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pdf icon tiny EDAN U50 Prime Brochure. Applications Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Endovaginal, Small Parts, Musculoskeletal, Vascular, Urology. The Edan U50 Portable Ultrasound machine is a mid-range system that produces image quality equal to or greater than many other systems in its price range. U Prime Edition. Jutland Drive,. Suite B, San Diego, CA Edan is a healthcare company dedicated to improving the human condition around the.

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SnoRNA U50 Levels Are Regulated by Cell Proliferation and rRNA Transcription

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Biocompatibility: the latest developments. Med Device Technol 8 10 —4. Vogler EA. Structure and reactivity of water at biomaterial surfaces. Adv Colloid Interface Sci — Kuhns, D. Find- ing some Lutlierahs in the town, he organized nine of them into a congregation, and held services first in the Methodist Church, on Thirteenth Street, and afterwards in the Congregational Church, on Sixteenth. In , two lots on Douglas Street, now a part of the site of the Millard Hotel, were bought for church and parsonage purposes, upon which a brick cliurch was erected that year and a parsonage the next year.

In the belfry of this chureli was placed the first church bell brought to Omaha. Kuhns remained pastor of this congregation for fourteen years, and was succeeded by Rev.

Journal of Endourology

Billraan, who remained but a j-ear. Lipe was the next pastor, and re- mained until Baugher, D. Lipe, but returned to the East in The result was the erection of a handsome brick building at a cost of fifty thousand dollars, named the Kountze Memorial Church, in honor of the deceased father of Mr. Upon the completion of this building Rev.

Edan U50 Prime Diagnostic Ultrasound System

George F. Stelling, D. He died in Januarjf, , and was succeeded bj' Rev. Detweiler, D. Turkic being his successor. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at the corner of Twent3'-first and Burdette Streets, was organized December 12, , -with twent3 - four members, the in the summer of he was succeeded by Rev. The present membership is ninety, with over one hundred members of tlie Sunday School. George H. Schnur as pastor. August 1. On October 12, , this church re-incorporated, and the name was changed to Grace Lutheran Church.

Luther M. Kuhns, born in Omaha, a son of Dr. Kuhns, the first pastor of the Douglas Street Lutheran Church.

Kuhns enjoys the distinction of being the first Lutheran minister born in Nebraska. The present church council con- sists of: Rev. Koenig, treasurer; L. Korty and L. Norberg, elders; and J.

Swobe and R. Dyball, Jr.

In Rev. Barnes organized the First Baptist Church, and a small building was erected on Douglas. Street between Fifteenth and Sixteenth. Three years later the society disbanded and sold its property, but in a re-organiza- tion was effected and Rev. Kermott engaged as pastor, and services held in the court house for several months.

The brick church, one of tlie best buildings for this purpose in the city, was erected in , but for several years only the lower portion of the building was used. The following named liave served as pastors since the resignation of Rev. Kermott: Rev.


Daniels, Rev. Burnham, acting pastor, Rev. Donnelly, Rev. Conger, Rev. Jameson, Rev. Harris, Rev. August 1, , Rev. Hell- ings, D. The Calvary Baptist Church organization dates from November 25, , when forty- nine persons, most of whom were from the First Church, banded together to build up a church societj- in tlie northwest part of the cit At the beginning, a mission chapel on Saunders Street, near Cuming, was used for holding services.

A I uilding on the Seward Street lot was completed in December, During the next year Central Park Mission was or- ganized, taking away many active members of the Calvary Church. Clark was the pastor from the time the church was organized in , till The Beth-Eden Baptist Church, located on Park Avenue, near Leavenworth, was or- ganized in November , and in March , the church building, costing twelve thousand dollars, was dedicated.

House, was pastor from the organization till April, , and was succeeded July, " by Rev. Harris, of Milwaukee, who assumed the pastorate in October of that year. The present membership is The Sunday School grew rapidly in membership, but the organization of the Trinity M.

Church, the Knox Presbyte- rian and St. John's Episcopal Church, in the immediate vicinity, reduced this member- ship considerably, and the Baptist people concluded that they had built up a mission school for other denominations as well as their own. The church was organized April 30, , with forty-four members, and a building was erected at Twenty-fourth and Binney Streets the following year. Tlie present membership is Frank W. Foster, tlie present pastor, has served tlie church from the beginning.

The cliurch property is valued at 16, The Olivet Baptist Church was organized in October , and in tlie summer of a church edifice costing two thousand dol- lars was erected. Reichenbach, of Council Bluffs, Iowa, who afterwards preached for the new society, consisting of thirteen people, on Sunday afternoons, in a private house, until February 28, , when he moved to Chicago to take editorial charge of a church paper.

Madsen was the second pastor of the church, remaining until July 25, , and was succeeded by Rev.

It has now a member- ship of ninety-three. The church building- was dedicated in October, , and the building and lot are valued at six thousand dollars. The first pastor was Rev. Gen- ius, the second Rev. Carstons, and the third Rev. The First Presbyterian Church was organ- ized by Rev. George P. Bergen, in June, , with a very small membership. In he was succeeded by Rev. George Webster, who left the following year, after which the society had no services.

In , Rev. Dimmick established the Second Presbj'terian Church, and in the con- gregation took possession of their new build- ing, still standing, but much enlarged and improved, at the northwest corner of Seven- teenth and Dodge Streets. George D. Stewart succeeded Mr. Harsha, who was remarkably success- ful in his work. The church has now a member- ship of over five hundred, and, in the mean- time, under Mr. Harsha's pastorate, has aided in establishing half a dozen other societies of the same denomination, and furnishing a large portion of the member- ship.

Some four yeai'S since, in view of the fact that it was the oldest existing Presbyterian society in the city, the number was changed to the first. It was organized with forty- four members, seventeen of whom united on profession.

The mission chapel was used as a place of worship until October, , when the church took possession of the present edifice. Blayney, who served the church faithfully for five years, his pastorate closing in De- cember, During his ministry, the present edifice, costing five thousand dol- lars, was erected and dedicated, clear of debt.

AVilliam R. Tlie present pastor, Rev. Ware, was given a call June 11, , and took charge July 13th. The church building is located near the cor- ner of Twenty-fourth and Nicholas Streets.Phase Inversion Harmonic Imaging Harmonic signals are produced as ultrasound waves propagate through the body.

August 1, , Rev. The result was the erection of a handsome brick building at a cost of fifty thousand dollars, named the Kountze Memorial Church, in honor of the deceased father of Mr. David R. October 13, , the Knox Presbyterian Church was organized with thirteen mem- bers.

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