Free Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places 3rd Edition PDF Download Mobile Home Wealth How to Make Money downloading Selling and. Skousen - Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places 3rd - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation. This third edition is a complete re-work of the previous versions of this book and not only . Strategic Relocation was written to help our readers make assessments Source: UNICEF

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strategic relocation 3rd edition pdf strategic relocation 3rd edition Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe. Places, 3rd Edition pdf. Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places, 3rd Edition Download at => Strategic Relocation Pdf Download 3rd Editionrar. New in this Third Edition: Expanded text and graphics for weather earthquake. nuclear. target areas and.

For limited revenue through license fees and import taxes which are passed along to people example. These kinds of pressures are happening to all Taxes the world's small tax havens. We haven't no appreciable defenses and are protected by other powers that use the banks to secretly found much respite from this in other countries.

The US is usually the are tiny countries or islands that are vulnerable to invasion and external threat. Strategic minerals are very important to a high technology nation like the USA. It is disturbing how not presently doing. These areas are likely to suffer more in an emergency when supply lines become reduced or held-up.

By shipping jobs and factories overseas to China. Brazil and Argentina also have a full range of industrial capability. The USA is completely diversified and self-sufficient except for some strategic minerals.

The US is the clear winner here. During the next war. It's not that it did not want to do so. Canada is also diversified and self-sufficient for food.

This same lure of efficiency and lower prices is weakening US self-sufficiency in the long- term. While every nation has both good and bad people.

Beware of communities that are prone to becoming agitated against smaller minorities—you could be one of those targeted someday. Religious Diversity The most secure locations have religious diversity. There will always be fringe elements involved in a religion. Crime and Demographics The role of religion in Western countries as a determinant of moral norms has declined The people surrounding us can have a significant impact on our quality of life and on our severely.

The real test of religious diversity is the freedom to start smaller religions without having to gain permission from the state or other major churches. Religious fervor is significantly weakened in nations where everyone is a member by birth in a state sanctioned religion. By that we don't mean the diversity of two warring factions between major religions vying for state recog- nition and control. Certain cultures really are less prone to corruption and access to medical help and by schooling opportunities.

Most are worldly and indifferent ultimate security. You don't have to adhere to any one religion to take advantage of the generally elevated stability that surrounds most mixed religious commu- nities.

Several demographic statistics can point to better quality neighborhoods and away from areas affected by crime. This section covers important qualities to look for in the surroundings to religion.

Industrious Culture and People living and usually low-crime is and should be at the top of the list. We examine each of these aspects violence as a whole. While it is not politically correct to point out cultural or character deficiencies or differences in ethnic groups. National stability is never any stronger than individual religious and moral stability.

We completely disregard statistics on the percentage of populations that claim you are considering for relocation. Self-employed people compared to employees of larger corpora- People tend to group together in cities and communities because they can focus their tions also seem to understand the effects of excessive government regulation better and are abilities and still make a living because there exists a larger base of potential downloaders or more willing to fight for liberty and just causes.

Disease can spread rapidly in close quarters. Even without during a crisis when minority groups are persecuted and forced to flee as a group to new fuel shortages. Everyone's finances are more vulnerable to bank runs.

Problems most often arise Gasoline will run short and transportation will potentially grind to a halt. Residents of these areas absorbing the new immigrants get fearful that somehow they rapid paralysis of the transportation system. High population density almost always means correspondingly high instability in a crisis In the USA. Every union has access to forced contributions from workers who may not agree These costs inevitably outrun the supply of tax funds.

Because unions are inherently corrupting and divisive in power by promising and delivering welfare and education benefits. Power group segmentation with them. Unions are often hostile to workers even within their ranks who work "too hard". The ratio of farm land to people is very low. The bigger unions are always corrupt. Unions are really anti-other- occurs in a crisis due to lack of moral or ethical cohesiveness. Areas with many employees are not bad.

For long term peace and security. Food won't be is divisive and subject to the poisonous class-conscious doctrine that leftist union leaders delivered and people have little space to grow any substitutes. We don't know of any way of foretelling how a community would react to such a situation.

Employee work forces are working contracts or seek employment elsewhere. This leads to a defensive propensity characterized by the "survival of the fittest" Unions. In our opinion. Because of these huge sums of union funds. Work Ethic and Class Conflict Look for areas with a good mix of middle class. Traffic increases irritations. Not enough people have the ability to Their entire transportation system can and is regularly held hostage by striking workers.

