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आप इस “indian history pdf notes in hindi” के Book मे भारत के इतिहास की कई महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी आपको प्राचीन इतिहास(Ancient History). NCERT 10 to 12 (old) History Book Download in Hindi. Link – Sir plz download the sixth class book of ancient history by romilla thapar. KusI'. 3 दिन पहले All · Previous Year Paper · Mathematics · Handwritten Notes · Engineering · NCERT · GK · Reasoning · Hindi · Current Affairs · English · History.

War was used to enrich the state, the imperial ruling classes, and favored client groups. In the process millions of people were killed or enslaved. Within the empire the landowning elite creamed off the wealth of the countryside to pay taxes to the state and fund the towns and villas where they lived.

The masses of people—slaves, serfs and poor peasants—were victims of a grand exploitation that made the empire possible. This system, riddled with tension and latent conflict, contained the seeds of its own eventual collapse. Irving Finkel ed. Some historical artifacts are destined forever to alter how the ancient world is perceived.

This important volume is the first to discuss the Cylinder and its remarkable history.

Fisher, Slavery in Classical Greece. This is an authoritative and clearly written account of the main issues involved in the study of Greek slavery from Homeric times to the fourth century B. It provides valuable insights into the fundamental place of slavery in the economies and social life of classical Greece, and includes penetrating analyses of the widely-held ancient ideological justifications of slavery.

Throughout, the author shows how political and economic systems, ideas of national identity, work and gender, and indeed the fundamental nature of Greek civilization itself, were all profoundly affected by the fact that many of the Greek city-states were slave societies. African Kingdoms on the Nile. For most of the modern world, ancient Nubia seems an unknown and enigmatic land. Only a handful of archaeologists have studied its history or unearthed the Nubian cities, temples, and cemeteries that once dotted the landscape of southern Egypt and northern Sudan.

This book attempts to document some of what has recently been discovered about ancient Nubia, with its remarkable history, architecture, and culture, and thereby to give us a picture of this rich, but unfamiliar, African legacy. Benjamin R. In Civilizations of Ancient Iraq, Benjamin and Karen Foster tell the fascinating story of ancient Mesopotamia from the earliest settlements ten thousand years ago to the Arab conquest in the seventh century. Adrian Goldsworthy, The Fall of Carthage.

The Punic Wars — B. Thanks to one of the finest historians of our time, this sweeping saga comes to life anew for modern audiences. The cast of endlessly fascinating characters includes the generals Hannibal and Scipio, as well as treacherous chieftains, beautiful princesses, scheming politicians, and tough professional warriors. Adrian Goldsworthy, Antony and Cleopatra. In this remarkable dual biography of the two great lovers of the ancient world, Goldsworthy goes beyond myth and romance to create a nuanced and historically acute portrayal of his subjects, set against the political backdrop of their time.

A history of lives lived intensely at a time when the world was changing profoundly, the book takes readers on a journey that crosses cultures and boundaries from ancient Greece and ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire. Martin Goodman, Rome and Jerusalem. The Clash of Ancient Civilizations.

A magisterial history of the titanic struggle between the Roman and Jewish worlds that led to the destruction of Jerusalem. Lester L. Grabbe, Ancient Israel. In Ancient Israel Lester L. Grabbe sets out to summarize what we know through a survey of sources and how we know it by a discussion of methodology and by evaluating the evidence. Grabbe focuses on original sources, including inscriptions, papyri, and archaeology.

He examines the problems involved in historical methodology and deals with the major issues surrounding the use of the biblical text when writing a history of this period. The book begins with the personality and achievements of Alexander the Great, and continues with the military and political violence of the successor-kingdoms that fought over his inheritance.

This era saw many important developments—a shift from the oral to the written; a move from the public to the private and a new individualist ethos; a huge growth in slavery; a growing gap between rich and poor; a growing taste for luxury.

Written and illustrated some 3, years ago, The Egyptian Book of the Dead is an artistic rendering of the mysteries of life and death. For the first time since its creation, this ancient papyrus is now available in full color with an integrated English translation directly below each image. Judith P. Skinner eds. This collection of essays seeks to establish Roman constructions of sexuality and gender difference as a distinct area of research, complementing work already done on Greece to give a fuller picture of ancient sexuality.

