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relieving pain (adj). Manhattan Prep GRE Words: Definitions .. Purify; extract the essential elements of. dither .. intransigent. Refusing to. It depends on how much time you have for preparation. If you have less than 1 month, then you can start learning words from wordlist such as Barron's Manhattan GRE Essential Words Flash Card set — another good starting point for learning GRE vocabulary.

Between and , more black people were lynched in Mississippi than in any other state.

Tools and necessities were advanced against the return on the crop, which was determined by the employer. When farmers were deemed to be in debt—and they often were—the negative balance was then carried over to the next season.

A man or woman who protested this arrangement did so at the risk of grave injury or death. Well into the 20th century, black people spoke of their flight from Mississippi in much the same manner as their runagate ancestors had. In her book, The Warmth of Other Suns, Isabel Wilkerson tells the story of Eddie Earvin, a spinach picker who fled Mississippi in , after being made to work at gunpoint.

The elder Ross could not read. He did not have a lawyer. He did not know anyone at the local courthouse. He could not expect the police to be impartial. Effectively, the Ross family had no way to contest the claim and no protection under the law. The authorities seized the land. They seized the buggy.

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They took the cows, hogs, and mules. And so for the upkeep of separate but equal, the entire Ross family was reduced to sharecropping. This was hardly unusual. In , the Associated Press published a three-part investigation into the theft of black-owned land stretching back to the antebellum period.

The series documented some victims and 24, acres of land valued at tens of millions of dollars. The land was taken through means ranging from legal chicanery to terrorism.

Read more Clyde Ross was a smart child.

Manhattan GRE Advanced and Essential Combo Word List

His teacher thought he should attend a more challenging school. There was very little support for educating black people in Mississippi. But Julius Rosenwald, a part owner of Sears, Roebuck, had begun an ambitious effort to build schools for black children throughout the South.

It was too far for Ross to walk and get back in time to work in the fields. Local white children had a school bus. Clyde Ross did not, and thus lost the chance to better his education. Then, when Ross was 10 years old, a group of white men demanded his only childhood possession—the horse with the red coat. And they took him. Put him on the racetrack. Landowners were supposed to split the profits from the cotton fields with sharecroppers.

But bales would often disappear during the count, or the split might be altered on a whim. If cotton was selling for 50 cents a pound, the Ross family might get 15 cents, or only five. She ordered the suit by mail. The mailman arrived with the suit. The Rosses could not pay. The suit was sent back. Clyde Ross did not go to the church program. He thought about fighting. He was drafted into the Army.

The draft officials offered him an exemption if he stayed home and worked.

He preferred to take his chances with war. He was stationed in California. He found that he could go into stores without being bothered. He could walk the streets without being harassed. He could go into a restaurant and receive service. Ross was shipped off to Guam. He fought in World War II to save the world from tyranny.

But when he returned to Clarksdale, he found that tyranny had followed him home.

This was , eight years before Mississippi lynched Emmett Till and tossed his broken body into the Tallahatchie River. The Great Migration, a mass exodus of 6 million African Americans that spanned most of the 20th century, was now in its second wave. The black pilgrims did not journey north simply seeking better wages and work, or bright lights and big adventures.

They were fleeing the acquisitive warlords of the South. They were seeking the protection of the law.

Clyde Ross was among them. He made a stable wage. He married. He had children. His paycheck was his own. No Klansmen stripped him of the vote.

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When he walked down the street, he did not have to move because a white man was walking past. He did not have to take off his hat or avert his gaze. His journey from peonage to full citizenship seemed near-complete. Only one item was missing—a home, that final badge of entry into the sacred order of the American middle class of the Eisenhower years. The community was anchored by the sprawling Sears, Roebuck headquarters. But out in the tall grass, highwaymen, nefarious as any Clarksdale kleptocrat, were lying in wait.

From the s through the s, black people across the country were largely cut out of the legitimate home-mortgage market. Three months after Clyde Ross moved into his house, the boiler blew out. His payments were made to the seller, not the bank.

500 Essential Words: GRE Vocabulary Flash Cards

And Ross had not signed a normal mortgage. In a contract sale, the seller kept the deed until the contract was paid in full—and, unlike with a normal mortgage, Ross would acquire no equity in the meantime. The men who peddled contracts in North Lawndale would sell homes at inflated prices and then evict families who could not pay—taking their down payment and their monthly installments as profit.

The truth was that there was no financing for people like Clyde Ross. From the s through the s, black people across the country were largely cut out of the legitimate home-mortgage market through means both legal and extralegal. Their efforts were buttressed by the federal government.

In , Congress created the Federal Housing Administration. The FHA insured private mortgages, causing a drop in interest rates and a decline in the size of the down payment required to download a house. But an insured mortgage was not a possibility for Clyde Ross. The FHA had adopted a system of maps that rated neighborhoods according to their perceived stability. Bygone Past, former adj. Cacophony Harsh, discordant, or meaningless mixture of Cogent Very convincing, logical sounds Commensurate The same in size, extent, etc.

