The Offering Pledge 3 Kimberly Derting the pledge book 2 pdf download - edpay - the pledge book 2 the pledge series by kimberly derting goodreads, the. Kimberly Derting is the author of the Cece Loves Science series, the Body Finder series, the Pledge trilogy, and the Taking series. She lives in the Pacific. the offering pledge 3 kimberly derting pdf ebook - the offering pledge 3 offering (the pledge #3) by kimberly derting epub ebook. true love and world war is at.

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True love—and world war—is at stake in the conclusion to The Pledge trilogy, a dark and romantic blend of dystopia and bestthing.infoe, otherwise known as. offering the pledge 3 by kimberly derting, you can really realize how the sioux uprising, august pdf tithes, offerings and vows - crcnh. Download The Offering Pledge 3 Kimberly Derting Pdf Ebooks everyone loves you when youre dead journeys into fame and madness multicultural counseling.

There was so many things that bothered me, and it is very sad because being the last book of this series I really wanted to love it.

Charlie was a selfish worthless queen. Starting with lying to Max and not telling what was going on with Elena, then she decided Take Eden with her Brook tagged along and played to be the hero that was going to save the kingdom , but why would she even trust Elena after sending Xander's hand? Did she really think that I really don't know how to start this review.

Did she really think that Elena would make peace? Anyway the book was boring and Charlie, Eden and Brooke kept going in their boring little stupid adventure that nothing really happened until almost the end of the book. But check this out, Eden went with Charlie because of Xander, she wanted to know what happened to him and maybe avenge him. The poor woman was destroyed when she saw Queen Elena's message. I cried and I was all mad that I had to stop reading the book for a few hours.

Her dead was pointless because Charlie ended letting Sabara go anyway! So stupid Charlie let Eden die for Nothing!!!!!

Meanwhile , Sage, save Xander from Elena, and somehow in just 2 or 3 days they just fucking fell in love! When he learn of Eden's dead he was comforting with Sage , holding her hand. Eden went all the way there for him! Anyway Charlie lies cost a lot of lives! Because of her lies Elena started the war and Ludania was not prepare for it. A lot of innocent people died, Eden died, The little kids with Caspar died, but hey! She still got her happy ending!

I forgot to mention that the poor Eden died with not knowing what happened to Xander. And Max wasn't in the book a lot.

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The Offering by Kimberly Derting Ebook (PDF) Free Download

Dec 12, Rivera marked it as to-read Shelves: This Cover Is Freaking Beautiful!! Still need to finish the second one But, this cover is perfect in my eyes!!

Jun 29, Kayla rated it really liked it. This was a fanatic conclussion to the series and I'm very happy about how we left the series. Jan 11, Jules Goud rated it really liked it Shelves: The conclusion to this trilogy didn't disappoint.

Charlie is trying to avoid war. A war that could destroy her and her growing country.

She is also at war with herself and tearing herself apart by trying to suppress Sabara. She is throwing herself into her country. What she doesn't know is that there is a traitor in her hope. So begins the journey to stop the war and get rid of Sabara once and for all. I really did enjoy this book. It was truly the ending this trilogy deserved. Yes, the death Wow. Yes, the death was sad, but it is war. If everyone got out safe, the book wouldn't seem realistic. Through out this trilogy, we have seen Charlie grow into the Queen that her country needs her to be.

We've watched the way that Brooklynn and Aron as well as Max and Angelica have changed as well. This journey, this experience touched all of them in different ways. Charlie didn't want to be Queen, yet she stepped up because it was the right thing to do. She had her difficulties with all of her friends, her sister and Max, but in the end, they all stand together, fighting for a country that deserves a second chance. Definitely going to miss this trilogy! There is truly nothing like it.

If you haven't read it, pick it up. You won't regret it. Feb 22, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: A nice end to the series, it didn't amaze me but it was an enjoyable read.

Oct 17, Sierra rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was by far the best book in the triolgy. The ending gave me all the feels. Great conclusion! Los personajes se ven en medio de una guerra naciente y es muy interesante ver por todo lo que pasan. Well that was the worst finale to a trilogy I've ever read.

Once again more of a journey novel. So much so I literally ended up having to skip it just to get to the "final battle" portion. Which wasn't much of a final battle. It was a good trilogy I enjoy it: Mar 06, Jeanna rated it liked it Shelves: I remember loving the other two books in the series.

Why did this one fall so far?

Review to come. Mar 08, Wolf Alpha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved this book. I think that Charlie is one of the best Queens the nation ever had.

