Christiane Vera Felscherinow (born 20 May ) is a German actress and musician who is book Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (We Children of Bahnhof Zoo), and the film based on the book, in which her teenage drug use is documented. Christiane F is a German biographical drama film directed by Uli Edel that portrays the drug scene in West Berlin in the s, based on the non- fiction book Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo transcribed. Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sie ist heute sechzehn, kam mit zwölf in einem evangeli.

Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo Book

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Zoo Station (True Stories) and millions of other books are available for site site. Learn more . Back. Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo. Now 51, she still uses drugs and has written a new book about her and subsequent film, "Christiane F. -- Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo," or. download Wir Kinder Von Bahnhof Zoo by Christiane F (ISBN: ) from Start reading Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (German Edition) on your site in under a site Bestsellers Rank: 3,, in Books (See Top in Books) .

Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo: Travel Guide

Natja Brunckhorst is the only cast member who continued to act in German films and television, starting with 's Querelle by Rainer Werner Fassbinder , another exploitation film. Most of the extras at the railway station and at the Sound club were actual junkies, prostitutes and low-lifes rounded up by producers just for the crowd scenes. In the scene where Christiane runs through the alleys of the station to find Babsi, the camera lingers on several terminal junkies leaning against the walls of the underpass.

In a interview, Thomas Haustein, who plays Detlev and was still in school at the time, recalls how terrified he felt being surrounded by all those real-life addicts, but that he was able to successfully copy their behaviour for his character. It would be illegal to have minors act in the film's graphic shootup, nudity and sex scenes today; at the time, however, all the production needed was a written letter of consent from the parents to proceed with filming. The Bowie concert featured in the film actually took place in New York City , with only some of the crew and cast attending, because at the time Bowie was performing on Broadway several nights a week and could not shoot in Berlin.

Both the film and the book acquired cult status in Europe immediately after release, raising awareness of heroin addiction. The popularity of the film was greatly boosted by David Bowie 's participation as both himself portrayed giving a concert early in the film and as the main contributor to the soundtrack. Bowie's music from his albums made in Berlin during and is heavily featured throughout the picture, and as he was at the very peak of his popularity during the late s and early s, his presence helped boost the film's commercial success.

The film shocked European audiences. The heroin plague that swept Western Europe between the mids and the early s was not yet public knowledge so the film's release was the first many knew of the epidemic; it then became widely known that heroin was killing a large number of European teenagers.

The film depicted all the details of heroin addiction in very realistic detail: Christiane and her cohorts are seen losing consciousness in decrepit lavatory cubicles amidst urine, vomit and blood, injecting in close-ups, cleaning and re-filling syringes directly from the toilet bowl, vomiting all over themselves and falling asleep right on top of it.

The depiction of young addicts from seemingly normal families was particularly alarming. At the time junkies were still perceived in popular culture as much older, wilder characters, such as those depicted in Dennis Hopper 's Easy Rider or in Lou Reed 's songs.

Christiane turns 14 halfway through the film, the same age as her friend Babsi, who fatally overdoses. Christiane's boyfriend in the film is 15, portrayed by a year-old actor.

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None of their companions, two of whom also fatally overdose, are older than 16, as reported by end titles recalling the birth and death dates of the real-life individuals portrayed in the film. The fact that the characters prostitute themselves to obtain drugs, both hetero- and homosexually, at such a young age, revolted audiences. According to the book, the real Christiane F. The concert scene was filmed in October at New York's Hurrah Club, which was redressed to resemble a Berlin nightclub Bowie was appearing nightly on Broadway at the time so director Ulrich Edel had to shoot the sequence in New York.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. And I'm not clean, just as all the others aren't clean, either," she says.

Everyone is trapped, somehow. Perhaps this perspective makes it possible to endure a life like hers. At any rate, the hopes that came with being subjected to her grandmother's strict regimen at 15 remain unfulfilled. She has gone through countless withdrawals and had countless relapses.

She was convicted on a drug offense and spent 10 months in a women's prison. She had several abortions and failed relationships. She dropped out of a training program in bookkeeping, spent seven years in Greece without a permanent home, contracted hepatitis C and has few friends today, although many people are all too willing to write about her when profit is involved.