By applying feminist critical tools to forms of public discourse, including literature, history, law, medicine, and political oratory, the essays explore the hierarchy of power reflected so strongly in most Roman sexual relations. Judith Harris, Pompeii Awakened. A Story of Rediscovery.

On that fateful day in A. Not until did it emerge from its layer of volcanic rock, and the impact of that discovery was immediate and far-reaching. Judith Harris has delved into ancient diaries and descended deep underground to assess the latest excavations. As the sleeping city re-awakens in her hands, Pompeii casts its spell once more, bewitching those who seek to unearth its buried secrets.

Zahi Hawass, Mountains of the Pharaohs. The Untold Story of the Pyramid Builders. The great pyramids of Giza have intrigued humanity for thousands of years. Recent cutting-edge research has uncovered information about how and why they were built.

In Mountains of the Pharaohs, Zahi Hawass, a world-renowned archaeologist, weaves the latest archaeological data and an enthralling family history into a spellbinding narrative. Zahi Hawass, Silent Images. Women in Pharaonic Egypt. Our endless fascination with ancient Egypt owes much to the beauty of the tomb paintings, statuary, temple reliefs, and other magnificent artworks that are the legacy of this remarkable culture.

But despite the multitude of objects and texts that have survived, questions abound, particularly about the true role of women in Egyptian society. Iron Age Warrior Queen.

Iron Age Warrior Queen is an account of what we know about the real woman, from classical literature, written for the consumption of readers in Rome, and from the archaeological evidence.

It also traces her extraordinary posthumous career as the earliest famous woman in British history. Tom Holland, Rubicon. In 49 B. Combining verve and freshness with scrupulous scholarship, Rubicon is not only an engrossing history of this pivotal era but a uniquely resonant portrait of a great civilization in all its extremes of self-sacrifice and rivalry, decadence and catastrophe, intrigue, war, and world-shaking ambition.

In The Colosseum we learn the details of how the arena was built and at what cost; we are introduced to the emperors who sometimes fought in gladiatorial games staged there; and we take measure of the audience who reveled in, or opposed, these games.

The authors also trace the strange afterlife of the monument—as fortress, shrine of martyrs, church, and glue factory. Why are we so fascinated with this arena of death? Janos Harmatta, B. Etemadi, History of Civilizations of Central Asia. Volume 2 of a series that chronicles the ancient history of Central Asia.

Salima Ikram, Ancient Egypt. An Introduction. Beginning with a geographical overview that explains the development of Egyptian belief systems as well as its subsequent political development, this book examines methodology, the history of the discipline of Egyptology, religion, social organization, urban and rural life, and death. It also includes a section on how people of all ranks lived. Lavishly illustrated with many unusual photographs of rarely seen sites that are seldom illustrated.

Death, burial, and the afterlife were as important to the ancient Egyptians as how they lived. This well-illustrated book explores all aspects of death in ancient Egypt, including beliefs of the afterlife, mummification, the protection of the body, tombs and their construction and decoration, funerary goods, and the funeral itself. It also addresses the relationship between the living and the dead, and the magico-religious interaction of these two in ancient Egyptian culture.

Sandra R. Joshel, Slavery in the Roman World. Rome was a slave society. Slavery fundamentally shaped Roman society and culture. In this book, Sandra Joshel offers a comprehensive overview of Roman slavery. Using a variety of sources, including literature, law, and material culture, she examines the legal condition of Roman slaves, traces the stages of the sale of slaves, analyzes the relations between slaves and slaveholders, and details the social and family lives of slaves.

Homa Katouzian, The Persians.

Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran. Writing from an Iranian rather than a European perspective, Katouzian integrates the significant cultural and literary history of Iran with its political and social history. A magisterial history, this book also serves as an excellent background to the role of Iran in the contemporary world. David Kessler, The Falashas.

