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Oct 3, Want to download "mamata banerjee-ke jemon dekhechhi"by dipak kumar ghosh . I've been waiting for this book since long. I admire the writer. 14 results for Books: Dipak Ghosh. Skip to main by Dipak Ghosh and Dr. Ashok Kumar Mallick | 1 January . Mamata Banerjee-As I have known her. Jun 6, Download .. Dipak ghosh's book on mamata bannerjee. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The writer Dipak Kumar Ghosh is grateful for all the.

This writer would be happy, if she can disprove any of the corruption charges levelled by this writer. While writing the chapters of this booklet, this writer was feeling exactly the same way Thomas Beckett had felt when he was at the gateway to London Oh God, instead of serving the King Henry VIII, and now facing certain death, if I had only served You!

His only fault was that he could not approve of his Kings abandoning the first queen, the mother of Mary who had become the queen after Henry VIII, and the Kings second marriage with Anne Bolin, a commoner.

This writer was abandoned by Mamata Banerjee by her act of extreme perfidy in announcing his name as the AITC candidate for the Diamond Harbour seat on the eve of the last Assembly elections and then after sometime the same evening, announcing that inclusion of his name in the list was a printing mistake and the actual candidates name would be Dipak Haldar, an youth leader instead of Dipak Ghosh.

What prompted her to do this volte face? To test her self-proclaimed love for honesty and integrity, this writer had sent her a benami note to keep out a number of corrupt IAS and IPS officers, a number of whom had joined the party after retirement, from the list of AITC candidates for the Assembly polls.

She could not do that as all these persons had contributed a fraction of their huge ill-gotten money while working as public servants. She would simply lap up her followers hailing her as the Symbol of Honesty, but unfortunately for her, this writer has very closely observed during the unlucky 13 years of his closely working with her, Mamatas love for falsehood, her corrupt ways of politicking and over everything else, her extreme greed for money while all the time posing in public of leading a Spartan life as if she was very poor and her public show of charity for the poor.

Whatever this writer has written in the Chapter after Chapter is supported by documents placed at the end of the concerned Chapter for the knowledge of those who either believed in the opposite because they did not have access to these documents or blindly believed in the propaganda always first whispered by her to her few slave-like close greedy followers about her intolerance for dishonesty in both public and private lives.

Professor Stephen Hawkings last words in his recorded speech, delivered in his absence, to about a thousand men and women from the World of Physics assembled in a function organized by the Cambridge University to honour him on his 70th birthday on 8th January last were, The world is beautiful! The experience of living is still more beautiful! This writer also feels the same way.

To keep a small part of this world, West Bengal beautiful, this writer put pen to paper to warm the people here to open their eyes and find out for themselves what a mistake they had done so that they can decide what is to be done. The English is horrible, but one must read this book to know her extreme love for falsehood and dishonesty under the cover of the propaganda for truth and honesty.

This writer had taken extreme caution by sending question after question under section 6 i of The Right To Information Act, to the Govt.

Expelled leader slams TMC in book

Now let the people judge and decide if her role as the symbol of anti-CPM-ism being over, she should quit politics for ever to save the state from her extreme misrule. Some way out should be found and found right now as with every passing day she is causing very grievous and irreparable damage to Bengal Maa , its soil Maati and her people Manush.

The well-meaning about M. The Congress M.

The non-C. All these M. He had come to know Ajit Kumar Panja, one of the most efficient ministers in Siddhartha Rays cabinet and had found him always cool, composed and hard-working. Why a leader like him walked out of the AICC session and joined Mamatas rally of the Youth Congress workers the question churned in his mind.

This writer had joined the Congress, courtesy the Provincial Congress President Somen Mitra on 1st November, the day after he had retired from 37 long years in Govt. The Committee started meeting in a room of Nizam Palace in early January, the year of another election to the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal.

He was taken to the first meeting of the Committee by Subrata Mukherjee, who was nicknamed Tarmuj water-melon by Mamata in The nick-name had stuck. The Committee had some lively discussions in a number of weekly meetings. But, as soon as the election was announced in March, all Congress leaders rushed to Delhi with their own lists of candidates.

A big intra-party quarrel was kicked up by Mamata Banerjee that she had been betrayed and the names of some Congressmen, like Adhir Chowdhury, Sankar Singh, Sultan Ahmed, etc. Mamata had staged a drama of hanging herself to death by her black shawl standing on the bonnet of the car.

Her open opposition to many Congress candidates ensured their defeat in the Assembly election. Otherwise, that year the Congress would have got more than hundred seats in the Assembly it stopped at Many Congress M. They suspected these leaders as pro-CPM and therefore as Tarmuj. The elected Youth Congress members whom Mamata had personally chosen as candidates remained loyal to her.

A group of 4 such M. The Congress Legislative Party leader suspended the four M.