She no longer has a relationship with her mother, by whom she felt misunderstood. She hears voices sometimes, she says, and she sees silent men wearing dark clothing and other evil forces in the hallway of her building. On days like that, she becomes so anxious that she leaves her apartment outside Berlin and goes to a homeless shelter.

She lost custody of her son, whom she loves, when he was He has been living with a foster family since then. A social worker spent three years trying to help her. And yet, almost magically, her life has also been filled with flashes of glitz and glamour, a life in which copious amounts of champagne, money, parties and traveling have played a significant role. At 18, she had already earned about , deutsche marks in royalties from her book.

She met David Bowie and Nina Hagen, and she also recorded her own records. When Eichinger's film about her life premiered in the United States, she traveled to Los Angeles and became a cult figure, a junkie princess.

Still, her publisher friends refused to abandon her. The woman used to place a copy of every new release on her pillow in the evening.

She had many opportunities. I should have gotten my act together plenty of times back then. A door opens and a tawny Chow-Chow pushes his way through the opening.

Christiane F Publishes New Book about Her Life on Drugs

Perhaps the only constant in her life is that she has always had a dog at her side. The dog stops in front of his mistress, and she laughs. She has trouble concentrating, and she needs to conserve her energy for later when she autographs copies of her new book's "fan edition," which was expanded to include drawings and photos. It may seem strange, but there are fans of her uninhibited life around the world. They admire her for her perseverance, suffer along with her, tweet and post messages, test their knowledge about "Christiane F.

The fate of an unhappy girl has influenced the lives of her fans.

Her story has served as a warning for many, who have shown their gratitude in letters to Felscherinow. But some have also imitated the things they read. It is a balancing act, particularly for the young team at Levante. The publishing house has specialized in a bimonthly magazine that addresses issues related to the Middle East and the Islamic world. It is a cognition which they formally accept, and soon start looking for the alternative ways of life, but deep down, a lot of teenagers feel bitter and disappointed that all the privileges of the consumerist society will remain unavailable to them.

Also, money had became more and more important determinant of human relationships, and young people, unable to satisfy their desires, more and more controlled by money, try to find other ways to satisfy their desires. In doing that, they neglected life values such as friendship, family, neighbors ties, trust, confidence, willingness to help others and understand their needs. All this problems led to destruction of a family life.

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Christiane F. From that moment began her sliding into the spaces of horror; discotheques and the infamous Bahnhof Zoo; where the collapsed existences suffocate in the stench, stupor, confusion and vomit. Fatal Bahnhof Zoo with its irresistible smell of piss and disinfectants would become her natural habitat.

At that time, barely turning fourteen, Christiane F. Stretched between being a Child and a heroin shooter, Christiane already faced the world of perversions, a world of misery where the rich ones are suffocating in luxury and boredom, and the others are struggling to survive, sinking deeply into the darkness, knowing that the only way to survive is to kill all the emotions.

She did not yet knew that she would be spending her afternoons on this notorious Bahnhof in months to come.

Axel and Bernd both died, Lufo, who first impressed her because he was shooting up only at the weekends, also died, her first love Atze; lying in a coffin. But the biggest shock was the death of her dearest friend Babsi D. What a horrible life, death, destiny!

When Christiane read the news of Babsi death, she felt like the newspapers were writing of her own death. These children took the burden of an economic development on their backs.

At such a young age, deprived from their childhoods, they waved between their ideals and the struggles of life. Trying to overcome a complex of a total outsider, they were always trying to be more original, more daring and brake the conventions. Seeing the life that awaits them, they protested, trying to escape to brutal world, but all in vain.Irgendwann verliert sie aber die Hoffnung und kann nur noch verzweifelt zusehen, wie sie ihre Tochter mehr und mehr verliert.

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Wenn ich nur zwischendurch mal eine schnorre, das macht doch nichts, deswegen fange ich ja nich gleich wieder an After a while of sticking to these two, she slips further and further down. This book is based on a true story of 14 years old Christine F. I didn't know anything else.

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