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MOHAN PUBLICATIONS Mantra Sastra Books. by: bestthing.infoublications;fort gate ;bestthing.infoahotel;rajahmundry MOHAN. Guide us in darkness, lead us to light Sri Maha Varahi Devi, the boar faced sakthi , emerged out of the five Tamil EBooks Her mantra has syllables and is mediated in the Agnya chakra, along with her anga uapanga, pratyanga. Varahi Mantra Sadhana Varahi is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Lalita Devi. Residing at the Ajna Chakra, She has vast armies.

A temple for the Saptamatas is a must for every village. Literally thousands of such temples exist from the seventh Century A.

Varahi English

Haripriya Rangarajan analyses in this fascinating book to show that the Varahi images are nothing but the Goddess of Speech Vak devi extolled in the Upanishadic, Puranic and other literatures. The value of the book lies in the meticulous documentation of all concepts and references to this Goddess from various sources and a critical evaluation of them.

The extensive citations from the Rig Veda show that the faculty of speech of men is personified as Sakti, the feminine power which is responsible for human evolution. Vak is also identified with Goddess Saraswathi very early in Indian civilisation.

Drawing our attention to the presence of Varahi as "Vakdevi" on the snout of Varaha, the author shows that this Vak is the power of speech of Vishnu in His manifestation as "Yajna Varaha".

It is clear, remarks the author, that "Varaha and His Sakti are inseparable. At times, Narasimhi is mentioned in place of Chamunda. Narasimhi or Narasimhini or Narasimhika with the face of a lion, fierce claws and four arms is the shakthi of Narasimha.

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She is said to have came out from the heart of the Devi. As Matrka, Narasimhi is regarded as an independent deity; and not as a female counterpart of Narasimha.

In The Vaishnava School, she is believed to be an aspect of Lakshmi who pacified the ferocious Narasimha. There Narasimhi is described as a ferocious warrior: Narasimhi arrived there, assuming a body like that of a Narasimha throwing the stars into disarray, bringing down the constellations by the toss of her mane DM: And, Narasimhi, filling all the quarters and the sky with her roars, roamed about in the battle, devouring other great asuras torn by her claws DM: Narasimhi is sometimes identified with Pratyangira who is endowed with four arms and a face as terrible as that of a lion.

Her head is that of a male lion and her body is that of a human-female. The fourth hand is held in the Abhaya "protection gesture" or the Varada Mudra "blessing gesture".

Another description says her hair is adorned with a garland with red flowers. She holds a staff and drinking skull-cup kapala.

The Vishnudharmottara Purana describes a six-armed Varahi, holding a danda staff of punishment , khetaka shield , khadga sword and pasha noose in four hands and the two remaining hands being held in Abhaya and Varada Mudra "blessing gesture". Such a Varahi sculpture is found at Abanesi, depicted with the dancing Shiva. The fish and wine-cup kapala are special characteristics of Tantric Shakta images of Varahi, the fish being exclusive to Tantric descriptions.

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In Vaishnava and Shakta images, she is depicted as either standing or seated on a lotus pitha pedestral or on her vahana a buffalo or on its head, or on a boar, the serpent Shesha, a lion, or on Garuda the eagle-man vahana of Vishnu.

In Tantric Shakta images, the vahana may be specifically a she-buffalo or a corpse pretasana.

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The goddesses are flanked by Virabhadra Shiva's fierce form and Ganesha Shiva's elephant-headed son and wisdom god. Varahi is a ratri devata night goddess and is sometimes called Dhruma Varahi "dark Varahi" and Dhumavati "goddess of darkness". According to Tantra, Varahi should be worshipped after sunset and before sunrise.

Parsurama Kalpasutra explicitly states that the time of worship is the middle of the night. These practices are observed in the Kalaratri temple on the bank of the Ganges , where worship is offered to Varahi only in the night; the shrine is closed during the day.

This, according to the scholar Rath, indicates her power. Some texts detailing her iconography compare her to the Supreme Shakti.

In Chennai , there is a Varahi temple in Mylapore , while a bigger temple is being built near Vedanthangal. The goddess is decorated with different types of alankarams ornaments every day.It shows how what was considered an insignificant Goddess turns out to be an all- encompassing primordial Goddess.

Maatarvarahi jate tava charana saroj archanam va japamva

She creates and governs all existence Isvari , and is known by various names nana-abhidana-brut. She wears a gaily coloured lower garment, brilliant garlands and a veil.

Some of the images kept in the museums in Indian and abroad have also been described. She is said to have came out from the heart of the Devi.

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