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FLASH SALE! Get any 2 Fighterdiet EBOOKS for the price of one! (50% discounted on each ebook at check out with code) Use code: 50off Sale ends Monday!. I have been following Pauline Nordin (The FIGHTER DIET) for about a I decided to download (at half price) two e-books; THE BUTT BIBLE. I was wondering if anyone has the ebooks from Pauline Nordin - The Fighter Diet or The Butt Bible. Are these worth getting? I liked her Butt.

Between the age of I starved myself, because I wanted to be very thin. I jogged and did sit-ups, chin ups and push ups, but no matter what I did, my thighs remained too soft and I was skinny fat.

At the age of 17 I found a fitness magazine, and was intrigued by the cover model.

I decided I wanted to look like that. In the magazine I learned it would take discipline regarding diet and training, which I really liked. I needed discipline. I signed up at the local gym, told them I was going to compete three years later at Said and done. Train like a hulk to look like a ballerina. Fitness is a lifestyle where you are in shape from the inside out. How many hours you can train without having rest?

Cardio is between minutes. I separate these sessions into two to get best post exercise metabolic boost. Day 3 taking CBD for my eczema and the rhomb rash keeps fading! I hate not being able to scrub my upper back to keep the skin clear: when I do the rash gets horrible.

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The grey is just stuff from my tee, sweating from a low grade fever induced by the flu shot. Today I feel like a million bucks.

This really gives me hope! This is the only place where I offer my coaching. Want to be part of this community? Soon out!

Before you start talking about how apple cider vinegar or bathing yourself with coconut oil cured your skin problem, know that most eczema is autoimmune, people like me have hyper active immune system and it manifests in skin rashes. They hurt, they sting and they make us asocial at times of flare ups. My skin gets angry when I sweat a lot.

Very annoying since that's what I do. A couple of years ago I was ridden by a full body rash that made me hate my life.

I could NOT do the six small meals thing. So there I was, now fatter than ever, scale tipped lbs at 5'2 height.

I was chubby. My fat around my belly button area was about 2 inch deep. I didn't yet have my discipline or my tool box of mind mastering controls I've developed over the years.

That is true if my ideal was thick, not lean. Would that motivate change? I doubt it. For athletic people, YES, body composition measurements are much better, but that is not 'average'.

But that's one of my goals: To get everyone's butt off the couch if they have the physical ability to DO IT. I know you love extreme diets, but why? Stop gaining and regaining the same pounds over and over PLUS your fat cells are thrifty at proliferation.

Fitness & Nutrition Myths That Need To Die With Pauline Nordin & Jeff Bosley

After each round of yo-yo dieting you might end up with more and more hungry fat cells. That's what I teach you in my challenges. And if you wondered, I DO walk the talk. Fighterdiet fatloss diet nutrition fitnessmotivation fitnesslifestyle Share 73 Los Angeles, California 2 days ago Woohoo!!

My Body by Pauline app!! Soon soon here for real!

Sign up for body by Pauline this summer to participate in my first workout video challenge! Two videos here!Because the retention rate on any extreme diet is very low. Sports Medicine, 41 10 , I will not be part of that culture by having my own photos Photoshopped. Drug use is unfortunately very common and it's sad since with time and patience all women are able to tone up naturally.

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Extensive training increases stress hormones which are necessary for starting the rebuilding process, but they should not be chronically elevated as will be when you constantly over train.

Summer is approaching so quickly that there seems to be no time to get lean. Supplement Wars! What truly sucks for me except the burning feel and self consciousness is the inflammation ALWAYS blur my muscle definition with water retention.

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Browse my other articles. One of my extra-curricular activities is skibob. I do relish reading books upward.