Valmiki Ra ana Sri Desiraju Hanumanta Rao and Sri K. Murthy Each sloka is available in ITRANS, Devanagari or Roman transliteration. Ra an In Gujarati - 'Ra ana' is generally attributed to the Great Hindu Sage - Valmiki. The Book is estimated to be written in B.C. Ra ana, considered part of Hindu Smriti, was written originally in Sanskrit by Sage Valmiki ( BC). Contained in 24, verses, this epic narrates Lord.

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Language: Gujarati. Based on Dongreji Maharaj's Ra an Katha. Identifier: Gujarati-Ra an. Identifier-ark: ark://t4nk6tp2s. Topics: Valmiki, rama, viswamitra, Mahara an, Ra ana, gujrat, gujarati, gujarat, gujrati, yoga, Brahma, sanskrit. Collection. provides services of Valmiki Ra an in pdf, Read Valmiki Ra an, Free Downlaod Valmiki Ra an, Valmiki Ra an E-Book, .

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રામાયણ: The Ramayana of Tulsidas (Gujarati)

Thank you! Kulwant, USA I received my order yesterday. Thank you very much for the fast service and quality item. Lord Grace, Switzerland I have enjoyed the many sanskrit boks I downloadd from you, especially the books by the honorable Prof. Pushpa Dixit. Namah Shivay Bikash, Denmark The piece i ordered is beyond beautiful!!!!! Vali-Vadha written during 10th century.

It is preksanka type drama.

Marica-Vancitaka give ramayana story in five acts written during 11th century. Prasana-Raghava of Jayadeva is a drama in seven acts written around 12th century.

Raghu-vilasa of Ramachandra written around 12th century. Raghavabhyudaya of Ramachandra written around 12th century. There are other three dramas of same name written by Gangadhara - A. Janaki-Raghava written around 12th century. Another Janaki-Ragava of Yuvraja ramasinha written in A. Rama-vikrama also is a lost Ramayana drama known only through the reference made to it by Sagaranandin.

It is most likely a work of the 12th century A. Dutangada of Subhata. The Prologue of this play states that it was represented at the court of Tribhuvanapala, a Calukya king of Anhilvad who reigned in A.

Yoga Vashistha Maharamayan Gujrati

Another Dutangada of Ramachandra. Amogha-raghava is a lost Ramayana-drama known only through the reference made to it by singabhupala. It may be assigned to the 13th century A. Abhirama-raghava is lost Ramayana-drama known only through the reference made to it by singabhupala.

It seems to belong to the 13th cen. D Ullagha-raghava of Somesvara is a Ramayana drama belonging to the 13th century A. He was the- court-poet of Viradhavala and of Gujarat A. Unmatta-raghava of Bhaskara written around 14th century. The Unmatta-raghava gives a curious tale of Rama. Sita enters into a garden forbidden to the womenfolk and is transformed into a gazelle.

Rama wanders in her search and his maddened soliloquies.

The s'age Agasta takes pity and relieves Sita of the curse of Durvasa which was the cause of her transformation because once Durvasa disturb by gazelle.

Unmatta-raghava of Mahadeva sastri.

Ananda-raghava is a drama on the Ramayana theme. Its author Rajacudamani Diksita was the son of Srinivasa and Kamakshi and was patronised by king Raghunatha of Tanjore.

He flourished in the last part of the 16th century. Anandaraghava describes in five acts the story of Rama from his marriage to coronation. Abhirama-mani of Sundaramisra is a drama in seven acts based on Ramayana written in A. Adbhuta-darpana of Mahadeva is a Ramayana-drama in ten acts. Mahadeva is the son of Krsna Suri of Tanjore and belongs to the 17th century A. Janaki-parinaya is a Ramayana-drama by Ramabhadra Diksita also belongs to the 17th century A. There are two more dramas of this name, one by Narayana Bhatta and the other by Sitarama.

Raghavananda is a Ramayana-drama by Venkatesvara belonging to the last quarter of the 17th century in the court of Sahaji and Serfoji of Tanjore Sita-raghava Lalita-raghava is drama on the Ramayana story by Ramapani deva belonging to the middle of the 18th century A.

Maha-Nataka of Damodara written around 11th century and second written by Madhusudana around 14th century. Regional versions[ edit ] Rama is shown about to offer his eyes to make up the full number - - of lotus blossoms needed in the puja that he must offer to the goddess Durga to gain her blessing.

Scene from Krittivasi Ramayan. Some noteworthy examples of these additional renderings of the Ramayana tale include: States Tamil Nadu - The Tamil Kambaramayanam , a popular version, written by poet Kamban in the 12th century.

The Molla Ramayanamu was adapted by poet Molla. This is a free re-telling of the Valmiki Ramayana. It was awarded the first Jnanpith award in Telugu, for which the poet was later accaimed as Kavi Samrat. Karnataka - The Kannada versions of the Ramayana — the Kumudendu Ramayana a Jain version , written in the 13th century and the Kumara-Valmiki Torave Ramayana, written in the 16th century.

There is another version titled Ramachandra Charita Purana written by Nagachandra during the 13th century. There is also a reference of a Ramayana being translated into old Marathi during the 12th or 13th century.This twins sing ramayana in Rama's court and finally Rama meet his family.

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It is organized into seven Kandas, parallel to Valmiki's. Great communication.

Rama and the monkey chiefs Sita is another of the tale's protagonists. Adbhuta-darpana of Mahadeva is a Ramayana-drama in ten acts.

Vali-Vadha written during 10th century.

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