But, they adopted time-killing tactics and after this writer had become an M. This writer had heard that Mamata Banerjee was accessible to any person wanting to meet her and her tiled-roof residence-cum-office was always full of such persons.

This writer decided to take a chance as he desperately wanted an early farewell to the CPM Govt. As this writer entered Harish Chatterjee Street in Kalighat Area walking the distance from the Metro Rail Station at Jatin Das Park Hazra crossing, he was attracted to a huge bill-board on the left with the soulstirring words of Swami Vivekananda written in Bengali, Everything can be discarded for truth, but truth cannot be discarded for anything under the big face of a smiling Mamata.

Swamijis name or face was not there. This writer thought that anybody not knowing Swamijis words could mistake these as Mamatas words. It disturbed this writer a little. This writer realised her tactics to befool the ordinary people with such quotations from others like Rabindranath if nobody responds to your call, then march alone also being used in a manner in many of her posters and banners to befool the common people who had never read Vivekananda, Rabindranath or Nazrul and to make them believe that these were indeed Mamatas words.

She can mesmerize the ordinary folks by her way of playacting, telling limericks and raising soul-stirring slogans on the dais of any public meeting anywhere. She has fully studied various ways to attract the common people by words alone, they donot bother for actions to fulfill the promises made.

She welcomed this writer with a broad smile. She must have realized that she had caught a big-fish in her net as this writer was the first retired IAS officer to join her bandwagon. She asked him to take charge of all draftings of letters, memoranda etc. Then came Dr. Sengupta and Dr. Sarkar, both retd. IAS officers. The retd. Sarkar, IAS Retd. He came with Rachpal Singh, another retd.

Then came Md. Safwai, Abani Joardar and the latest to join is Rajat Mazumder. The details about each one of them are given in the Chapter Mamatas Navaratna Sabha. By mid-December, everything was finalized to float Mamatas party. Mamata had first asked this writer to draw up a proper election symbol for the party.

This writer regretted his inability pleading that she was a great painter herself. In fact, the symbol of Two flowers and the grass was sketched by herself on the table of the Election Commission of India in New Delhi when she and Ajit Panja, the required 2 sitting M.

So was born Trinamool Congress and the common people soon learnt by heart the name of Mamatas party TMC and its symbol. Earlier, it was decided to announce the formation of the new party at a public meeting at Shyambazar 5-point crossing.

The decided day was December 29, Mamata asked this writer and Dr. Sarkar to first go to her residence-office so that they could accompany her to the meeting. This journey started at about 3.

Ajit Panja came from his Girish Park residence, hardly a km. It was found there that Manisankar Aiyar and almost all the leaders, who were blind followers of Mamata, had already assembled there.

There she announced the formation of the new party with its name Trinamool Congress and declared who will contest which Loksabha seat in the coming Loksabha election to be held on February 28, This writer had earlier told her that he was not interested in electoral politics. But she announced his name also for the tough Arambag seat. Manisankar Aiyar was given the Darjeeling seat. But, later he did not join the new party and went back to Congress, i.

Although, he was assassinated in May, his widow Sonia Gandhi took him back. Ultimately, Mamata agreed to delete this writers name and left the Arambag seat to the B. In the elections, as against only 1 one seat won by the Congress by the legendary A. Sarkar , Barasat Dr.

The ally B.

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Vajpayees 2nd Govt. Mamatas plea was that T.

Sarkar by Dr. Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar, her old friend. Sengupta, IAS Retd. Senguptas defeat in and the Nabadwip seat was won by Ananda Mohon Biswas, a new entrant from the Congress. TMCs ally B. She also decided to upgrade the party-name by prefixing the words All India to its original name Trinamool Congress.

The party did send a letter of protest and the concerned middleman withdrew his allegations, although there were small cases of corruption like 1 appointment of own people in the Railway Ministry, 2 distribution of petty contracts like supply of water-bottles given to some T.

Mamata Banerjee became a very popular Railways Minister by introducing many new Mail, Express and local trains, many new projects of new rail-lines and above all by announcing setting up a large number of new rail factories for wagon, coach and engine manufacturing all over the country, specially in West Bengal, announcing no increase in rail fare and announcing cheap monthly tickets for daily local travel of the poor.

2 more potato farmers commit suicide in Bengal, tally goes up to 5

But, that she was doing all these without providing for augmenting income became clear, when she asked for much larger grant from the general budget. Within 2 years, , she brought the railways to the brink of financial disaster by refusing to listen to saner voices from within the Ministry and from the Finance Ministry to balance her budget.

She became desperate to escape. However, the election to the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal was fast approaching. Pankaj Banerjee worked meticulously and prepared a list. The bound khata is now in this writers possession. Eventually Mamata left only 39 seats for the BJP. The BJP swallowed such humiliation.

Gujarat riots were a year away and most of the TMC martyrs were Muslims indicating clearly that the village Muslims have been deserting CPM in large numbers.

