Hydrogen Fuel. Cell Engines. MODULE 4: FUEL CELL ENGINE TECHNOLOGY. CONTENTS. FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY USE. P a g e 1 | Hydrogen Fuel Cell GROUP M EM BERS: bestthing.info A/ L THARAM ADURAI B 2.M OHD AZWAN BIN M OHD TAJUDDIN B 3. PDF | The Department of Energy's (DOE) hydrogen and fuel cell activities are presented, focussing on key targets and progress. Recent results.

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is supplied with a source of hydrogen and a source of oxygen (usually air). Fuel cells can vary from tiny devices producing only a few watts of electricity, right . Lighthouse Project for the Demonstration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell //bestthing.info-ju. eu/sites/default/files/documents/bestthing.info 10th Stakeholder Forum I Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking. I 3. Printed by Snel Grafics S.A. in PDF: ISBN doi/

Fuel cells are a commercially viable alternative for the production of “clean” energy

A recently published article demonstrated how the environmental burdens change when using carbon nanotubes as carbon substrate for platinum. In this type of fuel cell, the membrane must be hydrated, requiring water to be evaporated at precisely the same rate that it is produced.

If water is evaporated too quickly, the membrane dries, resistance across it increases, and eventually it will crack, creating a gas "short circuit" where hydrogen and oxygen combine directly, generating heat that will damage the fuel cell.

If the water is evaporated too slowly, the electrodes will flood, preventing the reactants from reaching the catalyst and stopping the reaction. Methods to manage water in cells are being developed like electroosmotic pumps focusing on flow control.

Just as in a combustion engine, a steady ratio between the reactant and oxygen is necessary to keep the fuel cell operating efficiently. Temperature management. The same temperature must be maintained throughout the cell in order to prevent destruction of the cell through thermal loading.

Durability, service life , and special requirements for some type of cells. Current service life is 2, hours about 75, miles. Elmore and H. In these cells phosphoric acid is used as a non-conductive electrolyte to pass positive hydrogen ions from the anode to the cathode.

These cells commonly work in temperatures of to degrees Celsius.

This high temperature will cause heat and energy loss if the heat is not removed and used properly. This heat can be used to produce steam for air conditioning systems or any other thermal energy consuming system.

Since the hydrogen ion production rate on the anode is small, platinum is used as catalyst to increase this ionization rate.

A key disadvantage of these cells is the use of an acidic electrolyte. This increases the corrosion or oxidation of components exposed to phosphoric acid.

At low temperatures, solid acids have an ordered molecular structure like most salts. At warmer temperatures between and degrees Celsius for CsHSO4 , some solid acids undergo a phase transition to become highly disordered "superprotonic" structures, which increases conductivity by several orders of magnitude.

It was used as a primary source of electrical energy in the Apollo space program. The space between the two electrodes is filled with a concentrated solution of KOH or NaOH which serves as an electrolyte.

H2 gas and O2 gas are bubbled into the electrolyte through the porous carbon electrodes. Thus the overall reaction involves the combination of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas to form water.

The cell runs continuously until the reactant's supply is exhausted.

This type of cell operates efficiently in the temperature range K to K and provides a potential of about 0. High-temperature fuel cells[ edit ] Main article: Solid oxide fuel cell Solid oxide fuel cells SOFCs use a solid material, most commonly a ceramic material called yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ , as the electrolyte. Because SOFCs are made entirely of solid materials, they are not limited to the flat plane configuration of other types of fuel cells and are often designed as rolled tubes.

Oxygen gas is fed through the cathode, where it absorbs electrons to create oxygen ions. For example….. St orage com plicat ions 2. Others than the above disadvantages, there are also…..

Water is a harmless by product compared to harmful material and gases that are produced in the use of fossil fuels. Prof, I just t hink about an idea….

The used of Hydrogen Fuel Cell will great ly help in save t he w hole planet from so many bad effect s of pollut ions. How ever, research and lot of t esting are st ill need t o be done t o make t his energy source suit able t o be used.

In the future, hydrogen fuel cell can join elect ricit y as one of the most import ant energy carrier t hat able to move and deliver energy t hat is usable to all consum ers.

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From now on, w e have realized and underst and how the energy can be form from t he Hydrogen it s advant ages. Last ly, w e can m ake a conclusion t hat Hydrogen Fuel Cell is very useful in supplying energy and save t he world.

Office of EERE. Table 4.

Accessed 1 January Accessed 7 February Accessed 17 December Impact of experience on government policy toward acceptance of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Korea. Energy Policy ;39 6: Energy and the new reality 2: Earthscan; Tomorrow's energy: MIT Press; People download intention towards hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: Int J Hydrogen Energy ;41 4: Related Papers.

DigitalCommons University of Nebraska -Lincoln.As temperature decreases, so does the ionic conductivity of YSZ.

As example, NASA use it to propel space shuttle to space. Click here to sign up.

The lower operating temperature allows them to use stainless steel instead of ceramic as the cell substrate, which reduces cost and start-up time of the system. This makes MCFC systems not suitable for mobile applications, and this technology will most likely be used for stationary fuel cell purposes.

However, this calculation allows the comparison of different types of power generation.

Hyundai Previews Longer-Range 2018 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell SUV (.PDF Download)

Other innovations have paved the way for greater interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. An air stream supplying oxygen required for the electrochemical reaction is introduced into a second chamber where the cathode is installed.

In addition to this pure hydrogen type, there are hydrocarbon fuels for fuel cells, including diesel , methanol see: Later in , Bacon and his colleagues demonstrated a practical five-kilowatt unit capable of powering a welding machine.

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