We have decided to give away free SQL Server Wait Stats books to everybody who will download Joes 2 Pros Combo Kit between today (Oct DOWNLOAD OR READ: SQL WAIT STATS JOES 2 PROS SQL PERFORMANCE TUNING TECHNIQUES USING. WAIT STATISTICS TYPES QUEUES PDF. SQL Server exposes them primarily through two Dynamic Management Views: The basis of performance tuning SQL Server using wait statistics is simply that.

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Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Sql Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros Sql Performance Tuning Techniques Using Wait Statistics Types. Queues PDF. [PDF] SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros. SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros. Book Review. A high quality ebook along with the font employed was fascinating to read. It really . volume 1 of 5) (sql queries joes 2 pros) pdf, in that dispute you pdf download now!!! source #2: sql wait stats joes 2 bestthing.info beginning sql joes 2 pros.

A common use for a cross-process Mutex is to ensure that only one instance of a program can run at a time. WaitOne TimeSpan. WriteLine "Another app instance is running. WriteLine "Running. Semaphore A semaphore is like a nightclub: it has a certain capacity, enforced by a bouncer.

Then, for each person that leaves, one person enters from the head of the queue. Any thread can call Release on a Semaphore, whereas with Mutex and lock, only the thread that obtained the lock can release it.

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There are two functionally similar versions of this class: Semaphore and SemaphoreSlim. The latter was introduced in Framework 4. It cannot, however, be used for interprocess signaling. Semaphore incurs about 1 microsecond in calling WaitOne or Release; SemaphoreSlim incurs about a quarter of that.

Semaphores can be useful in limiting concurrency — preventing too many threads from executing a particular piece of code at once. A Semaphore, if named, can span processes in the same way as a Mutex.

Thread Safety By the same author: A program or method is thread-safe if it has no indeterminacy in the face of any multithreading scenario. Thread safety is achieved primarily with locking and by reducing the possibilities for thread interaction. General-purpose types are rarely thread-safe in their entirety, for the following reasons: The development burden in full thread safety can be significant, particularly if a type has many fields each field is a potential for interaction in an arbitrarily multithreaded context.

Thread safety can entail a performance cost payable, in part, whether or not the type is actually used by multiple threads. A thread-safe type does not necessarily make the program using it thread-safe, and often the work involved in the latter makes the former redundant.

Thread safety is hence usually implemented just where it needs to be, in order to handle a specific multithreading scenario. One is to sacrifice granularity by wrapping large sections of code — even access to an entire object — within a single exclusive lock , enforcing serialized access at a high level. This tactic is, in fact, essential if you want to use thread-unsafe third-party code or most Framework types, for that matter in a multithreaded context.

The trick is simply to use the same exclusive lock to protect access to all properties, methods, and fields on the thread-unsafe object. Primitive types aside, few. NET Framework types, when instantiated, are thread-safe for anything more than concurrent read-only access. The onus is on the developer to superimpose thread safety, typically with exclusive locks.

The collections in System. Concurrent are an exception. Another way to cheat is to minimize thread interaction by minimizing shared data. Since multiple client requests can arrive simultaneously, the server methods they call must be thread-safe. A stateless design popular for reasons of scalability intrinsically limits the possibility of interaction, since classes do not persist data between requests.

Thread interaction is then limited just to the static fields one may choose to create, for such purposes as caching commonly used data in memory and in providing infrastructure services such as authentication and auditing. The final approach in implementing thread safety is to use an automatic locking regime.

Whenever a method or property on such an object is then called, an object-wide lock is automatically taken for the whole execution of the method or property.

Although this reduces the thread-safety burden, it creates problems of its own: deadlocks that would not otherwise occur, impoverished concurrency, and unintended reentrancy.

For these reasons, manual locking is generally a better option — at least until a less simplistic automatic locking regime becomes available. Thread Safety and. A good application of this is the. NET Framework: nearly all of its nonprimitive types are not thread-safe for anything more than read-only access when instantiated, and yet they can be used in multithreaded code if all access to any given object is protected via a lock.

If we had two interrelated lists, we would have to choose a common object upon which to lock we could nominate one of the lists, or better: use an independent field. NET collections is also thread-unsafe in the sense that an exception is thrown if the list is modified during enumeration.

Rather than locking for the duration of enumeration, in this example we first copy the items to an array.

sqlcmd Utility

Locking around thread-safe objects Sometimes you also need to lock around accessing thread-safe objects. Add newItem ; Whether or not the list was thread-safe, this statement is certainly not! The whole if statement would have to be wrapped in a lock in order to prevent preemption in between testing for containership and adding the new item.

This same lock would then need to be used everywhere we modified that list. Clear ; to ensure that it did not preempt the former statement. Locking around accessing a collection can cause excessive blocking in highly concurrent environments. To this end, Framework 4. Static members Wrapping access to an object around a custom lock works only if all concurrent threads are aware of — and use — the lock.

This may not be the case if the object is widely scoped.

The worst case is with static members in a public type. For instance, imagine if the static property on the DateTime struct, DateTime. Now, was not thread-safe, and that two concurrent calls could result in garbled output or an exception. The Teams In order of the final presentations. Bus schedules on your mobile devices.

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[PDF Download] SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros: SQL Performance Tuning Techniques Using Wait Statistics

It's almost like taking a SQL Server wait stats course, but you just have to pay for the book. And since this is the site version, you pretty much have a great reference book in the palm of your hand - no need to drag around a back pack full of heavy books. The graphics from the examples in this book are preserved in the site version.

They are still easy to read on the black and white site screen and there are no problems with the formatting. Over all I have to give this book a full five stars! If you and interested in the complete experience you really should add this book to your SQL collection.

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I recommend it to everyone who would like to get that SQL "edge". Excellent book on wait stats and gives insight into troubleshooting performance issues. Details of all wait types are explained with illustration.

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ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography.On the negative side, if you want to call a member on object X created on another thread Y, you must marshal the request to thread Y. Being a SQLServer DBA for about 7 years and a database developer for even longer I can say that this book certainly helped understand better the wait types found within the sys. When to Lock As a basic rule, you need to lock around accessing any writable shared field.

Thread safety can entail a performance cost payable, in part, whether or not the type is actually used by multiple threads.

Read SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros: SQL Performance Tuning Techniques Using Wait Statistics, Types

Ironically, the problem is exacerbated by good object-oriented design patterns, because such patterns create call chains that are not determined until runtime. Website to help people do things from their bucket list. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. Even in the simplest case — an assignment operation on a single field — you must consider synchronization.

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