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Current publishing houses visibly have an increasingly better ear for Turkish authors and publish with rising courage their works that, except for the case of Orhan Pamuk, do not yield considerable commercial effects.

They also often rely on the opinion of translators who are predominantly excellent experts on Turkish Literature. The Publishers of Works Translated from Turkish Language The majority of works from Turkish language seven in total was published by the publishing house Geopoetika from Belgrade that holds the exclusive right to publish books by Orhan Pamuk.

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Other publishers have published only one or two novels. What we hold as a good indicator is the fact that increasing number of publishing houses is getting involved in publishing of translations of Turkish works, as well as the fact that such works are predominantly translated from Turkish. In addition to Geopoetika, the following publishers published translations from Turkish language: There are no pieces of Diwan literature, and the folk poetry is represented only through one collection of poems.

Contemporary poetry and essay literature are much underrepresented. It is Turkish authors of young generation that are translated into Serbian language. The novel dominates as a favorite literary form. There are 19 novels, 2 scientific monographs, 1 collection of short stories and 3 collections of poems. Please, give numbers here by genre. Unlike in the earlier times, after Turkish literature has been much underrepresented in journals and magazines.

Turkish Literature Translators The period was marked by the succession of generations of translators from Turkish language. Thus far, in this short span of time, the new generation has contributed to the Serbian translation literature far more than a generation of translators did over several decades.

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The following translators of the young generation particularly stand out: It cannot be said that Serbia disposes of specialists who deal exclusively with literary translation from Turkish language. It is the activity that turcologists practice along with teaching, scientific or some other regular engagement. The works of Turkish authors are being translated from the world languages as well, although to a much lesser extent.

Four books in total have been translated from English and one book from German.

Generally speaking, the post translations are competent and reliable. The translations that particularly stand out are: The Reception of Translated Works Majority of translated books has been well received by the Serbian reading public. Subsequent editions of certain titles as well as reviews in journals and newspapers testify that the works by Orhan Pamuk incite the greatest interest among the readers.

One notes that there is no proper literary criticism of the works of Turkish authors. Promotions of new titles are rarely organized. There are reviews in newspapers and journals. That is not the case with other Turkish authors whose work does not attract too much attention despite the quality of their books. Turkish literature is still underrepresented in Serbia.

The enduring translation work performed in the course of the past ten years created the conditions for inclusion of higher number of qualified translators in pursuance of this activity and making production more prolific and meaningful. There are some good examples that contributed to more translations.

In May Orhan Pamuk, the celebrated Turkish novelist, visited Belgrade as a special guest of Geopoetika, the exclusive publisher of his books in Serbia. He had several press conferences and a special meeting with his readers who were in long queues waiting for him to sign the books.

At the moment one private television is broadcasting two Turkish TV novels that are very popular and help increasing interest in Turkish culture, literature and life style.

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Translations via other languages Turkish literature has been mainly translated from Turkish. The Classical Age was printed in Translations of Serbian Literature in Turkey There has always been a pronounced interest in Yugoslav literature in Turkey, more pronounced than was the case with the interest in Turkish literature in Yugoslavia. Serbian literature is also better presented in Turkey than is the case with the Turkish literature in Serbia. For instance, prior to twenty-three books from Yugoslav literature had been published in the time span of over 40 years.

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The members of the Turkish national minority in Kosovo and Macedonia played a significant role in translation of Serbian literature into Turkish. Currently, the following books of Serbian authors are offered in Turkey: Only ten years ago the emergence of a translated book from Turkish stood for a rarity.

Many Turkish authors managed to transcend the boarders of their country and language whereby they merited attention of the audiences worldwide. Serbia, as a country, is increasingly interested in various literatures.

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Turkish literature among them is perceived as close by its mentality and the emotion it is charged with, and it is absorbing and attractive due to its oriental spirit that is setting up a common language with the contemporary world.

Narodna knjiga-Alfa, Beograd: Arka, Smederevo: Utopija, Beograd: Geopoetika, Beograd: PS- Editor-IP: Alnari, Beograd: Plavo slovo. Bookline ; Novi Pazar: El-Kelimeh, Sarajevo: Narodna knjiga - Alfa, [Kyra Esther. El- Kelimeh, Sarajevo: Memories and the City by Orhan Pamuk] Okean, Beograd: Mladinska knjiga, Beograd: Margo art. Quick links. Post Reply. Will be grateful for any help! I'll be really very grateful. Zoanthids, sometimes called zoas, are popular, hardy corals.

They will occasionally suffer from a pest or disease that may be introduced with them or by new tank inhabitants. Park51 - Wikipedia ; Park51 originally named Cordoba House is a development that was originally envisioned as a story Islamic community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan.

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The developers hoped to promote an interfaith dialogue within the greater community. Due to its proposed location two blocks from the World Trade Center site, it was widely and controversially referred to as the "Ground Zero mosque".

There is a new invention that everyone who smokes should really learn about.Debating the limits of patriotism.

Therefore, it often happened that insignificant and weak authors were presented as prominent Turkish men of letters, and their works as supreme literary achievements. Serbian literature is also better presented in Turkey than is the case with the Turkish literature in Serbia. Displaced performativity.

The quality of these translations was at a significantly higher level in comparison to the period before The literary translation from Turkish language in the period between and was predominantly carried out by turkologists and excellent experts on Turkish language and literary currents in Turkey. While todays cosmopolitans are historically located at the crossroads of cultures, their education is still teaching them the rudiments of other cultures but nothing about the triangulation of cultural sensitivity.

Aporia is used in its double sense: Such situation changed after the Second World War when the socialist Yugoslavia became wide open to cultures and literatures from all parts of the world.

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