Publisher: Jakarta: Kencana. Year: Stock: 5 eks. Indeks Page: eks. Information: xii, hlm. ; 21 cm eks. 1. PERKAWINAN - HUKUM ISLAM 2. FIQIH. Hukum perkawinan Islam di Indonesia: antara fiqh munakahat dan undang- undang perkawinan / Amir Syarifuddin. Code: SYA h. Author: Syarifuddin. Implementation of fiqh and national law on marriage within Islamic marriage law in Indonesian legal system.

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Book Search · Get print book. No eBook available Fiqh munakahat. Front Cover QR code for Fiqh munakahat. Title, Fiqh munakahat. Author, H. Djamaan . Judul: Kitab Nikah Penulis: Ahmad Sarwat, Lc Penerbit: Kampus Syariah Jumlah Halaman Buku fiqih nikah ini hanyalah sebuah catatan kecil dari ilmu. Download Islamic books on Fiqh (Jurisprudence) including A Summary Of Islamic Jurisprudence, The Evolution Of Fiqh, Elements Of Shafiee Fiqh and many.

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By taking the above meaning, curriculum in education is meant as lessons to be taken or finished by the students in one given period. Nasution, word curriculum became a term in the educational world about one century ago. In Webster s dictionary , this term means 1 a race course; a place for running; a chariot. Also, it is meant as a chariot, namely, it is like a race cart that brings someone from start to finish. While in the education field, curriculum means a certain set of courses in a university.

From the statement, it is known that curriculum in education is some courses or lessons that must be passed by students in one given period. In conclusion, there are two essential points: 1 curriculum content is subject matter that is given to the student, and 2 reached goal, namely, student mastery of lessons that is symbolized in examination result scores, certificate, syahadah 3 In the next development, curriculum content is not limited only in lessons but also in the overall learning experience.

In this case, curriculum is viewed as an overall activity and a learning experience that is given to the students under school responsibility. In this context, curriculum content is broadened, because of involving all lessons, learning activities, and students experience in school.

Curriculum 13 involves intracurricular and extracurricular activities. Dede Rosyada quoted Glatthorn , and stated that various experiences offered by the s chool to the student out of the class learning activity as hidden curriculum. This curriculum has a significant contribution to various changing, values, perceptions, and student s habits.

Generally, written curriculum explains various fields of academic competence and skills started by knowledge and mastering scientific fields, and giving direction to master the knowledge.

While hidden curriculum is intended to support environment culture in forming student s attitude and habit, they spend much time in that particular environment. In this article Islamic boarding school curriculum is limited by curriculum model, lessons and guide book. There are two models. Implementation of curriculum in these Islamic Boarding Schools varies.


Here, the government curriculum is just a supplement and the application is out of Islamic Boarding School learning process with a special time allocation. In other words, both curriculums are applied in a balanced way. Related to the Islamic Boarding School curriculum, it is necessary to mention further that Islamic junior high school and general junior high school and Islamic senior high school and general senior high school Darul Hijrah Islamic Boarding School Cindai Alus, are not entirely different.


Students who study in Islamic junior high school and general junior high school will receive the same Islamic Boarding School curriculum. It also happens for students who study in Islamic senior high school and general senior high school.

There is no overlapping lessons between Islamic Boarding School curriculum and government curriculum in general junior high school and general senior high school. Islamic education lesson is one of many lessons offered by the government. On the contrary, there is overlapping lesson in MTs and MA between Islamic Boarding School curriculum and religion department curriculum, especially in group of Islamic religion education lesson.

All students have to follow both curriculums. It is an Islamic Boarding School curriculum that must be given to the students without discriminating both curriculums, by assuming that one is better than the other.

Both curriculum must be learned and mastered by the students for their future. Graduate competence by using Islamic Boarding School curriculum is that the student is able to master media knowledge in Arabic and religious classical books. Religious books in this context are not oriented to religious classic books. Islamic Boarding School curriculum is applied in order for the student to understand religious knowledge through mu tabarah books and profitable for society.

While government curriculum is applied in order to help Islamic Boarding School output provide wider knowledge, education can be continued to a higher level and obtain jobs in all live fields. Islamic Boarding School output is expected not only become an Islamic Boarding School religion teacher with certificate they got from Islamic Boarding School..

These similarities and differences can be seen in the given lesson and book used. Then the lessons in Islamic Boarding School curriculum can be grouped into four groups, namely al Qur an reading, writing skills, Arabic language, and religious science. A significant portion of the material is written in Arabic and the other is written in Malay, and only a small part is written in Indonesian. Al-Qur an involves reading al-qur an and Tajwid. This lesson is taught in Islamic Boarding School because the position is very important, namely as the first source in Islam.

The main goal in teaching Al-Qur an in an Islamic Boarding School is that students will be able to read al-qur an well and correctly, stressed by three aspects: first, the ability to recognize and differentiate al-qur an letters well.

Second, the student s ability to pronounce words in al-qur an correctly, and finally, to understand reading al-qur an regulation. Besides al-qur an, reading and writing skills are also taught in Islamic Boarding Schools. Ability in reading and writing Arabic letters is important for students to that they ara able to teach them to other people. Moreover for beginning students, both skills must be taught. The general goal of reading and writing lessons is to train students to read and write Arabic letters.

At Ibnul Amin Islamic Boarding School Pamangkih, reading and writing are not taught separately, but integrate with sharaf lesson that uses Tashrifan book.

Therefore, this book may not be copied, but it must be written by the student himself and read together. Writing lessons to improve the hand-writing is taught through Khat lesson, or Arabic letter writing skills without looking at the text.

