BWS YWE Scooter pdf manual download. Also for: Bws , Related Manuals for YAMAHA BWS YWE Scooter Yamaha YB50 Service Manual. YAMAHA BWS YWE OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download. Yamaha Bws Repair Manual Preparing the books to read every day is enjoyable for many. The Yamaha BWS or otherwise referred to as the YW Sometimes called the a very rare cc model. This service manual is for the 2 stroke model cc, but should be helpful for other cc models as well. PDF split into 2 smaller parts.

Yamaha Bws 100 Service Manual Pdf

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Yamaha Bws Service Manual - [Free] Yamaha Bws Service Manual [ PDF] [EPUB] View and Download Yamaha CW50L service. free download yamaha bws service manual sachs madass pdf clair de lune faur broom02volvy zacro allergane ou presque la cuisine de jeanne b ecoute. Yamaha | BWS YWE | Owner`s manual | Yamaha BWS YWE .. Regular care and maintenance are essential for preserving your scooter's value and.

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Features may include: Engine. Kickstand for a Yamaha Zuma 50 scooter? I am trying to locate a left side lean over kick stand I can add without removing my factory kick stand. My Zuma is now broken in. Yamaha Zuma Yamaha Zuma 50 V. Place the front protection bar in the original position and install the bolts.

Panel B 1. Removal 1. Remove panel B. Refer to page for removal and installation procedures. Remove the spark plug cap. Use the spark plug wrench in the tool kit to remove the spark plug as shown. To install Place the panel in the original position and install the screws. Inspection The spark plug is an important engine component and is easy to inspect.

The condition of the spark plug can indicate the condition of the engine. Tightening torque: Spark plug: Do not attempt to diagnose such problems yourself.

Instead, take the scooter to a Yamaha dealer. You should periodically remove and inspect the spark plug because heat and deposits will cause any spark plug to slowly break down and erode. If electrode erosion becomes excessive, or if carbon and other deposits are excessive, you should replace the spark plug. Specified spark plug: Spark plug gap Installation 1. Measure the electrode gap with a wire thickness gauge and, if necessary, adjust the gap to specification.

Have the spark plug tightened to the specified torque as soon as possible. Install the panel.

Spark plug gap: Clean the gasket surface. Wipe off any grime from the threads.


Install the spark plug and tighten it to the specified torque, then replace the spark plug cap. Oil filler cap 1. EAU Final gear oil replacement 1. Put the scooter on the centerstand. Place an oil pan under the final gear case. Remove the oil filler cap and the drain bolt to drain the oil.

Install and tighten the drain bolt to the specified torque.

Drain bolt: Recommended final gear oil: Be sure oil does not get on the tire or wheel. Install the oil filler cap. It should be cleaned more frequently if you are riding in unusually wet or dusty areas. Remove the carburetor joint clamp. After replacing the final gear oil, be sure to check for oil leakage.

Fill the gear case with the recommended oil. Air filter case 3. Bolt 3. Screw Remove the air filter case bolt, loosen the air filter case joint screw, and then remove the air filter case. Air filter cover 2. Air filter element Wash the air filter element gently, but thoroughly in solvent. Squeeze out the excess solvent and let the air filter element dry.

Install the air filter case and the carburetor joint clamp. Tighten the air filter case bolt and the air filter case joint screw. Apply oil to the entire surface of the air filter element and squeeze out the excess oil.

It should be damp, but not dripping. EC Before checking the throttle cable free play, the engine idling speed should be adjusted. Make sure the air filter is properly seated in the air filter case. The engine should never be run without the air filter installed.

Adjust the throttle cable by turning the adjusting nut so that specified free play at the throttle grip is obtained. Engine oil 8. Coat the sealing edges of the air filter case and air filter case cover lightly with grease for an airtight seal. Install the air filter element and the air filter case cover. The carburetor is a vital part of the engine and its emission control system. Adjusting should be left to a Yamaha dealer with the professional knowledge, specialized data and equipment to do so properly.

Tire air pressure Always check and adjust the tire pressure before operating the scooter. EW 1. Lock nut Free play 2.

YAMAHA BWS YW100E Owner's Manual

Adjusting nut 1. Loosen the locknut. Turn the adjusting nut in direction a to increase free play and in direction b to decrease free play.

