Nothing captivates the believer or draws the skeptic’s ire like geometry’s Golden Secti Scott Olsen’s new work on the subject is no exception. Nothing captivates the believer or draws the skeptic’s ire like geometry’s Golden Section. Scott Olsen’s new work on the. The Secret Life of Phi. Nothing captivates the believer or draws the skeptic's ire like geometry's Golden Section. Scott Olsen's new work on the subject is no. Scott Olsen, The Golden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret. New York: Wooden Books (Walker and Company), Reviewed by Rachel Fletcher. Authors.

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Scott Olsen The Golden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret Part of the Nexus Network Journal book series (NNJ, volume 9,2) Golden Section phi proportion Online ISBN ; eBook Packages Mathematics and Statistics. A beautiful and useful handbook on the Golden Section--also known as the Golden Nature's Greatest Secret. By: Scott Olsen Media of The Golden Section. A concise and useful handbook on the Golden Section--also known as the Golden Ratio and Golden Mean. The Golden Section is a line segment divided into.

I now understand Fibonacci numbers for the first time in my life, and why that series is important. Readers of this book will subsequently look at everything from flowering plants to animal faces to recognize geometrical forms in faces and bodies, and repeating series Fascinating little book with great illustrations that demonstrate the crossroads where art and science meet. Readers of this book will subsequently look at everything from flowering plants to animal faces to recognize geometrical forms in faces and bodies, and repeating series of leaves, branches, petals, etc.

The concept of proportion is addressed as well, and why some artistic compositions grab the eyes, and others do not. This is a gem of a book.

Golden Section: Nature's Greatest Secret pdf free

Feb 06, Phillias rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 18, Laurie rated it liked it. I believe this is a great book, but I gave it three stars, because I did not understand a lot of it. I did, however, finally grasp the Fibonacci Sequence And for that, the read was worth it. The book is highly illustrated with classical and contemporary images of art; they are beautiful to look at, even if the reader cannot fully appreciate the sequen I believe this is a great book, but I gave it three stars, because I did not understand a lot of it.

The book is highly illustrated with classical and contemporary images of art; they are beautiful to look at, even if the reader cannot fully appreciate the sequencing of the golden ratio. I discovered these books at our local science museum's gift shop, and fell in love with them.

Each takes a particular mathematical idea and shows how it works, shares the story of its origins, and details the meaning it has had for various cultures through history. I don't have copies of these Aug 03, Keli rated it really liked it. Loved it! I love math, I love geometry, and I love nature so this book was perfect.

It quickly and easily explained the golden mean's appearance in nature,the galaxy and in us. I did have to do a little bit of research on wiki to fully understand how to compute phi before I could go on with the book, but after that it was a great read. It totally reinforced the quote, "Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe. Dec 29, Dave Harbert rated it liked it. Very interesting though I may need to read it again in the future.

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The first few pages offered a lot to chew on and I know I didn't fully comprehend the formulas. That's the only reason I gave it 3 stars - which, to be fair could be more my inability to comprehend than the author's ability to explain.

The later pages offered examples I could follow fairly well. Mar 10, Andy rated it liked it. A small book that made me want to know more about math and its applications. I think it is designed to whet the appetite of the curious; by itself the book does not really tell you much. Each two facing pages give an overview about the golden section and its many manifestations, and I thought that was pretty damn cool.

This is a keeper, but now to find some real math books. May 18, Rebekah rated it liked it. The information on the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Section was fascinating, and the Olsen's presentation was well done. I personally wish he had referenced a few more outside authors than he did, and the New Age nonsense at the end was beyond strange for a fact-book, but overall it was a decent book to look up on the subject. Jun 22, Adrian Magill rated it it was amazing.

A short read, but a very enlightening one. This book combines mysticism and science while quoting people like Plato and Leonardo Da Vinci.

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It takes a little time to wrap your mind around some of the concepts sometimes, especially if, like me, math troubles you, however the information this book offers is well worth the effort.

Lovely, illustrated little book that provides a to-the-point introduction to such topics as Phi, Fibonacci Sequence, Phyllotaxis Patters, Lucas Numbers, Spirals, Harmony etc.

This book is not difficult to understand despite the mathematical contents. Nov 04, Steven Walker rated it really liked it. This small book is a fascinating look at the number phi and its influence on mathematics and art. Personally I've always found the notion of a magical number intriguing, and this is about as magical as they get right up there with pi. Dec 29, Abrahamus rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great title from the Wooden Books series.

Others that I've read: May 26, Scott rated it liked it. Note how every dimensions of each letter of this logo is apparently based on proportions of phi first golden ratio or phi squared second golden … More on Art and Design Product Design and Marketing applications of the Golden Mean Phi is used in the design of many consumer products.

It is also used to add style and appeal in the marketing and design of everyday consumer products. The applications are endless, but are illustrated by a few of the products below.