A Short History of the Ethiopian Jews. Drawing on tradition and legend to reinforce his argument, Kessler traces the source of the Ethiopian Jewish community to the Jewish settlements which existed in ancient Egypt particularly at Elephantine on the Nile and in the ancient Meroitic Kingdom, in present day Sudan known in the Bible as Cush.

The story told in this book is remarkable, heroic and stimulating and makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the history of the horn of Africa. Paul Kriwaczek, Babylon. Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilization. In Babylon, Paul Kriwaczek tells the story of Mesopotamia from the earliest settlements seven thousand years ago to the eclipse of Babylon in the sixth century B. At the heart of this book is the story of Babylon, which rose to prominence under the Amorite king Hammuramibi from about B.

Paul Kriwaczek, In Search of Zarathustra. Long before the first Hebrew temple, before the birth of Christ or the mission of Muhammad, there lived in Persia a prophet to whom we owe the ideas of a single god, the cosmic struggle between good and evil, and the Apocalypse. His name was Zarathustra, and his teachings eventually held sway from the Indus to the Nile and spread as far as Britain.

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He explores pre-Muslim Iran and Central Asia, ultimately bringing us face to face with the prophet himself, a teacher whose radical humility shocked and challenged his age, and whose teachings have had an enduring effect on Western thought. The result is a tour de force of travel and historical inquiry by an adventurer in the classic tradition. Gwendolyn Leick, Mesopotamia. The Invention of the City. Situated in an area roughly corresponding to present-day Iraq, Mesopotamia is one of the great, ancient civilizations, though it is still relatively unknown.

Yet, over 7, years ago in Mesopotamia, the very first cities were created. This is the first book to reveal how life was lived in ten Mesopotamian cities: from Eridu, the Mesopotamian Eden, to that potent symbol of decadence, Babylon, the first true metropolis—multicultural, multi-ethnic, the last center of a dying civilization.

To get good marks in the geography segment we suggest the following books 1. Oxford School Atlas — Oxford 5. Environment 6. The nature of questions are more oriented towards the state polictical structure and mostly the article number have been asked in the UPPCS Prelims Paper.

In addition Indian Polity by Laxmikant, please also read the bare constitution as well because it will help the candidates to associate the Article number with its explaination. Indian Polity by Laxmikant 2. Contitution of India Text 3.

Ancient History NCERT PDF in Hindi Download

General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change — that do not require subject specialization. General awareness of the subject is expected from candidates.

Uttar Pradesh Prelims Exam always ask the Economy questions from the current economic scenario revailing in the country. To cover all the topics in Economy, the candidates are suggested to read the newspaper on a daily basis. The Economy questions are more factual in orientation such as the highest vegetable production in the country, largest milk producer and the likes.

Some of the important books are as follows: 1. Indian Economy — Ramesh Singh. Economy 2.

Economic Survey. Economy UPPCS Exam Detail Syllabus General Science Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of Science including matters of every day observation and experience, as may be expected of a well educated person, who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline.

Simple concepts of Science have been asked in the paper. Questions from Physics and Biology have been asked in the abundance in the past.

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Environment and ecology ke lia kya pde. Tell me Hindi medium books for IAS preparation. Tell me the author n books for public administration in hindi…. Sir mai civil engineer hu or mujhe hindi me upsc exam dena h kya esa ho sakta h.

100 Must-Read Books about Ancient History

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Hello… Friends,…..Exploring Ancient Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Sir IAS ke liye economics bhaut jyada jruri hai kya? A history se kiya hu or mujhe IAS ke tayari karni or sir mai village se hu to sir kya hame yahi rah ke tayari karni chahiya ya kahi or ja ke.

In this remarkable dual biography of the two great lovers of the ancient world, Goldsworthy goes beyond myth and romance to create a nuanced and historically acute portrayal of his subjects, set against the political backdrop of their time. The result is a tour de force of travel and historical inquiry by an adventurer in the classic tradition. Life Science ke liye konsi Book Leni chahiye? There have been dozens of new excavations, and because Barry is the doyen of Egyptian archaeology, he has his finger right on the pulse of all the new work that is going on.

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