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As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no TOEFL iBT Exam Vocabulary List Welcome to - TOEFL course. Kaplan TOEFL iBT with CD-ROM (Kaplan TOEFL IBT (w/CD)) [Kaplan] on bestthing.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Everything you need to Score. eBook: The Official Guide to the New Toefl iBt Pdf + Audio. Kaplan TOEFL Idioms Quiz Book is an indispensable study tool for TOEFL test takers and others .

Actually, speaking and writing are excellent.

Please help me asap. My next exam is in a month. What would you recommend to do?

TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2018-2019

That can be frustrating. By this, I mean that you may need to simply get a better understanding of the question types in these sections.

Also work on strategies that can help you eliminate incorrect multiple choice answers. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Also begin your prep with your strengths in mind. After the test, you can start building on your strengths while also working in your weaknesses. In listening part, I have to say that sometimes I miss the lecture or conversation. I do not know what can I do for fixing this part.

And I have another problem in this part. I have been taking lots of TPO test, but my score did not cheng. I could not detect my problem. Moreover, in speaking part, It is really hard for me to talk fluently in English.

I have the proper variety of vocabularies, and I know the English structure but, during I am speaking, I made lots of mistakes, grammatically. There is some misinformation, though.

Toefl Ibt Books

That is, they are wrong because of logic tricks, not language tricks. And because the most of the strategy is realistic and helpful, I can forgive some inaccuracies.

There is only one serious problem with the test strategy in this book. That might be good reading practice, a challenge, but the book should communicate to everybody, not just be practice. It will be boring and difficult for many students to read.

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This makes the book better for new teachers rather than students. The organization of the book is very strange and hard to follow. For instance, here are two strategies from the writing chapter: Strategy 5: Know the correct grammar for the verb prefer Strategy 6: Decide if the question asks for an opinion or a preference I should mention that neither of these are actually strategies.

The first is a very specific grammar point about one word. Why are these next to each other?

Cambridge is a good example of a book that does this. But Kaplan has none of that.

There is no skill-building practice in the middle. Well, no, actually. In fact, there are no full practice tests in the book—you have to go online. You pay for four practice tests, and they give you one.

But it gets worse. The one practice test they give you is full of mistakes. On the first question, the first page of the test I counted two errors.

After twenty minutes, I had seen at least ten. The software is terrible, too.It might not be necessary!

But Kaplan has none of that. Lucas September 16, at 2: Lucas December 12, at 6: Your speaking and writing answers can also be reviewed by our expert TOEFL assessment team with all of our online preparation options.

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Thank you very much. Moreover, in speaking part, It is really hard for me to talk fluently in English.

Summarizing Summarizing is using your own words to shorten an idea into few words. Dear Lucas, Thank you for your time; your reviews were accurate for me.

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