Trust. It is all Zane asks of Danica—and all they ask of their people—but it be more than she can give. A School Library Journal Best Books of the Year. Shapeshifters- The Kiesha'ra of the Den of Shadows (Hawksong; by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. Hawksong urn:acs6:hawksongkieshara00amel:pdfbbdf - Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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Hawksong (The Kiesha'ra #1) ". By: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Epub Books, Epub Gratis Descargar, Bookseller, Epub Ahead Of Print, Pdf Free. Hawksong (The Kiesha'ra, #1) Books by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. DANICA SHARDAE IS an avian shapeshifter, and the golden hawk's form in which she takes. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade In this engaging fantasy, Danica bestthing.info: Hawksong (The Kiesha'ra Book 1) eBook: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes: site Store.

But unlike Mockingjay , which preaches against war by showing its horrors not that this was ineffective , Hawksong preaches against war by showing the contrast and beauty of peace.

Danica is definitely shell-shocked by the war, and by the death of her friends and family over the years, but this is a book about growing beyond that, about the wonderful afterthoughts of peace, and the ways that we would be bettered if war was a thing of imagination. Goddamn, I love it so much that it's got me spouting poetry. As usual, Amelia's writing style is flawless. Her language is beautiful and complex, never awkward or simplistic.

Looking back, I cannot believe that she wrote this book when she was only eighteen.

The writing is so mature, so brilliant, that it can't be the work of someone with only high school lessons in writing. After all this, you're probably wondering why my rating is only four stars.

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Is it because of the slow plot? I'd forgive that in a heartbeat, what with all the other awesome abound. It's because of the ending. Maybe I'm being a dick for finding this wrong, but My problems with this are complex and somewhat confusing, even to me, but I'll explain them the best that I can. When we first meet Danica, not only does she want to trust Zane, not only does she want to marry him to create peace, she's also madly in love Their relationship had grown over years and years of being together, and really, he was all she had left.

Over the course of the book, again and again, Danica turns to him for advice, for comfort. I cannot believe that Danica would abandon all this for Zane. I have nothing against a story of two people who thought they could never love each other coming together, but a romantic declaration of love was completely unnecessary.

Why couldn't Danica have accepted her duty to create peace, to marry Zane in order to prevent the war, without this? Sure, she would enjoy him, but only as a friend. Maybe, over the years, they'd come to love each other, that I can believe. But the book actually takes place over a relatively short time frame, and it just felt insta-lovish and out of nowhere. Probably not. But that ending just ruined a lot of what came before it, and I cannot accept it.

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Let me try again. One of this book's major themes other than 'Peace is good!

These things may not be easy or fun for you, but you have to do them anyway. The ending completely ruined that, because, well, doing the right thing for the better suddenly became easy. Everybody won here, in a way that doesn't feel very true to life.

Peace may be good, but it isn't perfect; in real life, there's no such thing as a scenario where everybody wins. After everything was so true to life for an entire book, this felt like a betrayal to the book's message and purpose. And that's why I have to remove a star. I'll say it again: the Kiesha'Ra series was genuinely unlike anything that came before it, and this book in particular. If you enjoy any sort of YA, it's you must read this.

Only one heavy breath escaped me, wanting to be a sigh. I lifted my dry eyes to the guards who stood about me protectively in the woods.

The crow had been my friend for years before he had been my guard, and I began to nod assent to his words. Another cry from the woods made me freeze.

I started toward it, but Andreios caught my arm just above the elbow. I had been walking these bloody fields whenever I could ever since I was twelve; I could not avert my eyes when we were in the middle of this chaos and someone was pleading, with what was probably his last breath, for help.

They would take my brother home only when it did not mean leaving me alone here. Even when we were alone, Rei rarely called me Danica. It was an entreaty to our lifelong friendship when he used that nickname where someone else could hear it, and so I paused to listen. You don't want his blood on your hands.

With his hair streaked with blood and his expression a mask of pain, Gregory Cobriana could have been anyone's brother, husband or son. But then I recognized the stark black hair against his fair skin, the onyx signet ring on his left hand and, as he looked up, the deep garnet eyes that were a trademark of the Cobriana line, just as molten gold eyes were characteristic of my own family.

I did not have the energy to rage. Every emotion I had was cloaked in the shield of reserve I had learned since I was a chick. Evidently the serpiente prince recognized me as well, for his pleas caught in his throat, and his eyes closed. I stepped toward him and heard a flutter of movement as my guards moved closer, ready to intervene if the fallen man was a threat. With all his various scratches and minor injuries, it was hard to tell where the worst of the damage was.

