C Library for reading Sensirion SHT7x mbus temperature and humidity sensors with Microchip PIC 16F - Dankoozie/sht Find File. Clone or download. with its attractive price-performance ratio, and a high-end version, SHT Here you can find all documents of Sensirion's humidity sensors for download. With more than 15 years' experience in the development and supply of environmental and flow sensor solutions, we lead the field in sensor technology.

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Download Remote Monitor humidity with SHT75 sensors apk for Android. Remote Monitor humidity and temperature with SHT75 sensors. In the next table, the SHT85 is compared with the SHT75, the most used Sample code for the SHT85 is available for download at GitHub, see. Download SHT75 for free. None. Downloads: 0 This Week. Last Update: User Reviews. Be the first to post a review of SHT75!.

For sending a command to the sensor, is valid on the rising edge of the serial clock and must remain stable while is high. After the falling edge of may be changed. For safe communication valid shall be extended T SU and T HO before the rising and after the falling edge of, respectively see Figure 6. For reading data from the sensor, is valid T V after has gone low and remains valid until the next falling edge of.

To avoid signal contention the microcontroller must only drive low. An external pull-up resistor e. Table 2 gives electrical characteristics of SHT7x with the assumption of 5V supply voltage if not stated otherwise. For proper communication with the sensor it is essential to make sure that signal design is strictly within the limits given in Table 3 and Figure 6.

Digital Humidity Sensor SHT7x (RH/T) (End of Life)

RP stands for pull up resistor, while IOL is low level output current. Bold line is controlled by the sensor, plain line is controlled by the micro-controller.


Both valid times refer to the left toggle. After power-up the sensor needs 11ms to get to Sleep State. No commands must be sent before that time.

It consists of a lowering of the line while is high, followed by a low pulse on and raising again while is still high see Figure 7. Figure 7: "Transmission Start" sequence The subsequent command consists of three address bits only is supported and five command bits.

The SHT7x indicates the proper reception of a command by pulling the pin low bit after the falling edge of the 8th clock.

SHT75 SENSIRION, SHT75 Datasheet

The line is released and goes high after the falling edge of the 9th clock. Wait minimum 11 ms before next command Table 4: SHT7x list of commands 3.

The controller must wait for this Data Ready signal before restarting to readout the data. Measurement data is stored until readout, therefore the controller can continue with other tasks and readout at its convenience. Two bytes of measurement data and one byte of CRC checksum optional will then be transmitted. The micro controller must acknowledge each byte by pulling the line low. All values are MSB first, right justified e. Communication terminates after the acknowledge bit of the CRC data.

If CRC-8 checksum is not used the controller may terminate the communication after the measurement data LSB by keeping high. The device automatically returns to Sleep Mode after measurement and communication are completed. Important: To keep self heating below 0. This must be followed by a Transmission Start sequence preceding the next command.

This sequence resets the interface only. The status register preserves its content. Figure 8: Connection Reset Sequence 3. It ensures that any wrong data can be detected and eliminated. As described above this is an additional feature of which may be used or abandoned.


The following section gives a brief overview of these features. A more detailed description is available in the Application Note Status Register.

After the command Status Register Read or Status Register Write see Table 4 the content of 8 bits of the status register may be read out or written. For the communication compare Figures 9 and 10 the assignation of the bits is displayed in Table 5. Bold lines are controlled by sensor while plain lines are controlled by the micro-controller.

Measurement resolution: The default measurement resolution of 14bit temperature and 12bit humidity can be reduced to 12 and 8bit. This is especially useful in high speed or extreme low power applications.

End of Battery function detects and notifies VDD voltages below 2. Heater: An on chip heating element can be addressed by writing a command into status register. The heater may increase the temperature of the sensor by 5 10 C 12 beyond ambient temperature.

The heater draws roughly 5V supply voltage.

Lower-resolution measurements. Skipping CRC8 checksum validation. Code is there, as ShtComms. Links Other drivers for these sensors that I know of and might be more suitable for some particular case: rpiSht1x python package Uses RaspberryPi-specific RPi.

GPIO module. Pi-Sht1x python package Python Seem to be only for internal use i.

In manufacturing and transport the sensors shall be prevented of high concentration of chemical solvents and long exposure times. Out-gassing of glues, adhesive tapes and stickers or out-gassing packaging material such as bubble foils, foams, etc. Manufacturing area shall be well ventilated.

For more detailed information please consult the document "Handling Instructions" or contact Sensirion. In no case, neither after manual nor wave soldering, a board wash shall be applied. In case of application with exposure of the sensor to corrosive gases the soldering pads of pins and PCB shall be sealed to prevent loose contacts or short cuts.

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Chemical vapors at high concentration in combination with long exposure times may offset the sensor reading. Therefore, it is essential to keep humidity sensors at the same temperature as the air of which the relative humidity to be measured. In case of testing or qualification the reference sensor and test sensor must show equal temperature to allow for comparing humidity readings.

The packaging SHT7x is designed for minimal heat transfer from the pins to the sensor. Still, if the SHT7x shares a PCB with electronic components that produce heat it should be mounted in a way that prevents heat transfer or keeps it as low as possible.The parameter set for V3 sensors, which has been proposed in earlier datasheets, still applies and is provided by Sensirion upon request. Labels on the reels are displayed in Figures 14 and 15, they both give traceability information.

Please contact Sensirion for detailed information. The values given in Table 6 are optimized coefficients for V4 sensors. Please refer to Section 3. This must be followed by a Transmission Start sequence preceding the next command.

Reconditioning Procedure to accelerate eliminating the offset.

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