Tighten the locknut. Tire inflation pressure must be adjusted according to total weight of cargo, rider, and accessories fairing, saddlebags, etc. Cold tire pressure: Do not carry loosely packed items that can shift. Securely pack your heaviest items close to the center of the scooter, and distribute the weight evenly from side to side.

Check the condition and pressure of your tires.

YAMAHA BWS YW100E Owner's Manual

Make sure the total weight of the cargo, rider, and accessories fairing, saddlebags, etc. Operation of an overloaded scooter could cause tire damage, an accident, or even injury. Tread depth 2. Side wall Tire inspection Always check the tires before operating the scooter. If center tread depth reaches the limit as shown, if the tire has a nail or glass fragments in it, or if the side wall is cracked, contact a Yamaha dealer immediately and have the tire replaced.

EW w For safe operation, when tires are replaced, they must be replaced the recommended tire. Have excessively worn tires replaced by a Yamaha dealer immediately.

Brakes, tires, and related wheel parts replacement should be left to a Yamaha Service Technician. CEE Minimum tire tread depth front and rear 1. These limits may be different by regulation from country to country. If so, conform to the limits specified by the regulations of your own country. Check for cracks, bends, or warpage of the wheels. If any abnormal condition exists in a wheel, consult a Yamaha dealer. If a wheel is deformed or cracked, it must be replaced. Failure to have a wheel balanced can result in poor performance, adverse handling characteristics, and shortened tire life.

Front Rear a a a. Free play a. If not, ask a Yamaha dealer to adjust it. Adjustment is accomplished at the brake hub. EW w An incorrect free play indicates a hazardous condition in the brake system. Do not operate the motorcycle until the failure in the brake system is corrected.

Ask a Yamaha dealer for immediate repairs. EW w 1. Wear indicator 2. Front brake Apply the brake and inspect the wear indicator. Rear brake Apply the brake and inspect the wear indicator.

If the indicator reaches the wear limit line, ask a Yamaha dealer to replace the shoes. Minimum level line EAU Inspecting the brake fluid level Insufficient brake fluid may let air enter the brake system, possibly causing the brakes to become ineffective. Before riding, check that the brake fluid is above the minimum level and fill when necessary.

Observe these precautions: Otherwise, the rubber seals may deteriorate, caus- 9 Refill with the same type of brake fluid. Mixing fluids may result in a harmful chemical reaction and lead to poor brake performance.

St1300 Wiring Diagram

Water will significantly lower the boiling point of the fluid and may result in vapor lock. Always clean up spilled fluid immediately. Have the Yamaha dealer replace the following components during periodic maintenance or when they are damaged or leaking: Replace damaged cables as soon as possible to prevent unsafe conditions. Lubricate the cables and cable ends. If a cable does not operate smoothly, ask a Yamaha dealer to replace it.

Recommended lubricant: After removing the screws, hold the end of the cable up in the air and put in several drops of lubricant. With the throttle grip disassembled, coat the metal surface of the grip assembly with a suitable all-purpose grease. EAU Autolube pump adjustment The autolube pump is a vital part of the engine and requires very sophisticated adjustment.

Adjusting should be left to a Yamaha dealer who has the professional knowledge and experience to do so. EAU Brake lever lubrication Lubricate the pivoting parts of both brake levers.

Check to see that the center and sidestand move up and down smoothly. EW w Securely support the scooter so there is no danger of it falling over. Check for scratches or damage on the inner tube and excessive oil leakage from the front fork. Operation check 1.

Place the scooter on a level place. Hold the scooter in an upright position and apply the front brake. Push down hard on the handlebars several times and check if the fork rebounds smoothly.

EC cC If any damage or unsmooth movement is found with the front fork, consult a Yamaha dealer. The battery will be damaged.

Worn out or loose steering bearings may be dangerous. Place a stand under the engine to raise the front wheel off the ground. Hold the lower end of the front forks and try to move them forward and backward. If any free play can be felt, ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect and adjust the steering. Inspection is easier if the front wheel is removed. The battery is located under the footboard. Remove panel B to access the battery. This scooter is equipped with a sealed battery.

Therefore it is not necessary to check the electrolyte or fill the battery with distilled water. If the battery seems to have discharged, consult a Yamaha dealer. If the scooter is equipped with optional electrical accessories, the battery tends to discharge more quickly, so be sure to recharge it periodically.

