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If you want the epub/mobi versions, I can upload those as well, just ask me.:) EDIT: If your version of Love is the Higher Law is blank, you can. 6. maj The ones which they love with legal ebooks achieve through our email. She was little something exceptional experience with ballistic missile. Julian Calderazi presented the benefits of Accessible EPUB production workflows for . Rethinking Content for Inclusive Higher Education Part Two .. with the law and benefitting all readers with well built, well-structured EPUB files.

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Your liam-h. The act creates the legal framework for developing and enforcing regulations regarding accessibility. The Bill now awaits Royal Assent. One of the purposes of the bill is to prevent accessibility barriers in information and communication technologies, including digital content and the technologies used to access it.

Requirements of this bill, including web accessibility, will likely follow WCAG.

It aims to set the base for the full and equal participation of all persons, especially persons with disabilities, in society. This is to be achieved by the identification, removal and prevention of barriers.

It aims to facilitate access to published works for persons with print disabilities by providing the material in formats that they can easily use.

The Treaty establishes international norms that require countries to provide exceptions in their national laws to facilitate the availability of works in accessible formats for persons who are print-disabled. In Canada, government policy on copyright exceptions for people with perceptual disabilities already aligns with the objective of the Treaty.

Before Canada could accede to the Marrakesh Treaty, the government had to amend the Copyright Act to bring the exceptions in the Act for people with print disabilities in line with the obligations of the Treaty. Amendments made to the Act include the following: Permit the making of large-print books Reduce the restrictions on exporting accessible materials—authors will be allowed to send accessible-format copies of their work, regardless of their nationality, facilitating the cross-border exchange of works in accessible formats with supporting organizations in other countries.

Safeguards to protect the commercial market for materials in accessible formats. This ensures that publishers who choose to make their books available in accessible formats can sell them in the marketplace.

In the US, the number of legal actions continues to rise and courts increasingly decide in favour of equal access often citing the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA. An EPUB that meets certification standards will sail into the marketplace without a hiccup. It will function better across all reading systems and platforms because of clean HTML and semantic markup. It will just work. That ebook will bounce its way into OverDrive and Hoopla. But over and above that, you will find that ebooks that meet standards and are maybe even certified, will get privileged positioning in the marketplace.

Love Is the Higher Law

In the higher education market in the US, ebooks that are certified will receive privileged positioning in the Vital Source catalogue. VitalSource Bookshelf a part of the Ingram Group, and is an ebook platform that allows you to access course materials whenever and wherever you choose—laptop, desktop or mobile device. You can download texts directly or access them via your browser. Consumers who need content for specific needs will be able to search for content that is resizable, or has image descriptions, for example.

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And instructors can search through the Vital Source catalogue for course material identified with the accessibility icon. We would love to see this ripple out in the library context, to make it easier for readers who need certain features to find the books they want to read.

Further, the use of good accessibility metadata will mean that in some contexts, your content will be more discoverable. You can use a11y metadata to indicate if that your ebook is structured, is resizable, has alternative text on images, has ARIA semantics descriptors built as well as many other features that you may wish to highlight.

Starting in as a project carried out by the trade association of Italian publishers, their goal has been to increase access to content for people with visual impairments. It has been supported by the Italian government since the beginning. They have built a catalogue of 20 thousand accessible ebooks, with more than titles added per month. They are an excellent example of publishers and accessibility advocates working together with government support to leverage technology to plug a hole in the marketplace and to have a dramatic effect on the supply chain in that country.

Accessibility is Good for Your Image People will like you if you publish with accessibility in mind. They will, they really, really will like you!

A clear commitment to accessibility can demonstrate that a business has a genuine sense of Corporate Social Responsibility. Making the commitment to sustainable, inclusive marketing and employment practices, can bring about a range of benefits, including enhanced brand image and reputation, increased sales and customer loyalty, improved workforce diversity, and a more inclusive society.

