and accessories.

The ladder used for displaying the belts is highly effective. The Role of a Visual Merchandiser 29 Measuring success It is not always easy to gauge the which may include advance preparation and success of a window display or the allocation of personnel set against the effectiveness of an in-store display.

Forming a professional relationship A well-presented window may create with the downloaders and shop-floor staff will overwhelming sales, for which the downloaders undoubtedly help visual merchandisers prove may take the credit, attributing the their worth and expertise. Together they success to the products they selected. In the overall scheme, it is important for retailers to realize that changing the window display may not generate sudden sales, and that the long-term effect of how the brand is evolving through the use of consistently good windows and in-store displays is more important.

Quick wins can often be achieved; however, a structured, achievable plan — Above In Colette, Paris, simple but effective bust forms are dressed to inspire and inform the customers of the latest seasonal trends. The collections are strategically placed close by. Store design became crucial to success.

Store design unites all aspects of visual merchandising: Visual merchandisers, architects and interior designers have always worked hand in hand to create retail environments that are inspirational yet commercial and above all, a canvas on which visual merchandisers can demonstrate their skills. Some retailers may store, have always stood the test of also enlist the help of interior decorators, time.

With the invention of visual mer- lighting designers and artists to help create chandising during the s, however, the in-store ambience.

The ramp been given to the lighting in this hidden. A pillar with a surrounding Office for Metropolitan Architecture , that opens up to reveal a stage for store for Alexander McQueen in Milan, seat anchors the whole space and is did not stop at just providing a back- performances is situated opposite a designed by William Russell.

Lighting used as a centrepiece for movement drop for the merchandise; they also fixed seating area, creating a sense of is completely concealed in the ceiling around the floor, while muted light created a retail space that can be theatre and providing an ambience to and along the perimeter walls, with all colours provide an easy backdrop for converted into a performance space attract customers to the store. Store Design 33 Why is store design important?

The design of a store can help support the brand image as well as underpin a successful retail strategy. Retailers rely on the design of the store to entice customers inside. While some retailers prefer a more subtle store design, others like to shock and inspire, creating stores that generate hype and discussion.

Before choosing which road to go down, a retailer should first consider the demograph- ics of its customers. Traditional shoppers would possibly not be impressed if their local department store turned futuristic and contemporary. Most multiple retailers have a proven set format that they use when opening stores. There are times, however, when it may be advantageous to break the mould.

In September , for example, Selfridges embraced a more contemporary outlook and departed from the turn-of-the- twentieth-century style of its Oxford Street building in London when it opened a futuristic- style store in Birmingham, England. With hundreds of silver discs adorning the blue organic shell, the new store is either loathed or loved by the locals, but, as Gordon Selfridge would have appreciated, at least it is noticed and opinions are formed.

Some retailers will invest more money in their flagship stores. A flagship store is usually situated on a busy shopping street, where it will attract the most customers. Oxford Circus in London boasts the best flagship stores in the country, with the likes of Topshop, Nike because of its greater floor space. At some time all retailers will have experience in store design because of to consult with an architect, either to their knowledge and proven track record. Normally, they will consult an architect In designing stores, many architects will add experienced in commercial practice, their signature style, which more often than which differs from domestic architecture not is why they were commissioned in the due to the need to take public access first place.

When the famous French crystal into consideration. On most occasions, manufacturer Baccarat approached the noted retailers will choose architects with designer and architect Philippe Starck to Above IT Beijing Market is as impressive at night as it is during the day, with clever lighting and innovative graphics. Store Design 35 design its headquarters in Paris, the directors be aware of the product items to be sold and must have foreseen that his opulent yet the stock densities for each fixture, because quirky creation would create waves among fixtures need to be functional as well as part their existing loyal customers.

To enforce of an overall design concept. Product adjacen- his design, Starck also created an exclusive cies are also key in creating a cohesive floor, collection of crystal for sale in the store. An architect needs to Above Here Philippe Starck has created a juxtaposition of free-standing modern cabinets against the backdrop of a traditional-style fresco, which is sympathetic to the style of the Baccarat collection.