But Mamata is a born tyrant. How can she approve the list prepared by Pankaj Banerjee? She made about 30 thirty changes and in all these 30 seats, the TMC lost because the more fit TMC men were replaced whimsically. The final list of candidates was published on March 8, She went to Delhi the next day.

Vajpayeejee told her not to quit the Ministry only for campaigning in West Bengal, but to remain mostly there during the campaign period. Then came the Tehelka Bombshell on the basis of photos taken secretly during a sting operation. The T. Channels beamed the photographs on 12th March night. Mamata came to know about it the same night and convened an emergency meeting of T.

She spoke and everyone listened. The ultimatum to the Prime Minister was drafted giving him 72 hours i. The letter was sent on the 13th March giving the P. Pankaj Banerjee received a copy over fax and showed it to this writer.

Both he and this writer panicked, because we had information of her secret parleys with P. Dasmunshi and a senior pro-Congress journalist on the pay-roll of Dasmunshi. A meeting of all TMC leaders was held in the S. Banerjee Road residence of Sudip Banerjee, M. Mayor Subrata Mukherjee arrived there straight from the Airport he had gone to Tokyo on an official visit.

When Ajit Panja, the partys national Chairman, proposed to leave the NDA, Subrata Mukherjee made a strong protest saying that one should not change boat in the midstream.

When this writer also protested, Mamata whispered in his ear, Dipakda, you do not know, how they the BJP show utter contempt for us. He was stunned.

All of us knew that both Vajpayee and Fernandez simply loved Mamata. She herself had estranged L. Advani, the Deputy P.

This writer softly asked, What are you saying. She quickly opened her jhola a large cloth bag she carried everywhere - brought out a piece of paper and showed it to this writer. It was a letter from the Finance Minister Yashovant Sinha a retired IAS officer of batch this writer of batch had worked with him in Delhi between , when he was a Joint Secretary in the Finance Ministry and this writer was working in the Steel Ministry.

The letter read something like the following : My dear Mamataji, I have seen your letter requesting for additional grant of Rs. The procedure is to first get the projects cleared by the Planning Commission and then discussed between us. However, such a large sum cannot be given in a year.

We may meet after I come back from Mumbai. Sinha This writer wondered, how this letter shows any sign of utter contempt for a cabinet colleague and this writer was really worried and hurriedly said that, since we had given 3 days time to the P. She did not agree. Everybody else, nodded at her proposal and the final decision was taken. Ajit Panja would soon rue his decision to agree with Mamata.

The Highway, Yes. But Not Her Way!

The evening news in T. He really loved Mamata. A planned "black flag" protest was avoided, when the government had Santoso arrive three hours ahead of schedule.

She was provoked by Speaker Somnath Chatterjee 's rejection of her adjournment motion on illegal infiltration by Bangladeshis in West Bengal [42] [43] [44] on the grounds that it was not in the proper format. Banerjee reached the West Bengal assembly and protested at the venue. She addressed a press conference at the assembly and announced a hour shutdown by her party on Friday.

The alliance won 26 seats. Banerjee joined the central cabinet as the railway minister second tenure.

Her party ended the year rule of the Left Front. TMC threatened to withdraw support from UPA in protest at the government's decision to allow foreign direct investment FDI in retail markets, and also against a hike of petrol diesel prices and gave a deadline of 72 hours to withdraw the reforms. On 18 September , Banarjee declared her party had withdrawn support from the UPA and ran independently.

The TMC's minister submitted her resignation on 21 September At least 14 villagers were shot dead and 70 more were wounded. This led to a large number of intellectuals to protest on the streets. Her political activism during the movement is widely believed to be one of the contributing causes to her landslide victory in They did so only to disperse the unlawful assembly after every other standard operating procedure had failed.

Its allies in congress and SUCI also won six and one seat respectively marking the best performance by any opposition party in West Bengal since the beginning of the Left's regime.

Until then, the Congress victory of 16 seats in , was considered their best show in opposition. She is the first woman to hold the office. Want to download "mamata banerjee-ke jemon dekhechhi"by dipak kumar ghosh.

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I've been waiting for this book since long. I admire the writer for his courage.. Mamata Banerjee. Version 3. What's new in this version: Version 3.Mamata, who was responsible for the ouster of George Fernandez from the Central Defence Ministry, again invited him to the TMC public meeting at Contai at the end of , as she had realized her mistake that an once estranged Georgeda should be mollified to help her get a good portfolio at the centre, if not the Railway Ministry.

This writer lost by only 48, votes as against the normal 2.

She spoke and everyone listened. Work on the Digha-Howrah Express service was also hastened during her brief tenure. She could have one more Cabinet-rank Minister, but preferred to remain alone in the Cabinet and remained happy with 6 six Ministers of State.

This writer started an investigation on being tipped off in this matter several years back.

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