I love how she is determined to keep her people safe no matter the cost. I feel bad for her since she had to face some pretty gruesome sights. I am glad that in the end as usual she won. Feb 11, Jennifer added it. Well the book started out with quite a bang. Wow, I had to put the book down for a minute after reading the prologue. I quickly went back because then I had to know more but still.

In The Essence we saw her being a lot more timid and reserved as she was trying to navigate through Wow. I felt like in this book she really comes into her own. I loved how her character developed. I did miss some characters like Zafir who had a smaller role in this book but we get to know other characters better like Eden. I also love Brooklyn and getting in her head is always fun.

She is such a tough cookie. I really liked that we got to see more of Sage. It totally changed my view of her. There are many characters in this series but I never felt like they were fighting for your attention or underdeveloped. Even though Charlie is obviously the main focus I felt like the story was shared among the characters and made it feel well rounded.

I love the world that has been built with the kingdoms. We once again venture out from the palace and get to experience more parts of Ludania. We saw a lot of the Scablands in book 2 and now we are seeing a lot of the coastal region. I thought it was cool how that Charlie gets to venture out into these areas rather than having them just refered to as she holes up in her palace.

I want to know more though!! I want to visit the other kingdoms!! More spinoffs, more novellas, more writing…. Ha ha.

There were plenty of intense moments. I was going to give myself whiplash flying through the pages like I was. Especially the last there is no way I could have taken a break from that. So yes this was an excellent 3rd installment of the series and I was very happy with it. My inner fantasy girl really enjoyed these books.

The Offering is the third and final book in the Pledge trilogy, and is also one that has been sitting on my shelf since publication. I began reading with some trepidation, would I remember what had happened previously? Would the ending of the book be something I wanted? The Offering picks up after the events of the previous book, and it did take me a few pages to remember who was who, but I quickly fell back into this world, excited to see what would happen next for Charlie.

The Offering was a go The Offering is the third and final book in the Pledge trilogy, and is also one that has been sitting on my shelf since publication.

The Offering was a good finale to this series, and I am glad to see it come to an end the way it did with only a slight niggle that I will elaborate on. But the journey to get there was hard for all parties involved. Seeing Charlie away from the palace, away from her followers, her guards, and getting to see her as an unremarkable traveler was interesting.

We see her for who she was and how others see her without knowing she is the Queen. She helps others when needed, even at the risk of reducing thier own rations. But she is a fighter, and whether her rash decision to do what she does was right at the time, it was something that needed to be done at some point, and at least she held the reins for a short while.

The Offering was full of drama, excitement, and violence, with the war being fought on many fronts it was hard to see who would actually be victorious once it was over.

There are lives lost, which I did cry about, and others have had their lives changed irrecoverably, but the final outcome was something that needed to be done. Final Verdict Overall The Offering was a great read, my only niggle was the last page, the way it ended I wanted to see a little bit more for this character and thier future. Charlies is set in stone but the other's is hinted at but not elaborated on. I may be being greedy but a chapter set a few years later would have given me the definite answers I wanted.

What can I say?

See a Problem?

The book starts off with a gasp-inducing occurrence that completely shocked me. I so did not see that coming — and I could not believe it! From there, the book is full of surprises. Surprise alliances, surprise partnerships, surprise relationships, and more. Yes, there were a few things I What can I say? Yes, there were a few things I could see coming, but none that spoiled the story. Charlie is stronger in this book than I had previously given her credit for.

I always knew she was stronger than she suspected. Or something. Very clever. Not that I had doubted that, of course. I was sold on this series from the very beginning of the very first book, The Pledge, and I cannot gush enough about just how awesomely it ends. This was definitely an exciting ending to The Pledge Trilogy. With amazing character development, unexpected twists, and thrilling action this is exactly how good story should end. Go out with a bang. The Offering starts off with Queen Elena and Niko planning against Ludania to get something that both of them wants — Sabara.

While Niko is still trying to be together with her, Queen Elena wants to live forever and have the powers that she heard of. When Charlie receives the package, she decides to do what is best for her — to get rid of Sabara once and for all and finally take control of her body. But leaving the country to meet Queen Elena might have started the war after all and betrayal of Niko screws things up. There were some moments where I wanted to strange Charlie throughout the series just because of how annoying she sounded with Sabara being in her but I was relieved when she actually started to act like a real Queen.

This was good ending to series. Nov 08, Molly rated it liked it. But the second book was a pretty big letdown and this book had it's good and bad moments.

