English World Level 2 develops children as confident communicators in English through a wide range Level 2 Grammar Practice Book Level 2 Pupil's Book. English World 2 Pupils Book - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. macmillan English world 2 pupils book. The English World Pupil's Book 2 contains twelve units. Each requires eight teaching sessions and is designed to be taught over a two-week.

English World 2 Pupils Book

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English World 2 Pupil's Book by Liz Hocking, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. English World 2 - Pupils Book - dokument [*.pdf] MACMILLAN Scope and sequence Unit page New words and speaking Grammar Grammar in conversation. Viv Lambert. Pupil's Book adventure – an adventure in learning English! Get ready! Two? Jack: Yes, we're going to fly around the world! Kylie: We? Wow!.

I moved through the water very quickly. I swam 50 metres in That was fantastic! I was the fastest swimmer in my group.

My coach was really pleased. The club record is Can I swim faster and break the record? Did you have a good time at Chess Club? Chess Club was OK. I was too tired after our sports lesson. We ran two kilometres! I looked on the internet.

I really like this one. The chess pieces are wood and the board is wood, too. I must do my homework now, Maths English and Science. Hello, Alfie! Come in! Come and join us! What are you doing? Can I be in it? I like acting. What about me? You, Alfie, can be the ugly duckling. He swam very fast. They were hot. It's half past eight.

The sea!

There was a house. There were three birds. Don't touch it. Don't go near it. He pointed to a ship. They played in the sea. First 1played football. Next 1helped Dad. Then 1watched TV. Yesterday 1climbed a tree. Yesterday he visited his Grandma.

Dtions of clothes: This is my friend, Joe.

Ask and answer. Is it a rubber?

No, it isn't. Is it a ruler? Yes, it ' pencil case? Good morning, Dan! Good morning, Lily! J Write. What are they? Are they cats? Yes, they are. Are they balls? A Write Remember! Welcome Unit Revision This is my grandfather and my grandmother.

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Answer the questions. He is in tke llvirta room 4 Where is Lucy? Where's Mum? She's in the bathroom. Choose a letter. Find a word. Listening These two children are walking to school. J Listen and circle the correct answers. No, it isn't! To school. A jacket.

Macmillan Science 2 Pupil's Book

No, she hasn't. The girl. No, he hasn't.

No, they aren't. No, they don't.

Suur tänu soovituse eest!

Pitter-patter raindrops Falling from the sky. Under my umbrella I am warm and dry! Cars and bikes and buses Go splishing splashing by, In my yellow raincoat I am warm and dry! Unit 4 Understanding questions Class composition Look! They have got thick boots. Talk about the clothes. Write about the clothes. Fkese dotkes are for Tkese clotkes are for Class composition: Can you sing? I sing all day long.

I get up at six o'clock Ut' g. What do you do in the evening? I And then? He doesn't sing. He dances. Grammar Point and say. Do they sing? They sing. Ask and answer Listen and read What time do you get up in the morning? I do my homework and I watch TV. He lives in a space station.

He eats breakfast. Then he cleans the space station. He has got a computer.

There is a phone on the computer. Ned talks to people on Earth. In the afternoon, he walks in space. The spacesuit is big and thick. Ned walks slowly. He looks carefully at the space station. In the evening, he eats dinner. He reads books. He has not got a TV.

It is not quiet in the space station. There are computers and noisy machines. They do not stop at night. Unit 5 Reading: Circle answer A or B. I can draw a brown crown. I can draw a green tree. I can draw a green crown. I can draw a brown tree. Clever me! Reading comprehension; Phonics: Get up! It's six o'clock, Six o'clock, six o'clock.

It's six o'clock. It's six o'clock in the morning. It's ten o'clock, Ten o'clock, ten o'clock. Go to bed! It's ten o'clock. It's ten o'clock in the evening. Pam and Joe morning Class c o m p o s it io n Who does he talk to? Who does he sciu?

Read the questions. Write about what Ted does. What does he do in the morning? Where does he run? Who does he talk to? When does he eat lunch? When does he play football? What does he do in the evening?

English World

W hat does he wear? Class composition: His parrot is dancing on his arm. Look at the boys! Look at Mr Jolly! I like the dog. It's got a little hat on its head. Look at our mum! Look at her cake! And an umbrella on his nose! Ha, ha! Whose rabbit is that? Be quiet! Who is the winner? This is his hand. This is her nose Point and say nose arm Look!There are sandwiches on the plate.

At home It is Mondau. Are theg reading? Paperback ISBN: Look at thosegtraffes!

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