plans and routing templates for all variations of the Gibson Les Paul Download all Les Paul resources here (zip, mb). PDF Format. s-Les-Paul-PDF-blueprint Cigar Box Guitar, Music Guitar,. Visit . Guitar Building, Building Plans, Les Paul, Bass, Guitars, Stencils, Technology:__cat__. Guitar Building Plans Les Paul - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Guitar Building Plans Les Paul.

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Les Paul, SG, Double Cut Special PDF. Guitar Templates. Free plans Creative Commons Licence. Anyone ever used these freebies to help make a Les Paul http://www. bestthing.info$Paul$bestthing.info Parlor PDF Parlor Illustrator: bestthing.info Gibson L Plans Gibson L PDF Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telcaster, Flying V and SG.

Exact positioning is not critical, however, the holes must be far enough off center to be outside of the truss rod slot. Master templates — Take care to make these templates carefully because they will be used repeatedly to machine the body and neck of the guitar. This will be the master from which all routing templates are based. Cut a piece of clear acrylic plexi-glass to 21"x 4".

Scribe a centerline the length of the piece with the back edge of an exacto knife. Clamp it to the body template to drill index holes. These will be the index holes used for all body routing jigs.

Planos Gibson SG

Body index template — A number of jigs will reference off this template in order to keep the body free of holes. Making sure the centerlines are aligned, clamp the acrylic body index to the MDF as a drill guide.

Mark your control layout on both sides of the centerline. On one side draw your control cavity, on the other side draw the cover plate. Alternately, use a jigsaw to remove the waste before sanding to shape. Cavities — The cavities are made by running a flush trim bit off of this pattern. Clamp the acrylic body index to the MDF centerlines aligned as a drill guide. Trace the body profile.

Mark out the neck pocket exact size of neck template. Frame out the neck pocket with pieces of MDF that have been trued on one edge. Pre-drill and counter sink the MDF pieces, then screw them to the template. Check the fit with your neck template. Remove the frame. Frame it then route it — Create the framework with straight scraps.

The router bit will follow this frame to produce the neck pocket. Trace the body profile and remove the template.

Next, pin on the neck pocket template. Trace the neck pocket and remove the template. Mark out the pick-up cavities on the MDF pick-up routing template.

Frame out the pick-up cavities with pieces of MDF that have been trued on one edge and fasten them to the template. This is done in two steps to get the shape required; one pass wider and shorter, the second pass narrower and taller. Pick-up cavity, step one — Frame the cavity to be routed, then machine the first cavity. Pick-up cavity, step two — Re-frame the cavity at a slightly different size and route out the material.

Pick-up cavity, complete — The pick-up cavity in the template is complete. Test its dimensions with the hardware to make sure it is the right size.

Joint one face.

If you do not have a thickness sander, you will need to plane your stock to final thickness before glue-up. Standard thickness is about 41mm. If you choose to put a book-matched top on your guitar, the back should be about 35mm with a 5mm thick top.

The real deal — Use the template to rout the pick-up cavities in the body. Glue up Be sure your glue edges are true.

Run a heavy bead of good quality wood glue down one edge and spread to cover the entire surface and clamp until dry. Use MDF cauls and C-clamps to keep the body halves flush.

During glue up be sure to use wax paper or poly film between the cauls and the body blank!

Once the body has dried for 24 hours, scrape the dried glue squeeze out and sand both faces clean and flat. Lay the body index template on the top face of the body and align the centerline with the glue line.

Drill the inside set of index holes 10mm deep. Rout the pick-up cavities. Pin the pick-up template to the body.

Always use steel pins when routing. Rout the Neck Pocket Pin the neck pocket template to the body. Take at least two or three passes to slowly remove all the waste.

They should be 10mm deep. You need to print four pages, each containing all of one corner of the body. Some printers maybe can print the whole image, in whole or in parts, but this is the simplest way. Just make very sure your sheets line up perfectly.

Concerning the printing of this file, contact a blueprint business locally and ask them to print it. Hope this helps! Hmm… No but if I find some I will post them. Sounds like one hell of a project, my kid plays violin and they are intricate little things. Hey thanks for the blue print drawing of the les paul, I copied it and had it enlarged and framed it for wall art, I think its great Ive been looking for the same drawing of a Tele and a Strat. The blueprints for the 50s Les paul did not come out that well.

I saw some other comments that say the exact same thing. It took longer to download that pdf then the others did.

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Guitar Building Plans Les Paul

Who Is This Idiot? Gibson ES Dot. Posted in: About The Village Idiot "It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction Fiction has to make sense.I was able to download the front view. Joint one face.

Guitar Blueprints!

Holy crap, who would do that? All of the general information that was on the Georgia Luthier Supply pages is now included here, in this blog.

Forty plus years have gone by and most guitars have traded hands many times since new.

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