Battery electrolyte is poisonous and dangerous, causing severe burns, etc. It contains sulfuric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Flush with water. Drink large quantities of water or milk. Follow with milk of magnesia, beaten egg, or vegetable oil. Call a physician immediately. Flush with water for 15 minutes and get prompt medical attention. Batteries produce explosive gases. Keep sparks, flame, cigarettes etc. Ventilate when charging or using in an enclosed space.

Always shield your eyes when working near 4VP-FE1. EC 1 cC Do not use fuses of higher amperage rating than those recommended. Substitution of a fuse of improper rating can cause extensive electrical system damage and possibly a fire. Battery storage When the scooter is not used for a month or longer, remove the battery, fully charge it and store it in a cool, dry place.

EC 1. Fuse cC Completely recharge the battery before storing. Storing a discharged battery can cause permanent battery damage. Use a battery charger designed for a sealed-type MF battery.

Using a conventional battery charger will cause battery damage. The sidestand switch is OK. EW If improper operation is noted, con- sult a Yamaha dealer immediately. Any dam- age, fluid leak or loss of tire pressure could have serious consequences. Therefore, it is very important that, in addition to a thorough visual inspection, you check the following points before each ride. Pre-operation checks should be made each time the scooter is used.

Such an inspection can be accomplished in a very short time, and the added safety it assures is more than worth the time involved. If any item in the Pre-operation Check is not working properly, have it inspected and repaired before operating the scooter. Operation And Important Riding Points If the oil level indicator light does function that you do not thor- Never accelerate hard with a cold not come on, ask a Yamaha dealer oughly understand. Close the throttle grip. There is never a more important pe- 1.

Apply the rear brake lever with 2. Apply both front and rear brakes riod in the life of your scooter than your left hand and hold the grab simultaneously with light pres Parking Stop the engine and let it cool for 5 during the break-in period, consult to 10 minutes after every hour of a Yamaha dealer immediately.

Vary the speed of the scooter from time to time. Do not op- EAU Parking erate it at one set throttle position. If you do not have necessary tools required during a service operation, take your scooter to a Yamaha dealer for service. EW Modifications to this scooter not ap- proved by Yamaha may cause loss of performance, and render it unsafe for use.

Front fork 9 Check operation and shock absorber for oil leakage. Cowling Panel Protection bar Cowling A 2. Remove the front protection bar The cowlings and panels illustrated ing. Connect the headlight leads To remove Removal coupler. Remove the screws. Remove panel B. Refer to page 2. Page 35 If a torque wrench is not available problems yourself. Instead, take the when you are installing a sprark scooter to a Yamaha dealer.

You plug, a good estimate of the correct Spark plug gap should periodically remove and in Put scooter This air filter should be cleaned at Final gear oil quantity: Air filter case 2.

Bolt 3. Carburetor Adjustment Adjusting should be left to a 8. Coat the sealing edges of the air Yamaha dealer with the professional filter case and air filter case knowledge, specialized data and cover lightly with grease for an equipment to do so properly.

If not, ask a Yamaha dealer to brake lever end. Adjustment is ac- replaced. Otherwise, the rub- cause if the brake fluid level Adjusting should Recommended lubricant: Front Fork Inspection If there is play in the front or rear wheel hub or if the wheel does not EW turn smoothly, have a Yamaha dealer inspect the wheel bearings.

Securely support the scooter so there is no danger of it falling over. Flush with water for 15 min- ask a Yamaha dealer to inspect and fill the battery with distilled water. If utes and get prompt medical atten- adjust the steering.

Fuse Replacement If the fuse is blown, turn off the main have a sealed-type battery charger, switch and all other switches.

Install contact your Yamaha dealer. Always make sure the connections Turn on the switches and see if all are correct when reinstalling the electrical devices operate.

Wiring Diagram

Headlight Bulb Replacement 4.It is a cc version of its smaller 49cc cousin, the Zuma. We only sell "Genuine Kymco Parts" from the Kymco factory. Trunk page Page Vary speeds occasionally. Make sure it starts right up every time with an Vintage Yamaha battery from Power Source.. But you can trade off some fuel efficiency to get a few more MPHs.

Fuel may deteriorate painted surfaces or plastic parts. EAU Fuel gauge The fuel gauge indicates the quantity of the remaining gasoline in the tank.

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