turned off and the lights in the studio go down, and I think about what women them the way Act Like a Lady, Think Like Dr. Alexander Elder: The NEW. Excellent manual from an experienced trader and exceptional teacher on the practical application of Fibonacci analysis to investment markets. This method is . Start by marking “Trading with DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets” as Want to Read: Excellent manual from an experienced trader and exceptional teacher on the practical application of Fibonacci analysis to investment markets.

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DiNapoli Levels, entirely the 3rd printing, with updated charts, tables and text. This work With the trading perspective provided by this book you will be able to . Hi all I use the attached Dinapoli Indicators with great success in forex and also spot gold and silver using MT3 It was ebook: Trading with DiNapoli Levels. Trade® are trademarks of the Board of Trade of the City of Chicago. NYMEX is a . 2) What advantages does DiNapoli-Levels have? 3) How to use it to identify.

This may confuse the traders who do not know his trading style and consider DiNapoli levels as his personal product.

If the price renews high or low after correction completion, the end point should be moved to a new extremum, i. When the extremum refreshes, a new focus point forms; so there may be several points within the same range; reaction — finished correction for the trend movement; there can also be multiple reactions in the range; Fibonacci knot— the price, where correction movement will end.

DiNapoli recommended to work only with those knots that fall within the range of Correction of less than Important note! All other cases can be ignored.

Trading with DiNapoli Levels

Regular Fibonacci extensions are used for the profit taking levels. In this case, the extension is stretched to the latest correction to place SL on Therefore, the use of Fibo levels is almost the same as in the classic version. It is not entirely clear why there are so many terms, as the new names of already known things confuse the trader.

Here is the essence of building the levels, according to the book: the quantity of focus numbers will always be equal to the number of ranges on the chart.

The explanation may seem a bit weird, but the thing is that correction which have formed in the range should be to the left from the focus number i. For a downtrend, there is an opposite requirement; the number of reactions reduces as the timeframe grows. This rule can be used in a reverse order. In the first case, we have 3 full ranges on the chart.

The first screenshot shows 4 reactions corrections ; thus, the focus point is higher than all local highs, therefore, we believe these reactions relate to the focus point Fs1. The following range is a downward movement.

In this case, Fs1 focus point cannot be point 1 of the next range at the same time, so 1 — Fr range is marked starting with the next correction high, below Fs1. It has reactions too.

The last third range is shown for the case of continued upward movement. But the situation could have followed the other scenario. Imagine the chart went downwards after forming Fs2 point and made a new low which replaced the low set at Fr level. In this case, the setup will change completely.

On the chart, there will be not 3, but only 2 ranges — ascending movement 1, Fs1, and descending movement 1, Fr.

Joe Dinapoli Trader – All You Need To Know

This principle should be used for any situation. If you see a prolonged trend and a series of reactions corrections in the market, then the chart will be overloaded with a series of insignificant marks if we perform the analysis in accordance with all the rules.

At some point of time, correction of the whole upward movement starts and the price rewrites the lows several reactions; in this case, these reactions and their lows can be omitted in the work.

That is why we exclude the knot on the first reaction level point 3 in our example. As a result, we consider only With aggressive technique, it is assumed that the price will surely rebound from These techniques are basically known to everybody, but tis is a very risky trade, as there is no guarantee of the bounce.

After all there are many examples of correction turning into a new trend or the price hanging in a horizontal corridor for a long time. So if you decide to work like this be sure to wait for confirmation of the received signal. Stop loss is set similarly to the previous example — on the next Fibo level; Minesweeper B includes work on the same principle; just we enter the market not on the second correction, but on the 3rd, 4th, etc.

That is we wait for at least two correction movements following the first one.

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As a result, we get rare entries; besides, not all trends are long enough to give 3 correction movements in succession that fit the strategy rules i. On the other hand, we skip bad times when the correction does not turn into a trend continuation. In this case, according to the strategy, we skip the first entry point when the price rebounds from The larger timeframe wins often, but not all the time.

And those time when it does not win, summed to the resulting highest reliability and expectancy that can be obtained by trading right at the FibStalker levels, adds up a lot! Imagine 1. But nothing is guaranteed int the market. So at these levels I become more vigilant and switch to the smaller timeframe. To know whether shorts will be successful they need to be strong enough to win the downloaders that have pushed the market higher in the last few days.

There are two set of sequences of moves higher that matter at the moment: one on the 4-hour and the other on the 15min. What I do then is checking if and when these counter-trend sequences fail, as an effect of new shorts that can potentially come in into the markets at the 1. We all know all the information in advance and I use the FibStalking Timing Technique to verify where the 4-hour and 15min sequences fail, if they fail.

So generally there are two scenarios: 1 the sequences fail and the FibStalking timing tells you the exact confirmation level is a well-defined price level that tells you when the counter-trend move is not valid any more. On the other hand it can happen that the counter-trend sequences on the 4-hour and 15min remain intact and no-one shows up at 1.

I will just wait. I only get involved in the markets at my own conditions because after you are in the market can do anything.

Now the good point is that when the counter-trend move fails below or above a FibStalker level, price momentum in the direction of the trade is strong enough to generate a free-risk trade. If you understand trading and risk management, you know that generating a free-risk trade from a low risk retrace is your job 1 as a trader.

Once I have a free-risk trade I also have a free mind and I can go to think to something else.As you can see in this example that price traded between the levels and we used the candlesticks to confirm entry. This allows for a more precise entry.

Kamlesh Krishniya rated it it was amazing Mar 05, DiNapoli teaches all the basics, as well as his own unique methods of applying Fibonacci to trading in Excellent manual from an experienced trader and exceptional teacher on the practical application of Fibonacci analysis to investment markets.

Drop me an email at fibstalker at gmail.

Once added to the chart, the current marking will be displayed to a trader, but there will be no history of extra plotting. Chart marking example Marking the chart is a tough task even after reading the book. Mateusz Gutowski rated it it was amazing Jan 25,

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