The Shining by Stephen King. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. file:///E|/Funny%20&%20Weird%20Shit/75%%20Stephen%20King%20Books / Shining. One of the true classics of horror fiction, THE SHINING is regarded as one of Stephen King's masterpieces. Danny is only five years old, but in the words of old .

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This inspiring and compelling book has won ten awards to date, including Honorable Mentions at the December New England and London Book Festivals. Read "The Shining" by Stephen King available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. With an excerpt from the sequel, Doctor. Read "The Shining" by Stephen King available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first download. One of the true classics of horror fiction.

The part in his hair was exact, and his dark suit was sober but comforting. I am a man you can bring your problems to, that suit said to the paying customer. To the hired help it spoke more curtly: This had better be good, you.

There was a red carnation in the lapel, perhaps so that no one on the street would mistake Stuart Ullman for the local undertaker.

As he listened to Ullman speak, Jack admitted to himself that he probably could not have liked any man on that side of the desk--under the circumstances. Ullman had asked a question he hadn't caught. That was bad; Ullman was the type of man who would file such lapses away in a mental Rolodex for later consideration. And there's your son, of course. Your wife isn't a bit intimidated by the idea?

He's quite self-reliant for a five-year-old.

He slipped Jack's application back into a file. The file went into a drawer. Ullman stood up and went to the file cabinet in the corner. We'll look at the hotel floor plans.

Jack stood by his shoulder, very much aware of the scent of Ullman's cologne. All my men wear English Leather or they wear nothing at all came into his mind for no reason at all, and he had to clamp his tongue between his teeth to keep in a bray of laughter.

See a Problem?

Beyond the wall, faintly, came the sounds of the Overlook Hotel's kitchen, gearing down from lunch. Absolutely nothing up there now but bric-a-brac.

The Overlook has changed hands several times since World War II and it seems that each successive manager has put everything they don't want up in the attic. I want rattraps and poison bait sowed around in it. Some of the third-floor chambermaids say they have heard rustling noises. I don't believe it, not for a moment, but there mustn't even be that one-in-a-hundred chance that a single rat inhabits the Overlook Hotel.

Humiliating situation. Did this officious little prick actually think he would allow his son to goof around in a rattrap attic full of junk furniture and God knew what else?

Ullman whisked away the attic floor plan and put it on the bottom of the pile. Ten in the west wing including the Presidential Suite , ten in the center, ten more in the east wing.

All of them command magnificent views. But he kept quiet. He needed the job. Ullman put the third floor on the bottom of the pile and they studied the second floor. And on the first floor, twenty of each. Plus three linen closets on each floor, and a storeroom which is at the extreme east end of the hotel on the second floor and the extreme west end on the first. Ullman whisked the second and first floors away.

The Shining

Lobby level. Here in the center is the registration desk. Behind it are the offices. The lobby runs for eighty feet in either direction from the desk. The banquet and ballroom facility is in the east wing.

Where the action is, so to speak. The basement floor plan is on the boiler room wall. Just a minute It sat there looking lonesome. The pad disappeared back into Ullman's jacket pocket like the conclusion of a magician's trick. Now you see it, Jacky-boy, now you don't. This guy is a real heavyweight. They had resumed their original positions, Ullman behind the desk and Jack in front of it, interviewer and interviewee, supplicant and reluctant patron. Ullman folded his neat little hands on the desk blotter and looked directly at Jack, a small, balding man in a banker's suit and a quiet gray tie.

The flower in his lapel was balanced off by a small lapel pin on the other side.

Albert Shockley is a powerful man with a large interest in the Overlook, which showed a profit this season for the first time in its history. Shockley also sits on the Board of Directors, but he is not a hotel man and he would be the first to admit this.

But he has made his wishes in this caretaking matter quite obvious. He wants you hired. I will do so. But if I had been given a free hand in this matter, I would not have taken you on.

Officious little prick, officious little prick, officious-- "I don't believe you care much for me, Mr. I don't care. Job Interview Part One. Prefatory Matters Chapter 2. Boulder Part One. Prefatory Matters Chapter 3. Watson Part One. Prefatory Matters Chapter 4. Shadowland Part One. Prefatory Matters Chapter 5. Phonebooth Part One. Prefatory Matters Chapter 6.

Night Thoughts Part One. Prefatory Matters Chapter 7. In Another Bedroom Part Two. Closing Day Chapter 8. A View of the Overlook Part Two. Closing Day Chapter 9.

Checking It Out Part Two.


Closing Day Chapter Hallorann Part Two. The Shining Part Two. The Grand Tour Part Two. The Front Porch Part Three. The Wasps' Nest Chapter Up On the Roof Part Three.

Down in the Front Yard Part Three. Danny Part Three. The Doctor's Office Part Three. The Scrapbook Part Three. Outside Part Three. Talking to Mr.

The Shining

Ullman Part Three. Night Thoughts Part Three. In the Truck Part Three. In the Playground Part Three. Inside Part Four. Snowbound Chapter Dreamland Part Four. Catatonic Part Four.

Kitchen Talk. Part Four. Snowbound Chapter Part Four. The Snowmobile Part Four. The Hedges Part Four. The Lobby Part Four.

The Elevator Part Four. The Ballroom Part Five. Matters of Life and Death Chapter It was an accident.

No-no-no, he's a fine driver, she isn't worried, everything's under control, he'll be back for dinner. Highly recommend for any King fan if you haven't already read this classic or for anyone look for a good horror novel. That was bad; Ullman was the type of man who would file such lapses away in a mental Rolodex for later consideration. He surveyed the scene. Regardless, Jack is only one of the important characters in this Hallmark Family Movie Channel story.

Why does she only tell you that you can't come in if I'm with you?

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