Chief Ministers and Governors List: In this post we are providing you updated list of Chief Ministers and Governors. You can download PDF from the link. Biggest Dams in India Static Gk PDF Notes | Download. Looking for the updated list of all the Current Chief Ministers of India? You can also download the list as PDF to refer it anytime you want!. Here is a complete list of capitals, Chief Ministers and Governors of States and Union Territories of India in easy-to-remember pdf format.

Chief Ministers Of India Pdf

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Gr8AmbitionZ provides latest list of Chief Ministers and Governors of India Read through our blogs and download pdf version of the lists. Candidates can download All Static gk PDF from our website. STATE, CAPITAL, GOVERNORS OF INDIA, CHIEF MINISTERS OF INDIA. State, Chief Minister. Andhra Pradesh, Shri. Nara Chandrababu Naidu. Arunachal Pradesh, Shri Pema Khandu. Assam, Shri Sarbananda.

List of current Indian chief ministers

With the help of media, the CM communicates all policies and decisions to the people of the state. All major decisions in the state are taken by the CM with the support of the council of ministers.

The state government is financially aided by the Centre, in terms of resources and materials. Salary of Chief Minister The salary of Chief Minister of a state in India, like that of the prime minister of the country, is accompanied by a number of other allowances, besides the basic pay, such as constituency allowances, sumptuary allowances tax free and daily allowances. The salary of the CM is decided by the respective state legislatures in the country, as per Article of the Indian Constitution.

Thus it varies from one state to another. Facilities availed by the Chief Minister The facilities given to the Chief Minister of a state can include medical facilities, residential facilities, reimbursement of electricity and phone charges, traveling facilities and many more.

The amount allotted for each of these facilities to the Chief Minister varies from one state to another, as these are specifically detailed in the respective state legislatures of the country. Medical facilities: In accordance with the Medical Attendance Rules, the Chief Minister is entitled to avail free medical treatment, reimbursement and free accommodation in all hospitals run by the Government and other referral hospitals declared by the government.

Residence facilities:The Chief Minister is entitled to a rent-free and well furnished residence.

The amount, however, can vary in different states. In case, the Chief Minister decides to stay in his or her own house, the value of the house rental is paid to the Chief Minister.


Reimbursement of electricity and phone charges:The Chief Minister is entitled to a fixed amount of money as reimbursement against phone call charges made in a month. A fixed quantity of electricity units are allotted free of cost to the Chief Minister, for the monthly consumption of electricity.

Travelling facilities: The Chief Minister is allotted a fixed amount of money for his or her traveling expenses within the jurisdiction of the country, in a year.

This amount also varies, as outlined in Article of the Indian Constitution. Selection Process of Chief Minister The appointing authority is the governor, who suggests a vote of confidence procedurally in the state legislature, to establish the selection of the Chief Minister.

According to the Westminster model of parliamentary system that India follows, the Chief Minister is not elected directly by the people of a state. The people only elect particular representatives from various constituencies in a state, as members of the state legislature or the Vidhan Sabha MLAs.

He holds office during the pleasure of the President.

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Any citizen of 35 years of age and above is eligible but he must not hold any other office of profit, nor be a Member of Parliament or State Legislature.

He is a big thinker and a Tech Enthusiast. Sir I had required this information so much for my exam thank you so much for sharing this article. Balram das ji tandon is no more.

Who is the present governer of chattisgarh???? Like National War Memorial dedicated by pm. Not mentioned Date.

Tenure of the Chief Minister is maximum for five years. Who is the Governor? Post Views: View all posts.

I subscribe you. Karnataka chief minister change ….. Thanks a lot for this exam oriented data.Thus it varies from one state to another.

If you have already gone through the syllabus, you will know that one important section of the exam paper is the Current Affairs section. In case, the Chief Minister decides to stay in his or her own house, the value of the house rental is paid to the Chief Minister.

Chief Ministers

So it's time to refresh your old list of CMs and Governors of India. Karnataka chief minister change …..

Important Current Affairs 13th April in Hindi

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