Contractors will include ideas for the client to approve; the initial ideas builders, electricians, painters and carpen- will seldom be what may have been expected. Between them lies the responsibility Once the designs have been approved, the to ensure that the deadline for the store architect will produce floor plans and a opening is met.

Store Design 37 Pop-up shops Pop-up shops have been popular since the Gucci launched a pop-up shop selling just turn of the twenty-first century. They trainers in a disused store in Covent Garden, started as a marketing tool to increase London.

In the limited time in a temporary space. This premises in prime locations or use mobile collection of refitted shipping containers units, such as shipping containers. The whole pop-up shop.

The people of Buenos Aires, meanwhile, woke one morning to discover a huge Adidas shoebox in the centre of town with the lid half open. This pop-up store received huge media attention across the globe. Store Design 39 Above and below The pop-up Nivea lab, which appeared in the centre of Milan to the amusement of locals, not only promoted Nivea products but also included a hairdresser. The main purpose of store design is to Bailey, fused technology with physical product show a product to its best advantage.

The design. It is hidden right atmosphere. An alfresco dining area fills the found in Japan. The streets of Tokyo hide courtyard and then branches onto the retail many interesting retail outlets, the most area and a restaurant. Stairs lead to a exciting of which are hidden in the back bookshop and finally to an exhibition space on streets instead of taking centre stage on the the first floor. The fixtures are not the most main shopping thoroughfares.

The four small costly or innovative — most of them were at overcrowded islands, thousands of kilometres some stage retro pieces of furniture or lighting from the West, are a melting pot of creativity. Not all store galleries. A Bathing Ape in Japan primarily sells casual clothes and fashion accessories displayed in Perspex racks mounted on a glass floor that offers a view of the basement.

The brand has achieved cult status not only in Japan but also worldwide because of its quirky product and store design. Offering a complete contrast in terms of space, the iconic British brand Burberry opened its flagship store in on Regent Street, London, in the shell of the cinema where Queen Victoria watched her first film. The building has also been a church and meat market.

An impressive installation of crystals hangs from the ceiling, creating drama. Kurt Geiger Rebecca Farrar-Hockley, John Field and chief executive officer of Found Associates, Richard Found, discuss the key issues of designing a store and their expectations for the visual merchandising. Customers do not shop the same way for shoes as they do for clothes because they cannot help themselves to the product and simply take it straight to the cash desk; you cannot have every size available on-shelf, and often the product is too expensive to leave unattended.

In effect, the whole shop is like a large window display. Clearly the correct visual presentation can affect overall sales; there should be no room for human error. It is important that Kurt Geiger shops are designed in a way that means they need little dressing.

Because of the number of stores we have, it can be hard to maintain them effectively. An easy, foolproof store Rebecca Farrar-Hockley is the downloading and design suits us best.

Rinascente in Milan.

The use of glass helps to give the impression of space. I found, however, that the needs to be taken into consideration. I have fixtures were sufficient by themselves to grow sales and make sure I make a good because the product was visually very strong, turnover. In the future, I might need to so the extra components were not needed. When customers pass, it changes perspective On key features and creates movement. This was constructed in ments that will produce good results.

There stainless steel and Perspex from a specialist would be no point [in] altering the shelf company in west London normally known for Above left Mannequins are positioned on large steps, drawing the customer down to the Above right lower ground floor. If you lamps dimmed down to a warm internal glow. Lighting is one of the most fundamental On the use of colour aspects of design.

Strong-coloured walls may clash Lighting that emits a white light will give a with colourful shoes. We can use Plexiglas, red lava rather than an identical format for every shop. The Covent Garden shop earthy and urban styles. The design process includes many legal implications and building requirements. The seating is not only visually aesthetic but practical. It can act as an advertising tool and give an insight into what is available in-store.