Conversely, neglecting to incorporate accessibility can mean that your products will be left behind, for example by not being able to adapt old or outdated content to new standards as they emerge; that would be the result of the cost of inaction. Branding Businesses that integrate accessibility are more likely to be innovative, inclusive enterprises that reach more people with positive brand messaging that meets emerging global legal requirements.

Making sure that the ebooks you produce are easy to use by disabled people will mean that it is also easier for every customer to use those ebooks.

Think of this as a Usability Bonus. In physical environments, everyone takes advantage of lower curbs, automatic door openers, ramps, and other features provided for disability access.

Accessible ebooks are by nature flexible, allowing content to faithfully render across a broad spectrum of devices, platforms, assistive technologies, and operating systems, and this provides more options for everyone. Showing that a company cares about accessibility engenders customer loyalty and generates repeat business.

Producing ebooks which everyone can use, regardless of their abilities, unites us by design. Empathy is important here; you will be helping create the feeling of belonging rather than feeling excluded.

Leaves of Grass

The benefits for your reputation are particularly relevant. Over a two to three year period IVONA developed proprietary technology to do just that, build TTS technology for the creation of larger number of minority languages. BrightVoice They first developed BrightVoice which provides lifelike, expressive reading of words, sentences, paragraphs, speeches and complete books. BrightVoice technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms, which reflect the expression and individual characteristics of the human voice.

The first samples of BrightVoice were released in RVD uses a set of tools which model linguistic characteristics such as subvocalization, accentuation, intonation. It also determines the speech signal in original speech recordings efficiently, quickly and accurately.

With RVD it takes three to four months to build a new language.

Epub Dry Eye A Practical Approach

It can be used to create TTS for a language for which they do not have a great deal of definitive linguistic and semantic knowledge.

The new IVONA TTS engine includes a robust, extended language model that intelligently interprets addresses, numbers, dates, abbreviations, accents in words, sentence intonation, as well as complex linguistic intonations, ensuring precise conversion to synthetic speech. RVD uses basic information about the phonemes of the language a phoneme is the smallest sound unit in a language that is capable of conveying a distinct meaning.

Producing TTS with RVD requires a huge number of books and articles in the language, recordings in the language, and some limited information about the linguistics and semantics of the language. In the RVD process the model of the language is basically taught, it 'learns by itself' from the data — it is artificial intelligence. Millions of text sentences are required in the first process, followed by thousands of sentences spoken aloud the "voice talent" in a studio — then the language model is incorporated into the learning algorithm.

The first was for creating the Rapid Voice Development technology described above ; this portion has been finalized successfully.

Both are under development. Testing was done using a collection of more than 1, phrases. The test words and phrases were divided into seven categories including the handling of numbers, words of foreign origin, acronyms and abbreviations. The average overall score was Both articles, while written completely separately, give us an indication of the direction things are moving in — and it's an exciting one.

No longer will we be at the mercy of the postal system. No longer will borrowers have to wait days, or even longer, before their chosen books reach them and are ready to read — all that without the need to know or care about using a computer. The experiences of our colleagues in Finland as they roll out this new service will doubtlessly greatly influence the rest of us when it comes to planning our own online delivery model.

But if there is one thing we have been reminded of painfully this year by the disasters in Japan and New Zealand, it is that the potential which DAISY provides goes way beyond the traditional model of delivering library books. Any information of interest to our clients is fair game for delivery. Information in the mailbox has been a standard feature in the lives of sighted people for years.

Each day their mailboxes brim over with letters, leaflets, booklets about this and that, special offers from local commercial outlets, and information from local and national governments. People who are blind or have a print disability miss out on this information mountain, even though some of it is crucial to allowing people to fully participate as citizens in their communities.

With this combination, our organisations can "push" information to our clients from any number of sources. Of course we can send them information about our organisation's activities, or material which we publish.They will complement you and vice versa, and the whole team will benefit. Can you give insight and perspective gained through experience? But if you must be without one, be without strategy.

Start paying the price now. Author and former presidential speechwriter Peggy Noonan wrote about a speech Mother Teresa gave at the National Prayer Breakfast in

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