Candid Open, sincere, honest Canonical Authorized, recognized; pertaining to the collection canon, or body of accepted rules, standards or Complacent Self-satisfied, smug; overly content and artistic works therefore lazy, neglectful, or some other Capricious Acting on impulse, erratic bad quality Cartography Map-making Complementary Completing; fitting together well; filling mutual needs Castigate Criticize severely; punish in order to correct Compliant Obeying, submissive; following the Concede Give in, admit, yield; acknowledge Counterintuitive Against what one would intuitively reluctantly; grant or give up such as giving expect up land after losing a war Counterpoint Contrasting item, opposite; a Conciliatory Reconciling, appeasing, attempting to make complement; the use of contrast or the peace interplay in a work of art Concur Approve, agree Counterproductive Defeating the purpose; preventing the intended goal Condone Overlook, tolerate, regard as harmless Covert Secret, veiled, undercover Confer Consult, compare views; bestow or give Crafty Cunning, skillful in deception or Connoisseur Expert, especially in the fine arts; person or Craven Very cowardly, lacking courage educated, redefined tastes Credibility Believability, trustworthiness Credulous Gullible; prone to believing or trusting too easily or without enough evidence Console Lessen the suffering or grief of v ; a control panel, or small table or cabinet n Crescendo Steady increase in force, intensity, or the loudness of a musical passage; a Consolidate Unit, combine, solidify make coherent climactic moment or peak Constrict Squeeze, compress; restrict the freedom of Culminate Reach the highest point or final stage Construe interpret or translate Contentious Controversial; prone to causing arguments, Cynical Thinking the worst of others' Contextualize Place in context, such as by giving the motivations; bitterly pessimistic background or circumstances Daunt Discourage, dishearten, lessen the Debase Degrade; lower in quality, value, rank, Debunk Expose, ridicule, or disprove false or Conundrum Riddle, the answer to which involves a play Converge Move towards one another or towards a speech point; unite Conversant Knowledge about or experienced with Decorous Behaving with propriety and good Conversely in opposite way; on the other hand taste; polite Deem judge; consider Convoluted Twisted; very complicated Deface Vandalize.

Copious Plentiful, bountiful Default Failure to act, neglect n ; fail to fulfill an obligation, especially a financial Corroborate Support, add evidence to one v Cosmopolitan Belonging to the entire world, at home Deference Respectful submission; yielding to the globally; free from local or national authority or opinionj of another prejudices or attachements Deflect Cause to curve; turn aside, esp.

Deleterious Harmful, unhealthful Countenance Facial expression or face n ; approve or Delineate Mark the outline of; sketch; describe in detail Discredit Injure the reputation of, destroy credibility of or confidence in Discrepancy Difference or inconsistency prejudices of the people Discriminating Judicious, discerning, having good Denigrate Belittle, attack the reputation of judgement or insight Denote Be a name or symbol for Disingenuous Insincere, not genuine Deride mock.

Disinterested Unbiased, impartial; not interested Derivative Derived from something else; not original Disjointed Disconnected, not coherent, jerky; having the joints separated Desiccate Thoroughly dried up, dehydrated Dismiss Allow to disperse or leave; fire from a job; Detached impartial, disinterested; unconcerned, Deterrent Something that restrains or discourages Dispassionate Unbiased, not having a selfish or personal Diatribe Bitter, abusive attack or criticism; rant motivation; calm, lacking emotion Dispatch Speed, promptness; send off or deal with in contradictory groups a speedy way Disperse Scatter, spread widely, cause to vanish saying or proverb Disposition A person's general or natural mood; Didactic Intended to instruct; teaching , or teaching a tendency moral lessen Disquieting Disturbing, cause anxiety Disseminate Scatter, spread about, broadcast topic adj Dissent Disagree or take an opposing view, esp.

Digress Go off-topic when speaking or writing relation to a formal body such as a Din Loud, confused noise, esp. Dissonance Harsh, inharmonious sound; cacophony; time disagreement Disabuse Free someone from a mistake in thinking of the family; women or women's work; a staff that holds wool or flax for spinning Discerning Having good judgement or insight; able to distinguish mentally Distill Purify; extract the essential elements of Egalitarian Related to belief in the equality of all people, Diverge Differ, deviate; branch off or turn aside, as from esp.

Egregious Extraordinarily or conspicuously bad; glaring Divest Deprive or strip of a rank, title, etc. Elated Very happy, in high spirits Divine Discover through divination or or supernatural Elevate Raise, lift up; lift the spirits of; move up to a or rigid and close-minded way noun ; merely higher rank or status or raise up to a higher theoretical, impractical, or fanatical about spiritual or intellectual plane other people accepting one's ideas adj Elicit Call forth, bring out, evoke Document Support with evidence, cite sources in a detailed way, create documentary evidence of Eloquent Marked by forceful, fluid, apt speech; expressive, emotionally moving Dogma A system of principles laid down by an authority; established belief Embellish Decorate, add ornamentation; enhance a story with fictional or fanciful details Dormat Asleep, inactive, on a break Eminent Prominent, distinguished, of high rank Empirical Coming from, based on, or able to be verified by Dubious Doubtfull, questionable, suspect based on theory Emulate Copy in an attempt to equal or be better than Enervate Weaken, tire For example, such as Enhance Raise to a higher value, desirability, etc.

