I'm thrilled to offer literally everything I know about iPhone Photography in an easy-to-read eBook, now available for free download! I've been. Today I finished reading iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Excellent Photographs by Misho Baranovic. Misho is an acclaimed. Our iPhone Photography eBook is a comprehensive guide to shooting, editing and sharing great photos from the phone that many of us take everywhere with us .

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I'm thrilled to offer literally everything I know about iPhone Photography in an easy-to-read eBook, now available for free download! I've been teaching this topic. Misho Baranovic iPhone Photography eBook description page. Editorial Reviews. Review. 1. From Marty Yawnick, from his review on his very popular iPhone eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; In this edition, page numbers are just like the physical edition; Length: pages ; Enhanced.

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The book is 20 pages long and contains all my best tips for getting amazing photos for your business and life using only your iPhone! I explain all of the best features of the native camera app, but also share all of my favorite editing apps, equipment, and props!

So, what topics does this eBook cover? Why would I need an eBook and who is this chick anyway?

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Well, allow me to introduce myself. My job used to revolve mostly around writing witty Tweets and captivating Facebook posts, but slowly evolved into work that was much more visual.

My passion for social media and the ability to create captivating images landed me contracts to work with some really exciting brands! Learning photography is one of the skills that has not only helped advance my career but has also enriched my life by helping me capture, share and preserve the beautiful things around me.

I have these skills and I want to share them with you. Anyone can hold up their phone and capture a photo, but I believe that there is a method behind a great photo that can be taught, and that by practicing those skills a beautiful art form can emerge.

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Whether you take that art form and use it to capture your personal life, or you use it to launch a business of your own is entirely up to you. Getting here required a lot of work, encouragement from those around me, and experts in various fields that were willing to mentor me. Grab your FREE copy , find a comfy spot, and fly through the 20 pages.

I recommend having your phone handy so that you can walk through some of the steps as you read them. Create amazing content for your small business! That in itself is the first step to becoming an amateur photographer. Many a great professional photographers today claim to have started out exploring with a mobile camera.

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The iPhone is in fact a masterful tool of creative photography. Learning to use it may result in stunning photographic masterpieces and unique knowledge of modern photography. Make the best of your iPhone and this eBook by achieving… — Stunning improvements in your regurlar iPhone snapshots. As you sift through the eBook you will attain knowledge on how your iPhone camera actually works and how you can best make use of it, as well as clever use of the best Camera Replacement Apps.

Advanced shooting techniques through the ProCamera App and the search for compelling subjects among your family, your surroundings, nature, at night and on the go are elements that contribute to how you can gain maximum creative control over the photos you will take. Learn to develop your own unique photo editing style by going through a rundown of original iPhone editing options, as well as an outline of the best editing apps covering basic touch ups to filters and techniques.

Also, tips on how to make your photos look better with text and clipart. Tips on how to share your images via the best iPhone photo sharing apps, including Instagram. Getting your photos ready to print.

About the Author Misho Baranovic comes forward to enlighten us with his expert knowledge and experience of iPhone Photography with this eBook. Misho Baranovic is a very sought after instructor on the fresh topic of iPhone photography.

In his eBook, he will be covering several unique tips from his own style of work. As I started to read this it became clear to me why I had been getting such average results from my iPhone in the past and how to improve them. Thanks DPS! downloadrs will be sent a download link for a zip file containing both formats.Can I read it on my iPad and other reading devices? From Skillshare to platforms like iPhone Photography Secrets, there are many ways to move from A to Z with your iPhone Photography, so that you too can finally embrace the glorious art of taking high-quality images with your iPhone.

Note: iPhone Photography is only available as an e-book directly downloadable and readable on your computer.

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As I started to read this it became clear to me why I had been getting such average results from my iPhone in the past and how to improve them. This, to iPhone photographers, is paramount to having to download or transfer an image to a computer and open it in a software program before any post-processing begins.

One part I found to be useful is the app, Phoster, that lets you add text to your images.

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