Depending on the type of store, different factors will drive the make-up of the window display at different times, and consequently the amount of creative licence allowed to the visual merchandiser. A large department store or even a small retail outlet may wish to attract attention to its store by creating a display with a noteworthy theme intended to cause a reaction. This type of window is less likely to be driven by product alone; it is steered instead by the marketing or downloading department anxious to promote a particular product or trend into which they have bought heavily or wanting to front an advertising campaign.

A product-driven window can be used equally in a department store or small retail outlet, but it is more likely to be the main type of window in a multiple chain store, where the need to reach the mass market is particularly vital.

Whatever the driving force behind the window display, there are a number of considerations There is no doubt that windows can be to be taken into account when planning the used to sell if they are eye-catching and window, including the type of window, the innovative. They are the only major best way to group products, whether or not marketing tool that you do not have to to introduce a theme or scheme and the use pay for because they are part of the of props, lighting, graphics and signage.

Many retailers still spend a vast amount of their marketing budget creating works of art; others present their products simply, yet effectively. Some, however, never use their windows to their full capacity.

Many retailers prefer them because be expected to work with, as well as the they make the interior of the shop visible from practical features that will affect what the outside.

This does mean, however, that you can put into the window and how. These windows Window size and style can be more difficult to dress because they The scale of the window you have to work with are viewed from both outside and inside. There is no Unlike in the closed window, expensive standard size or shape of window in the high merchandise would not be secure, so it is not street; every store window will differ. Larger suitable for use in this type of window.

In addition to the scale of the touch the display. The most common of are closed, open-back and No window showcase windows. Thought also needs to Shopping arcades often have good examples be given to shops with no window at all. The whole front of the store is exposed to the public with only Closed windows a grille to separate the store from the public These are usually seen in department in the evening.

Because there is no door or stores. With a large pane of glass at the front partition stopping customers from entering, facing the audience in the street , a solid these stores encourage the public to walk back wall and two solid side walls and a door, inside and browse. There may seem to be these windows resemble a room. Closed windows need considerable planning before they are dressed. Usually large, they will require a lot of merchandise to fill them.

Props will also have to be big, and possibly made in multiples, thus adding to the cost. However, expensive merchandise can be used, providing that the door is secure and customers will not be able to gain access and tamper with the presentation.

From a design point of view, because they are seen from only one angle, the dressing needs only to be front-facing. Windows 51 Below Like a closed window, open-back Above windows should be dressed towards the A closed window can be treated like customer on the street, but because a stage, as shown here at Selfridges, they give a view into the store, both the London, where the window scheme window and the store sides need to be faces the audience — the passing well maintained.

Visual Merchandising, Third Edition

This example shows shopper on the street. Stella McCartney, New York. In these windows groupings should be dressed towards the centre of the arc.

Clever use of groupings can help lead the customer from one side of the window all the way around to the other and on towards the entrance of the store. Arcade windows Here, the door is set back from the windows. Angled windows These are angled back to the entry. These and products should be displayed parallel to miniature windows are placed at eye level the pane of glass — not to the pavement or to allow close scrutiny of the merchandise. This is because customers are more likely to stop and stand in front of the pane of glass on their journey towards the door.

Dressing a window in this way gives you the advantage of being able to work with the whole surface area of the glass.

Above left The entrance to a store with arcade Above right Below left windows is farther away from the A corner window will attract attention Positioned at eye level, the street; the role of window dressing from two angles. It is therefore showcase is the perfect place in which here is to draw the customer along the important to ensure that both windows to present smaller, more precious window and into the store, as is the are eye-catching — as are these in items, as demonstrated at Cartier case with Max Studio, Los Angeles.

Bershka, San Sebastian, Spain. Windows 53 Window set-up mannequin because it may not be possible to hammer a nail into such a dense surface Before designing a window, the visual see page Ideally, an experienced Ceiling grid visual merchandiser would like a blank canvas to work on that has certain features.

