اس کتاب میں آپ پڑھ سکیں گے:مناجتیں ، نعتیں اور منقبتیں اور بہت کچھ ۔ ۔ ۔. Wasail E Bakhshish وسائل بخشش. IdentifierWasailEBakhshish. Identifier-arkark:/ /t3tv1f91z. Ocrlanguage not currently OCRable. Ppi Gause Azam ki shan me kahi gayi Allama Hasan Raza Khan ki nayab manqabate.

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WASAIL-E- BAKHSHISH - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Wasail e Bakhshish by Moulana Hassan Raza Khan Brelvi - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Wasail e Bakhshish by Moulana Hassan. Wasail e Bakhshish By Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri Pdf Free Download . Urdu Naat book Wasail e Bakhshish By Maulana Muhammad Ilyas in Pdf.

After some, he became the Imam of a Masjid and struggled hard to promote 'the call to righteousness'. Impressed by His good manners, humility, sociability and a passion for propagating Islam, a large number of people, especially the youth, became His sincere companion. The movement has been solely based on the agenda of spreading the message of the Quran and Sunnah.

Its role is spreading the message of Islam. Maulana Ilyas Qadiri believed that prevailing religious conditions were not leading the Muslims to the right direction of Quran and Sunnah, so he established the foundation of Dawat-e-Islami.

He used to travel by bus and train to far-flung and remote areas and cities where he delivered speeches. When He used to go to any area of Bab-ul-Madinah Karachi for delivering a speech or for any other religious activity, he would often carry his meal including even salt and drinking water with him so that he might not ask anyone for such things.

Sometimes, He was not allowed to deliver speeches in Masajid but he did not lose hope. In the earlier days, after delivering speeches he would often return home late at night by walking many kilometers because of non-availability of the public transport. First of all, I shall deliver a few blessed verses and Ahadis regarding the severity of death.

Thereafter, the agony of death at the time when the soul is seized, the sayings and quotes of pious predecessors about the severity and extremity of death and the situation when the angel of death appears at the time of death. Allah brought him back to life. His beard and hair on his head had turned white. When I heard the sound of your voice, I thought that the Day of Resurrection had arrived; my hair turned white in fear of that day.

Hikayatayn aur Nasihatayn, pp. On the other hand, look at our pathetic condition, our scale is empty of good deeds; we excel in accumulating abundance of sins; no one can compare with us in disobedience to Allah passing our days and nights committing sins but, alas, we have no fear of the severities of death.

Remember, that this stage of agony of death is very severe. Wake up from heedlessness for the sake of Allah and repent of your sins and fear Allah lest you should face the severities of agony of death due to sins.

A best source of repenting of your sins, earning virtues and for having determination to good deeds is the Madani environment of Dawat-e-Islami; associate yourself with this Madani environment.

By www. Hadaiq-e-Bakhshish, pp. Undoubtedly, death is inevitable and undeniable. Every soul that has experienced the taste of life shall also have to taste death no matter who they are; whether rich or poor, king or minister, watchman or shopkeeper, professor or ignorant student, religious scholar or illiterate, spiritual guide or disciple, Muslim or non-Muslim; whatever the rank or status one possesses, one will have to experience the taste of death. Death will come to each and every one of us and no one can escape it; wherever we may manage to go in the world and no matter what effort we put to escape death, we cannot avoid death.

We came to know that the day of death is fixed.

Whether we enclose ourselves in a well-fortified house or sit on the highest peak, we can never escape death. And the kind of dread and fear he undergoes is indescribable.


Any interpreter or explainer is unable to explain and interpret its dreadfulness fully, except for the person who has gone through this stage. In short, they face unimaginable troubles when they die. For believers, the time of death is a source of many pleasures. So, whenever the thorny branch is pulled out from the cotton, some cotton will tear of with it.

The state of agony of death and its severity is described in the blessed Ahadis shows that the dying person is subjected to the most awful and extremely intense, unimaginable pain. Ponder upon this; if a mosquito or a bug bites us, we keep rubbing that spot for a while and if we get a slight cut with a knife, we become restless, and moan for days whilst wrapped in bandage. Now ponder upon the attack by a sword; the wound will not just be a mere scratch but a sword-attack with full force can sometimes hack a body in two pieces, the head can be severed off the body; sometimes the leg can be severed off and sometimes the hand; the unbearable pain of just a single strike.

No imagine the pain of strikes of sword with full force? Pious predecessors have stated: Agony of death is more severe than being struck by sword, whilst being ripped open with a saw and being cut up with a scissor, because when the sword hits the body then it feels pain due to its connection with the soul.

Now ponder seriously, how painful it would be when the sword strikes the soul directly? At that moment the extreme difficulties and anguish of death overpowers his heart and saps out the entire energy from his body leaving him with no strength in any part of his body; it even overpowers the sense of thinking and understanding and leaving him dumb as well as disabling his other parts of body.

Even if one longs to seeks to cry, scream or shout for help, he cannot. If there is any strength left in him, it would only enable him to make a low gurgling sound or the sound of burping of a cow. As the soul leaves, the body begins to change into dusty-colour as if he was made of dust and dust manifests itself in the end of his life.

Wasail E Bakhshish By Moulana Hassan Raza Khan Brelvi

The soul is extracted from every vein as a result the pain spread throughout the entire body, internally and externally. His eyeballs roll upwards, his lips dries up, his tongue become slack and his fingers turn yellow.

The soul is extracted from every vein. Imagine if one vein had to be pulled out of the body, how unbearable the pain will be. Imagine that the soul is not extracted from just one vein but from all the capillaries, veins and arteries how more unbearable that pain is going to be. The gradually every part of the body is overcome by death. First the feet grow cold; then the shins and thighs, and then each and every limb feel the misery and agony.

This continues until the soul pulled towards the throat. At this point all his hope on the world and its people is finished and door of repentance was closed a while before and remorsefulness and wistfulness overwhelm him in all direction. Have you heard the awfully horrifying state of death throes of a dying person who becomes paralysed with the intense pain?

His brain is disturbed and disorientated, it makes his body weak and silences his tongue. Remember that since Deen-e-Islam is a complete Deen, it guides us in every sphere of our lives.

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Over pages, good quality 2 colour print. The new translated version of this historical Fatawa consists of 30 volumes and more than pages.

His inclination towards religious activities earned him great treasure of Islamic Knowledge. He always remained tilted towards religion.

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We have to go through the death throes. His beard and hair on his head had turned white. Remember, that this stage of agony of death is very severe.

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