Explain Virtual Private Network concepts and possibilities. ▫ Describe Layer-2 tunneling features. ▫ Configure support for Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling. This document covers the fundamentals of VPNs, such as basic VPN components, technologies, tunneling, and VPN security. virtual private networks (VPNs), and firewalls, as they apply to monitoring with. Performance configure remote access VPNs in two other ways. These other.

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Download Course IPSec VPN Guide to create and operate Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Free PDF tutorial on pages. has been in Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Internet Protocol security (IPSec). . The NETGEAR VPN Tutorial – bestthing.info Abstract – The term “VPN,” or Virtual Private Network, has become almost as and amount of administrative overhead required to configure and maintain.

The Internet connection over the VPN is encrypted and secure.

New authentication and encryption protocols are enforced by the remote access server. Sensitive data is hidden from the public, but it is securely accessible to appropriate users through a VPN.

By connecting directly to the Internet If you are already connected to an Internet, on a local area network, a cable modem, or a digital subscriber line DSL , you can make a tunnel through the Internet and connects directly to the remote access server. After authentication, you can access the corporate network. Basically, communication is made via VPN equipment.

Information is encrypted by the transmission VPN equipment before transmission and decoded by the receiving VPN equipment after receipt of information. The key for encrypt the data is set in VPN equipment in advance. The VPN equipment at receiving side decodes encrypted data before sending it to the receiving computer. The advantages of encryption by way of cryptography may be looked into other services, such as Assuring integrity check: This ensures that undesirable person has not tampered data delivered to the destination during transmission.

12-1 VPN Concepts

Providing authentication: Authentication authorizes the sender identity. Features of a Typical VPN solution When the remote offices connect each other to share vital resources and secret information, the VPN solution must ensure the privacy and integrity of the data as it traverses the Internet. It must also provide audit and accounting records to show who accessed what information and when.

The solution must assign a client's address on the private net and ensure that private addresses are kept private.

How does VPN tunneling work?

Key Management. The solution must generate and refresh encryption keys for the client and the server.

Multiprotocol Support. The solution must handle common protocols used in the public network.

Other solutions, including the new IP Security Protocol IPSec , meet only some of these requirements, but remain useful for specific situations. Benefits of VPN The main benefit of a VPN is the potential for significant cost savings compared to traditional leased lines or dial up networking.

These savings come with a certain in amount of risk, however, particularly when using the public Internet as the delivery mechanism for VPN data.

Virtual private network

The performance of a VPN will be more unpredictable and generally slower than dedicated lines due to public Net traffic. Likewise, many more points of failure can affect a Net-based VPN than in a closed private system.

Utilizing any public network for communications naturally raises new security concerns not present when using more controlled environments like point-to-point leased lines. If intruders attempt to capture data, they should be unable to read or use it.

The virtual network should provide the same quality of connection for each user even when it is handling the maximum number of simultaneous connections. The product from different vendors may or may not work well together. Of course, this has benefits to it, especially for the employee that is constantly on the road, traveling.

However, there are the obvious inherent security risks as well. In fact, BYOD is still such a new concept that many businesses and corporations are still embracing and trying to implement it the best that they can into their Security Policies.

Thus, that is why employees are often left to figure out on their own how they have to configure the security on their Smartphone or Wireless Device. Our last series of articles focused on the science and technology of using Cryptography.

In the simplest terms, this is used to scramble a message from a sending party to a receiving party. Cryptographic based infrastructures can range from the simplest such as that of the Symmetric Cryptographic one to the most complex such as that of the Public Key Infrastructure, which is an offshoot of the Asymmetric Cryptographic one.

When a Cryptographic based infrastructure is used, some of the most complex Mathematical Algorithms are also employed to fortify the strength of the keys further.

This type of mechanism is highly specialized, with the main intention of highly securing the flow of communications between all of the entities which are involved in the communications process. A diagram of a Virtual Private Network can be seen below: In its simplest form, the Virtual Private Network takes the Data Packet in which the Ciphertext resides in it is important to note that the Ciphertext cannot be just sent by itself it needs to have a vehicle in which to travel across the network medium, which is namely the Data Packet.

Meaning, the Data Packet in which the Ciphertext resides in is further wrapped inside by another Data Packet, thus providing an extra layer of protection. Although this specific type of connection uses a public network infrastructure and related systems, the special type of network connection that is established and used by the Virtual Private Network cannot be seen by others, and it cannot even be picked up by the most sophisticated of Network Sniffers.

An Insight into Virtual Private Networks and IP Tunneling

This extra layer of protection is so well encrypted that even if a Cyber attacker were to intercept these particular Data Packets, there is nothing that they can do to reverse engineer the Data Packets to garner the confidential information and data which resides in them.

From this point onwards, these particular Data Packets are the sent to the corporate server.IPSec can also be used with other security protocols to enhance the security system.

Thus, that is why employees are often left to figure out on their own how they have to configure the security on their Smartphone or Wireless Device. EtherIP has only packet encapsulation mechanism.

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In the simplest terms, this is used to scramble a message from a sending party to a receiving party.

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