A sturdy metal grid painted the same colour If you are working on a as the ceiling so that it blends in is of the particularly tall window, Solid wooden walls utmost importance in any window; you may mannequins can be want to hang banners, props or even manne- A closed window will always benefit from elevated on plinths to quins from it at some time. In the longer term, having strong, solid walls. The back wall forms help fill the larger space. Together in the walls for screws and bolts, necessitat- with the side walls, it should have an even ing repair work before the next dressing.

All the Secure door walls should also be strong enough to take nails or screws. In a closed window, a concealed door will not only enable you to enter and exit the Floor panels window, it will also secure any expensive products. Ideally a door in a closed window MDF removable floor panels are easy to take is best positioned on a side wall rather than out and cover, either with fabrics or PVC.

They the back wall, where it would dominate the can also hold nails and screws. Being able to window display and would be in full view of the alter the flooring in a window can dramatically customers. A good-quality locking device is change the whole appearance of the presen- also recommended. Some smaller retailers prefer a fixed floor that is painted every time the scheme changes, while others may prefer a solid, fixed wooden or stone floor that is not altered each time the window is dressed.


Both are accept- able but need to be taken into consideration when planning the window scheme. A solid stone floor will not be suitable for striking a Above Three sporty mannequins run and jump through the Nike window in Beijing, China. Using only red merchandise reflects the Nike logo. This is only possible if the window is wide enough. The visual merchandiser also equipped with high-quality lighting fixtures. Electrical outputs Speakers It is advantageous to have a few plug sockets In many department or large stores, security in any window.

They should be hidden either is paramount. While a visual merchandiser side of the window next to the glass. As with may be locked away dressing a window, it is the door, customers should not be able to important that he or she keeps in contact with spot the sockets on the back wall.

It is also the outside world via in-store announcements. Fire sprinklers Fires have been known to start in a window Window blind because of faulty wiring or an overheated light Many visual merchandisers prefer to fitting.

A fully operational sprinkler system will create their masterpieces while hidden from help prevent such accidents. A window blind also hides the mess caused while either dressing or stripping a window.

Above Painted the same colour as the ceiling, the lighting grid can be used to hold the lighting tracks, as well as props and products as shown. Windows 55 Light track Ceiling grid Front track Middle track Side track Concealed Removable door floor panels Above With all the correct components for a window in place, the display will be ready for installation.

At this point you also need to consider what you are aiming to achieve with your display. Are you aiming to shock, attract or cause a buzz, as large department stores such as Barneys in New York or Harvey Nichols in London have done? There are numerous reasons why a visual merchandiser will choose to design a window in a particular way, but first and foremost he or she must ensure that the window theme reflects or is sympathetic to the products being sold in-store.

Window displays will often take the form of a story, incorporating other elements or props see pages 68—73 that either have something in common with the merchandise or may be completely unrelated but still maintain an artistic balance between props and product. Then, you have to find THE successfully in this way. During sale times it idea: With all of these difference visually. It gets its message across by using cuddly toys to create a fake fur coat. Here, a Paris, where dancers perform live mannequin lies with neon lungs on in the window.

Alannah to design her windows. We understand how to work with them window display. Here at Selfridges we are and also how to get the best from them. The language could be a series of colours, shapes or textures. You do not have much time to grab the attention of the public; you need to grab them straight away while they pass, but at the same time there should be details that want to make the customers stay there longer if they want to.

And of course, the windows need to be informative. Windows 59 Above and below Designed by David LaChapelle, inflatable breasts fill a Selfridges shopping and to attract a different window in London to suggest the kind of customer to the store. The theme aimed to breasts deflated, neon signs hidden offer an experience other than behind were slowly revealed. They floor; the next may have a hotel balcony as its refer to the creative element that will be main feature.

It is important that the scheme used to support the product. They are is cohesive and consistent. A theme or scheme should used in the in-store displays as well. When be well planned and thought through. Print-work drama, to tell a story and to inspire.

