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S by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. Like all things Abrams, S is dripping with mysteries, conspiracies and questions. Its jist is that you're reading. Melcher Media was faced with an unparalleled opportunity when director J. J. Abrams and his team at Bad Robot approached us about bringing his first book. S. di J. J. Abrams e Doug Dorst: la recensione su Badtaste! Jj Abrams. Abrams e Doug Dorst: la recensione su Badtaste! Francesca Crescentini.

S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst

I'd been a fan of literature that broke the boundaries of what it meant to be a book. And S.

The best way to describe S. Imagine you left your own writing in response, and then you put it back.

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Then the original owner started talking to you, and you began a correspondence through the margins of a book. That's what this is. A college senior named Jen finds a copy of an old book called Ship of Theseus that belongs to a disgraced college student called Eric. They begin to talk to each other in the margins, leaving each other notes, letters, maps, postcards, etc. The book they write in, Ship of Theseus, is actually a book you could read without paying any heed to the margins.

But Eric and Jen are interested in the author, an enigmatic man by the name of V. Straka, who which the world knows nothing about partially based on B.

Traven, a real life author who which the world knows nothing. They want to know who VMS was, why he wrote his final book, Ship of Theseus, and they delve into that world together in the margins. It even has the library sticker on the spine! Hilariously, the book also purports to be available in ebook and audiobook form. And an audiobook?

The main narrative, that of the character S. The world we are plunged into as we read about S. The side narrative of Eric and Jen, relayed to us through their notation, is also very entertaining, once you get used to the conceit.

It is made even more difficult, and also rewarding, in the fact that they are speaking to each other through the notes in at least five different time frames, which are indicated to us via different pen colours. It actually really reminded me of the experience of watching Cloud Atlas, which also crosscut between different stories and eras, with motifs and themes bleeding over between narratives on the fly.

The extra layer of fun in reading S.

Where S. But in S.

It just feels better thought out to me. All in all, I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy metatextual puzzles, like Pale Fire, and the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde.Abrams was fascinated with magic.

To produce it, we worked with an all-star team consisting of Abrams, Dorst, designer Paul Kepple of Headcase Design, and our publishing partner, Mulholland Books. Pale Fire is an obvious ancestor.

S pays implicit homage to this glorious conceit. As their meta-narrative takes shape, a whole new picture of the text emerges. It just feels better thought out to me.

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