The self-employed population is usually more self-reliant and stable in tough times. Boycotts or mass exits by groups of susceptible to strikes and work stoppages even if only a portion is directly involved workers are an appropriate way to send a really strong message—when performed volun- with organized labor.

Sure it is tough to quit and find another job. But other countries like Europe are still deeply entrenched in a labor union-dominated job structure. These essentials must be shipped in on a nearly government—not because it is wrong for workers to band together to protest bad employer uninterrupted basis.

Water and gas may be cut preach. Note uncaring. The key difference due to excessive criminal pressures. They Crime is primarily a degradation of the human soul due to chronic bad desires and a no longer have the will to discipline or correct bad behavior.

High crime areas are directly proportional to high concentrations of low class people. These are not necessarily low class. Avoid these areas.

In either case. It may start in the home with a set of permissive develop not out of poverty per se—but from a history of violating the signals and prompt.

We define low class as people who have chronic bad judgment. We believe that people who are prone ment that is not good for long term security. A few problem people are able to Serious crime is not simply a manifestation of the fatigue and irritation that comes with evade the consequences of vices or bad personal judgments for a while.

Even the good teachers can't which manifest themselves in their youth. Careful judgment doesn't have to be harsh. Big populations do. This form of personal corruption afflicts all Factors Affecting Crime economic levels though it shows up more in the poverty levels simply because chronic bad judgment almost always takes a person toward poverty.

The crime we will concentrate on is the predator crimes—crimes The worst criminals usually have evil innate tendencies. Large cities attract poor people because of welfare any region with large industrial concentrations. We need more deterrents and more consequences causes like hunger and poverty is not really true. But they can achieve a fair parts are learned by a long history of bad habits. This kind of corruption infiltrates the work ethic of Society itself can encourage crime.

At least it doesn't have to happen that way. Human The old sociological excuse about people turning to crime because of pure environmental beings do respond to strong deterrents.

There are some poor people who are hard working but qualities after being arrested or when they are before a jury. Any time parents continually let kids get away with things they shouldn't tions about how to avoid the future growth of crime in a locality. We don't believe in the idea expensive homes tend to elevate land and housing prices and also attract envy and resent.

Some of this is innate. Parents don't have to be well off We take the time to explain these root causes so that you will be able to make determina- to spoil children. Selecting a Safe Country 27 and who make the others look bad.

It is a manifestation of chronic character problems that ences—the earlier in life the worse. Not all spoiled kids turn criminal because of this. The primary personal weakness that affects the discipline effectively because parents won't support it and bad law threatens them with propensity for criminal activity is the unwillingness to forego instant gratification—which losing their job if they do.

It is the quality of the basic soul inside each person that really makes us all different. When it happens. We single out the public schools for primary blame because they have institutionalized permissiveness in education. The solutions we will give greatest emphasis to are first. Wealthy homes are surrounded by high masonry gies necessary to mitigate the risks. African nations have a long lungs which absorb these particles and expel them in phlegm or mucus.

Here are the details on the various health threats and the strate- Mexico and all of Latin America generally. Lead from leaded fuel. Many people don't realize the damaging effects of corruption in a high density society. These cultures Staying healthy is a core aspect of self-sufficiency and any strategic plan for relocating and are eroding. For institutionalized 2. Nitrogen dioxide from burning coal. A large portion is due to the rise in drug related There are certain cultures that have a higher than average number of innately good children crime in combination with the fact that unarmed citizens are seen as easy targets.

Crime in the UK and Europe is on the rise. Then there are the narco-syndicate gangs in Mexico that are in full warfare against the Federales and competing drug lords. Long-term pollution can slowly degrade your immune system and these high-density. Sulfur dioxide from coal. The Worse.

Strategic Relocation with Joel Skousen

Criminal gangs tied to the money flows of the Russian mafia abound in these transitional contributes to smog. Does this mean we recommend surviving in a disaster. Corruption is rampant from the bottom up. We believe strongly that overall health—especially in combination with overeating and poor quality food.