They such as graphics or signage reflecting the can be seasonal or a commentary upon window message is the most effective and social, political or economic trends. In-store displays at designated areas tation. It should include the colour, the props within the store can also carry the window and the relevant merchandise that will make theme inside. It is always worth considering the overall idea come to life. A swimwear where to place the in-store displays to gain theme may include sand, palm trees and maximum exposure; extra mannequins or a blue wall, thus giving the feel of a beach.

Even a store with one window should have a window theme. A scheme takes on the theme but may be adapted so that each window is different, yet tells the same message. A beach window may have another Above The best way of viewing a window scheme is from across the street. Here at Harvey Nichols, London, large graphics, mannequins and props are used to create impact. Windows 61 Above Harvey Nichols, in its true outlandish style, makes the most of its tall windows by using every available space to create an innovative window scheme.

Clearly because the flagship the windows, possibly due to its presence in a store is larger, the window scheme can be major advertising campaign.

This will generally dramatic and create more impact. The be the same for certain sale items that need challenge for the visual merchandising to be cleared quickly from the store. In that manager for a chain is to deliver the same instance, it is always best to start off with a message through the smaller stores as well.

All the Understanding the products and the perceived windows are likely to be different sizes, even image of the store will always be an advan- within multiple chain stores, so often more tage. More often than not, a store-owner than one option of display needs to be enlisting the help of a professional visual designed and produced.

There may be a number of factors feature within the window, with props used in hindering creative licence. The budget a supporting role. If, however, you have more immediately springs to mind, but more creative freedom to choose the product, you important may be the need to design around should first understand the theme and then specific items of merchandise selected by consider what look and message you hope the retailer.

On many occasions, especially to project to the customers. This dramatic window promotes the work of the jewellery designer Grace Hamilton. Windows 63 When looking for an idea for a story or theme for your window, try to be imaginative and inspirational. Remember that trying to recreate a realistic setting will look forced and unnatural if the mannequin is not suited to a particular pose, such as holding a champagne glass or a dancing stance. The product on most occasions will contemporary window theme may not work, help dictate what the overall window presen- as it will create a less direct statement.

It is tation will look like. It is best to start by always wise to research the product and the brainstorming ideas and ascertain what window scheme beforehand.

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Fashion dressers message you expect the customer to perceive should also look for key trends that can from the presentation; rarely is the first idea inspire the public.

A s fashion revival put into action. One should also consider the collection may sit better with furniture from style and shape of the products and what the same era against a black-and-white would support them. Above and below Part of a range of windows from Topman, these windows show how a theme can be carried from the flagship dominates the window.

Rather than store through to the smallest of taking the shed as a theme through to outlets in the chain. In the window of the smaller stores, gingham is chosen the flagship store in London, a shed and adapted for use in another store covered in red-and-white gingham with a back to its window. Shocking a customer will undoubtedly changed to suit a window theme. There is get a reaction and, therefore, the attention of no room for subtlety when choosing a colour that customer, although sometimes not quite for a window display.

Strong, bold colours the reaction the retailer expects. Alannah Weston insists from outside. Stripes, checks and fabric that the theme is paramount in creating a applications will help create theatre see successful window.

That gives us a very strong direc- as they will reflect light from tion, and then you build your language on top surrounding streetlamps of that. My team are incredible because they and other lights. They all have great ideas, and that is what makes our windows so contemporary. Stores in most major cities compete for the best windows. Large budgets and huge amounts of time are spent preparing these festive extravaganzas.

The months of November and December are prime selling times for retailers, and not to enter the competition would be short-sighted and naive. Subtle shades of topiary trees are the main feature of blue and white help create a wintry this elaborate Christmas presentation window scheme that appeals to both at Selfridges, London. Windows 67 Budgeting Retailers will expect big promotions A Christmas scheme will always incur the Multiples of the same to draw more attention than usual to most cost.