Thankfu 3. She ended up in the same place regardless! Ugh, so I hate it when it feels like the book is just wasting time until it gets to the good stuff. There were a few gut-punches and I teared up over a death. I also enjoyed some of the new characters, but feel like there could have been SO much more done with them Sage was so cool! The jumps between POV's was random and a bit annoying as I've always disliked in the past book , and Niko still grosses me out beyond reason.

Her entire demeanor shifted into something else as her hand slid from his wrist and moved up his arm to his chest, her fingertips finding their way along the ridges of his still tensed muscles. Let's go back to bed," she purred. Besides, I have other things I'd like to show you. He wondered if he'd ever be able to purge from his memory the image of what he'd just witnessed.

Or forget the sound of Xander's screams. Everyone stood when I entered, and I tried my best to appear calm, but my heart was racing as I looked out at all the intense expressions watching me, judging me. At any other time I might've explained my reaction away as nerves, but not today.

Today I had something to prove. I needed to show them that all the changes I'd been leading us toward, all we'd sacrificed, had been for the best.

That today we would make progress. That I hadn't made a colossal mistake in risking so much on one venture. My gaze slid to the transmitter on the table in front of me, where it sat, still and silent. It was hard to imagine that something so bland-looking might possibly change everything.

I took my seat and waited apprehensively while everyone else in the room took theirs.

Several moments ticked by, during which I could feel the weight of their misgivings searching me out, settling over me like a heavy blanket. I explored their faces, too, careful not to fix on any one for too long. I picked out certain features and tried to guess which region each council member might hail from, a game to kill time and distract my thoughts.

A man with leathered skin might have been a farmer, or possibly a builder who'd spent many years laboring beneath a baking sun. I thought he might have been from the eastern region, where grains were plentiful. Another woman with perfectly coifed hair made me think of a large metropolitan area. From right here in the Capitol perhaps, or possibly from 3E, which had been recently renamed Charletown, now that cities were allowed to have names of their own. There was another man who had a distractingly bulbous nose, which had nothing at all to do with either region or occupation but caught my attention nonetheless.

My cheeks heated when I realized he'd caught me staring for too long. From outside, even through the closed windows, I could hear the people gathering on the streets below us, both allies and opponents, all awaiting word of the success, or failure, of our. A thousand worries spun through my mind. A thousand reasons why everything could go wrong on the other end.

What if Aron hadn't made it to his destination? Or what if he had but work hadn't been completed on time? Worse yet, what if those engineers and designers who'd said our project was impossible had been right after all?

What if the lines were irreparable? But if all that were true, if the lines were too faulty to fix, wouldn't we have learned as much before now? Wouldn't someone have told us so-at some point before I'd left the palace to stand facing a hundred administrators from different districts and boroughs around the country awaiting our very first message?

Suddenly the walls of Capitol Hall felt too close, and the ceiling far too low. I was suffocating. I turned to Brooklynn, who stood near the entrance in her crisp black uniform, searching the room for the slightest sign of trouble.

I hoped in vain that she might offer me the same sort of encouragement Max had.

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A smile or a nod. Even one of her hallmark winks. But she never even glanced my way. Nothing much had changed between us over the past months, since we'd returned from the summit at Vannova. Battling a combatant at least twice her size.

Where the hella had she learned moves like those? When had she become someone who could kill in cold blood? Everyone is not what they seem apparently.

Charlie can fight, Eden can be soft, Brook isn't into her heels anymore, little Angelina can talk—what even happened to everyone? That was my main question. I loved how Derting didn't make it all of a sudden as well. She didn't perfect any of her characters in a matter of pages but slowly developed them to be stronger than what they initially came out to be.

I couldn't like Brooklynn as much however. In the first book she had already sort of annoyed me. As it continued, she just got more bitchy and rude. It came to the point where I could hardly stand reading from her point of view. Kimberly Derting introduces her readers to a lot of new characters in the trilogy. From getting to know Max, we come to know more of Eden and her brother, more of Niko and Sage as well.Copy From Text:. It isn't often where I'll immediately pick up the other books in a series if it's complete of course so soon after reading the first one.

Thank you all for letting me tell Charlie's story. I really liked that we got to see more of Sage. But there are also some third person narrations Brooklyn, Niko, Max and Sage. Kimberly Derting introduces her readers to a lot of new characters in the trilogy. A part of Niko wanted to skulk back into the shadows. I was suffocating. Overall, I just really fell in love with this series.

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