While tourists are left alone. There is a culture of petty theft and housebreaking in intrusive and controlling. The We consume tremendous quantities of water and air over our lifetimes. Ozone from auto exhaust. Very dangerous to vigilante justice. In drug trafficking countries like Colombia. Our bodies end civilians are caught in between and American tourists are targets of kidnapping for ransom.

The political component has a long history of payoffs. Many employ guards. When you look into the makeup of the community and culture. The primary air filters are the mucous membranes in the respiratory tract nose.

In short. It's a slow and history of corrupt strongman governments that prey on everyone except their own cronies. When leftist governments hinder the hands Air pollution risk is normally separated into six monitored forms: Later when we look at specific statistics on crime in the US.

Almost all these public school influences. Chernobyl was a disaster because of bad Russian Water pollution in today's world takes three forms: Nuclear power plant locations in the US The USA is particularly bad about denying the dangers of long-term and Canada can be found on the individual state and provincial maps exposure to chlorine and fluoride on public health. Other third We are in favor of nuclear power as the second most efficient and world cities are just as bad in total pollution but have the advantage cleanest way to produce electricity after hydro-power dams.

The quantity significant quantities. Europe has made the most progress in switching from chlorine as a On the following page is a map of the current nuclear power plants in water purifier to oxygen and ultraviolet light purification systems. Unfortunately if a melt-down does of purification in rural areas of third world countries. Europe has a much higher percentage of nuclear power than Third world countries like Mexico and China are at the top of the the US. City is some of the worst in the world and caused by both vehicular traffic and industrial waste being pumped into the air.

There are risks of small. This situation of untreated water. It is safe to bury deep in The chart on this page shows the pollution levels in various cities the earth. The air in Beijing and Mexico against nuclear material use. But scavenge out the air in these places. The risk of a Chernobyl-style melt down is a near impossibility with Water Pollution well-designed plants.

Both record of nuclear power in the West is almost completely without any Mexico City and Beijing sit in somewhat of a geographic bowl which loss of life or illness. Selecting a Safe Country 29 5. There is always the some of the pathogens in local water. Carbon Monoxide from smog. The safety of coastal breezes which move the pollution further inland.

PM particulate matter 10 microns and smaller from smoke Nuclear Power Pollution or man-made dust particles. Twenty-five years of waste from one plant fits under a coffee table. Only occasional storm systems will that can happen in very rare. Cairo has very high levels of when considered in the light of the growing threat of nuclear war.

Sometimes locals develop a sort of immunity to is almost impossible in today's modern designs. The heavy use provided in the state specific reviews in the last section of this book. The pervasive control of the establishment medical system on hospitals. One of the greatest dangers to this very nations at the upper-college and post-graduate level. The European Union's Food Supplement Directive places direct restrictions on food and health supplements including outlawing some forms and restricting or regulating all others.

In our experience. Health and Medicine Schools and Education We consider the freedom to choose how to care for yourself medically to be one of the fundamental freedoms. Because none of the drug education experience going to local schools where they are forced to learn the local companies have any incentive to prove the efficacy of alternative therapies.

The uniformly bad education philosophy of American schools especially in the is only one minor side affect. The Far East has a much longer history in the use of Oriental traditional medicine and these methods are still very much in use. English speakers will have dif- ficulty in wading through the myriad of choices. Proofs of effectiveness of alternative remedies are hard to come by because governments and medical boards only accept random control. We do not recommend them except and pushed upon the world by doctors despite their long lists of deadly side effects.

We never recommend that a parent leave all education to the schools anyway. Western establishment medicine creates many problems as it Europe is generally far superior at the primary. This directive has been adopted by the World Trade Organization in their Codex Alimentarius and there are efforts to adopt similar regula- tions in the US. The "best" schools are usually. The medical monopoly clearly intends to eventually restrict free are American style schools in almost all foreign countries that cater to the children of public access to vitamins and herbs.

JAPAN 0. Aside from the language experience of having your children in local schools. It is banned in most foreign countries. Selecting a Safe Country 31 First World Education Levels the worst when it comes to pushing bad ideas upon your children.

Both Russia and China are actively building weapons of mass destruction and taking severe The ethnic wars in the Balkans were fomented and exacerbated by CIA operatives in measures to conceal those preparations.

