A new version of the user manual has been released. many, many, many bugfixes You can click here to download the release package. You may have to install the help pages from a separate package (gimp-help), The user manual for the GIMP release is available in 17 languages. I have GIMP ; however, the PDF manual that I have is ancient; it says you will get at the moment in PDF format is the Gimp help from.

Gimp 2.8 Help Manual Pdf

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Printable GIMP Manual??? Sat Mar 01, pm. GIMP Version: Operating System: Here's where to find PDF versions of Gimp Documentation. The Gimp User's Manual vii. Table Of Contents. Brush Selection The Eraser Tool The Airbrush Tool The Clone Tool The Convolver But when I click help, I get a message that the user manual is not installed. Whaere can I get a cooooopy of the user manual for ?.

However, YaST was originally proprietary software.

Desktop verions of SuSE Linux were traditionally sold in boxed sets that included excellent written documentation. I have a SuSE Linux 7.

That all changed after Novell bought SuSE in With version 9. They renamed the project "openSUSE" to reflect this change.

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The aftermath of Novell's download of SuSE hasn't been a bed of roses. In late , Novell and Microsoft announced an agreement to collaborate on interoperability between Novell's "Enterprise Linux" products and Microsoft products.

Part of that agreement included a promise from Microsoft not to sue users of the Novell products covered in the agreement including portions of openSUSE , for what Microsoft claims is patent infringement. In short, Microsoft claims Linux infringes on hundreds of its software patents.

By making this deal with Microsoft, Novell at least implicitly agreed with that position. This obviously did not go over well with many Linux users. Although it's got a reputation for having a long, irregular release cycle one of the main criticisms of Debian , its developers update it with new versions of software all the time.

But you usually have to run Sid or testing to get them. Debian Sid is usually not as unstable as you might think, despite the way the Debian Reference guide puts it: "The advantage of using the unstable distribution is that you are always up-to-date with the latest in the Debian software project — but if it breaks, you get to keep both parts.

And that's where Sidux comes in. In fact, the reason Sidux came out with version Introducing Sidux Sidux's goal is to allow mere mortals the ability to run Debian Sid on the desktop, in order to take advantage of the latest Debian software available.

Its development team helps guide its users through the occasional bumps in Sid, via IRC and its user forum.

Another goal is to offer a consistent release cycle. Sidux comes with a variety of "convenience scripts" and utilities you won't find in Debian proper, that make it easier to do such things as administer your system and install proprietary software.

Quick question for the GIMP users.

The Sidux CDs which come in "lite" and "full" versions for bit and bit platforms only includes software that meets the Debian Free Software Guidelines and, as far as I can tell, German law comes into play as well, since so many of Sidux's developers are German.

Also, Sidux only ships with KDE by default. You will normally need to add the "contrib" and "non-free" sections manually although a custom script named "smxi" will do that for you; as will the "metapackage installer" in the "Sidux" menu — read on for more details. It offers a comprehensive user manual , available online and included on the live CD.

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Unlike Ubuntu, Sidux doesn't shy away from the command line. As with Debian itself, the scripts it offers for your convenience are often command line-based. Sidux booted up using the open-source radeon driver. GIMP 2.

Gimp manual You are here: Gimp manual I read on Gimp. Who told you that?

Gimp manual Who told you that? Thanks for your prompt reply.

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Gimp manual I read it on the docs page at Gimp. Thanks for your prompt reply Anyway, you did not read far enough [img] http: Current versions Production: Download latest stable GIMP: It is a security problem.In late , Novell and Microsoft announced an agreement to collaborate on interoperability between Novell's "Enterprise Linux" products and Microsoft products.

The Linux Kernel 4. May 2, Vernon D Rainwater wrote: Current versions Production: On subsequent occasions, GIMP loaded very quickly.

The Package Index has many of them. Most bookmarked in this forum.

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