I saw a broken leg, possibly a broken arm; either of those he could heal from. What would I do if that was the worst?

Snakecharm Summary & Study Guide

If he was hurt, but not too hurt to survive? This was the man who had led the soldiers that had killed my brother and his guards.

Would I turn my back so the Royal Flight could finish what all these fallen fighters had not? For a moment I thought of taking my knife and putting it in his heart or slitting his throat myself and ending the life this creature still held while my brother lay dead. Despite my guards' protest, I went again to my knees, this time beside the enemy.

I looked at that pale face and tried to summon the fury I needed. His eyes fluttered open and met mine. A muddy shade of red, Gregory Cobriana's eyes were filled with pain, sorrow and fear. The fear struck me the most. This boy looked a couple of years younger than I was, too young to deserve this horror, too young to die.

Bile rose in my throat. I loved my brother, but I could not murder his killer. I could not look into the eyes of a boy terrified of death and shaking from pain and feel hatred.

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This was a life: serpiente, yes, but still a life; who was I to steal it? Only as I recoiled did I see the wound on his stomach, where a knife had dragged itself raggedly across the soft flesh, one of the most painful of mortal blows. The attacker must have been killed before he could finish the deed. Perhaps my brother had held the knife.

Had he lain dying alone like this afterward? I felt a sob choke my throat and couldn't stop it.

Gregory Cobriana was the enemy, but here on the battlefield he was just another brother to another sister, fallen on the field. I could not cry for my own brother; he would not want me to. But I found myself crying for this hated stranger and the endless slaughter that I had almost contributed to. I spun on Rei. Because even when he's dying, you can only feel your hate," I spat, too quietly for the serpiente prince to hear me. For a moment, his hand touched my hand, unexpectedly.

His gaze met mine, and I heard him sigh quietly with understanding. I turned back to the serpiente. His eyes filled with tears and he muttered something that sounded like "Thank you. I had been thinking the same thing just moments before, but even though I knew he was asking me to stop the pain, I did not want mine to be the hand that ended another's life. I shook my head and wrapped my hand around Gregory's cool one.

The muscles tightened, and then he was gripping my hand like it was his last anchor to earth. When I drew the knife from my waist, Rei caught my wrist and shook his head. Quietly, so Gregory could not hear, I argued, "It could take him hours to die like this.

Not when it's the heir to the Tuuli Thea who ends the life of one of their two surviving princes. As I had often done for dying avian soldiers, I sang to pass the time, and to distract him from the pain. The songs were about freedom.

They were about children, able to play and sing and dance without worrying that they would be harmed. The song I loved most of all, though, was the one my mother used to sing to me when I was a child, before I had been given round-the-clock nurses, maids, servants and guards. It was from long before my mother had become a distant queen with too much dignity to show affection even to her last remaining daughter. I would have given up all the pampering and all the respect I had earned those past few years if I could have climbed into her arms and gone back to a time when I was still too young to understand that my father, my sister and now my brother had been butchered in this war, which had been going on so long nobody could tell anymore what it was about or who had started it.

I had heard of avians and serpiente who had lived five hundred years or more, but no one did that now. Not in a time when both sides slaughtered each other so frequently, and so efficiently.

The only male child left to inherit the serpiente throne was Zane Cobriana, a creature whose name was rarely mentioned in polite avian society, and if he died Yet now that Gregory Cobriana, the youngest and last brother of our greatest enemy, was dead in front of me, I could not be grateful for the loss.

All I could do was sing gently the old childhood lullaby called "Hawksong" that my mother had sung to me long ago. I wish to you sunshine, my dear one, my dear one. And treetops for you to soar past. I wish to you innocence, my child, my child. I pray you don't grow up too fast. Never know pain, my dear one, my dear one.But once you get past this My non-writing hobbies are eclectic, and cover everything from rather domestic pastimes like cross-stitch and cooking to aquarium keeping, playing piano, gardening, carpentry, Harley-Davidsons, driving, and arguing- there are few things I enjoy more than a good debate with someone who knows how to argue, which might have something to do with a best friend who works in politics.

To prevent a collision, the US crew sprayed several of the Chinese ships with its water cannon. Never know pain, my dear one, my dear one. Maybe I'm being a dick for finding this wrong, but Reviews of the Hawksong.

The attacker must have been killed before he could finish the deed. But every time I tried, the proper words wouldn't come, and so I just stuck with a completely insufficient paragraph outlining my thoughts in a nutshell.

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