Enigma Puzzle, mystery, riddle; mysterious or Eccentric Peculiar, odd, deviating from the norm esp. Entitlement Having the right to certain privileges; Eclectic Selecting the best of everything or from many deserves or has a right to certain privileges diverse sources Enumerate Count or list; specify one-by-one Eclipse The obscuring of one thing by another, such as Ephemeral Lasting only a short time, fleeting the sun by the moon or a person by a more famous or talented person n ; to obscure, Efficacy the quality of being able to produce the Equitable Fair, equal, just intended effect Erratic Inconsistent, wandering, having no fixed Erroneous Mistaken, in horror; improper, morally the moment incorrect Extrapolate Conjecture about an unknown by Facetious Joking, humorous, esp.

Erudite Scholarly, knowledgeable; possessing deep, not serious, concerned with frivolous often systematic, knowledge things Eschew Shun, avoid, abstain from Facilitate Make easier, help the progress of Esoteric Understood by or intended for only a few; Estimable Worthy of esteem, admirable; able to be Fallacious Containing a fallacy, or mistake in logic; estimated logically unsound; deceptive Fanatical Excessively devoted, enthusiastic, or Eulogy Speech of praise or written work of praise, esp.

Fanciful Whimsical, capricious; imaginary; freely Exacerbate Make worse more violent, severe, etc.

Fathom Measure the depth of usually of water as inflame; irritate or embitter a person with a sounding line; penetrate and Exacting Very severe in making demands; requiring discover the meaning of, understand precise attention Exculpate Clear from guilt or blame complacent manner Exhaustive Comprehensive, thorough, exhausting a topic Feasible Possible, logical or likely, suitable excessively demanding Explicit Direct, clear, fully revealed; clearly depicting sex or nudity Exponent Person who expounds or explains; champion, advocate, or representative Figurative Metaphorical, base don figures of speech; Garrulous Talkative, wordy, rambling Finesse Extreme delicacy, subtlety, or diplomacy in Gauche Tactless, lacking social grace, awkward, handling a sensitive situation or in a crude performance or skill n ; use tact or Gawky Physically awkward esp.

Flag Get tired, lose enthusiasm hang limply or Germane Relevant and appropriate, on-topic droop Gist Main idea, essence Fleeting Passing quickly, transitory Glib Fluent and easy in a way that suggests Goosebumps The "bumps" created by hairs standing up raid on the skin in response to cold, fear, etc.

Foreshadow Indicate or suggest beforehand, presage verb Gradation A progression, a process taking place beforehand gradually, in stages; one of these stages Forfeit Surrender or lose as a result of an error, crime, Fortify Strengthen, invigorate, encourage such as skin to part of the body where it will continue to live and grow; attach as if Fringe On the margin, periphery adj.

Frugal Economical, thrifty, not wasteful with money; onlookers inexpensive Gregarious Social, pertaining to a flock or crowd Futile Producing no useful result, ineffective, trivial grave; flagrant, outrageous or unimportant Hyperbole Deliberate exaggeration for effect Guile Clever deceit, cunning, craftiness Hackneyed So commonplace as to be stale; not fresh or Idiosyncrasy Characteristic or habit peculiar to an original individual; peculiar quality, quirk Illiberality Narrow-mindedness, bigotry; strictness or Hardy Bold, brave, capable of withstanding Imminent Ready to occur, impending hardship, fatigue, cold, etc.

Impair Make worse, weaken Haven Harbor or port; refuge, safe place Impartial Unbiased, fair Hearken Listen, pay attention to Hedonist Person devoted to pleasure In the best of all possible situations, this larger campaign for a good vocabulary should start early, in your college days, by developing a love for reading and consciously making an effort to improve your word power.

You can also take this first step if you have a year or more to go for the GRE. Visit commnet. However, if you have less than a year to go, you will obviously have to take more urgent steps, such as depending on world lists and flashcards, besides, of course, reading as much as you can and making a note of the new and unfamiliar words that you come across.

But first, let us chart out the steps to a great vocabulary. How to learn new GRE words Read If you are a science or engineering student who has not really taken to reading, then GRE gives you a great opportunity to start. The reading habit will stand you in good stead not only at the GRE but will go much beyond. If possible, write down the sentences where these words appeared so that you can make flashcards.

If you want Indian content, try the editorial and op-ed pages of The Hindu. But the GRE just does not quiz your knowledge of word meaning, but your grasp of the connotation. The dictionaries mentioned are helpful as they provide sample sentences that help you understand the context.Preempt Prevent; take the place of, supplant; take Imminent Ready to occur, impending hardship, fatigue, cold, etc.

Incorporate Combine, unite; form a legal corporation; Assuage Make milder, relieve; soothe, pacify, or calm I just left no laws. He is 91, and the emblems of survival are all around him—awards for service in his community, pictures of his children in cap and gown.

The authorities seized the land.

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