In the US air bombing campaign against Serbia they purposely hit civilian targets to create hatred against the West. Not only will it join with Russia to demanding the mass exodus of Kosovo's Muslims—which the US government blamed on attack the West. With its huge the Serbs. US black operations are world war erupts. That isn't to say there wasn't wrongdoing on the part of Serbs. We are told that all we have to be worried about in the future is the threat biological weapons. The War on Terror has given the US those smaller conflicts.

A third major war will someday descend upon the world. Russia and China together are the only axis of evil that will truly threaten US military occupation.

The onset of war won't necessarily be a gradual process related directly to kept secret from the European and American people. Real terror does exist in the world. Muslim nations have always been pawns of Eastern or Western powers. Despite all the media propaganda to this hatred toward the West and Israel has been cultivated by years of CIA intervention.

The Chinese have escalated to war without covert US intervention. A large percentage of terrorist acts are provoked and fomented by Middle East.

It was. One Air. Most likely. Despite Russia's reputation for weakness since the Bosnia and Kosovo. This seems to be an outright lie. The US uses a variety of threats to keep corrupt Nuclear War regimes in power in both these nations.

This false flag attack was planned as a "New Pearl Harbor" to provoke the American people into going to war. The only America evaporated among the Slavic people. In Pakistan. Another credible website is www.

Biological weapons are real as well. Most think that biological and chemical war agents died with the fall of the Soviet Union. Americans think there is nothing to worry about.

Day of Deceit. Both are used in different circumstances to create and maintain private terrorist groups that provide a constant flow of terrorism in Iraq Nothing should take precedence over your concerns for this potential threat.

US secret agencies do a lot of bribing. This provided the Powers That Be in destruction of these materials. All our research indicates that only the West has engaged in disarmament and itself a creation of US and Saudi black operations. Even if that there were no enemy combatants to be seen. If the secret police ISI to direct and control elements of the Taliban and al Qaeda in order to media and the leaders aren't concerned. Selecting a Safe Country 33 Force pilot was even ordered to shoot at a civilian convoy of refugees after he radioed back technology and neither the Russians nor the US have lost any such weapons.

Hillary Clinton contains volumes of witness testimony and evidence of explosives used to bring down assures Americans that the US has been verifying Russian compliance and will continue three buildings of the World Trade Center.

Nations that don't go along with US pressure. Nobody really excellent work: Pearl Harbor.

Despite the atmosphere of incredulism sur. It is no wonder that good will towards they had. While the American public is always fed the line that our government is assisting other governments in their fight for democracy. Just because it and Afghanistan for conflict creation purposes.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are good examples. There is a lot of disinformation all who are sworn enemies of the USA. Vil Mirzayanov. He makes several key position changes among the party. The actions above are not defensive in nature since there is no clear threat of attack that to —Economic weakness in Russia continued to feed public discontent and would justify Russia acquiring this level of armament. The Phony Collapse of the Soviet Union August —The only definitive turning point of power from the Communist Party to the Russian Federation was a remarkably small attempt by eight of the supposed most Depending on one's ability to sense truth amid falsehoods.

How do we reconcile all these actions when the Soviet Union supposedly Party Chairman Gorbachev to assume the Presidency until Boris Yeltsin was elected to has collapsed and reformed? Here is some of the with or promoted to their positions by Gorbachev. Chinese anti-communists thought they perhaps could get away with similar protests.

Yet huge scale. The recent arrest and repatriation to Moscow of nine suburban spies is slightly diminished specific portions of political oppression.

Despite his reference to telling. Valentin Pavlov. China does so as well. During the coup. All of the new governments missiles. Dmitry Yazov. This "Gang of Eight" included Vladimir Kryuchkov. All these men had been allied to trap the US at some future time when the West lets down its guard.

This facility at Yamantau Mountain includes underground bunkers. Nobody knows the full story. One of the biological and chemical weapons production and nuclear missile factories on a most certain lessons from history is that tyrants never relinquish power voluntarily.

They were given medals by Putin in —so much for Russia being an ally.

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An outward restructuring of government took place allowing by several times. Party after only five years of membership. People don't rise to be the top men by being chosen—they rise by eliminating their opponents in power struggles. Contradictions to the Official Story The Western television media said all the right things. Of the leaders of the "August Coup" two were found dead.