Any seasonal window run will object are a quick solution the store. These will be costly, and it is need to be planned early; many prop-makers, for a more economical essential to plan and budget for such freelance dressers and window technicians window scheme. An annual window budget should are in demand. It is always wise to ensure be divided to cover all the costs of the that any extra help required is budgeted for planned window schemes.

Most retailers and booked in advance. The bust forms move the main prop the bunting with their articulated arms, and one has a camera with which to take pictures of the public. A plant pot placed scheme and your merchandise, it is at the foot of a mannequin will draw attention then time to consider the props you will for the wrong reasons; it will undoubtedly look need before thinking about the layout out of place and have no relevance to the of the window itself.

Props, as the name merchandise it is supporting. It is best to suggests, are objects that visually avoid props that are personal favourites if support the items for sale. A window they have nothing in common with the window display can include one prop or a whole theme. Small boutiques with no visual collection. A prop can have empathy with guidance are often the worst offenders in this the products, or cleverly have nothing in common habit; old pieces of furniture, drapes common with the merchandise at all.

A and artificial flowers unthoughtfully placed in a padded silk box would be a conventional window with no relevance to the merchandise way to support a diamond ring; a roll of will look dull and out of place. One merchandising may be concerned about the stand-alone prop can be as effective cost of such items. Of course, a well-made as a whole window scheme fashioned prop may put the retailer on the same ladder from many.

Props enhance a window or as the major department stores. Some of the an interior display, and they work in the best windows, however, are crafted not with same way as on film sets or a theatrical a heavy bank balance but with an active stage. They can be downloadd or bespoke. Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Other merchandise items can also be famous for its lavish window displays, once used as props, such as a stock item of covered the entire back walls of its vast furniture used as a backdrop for a fashion windows with burnt toast graded from light to scheme.

Such props are both economical dark, with stylishly dressed mannequins at the and commercial because one would front. The general rule for props is that they should There are a variety of ways to use and source support the product without overpowering it: This may seem an odd balance, but the props are there to support the theme and to provide drama, so they need to be bold enough to create an impression. Too much merchandise can interfere with the artistic composition — un- less that is the intention, such as during a clearance sale, when the aim is to focus on the reduction message.

Skilled visual merchandisers, however, will have the confidence to ignore this rule if preferable. There should always be interaction between Opposite Expensive and maybe not quite politically acceptable, but the use of a life-sized deer to display fashion accessories at Printemps in Paris is an example of the many exotic props that are available for hire.

If the visual merchandiser requires items made especially for a window scheme, he or she will either approach a prop-maker or make them personally. It reveals the secrets of their toolkit and information on the use of mannequins, the latest technology, and how to construct and source props, and explains the psychology behind shopping and downloader behavior.

This new edition contains two new case studies, updated images, and new material on digital and interactive visual merchandising. Presented through color photographs, diagrams of floor layouts, and store case studies, and including invaluable information such as a glossary of terms used in the industry, Visual Merchandising is an essential handbook for anyone working in and learning about this exciting area.

More Details Format: Paperback Publication: February ISBN: He worked as Head of Visual Merchandising at Selfridges for 18 years, where he traveled the world examining their different store concepts. Start with a Vision, Build a Company! Full Pages By - Jim Horan.

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Culture Smart! Leading Across Cultures: Windows and in-store displays for retail Read Visual Merchandising, Third edition: Windows and in-store displays for retail ePub Visual Merchandising, Third edition: Windows and in-store displays for retail pdf Visual Merchandising, Third edition: Windows and in-store displays for retail Tony Morgan Full books. Visual Merchandising, Third edition: Windows and in-store displays for retail Popular Book. Subscribe to posts.A large department store or even a small retail outlet may wish to attract attention to its store by creating a display with a noteworthy theme intended to cause a reaction.

They floor; the next may have a hotel balcony as its refer to the creative element that will be main feature. Lighting is one of the most fundamental On the use of colour aspects of design. Full Pages By - Jim Horan. In a multi-chain retailer, you will be more likely to be following directions from head office, which will often relate to downloading programmes, store promotions and seasonal events.

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