This is taught through Imla lesson like applied at Darul hijrah and al-falah Islamic Boarding School. The other content lesson is Arabic language.

This lesson has an important position and role in Islamic Boarding School because besides al-qur an and al-hadist are written in Arabic, Islamic knowledge sources are mainly written in Arabic.

According to Muhammad Abd al-qadir Ahmad, the relation batweeen Arabic 22 6 Islamic Boarding School Curriculum language and Islamic studies is not a new thing but it has been existing since the arrival and spreading of Islam.

Arabic language lessons taught in Islamic Boarding School in south Kalimantan have many branches of science. The religion lesson in Islamic Boarding School is always studied by students. This lesson involves: 1. Aqidah is something principle and fundamental in Islam.

Aqidah lesson must be studied first, so it will help to structure other lessons. The main purpose of teaching aqidah or tauhid is to plant a belief about Oneness of Allah and other pillars of faith to students.

From this goal, it is expected to have mukmin personality believes and understands ar fundamental belief, so students will have strong beliefs.

Through fiqh lesson, the student is expected to be able to study Islam regulation, both relations between human beings and Allah 31 and relations among human beings, 32 and relation between human beings and other creatures. Material of Fiqh for the beginner is about worship, muamalah for medium level, munakahat and jinayat for the highest level. In addition, for high 23 7 level or takhassus level is also given wider knowledge by studying fiqh books from various mazhab. Ushul Fiqh.

This lesson is given for medium and high level students. It is about fundamental and method to draw law or istinbath. So fiqh is as product, while the process is in ushul fiqh. Political risks in Vietnam Vietnam is a one-party state ruled by the Communist Party of Vietnam CPV which provides strategic direction and decides all major policy issues.

Policy, which includes promoting stability, retaining the political status quo, domestic economic development and international integration, is made on a consensus basis by the Politburo. Party leaders and the leaders of the government, are selected every 5 years at the National Party Congress. Corruption, lack of accountability and transparency, and burdensome bureaucracy all impact the effectiveness of the government in formulating and implementing policy.

Economic reform and the restructuring of inefficient state enterprises are vulnerable to being undermined by entrenched interests and conservative elements in the government more focused on security. While the government stimulus package has boosted the economy, there are questions over how the budget deficit can be financed, how inflationary pressure can be contained, and how the crowding out of private investment can be avoided. Hanoi has embarked on a plan to trim bureaucratic procedures in government, and how that scheme plays out will be something to watch.

Corruption is endemic in Vietnam at all levels of government, and acts as a major barrier to foreign investment. The authorities had announced aggressive plans to fight corruption, and encouraged the media to act as a watchdog, but these efforts lost steam after several journalists were detained for reporting on major corruption scandals.

Progress on corruption will remain a key determinant of investment attractiveness.

A strong improvement or decline would influence investors. Vietnam is one of the more politically stable countries in South East Asia. Its leadership does not welcome dissent.

Internal conflict is rare although in and there were a small number of high-profile protests including in relation to an environment disaster in Central Vietnam. Land rights also continue to be a source of social unrest.

There are strict restrictions on freedom of speech which can affect internet usage, particularly the use of social media and personal blogs, access to which can be blocked without notice. Mainstream media outlets remain fully under the control and direction of the Communist Party so many people follow independent bloggers for their news updates.

Many bloggers suffer harassment, arrest and imprisonment for criticising the Communist Party.

Vietnam has seen a rising number of strikes, protests and land disputes, often affecting foreign businesses. Disturbances have erupted in rural areas due to state expropriations of land and the corruption of local officials. But there remains no evidence for now that wider unrest is likely, or that there is any imminent risk of the regime being challenged from below.

Any sign that a broader national protest movement is emerging out of local disputes. So far, this seems unlikely. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea. This issue is highly charged in Vietnam, where suspicion of China runs high. Any move by China to assert sovereignty over disputed islands in the South China Sea, or perceived weakness by Vietnam on this issue, could galvanise broad based support for demonstrations.

Economic Risks in Vietnam Since the s, the Vietnamese economy has been experiencing dynamic economic growth, driven by international trade and foreign investment. The country experienced a growth rate of 6.

Fiqh Sunnah (Jilid 4)

Exports constitute a significant contribution to Vietnam's GDP and certain sectors, such as industrial production, textile, electronics and seafood production have been growing rapidly. Vietnam has been going through an economic renovation since In , the Amended Constitution recognized the role of private sector in the economy, and in the U.

Since then, the government has been launching reforms in all key sectors of the economy and privatising public companies.

Altogether, the government has said they intend to sell stakes in at least companies by through direct sales or IPOs. Through FDI, Vietnam now produces high-value technology assets.

Vietnamese foreign trade continues to benefit from the relocation of Chinese factories. Controlled inflation and improved access to credit sustained the consumption of Vietnamese households. However, the banking system is fragile, which hampers business investment.

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In a self-governing Muhammadan coun- try when the Sultan has appointed a non-Muslim Governor, the Muslims of the place may hold Friday prayers and the Qadi of that place will be regarded, although appointed by the non- Muslim Governor, as if he had been appointed by the consent of the Muslims. However, it should be reduced as the privatisation programme continues.

American Economic Review, 1 , Mainstream media outlets remain fully under the control and direction of the Communist Party so many people follow independent bloggers for their news updates. Whose akhlaq becomes better, the comprehension of his religion must be better. Vietnam has seen a rising number of strikes, protests and land disputes, often affecting foreign businesses.

My web-site: The other reason that Islamic boarding schools in South Kalimantan are interesting to study is because the different character with Islamic boarding school in Java island as the biggest Islamic boarding school base in Indonesia.

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