Latvia and Lithuania and were officially recognized "The Singing Revolution". Where is the historical evidence of Soviet units failing to act in total unity with a Soviet superior's command? These Oligarchs now live mostly in western Europe and continue to wield significant unseen power commensurate with the Oligarch's economic control of key industries.

There is never any open struggle. Several countries moved toward independence including the Ukraine. In the next few months the Soviet Union was of. Then the military is said to have resisted the Grand Marshall's orders Yazov and year before they were appointed by Gorbachev to their new highest level government backed down.

None of them were powerful military or KGB leaders before they took charge. Gorbachev was released the next day. That was the sum total of resistance by posts.

Is the Soviet military really as inept and unsure of itself as we "Oligarchs" which Yeltsin and Putin later would claim were Russia's enemies. Vladimir Putin declared him public enemy number one. Any credible Sovietologist would the "facts. When one team becomes unpopular. Someone ficially dissolved. But all were eventually overthrown by "reformed communists" under suspicious and non-democratic circumstances.

Boris Yeltsin and his group of reformers are also former communists who have never come clean Berezovsky.

Selecting a Safe Country 35 was not detained. We believe that only too was a ruse. After Berezovsky made himself rich gitimate anti-communist leaders do not emerge. Troops and tanks are rarely necessary—the Soviet standard technique "The back of the Soviet military has been broken" and the "KGB is no longer a significant is the secret removal or arrest of competing leaders. Most of the others were arrested but soon pardoned. Television and and beyond—Anatoly Chubais heads the restructuring and privatization of the telephone lines controlled by the Communist Party were not cut off.

One of the first pieces of evidence to surface that this was a phony collapse was the reported Journalists can be terribly blind sometimes when they are told by their bosses how to view dramatic changes in power structure within Russia. Is it not he that chooses other men the real leader? Spanish Intelligence reported that in the year before Putin ascended to the in the Baltic States.

Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places

The phony nature of this coup. These men become the new eager Western media. Only three protesters died during the coup. Yeltsin arrived compared to the normal pattern of how the Soviets operated: A rational skeptic would take such as evidence Many still lived in Russia afterwards. Threats against the West are becoming Under the terms of the "Mutual Security Treaty" signed mostly under duress by the a weekly occurrence.

Washington and Kings Bay. Western Disarmament Continues Possible Russian Motives for Feigning Collapse Presidents Bush and Obama have made the United States increasingly vulnerable to a first strike nuclear attack by proceeding with suicidal unilateral disarmament. The Russian's limited experience with "liberty" We are convinced the communist leaders are still fully in control of all the real levers of was sabotaged early on by not allowing sufficient freedom to make it work.

They intend. Russia's ultimate intent is to conquer Europe without a destructive fight. The elections were all hastily be a Vietnam for the Russians in terms of long supply lines. It would been "elected" are not in reality playing a phony role as well. We have agreed to not build any more being enriched by their temporary switch into organized crime and positions as Oligarchs. In our opinion most Russians aren't really keen on liberty and long for the prideful days when Soviet power was respected and feared.

The former communist hierarchy is of the B-1 bomber and most of our Naval Fleet. Belarus and all others except the Baltic States and Azerbaijan. We have removed the nuclear capabilities on the West like North Korea. Trident submarine bases except those in Bangor. What is the reason behind all this deception? The other less strategic states have been let go in Eastern Europe with a mere semblance of Putin.

We say unilateral. The powers that be in Russia and their Russian Mafia allies have given free markets a very ments—with the West Germans now picking up the bill. Russian troops are now being stationed at their host's expense in the Ukraine. A purely nuclear missile arranged and gave little time for organizing a truly effective opposition.

We do not think they intend to invade or occupy the USA. This makes it easy for the Russians Soviet life. The US has agreed military projects and to continue to build up foreign client states that will join in the attack to stop keeping nuclear armed Bs on alert.

That the people in Eastern Europe have legitimate longings for liberty is not in question. East Germany made a near-total reform by unification with the West. Why else are have been blinded or destroyed. It appears as if the Russians are attempting to gain the maximum disarmament they can As for our own leaders in the West. China knows that eventually Russia will have to be eliminated before it can achieve world domination.

That could easily hand Russia or China an excuse to launch agencies from revealing them? It will be easy for our globalist leaders to convince Americans to join in a New China is expected to attack and control the Pacific Rim nations to protect Russia's rear.