Dr. Scott Olsen interview – “The Golden Ratio” – #108

Click on the image for a larger version. The gauge shown here was developed by Dr. Photos with the gauges are also courtesy of Dr. That would have resulted in a width to height ratio of 1. Balanced from any angle, each exterior line of Rapide S works in concert and every proportion is precisely measured to create a lithe, pure form. Our engineering follows the same principle.

A near perfect weight distribution ensures Rapide S is balanced in form and balanced in function. The simple beauty of nature guides the design of DB9, with the 'golden ratio' setting all proportions. The golden ratio is found in many places, but here's one you might not have expected: It can be found in football gaming strategy when making the "point after touchdown" decision as to whether to kick for 1 extra point or go for a 2 point conversion.

This applies to the situation when a team is trailing by 14 points late in a football game, and then scores a touchdown to be trailing the other team by 8 points.

So what should you do: Kick for 1 point after touchdown PAT or go for a 2 point conversion? Most football teams kick the PAT in this situation, but in fact it is almost always better to go for 2. Changes in stock prices largely reflect human opinions, valuations and expectations. Phi and Fibonacci numbers are used to predict stocks Phi 1. Since my first investigation of human facial proportions in , it seemed clear that the most important features that define a human face are the simplest and most obvious: An oval head and the positions and dimensions of the eyes and the mouth.

As evidence, consider the "smiley face.

Let's instead express these same facial markers with normal human proportions, and with the simplest possible representation. This requires a vertical oval, two lines for the eyes and a line for the mouth. The resulting face will look something more like this: This simple facial configuration is easily mapped to very natural human proportions with the use of four simple golden ratio … More on Beauty How to take photos and measurements for facial beauty analysis and identification of golden ratio proportions Best practice techniques for facial and beauty analysis.

Surprising few get it right, so the results of many of these studies are inaccurate and misleading.

There are four important keys to selecting photographs that are suitable for facial measurements. Next, it is critical to understand and measure the facial markers that commonly reflect golden ratio proportions.

In this article I'll cover these key points, the common mistakes made and the best practices to yield results that are both accurate and meaningful. Orientation of the head, and eliminating the impacts of perspective.

As simple as it sounds, one of the most important aspects of any image used for facial analysis is that the subject be looking directly into the camera. The front of the face must be parallel to the lens of the camera. Another attempt to debunk the Golden Ratio is fundamentally wrong. In October , Dr. Keith Devlin was interviewed by science writer Julia Calderone in an article titled "The one formula that's supposed to 'prove beauty' is fundamentally wrong.

His comments have reach and impact, but his views on the golden ratio are not always accurate, complete, consistent, objective or supported by evidence. Do these celebrities owe their good looks to the Golden Ratio? Click on images for full resolution.

When a joke becomes science, then science becomes a joke. A designer in Russia morphed several celebrity faces as a joke, but it somehow morphed into "scientific evidence" in yet another attempt to debunk the golden ratio. Find article here.

Igor Kochmala created some fun images of celebrity faces that he morphed to fit nonsensical patterns of golden ratio spirals. His blog page, called "Yet-another-Fibonacci-homework," humorously featured his "Dr. Fibonazi's Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Click on any image for full resolution. The blog post was picked up by dozens of online magazine sites.

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Introduced by Arnold Sommerfeld, the fine-structure con- stant determines the strength of the electromagnetic interaction [44]-[49]. John S. Brush [51]. Charles P. This fundamental pure number had greatly fascinated Pauli For Pauli the explanation of the number was the test of a successful field theory, a test which no theory has passed up 4 to now.

The 2 heptagon is a feature of the Cosmological Circle, a geometric template for the Great Pyramid and many ancient architectural designs; related to the cycloid curve and the history of the least action principle [8, 22]. The Wilbraham-Gibbs constant is related to the overshoot of Fourier psums in the Gibbs phenomena [56].

From Eq. This had the strongest cycle reso- nance found among the planets [63]. While twentieth-century physicists were not able to identify any convincing math- ematical constants underlying the fine structure, partly because such thinking has normally not been encouraged, a revolutionary suggestion was recently made by the Czech physicist Raji Heyrovska, who deduced that the fine structure constant The Golden ratio, which manifests itself in many spontaneous creations of Nature, was thus found to originate right in the core of atoms.

The other root is approximately 1.

Malcolm H. From the discussion of Eq.Defined as a line segment divided into two unequal parts, such that the ratio of the shorter portion to the longer portion is the same as the ratio of the longer portion to the whole, it pops up throughout nature—in water, DNA, the proportions of fish and butterflies, and the number of teeth we possess—as well as in art and architecture, music, philosophy, science, and mathematics.

In , the public awareness of the association grew when the book was turned into a movie starring veteran actor Tom Hanks. Again, K is the inverse Ke- pler—Bouwkamp constant [40]-[42]. Drawing on art, architecture, philosophy, nature, mathematics, geometry, and music-and beautifully illustrated in the Wooden Books fashion with all manner of images-The Golden Section will tell the story of this remarkable construct and its wide ranging impact on civilization and the natural world.

In this role he has designed the style of the shows such as "Kim Possible", Kevin Smith's "Clerks" the animated series, "Danny Phantom" and many others.

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