This edition of a bestselling text provides a guide to law for A level, BTEC and GNVQ courses, as well as covering the syllabuses of numerous professional. Law: Made Simple, 8TH Edition focuses on the history, elements, and interpretation of English law. The publication first elaborates on the. Are you thinking about reading Law or a related subject at university? Law works, Law Made Simple is the perfect introduction to this huge.

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As well as for students studying the law as part of A-Level, BTEC and GNVQ courses, 'Law Made Simple 11th edition' provides an excellent. Online PDF Law: Made Simple, Read PDF Law: Made Simple, Full PDF Law: Made Simple, All Ebook Law: Made Simple, PDF and EPUB Law: Made Simple, . Law Made Simple: 13th Edition (Paperback) book cover For Librarians Available on Taylor & Francis eBooks >> eBook (VitalSource):

Law Made Simple

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We will then contact you with the appropriate action. The consignment number is emailed to you along with the invoice at the time of shipment. Classification of Contracts 3.


Offer and Acceptance Rules Regarding Acceptance 4. Intention to Create Legal Relations 5.

Consideration Rules of Consideration 6. Form 7.

The Doctrine of Part Performance 8. Discharge of Contract Remedies for Breach of Contract Privity of Contract Assignment Interpretation of a Contract Quasi-Contract Exercises 8 The Law of Torts 1. General Defences in Tort 3.

Capacity of Parties 4.

Remoteness of Damage 5. Vicarious Liability in Tort Joint Tortfeasors 6. Trespass 7. Interference with Goods 8. Nuisance 9. Negligence Contributory Negligence Breach of Statutory Duty Survival of Actions The Rule in 'Rylands v.

Fletcher' Defamation Deceit Malicious Falsehood Limitation of Actions Exercises 9 Trusts 1.

Definition of a Trust 2. Private Trusts 3. Public or Charitable Trusts 4. Differences Between Private and Charitable Trusts 5. The Rules Against Perpetuities 6. Trustees 7.

Trust Corporations 8. Appointment of Trustees 9. Termination of Trusteeship Duties and Powers of Trustees Liability for Breaches of Trust Following the Trust Property Tracing Relief from Liability for Breach Exercises 10 The Law of Property 1. Ownership 2. Possession 3. Property 4.

The Law of Attraction Made Easy

Freehold and Leasehold Land 5. Reform of the Land Law 6. Future Estates 8. Co-Ownership Servitudes Restrictive Covenants Mortgages The Sale of Land Registered Land Exercises 11 The Law of Succession 1. Wills 2. Legacies and Devises 3. Specimen Will 4.

Family Provision 5. Personal Representatives Probate and Letters of Administration 6. Intestacy 7. Gifts'Inter Vivos' 8.

Exercises 12 Criminal Law 1. Definition of a Crime 2. Sources 3. Classifications 4. Exemptions from Liability 6. Parties to a Crime 7.

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Inchoate Offences 9. Burden of Proof Criminal Injuries Compensation Board Exercises 13 Procedure 1.

Civil Procedure 2. Criminal Procedure 5. Standard Works 8. Table of Cases Table of Statutes Index. English Copyright:downloading Options: Please Note: Deliveries of items with this status cannot be tracked. All Pages Books Journals. Intestacy 7.

Law Made Simple

Licensed Conveyancers Topics include discharge of contract, remedies for a breach of contract, interpretation of a contract, classification of contracts, essentials of a valid contract, marriage, divorce, corporations, adoption, legitimation, guardianship, solicitors, and barristers. Co-Ownership Offline Computer — Download Bookshelf software to your desktop so you can view your eBooks with or without Internet access.

In one easy-read book.

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