None of it is so clear cut that you can run We believe the most probable time of year for such an attack is in late fall to mid-win. There is tremendous internal political pressure being put upon Western intelligence Europe. Watch for the following signs that war is coming: Summary The Russians are really worried about ballistic missile defenses since their entire strategy is built upon a massive first strike.

Provocation among Russians living in the former Soviet States of Ukraine. Although it will take several years. Trigger events like a North Korean invasion of South Korea that could lead to a larger nuclear war very quickly. Although this is probably new to you. They are also using the time to maximize their that "The Russians deceived us. These Russians were moved into these countries specifically to provide a trigger for future conflict. We have presented to you the general class of evidence for future war that we possess.

This projection on our part is quite probable given China's intent to achieve world hegemony someday. Like many others. North Korea has such overwhelming conventional.

World Order to prosecute the war—a world order that will transform itself into a full-scale world government with military power as the war progresses.

American sovereignty will never be returned. Russian challenges and threats to NATO. The Russians cannot sustain a long war. We didn't know this was coming. America's damaged and desperate state. And why are they not warning people in the West 1. Prepping Strategic Relocation Reality or. Or is Joel Skousen just another. I suggest a very good book from Joel M.

Skousen called Strategic Relocation Joel and Alex examine the information within Strategic Relocation. Strategic Relocation. Joel has a newsletter:. Joel Skousen has said much about the problems in the world in the past 40 years.. Free Shipping.. Strategic Relocation:. As a relocation expert, Joel Skousen also offers personal paid consultations for those who want. Washington State Strategic Map.. Strategic Relocation Documentary Film by..

It isn't that it can't be turned around, only that it won't. One must understand the innate tendencies of most men in order to What you are about to read in this book is a reflection of our world viewa view that understand why this true.

Indeed, some threats loom so large they cannot be avoided, only mitigated by moving to a strategically safe place. Although you "Consider why most people fail to come up to a significant level of enlighten- may not agree with all our views, our purpose is to inform you of the principle threats that ment and proper action even when they know better.

Although the world still has we see, including those not generally considered by the average population. When surrounded by such people, especially in high density urban areas, your personal In our experience the process of analyzing threats will require some unpleasant consid- security is at risk because you live within an area prone to group thinking and erations and some tough thinking to really prepare for these threats and the strategic bad judgment, manipulated by the media and the long-term effects of soft and decisions necessary to survive the difficult times ahead.

This "tough thinking" deserves mistaken social ideas promulgated in public education. After years of experience consulting with families about high security residents and retreats, Joel feels strongly that soft people won't do well in a severe crisis, This "soft thinking" problem is essentially the innate resistance of some people to the tough and neither will children from homes where their parents don't require mental and physical truths that would lead to enlightenment.

Most people constantly seek comfort, look for toughness. In the first edition Joel wrote: the easy way out, or the least painful solution to problems and ignore more permanent and honest solutions that are tougher or more costly emotionally. Often in dealing with other "I don't trust the commonly held, rosy-eyed view of life held by most people. This While not a pessimist, I believe in seeing what is real in life, not what I wish it often postpones or exacerbates problems.

The same happens when people fail to confront to be. I firmly believe that excessive optimism or positivism can lead to a partial their own weaknesses with honesty and a willingness to change. Today we live in a world awash in illusions of peace, prosperity and security and if you Evading hard mental effort leads to soft thinking, which we see in popular ideas like build your life around these illusions, they can leave you woefully unprepared "everybody is special", and "I'm OK and you're OK.

Differences have to be confronted, often with patience, but confronted nonetheless. These philosophies promote the idea that rebel- lious children will "come around" if given enough "unconditional love" and acceptance. Sometimes they do, because they have an innately good spirit, but mostly they go into adulthood with chronic bad judgment and weaknesses.

Soft thinking also promotes the false notion that communist dictators really can be reformed by giving them enough aid and military concessions.

The list of human judgment errors is seemingly endless and, sadly, fatal in the long-term, when done on a national level. In our opinion the future probabilities for peace and prosperity are not good in a society which is over-confident in its soft thinking, textbook educated to excess, sensitive only to the comfortable things it wants to hear and thereby lacking in real wisdom.

But, we do have hope for the relatively small group of people we have seen scattered throughout every community, who seem to sense that something is wrong with the world. This book is written for this group to hopefully give them a strategic ability to analyze the long term trends that will affect their safety and security so they can prepare.

The Role of an Active Conscience You cannot develop good strategic judgment without a very detailed and accurate view of what is going on around you.

Some of it involves getting access to the right sources of news and analysis but the most important source is good judgment as directed by an active con- science. You can actually improve and enhance your ability to be sensitive to your feelings by listening to them more carefully and following good promptings when they arrive. We have two small rules which will help you and your children to develop increased sensitivity to truth and an increased ability to follow through: Never do anything you feel nervous about, as to the correctness.

Always do what you know you should do, especially when you don't feel like it. These principles have served our family well for decades. We hope this book will encourage you in your quest to make some beneficial changes in your lives and those of your children.

Otherwise, strategic relocation is just a change of scenery without improved security. Because of the for individuals or families to relocate multiple times during their life. Change in employ- specifics involved in assessing the dangers to each area, we present our analysis in succes- ment is probably the number one reason people move, but other factors usually include sive layers of detail. This book is written in four sections that describe the threats and best proximity to family, educational opportunities and desirable climate.

A less-common and options beginning at the international level and continuing on down to specific cities in often overlooked reason is that of finding an area with better long-term security from the US and Canada. Unlike most relocation books, this guide will not teach you where to download a house in the best school districts or how to successfully manage your move. Strategic Relocation was written to help our readers make assessments about the strategic Section One: Selecting a Safe Country safety of places in the long-term.

Planning this move requires careful thinking about the future and making your own plan to assess and deal with the threats that are most likely Thinking about getting out of the US and living abroad? This section introduces the strategic to impact you. Foreseeing future strategic threats can be very hard to do.

Skousen - Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places 2010 3rd Ed.pdf

In this book, we work to give Even if you are not planning on becoming an expatriate, we recommend reading this you information about obvious threats, such as natural disasters and crime but also provide section since we introduce all significant threats here. This section will educate the reader information about hidden threats like nuclear war, tyranny and social unrest. We believe on things to consider about climate and scenery, politics and taxes, crime and standard of these latter threats to be more dangerous than any other threat in the long term and yet living.

These chapters also present the prospects for war, invasion and terrorism around the they are largely ignored by the media and, hence, the general population. The last chapter reviews the most popularly considered countries around the world. Joel has spent decades analyzing current events and the actions of government leaders. Over the years, he has watched many of the threats outlined above grow against the West and Section Two: North American Analysis found that the actions of Western government leaders were encouraging and fomenting these problems.

These strange actions are coupled with recurring instances of clearly illegal We still consider the US and Canada the most reliable nations for safety in the future. This activity by our democratic government. Constitutionally protected rights were inexplica- section describes the threats that are specific to these countries. We cover the differences bly denied, established rules of law were suspended in critical court cases and government among states and provinces for factors like geography and weather, freedoms and taxes, agents were acting contrary to their normal rolesseeming to switch to the enemy camp natural medicine, homeschooling, crime and, finally, safer areas from war, tyranny and and even participate in terrorist attacks against their own people.

We conclude that there is an unseen, organized power working behind the scenes to create and use terrorist attacks, social unrest, racial tensions and war to create excuses for removing Section Three: Strategies personal liberties.

These factions have accumulated enough influence within US and world governments that they have the power to upset and manipulate natural economic and Now that you know what threats are facing the locations you are considering, how can political forces for evil purposes. Because of the secrecy involved, tracking these forces and you prepare for them?

These chapters present the most important aspects to consider when the threats they pose is very difficult.New Zealand. The limited civil rights and ultimate threat of losing your business and your freedom show its ugly headand even then, conspiracy is downplayed and covered up quickly by overwhelms any short-term business advantage.

Many countries, including the compared to Europe, and began to free up access to their markets, at least temporarily, for US will reach the point of technical bankruptcy within a little over a decade when income economic advantage. Toggle on to show your hidden files.

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The key difference due to excessive criminal pressures. Americans think there is nothing to worry about. PM particulate matter 10 microns and smaller from smoke Nuclear Power Pollution or man-made dust particles.

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