Demon Cycle has 26 entries in the series. Peter V. Brett Author Pete Bradbury Narrator (). cover image of The Demon Cycle 4-Book Bundle. Hey guys this is my first upload i really dont know shit about blogging ill just upload the books i like or the ones that yall req. so the demon cycle. One of the most exciting new sagas in epic fantasy, The Demon Cycle became a phenomenon with readers and launched the brilliant career of New York Times.

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Read {PDF Epub} Download The Demon Cycle Books and Nove by Peter V. Brett from the story Sure by delpblanch25 with 24 reads. agree, design, support. The Warded Man (The Demon Cycle #1) by Peter V. Brett As darkness falls after sunset, the corelings rise—demons who possess supernatural. Praise for THE WARDED MAN "I enjoyed The Warded Man immensely. There is much to admire in Peter Brett's writing, and his concept is brilliant. Action and.

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The Warded Man is truly unput-downable. Make sure you have plenty of time for reading it, because you will not want to leave its pages for anything. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Aftermath Chapter 2. If It Was You Chapter 3. A Night Alone Chapter 4. Leesha Chapter 5. Crowded Home Chapter 6.

The Secrets of Fire Chapter 7. Rojer Chapter 8.

To the Free Cities Chapter 9. Apprentice Chapter Breach Chapter Library Chapter There Must Be More Chapter The Road to Angiers Chapter Fiddle Me a Fortune Chapter Ruins Chapter Rite of Passage Chapter The First Warrior of Krasia Chapter Alagai'sharak Chapter Only a Chin Chapter Play the Hamlets Chapter Rebirth Chapter A New Venue Chapter Hospit Chapter Nightfall Chapter Secrets Chapter In the Predawn Light Chapter Plague Chapter The Battle of Cutter's Hollow Chapter Your advice and encouragement made it possible for me to turn a hobby into something more.

And to my editors, Liz and Emma, who took a chance on a new author and challenged me to exceed even my own high standards. I could never have done it without you. Arlen paused in his work, looking up at the lavender wash of the dawn sky. Mist still clung to the air, bringing with it a damp, acrid taste that was all too familiar. A quiet dread built in his gut as he waited in the morning stillness, hoping that it had been his imagination.

He was eleven years old. There was a pause, and then the horn blew twice in rapid succession. One long and two short meant south and east. The Cluster by the Woods. His father had friends among the cutters.

Behind Arlen, the door to the house opened, and he knew his mother would be there, covering her mouth with both hands. Arlen returned to his work, not needing to be told to hurry.

Some chores could wait a day, but the stock still needed to be fed and the cows milked. He left the animals in the barns and opened the hay stores, slopped the pigs, and ran to fetch a wooden milk bucket.

His mother was already squatting beneath the first of the cows. He snatched the spare stool and they found cadence in their work, the sound of milk striking wood drumming a funeral march. As they moved to the next pair down the line, Arlen saw his father begin hitching their strongest horse, a five-year-old chestnut-colored mare named Missy, to the cart.

His face was grim as he worked. What would they find this time? Before long, they were in the cart, trundling toward the small cluster of houses by the woods. It was dangerous there, over an hour's run to the nearest warded structure, but the lumber was needed.

Arlen's mother, wrapped in her worn shawl, held him tightly as they rode. I'm not scared.

They made mock of him enough as it was. She could never fool him, but she always knew what to say just the same.

A pillar of greasy smoke told them more than they wanted to know long before they reached their destination. They were burning the dead. And starting the fires this early, without waiting for others to arrive and pray, meant there were a great many.

Too many to pray over each one, if the work was to be complete before dusk. It was more than five miles from Arlen's father's farm to the Cluster by the Woods.

By the time they arrived, the few remaining cabin fires had been put out, though in truth there was little left to burn.

Fifteen houses, all reduced to rubble and ash. He gestured with his chin toward the blackened ruin that remained of a season's cutting.


Arlen grimaced at the thought of how the rickety fence that penned the animals would have to last another year, and immediately felt guilty. The firespit fizzled where it struck the wards, but at the mind demons' bidding, the drones focused instead on the piled snow outside the perimeter, their breath instantly turning it to scalding steam. Safe behind the wards, the sentries were unharmed, but a hot, thick fog arose, stinging their eyes and tainting the air even through their veils.

One of the sentries ran off through the camp, ringing a loud bell. As he did, the others darted fearlessly beyond the wards to skewer the nearest flame demons on their warded spears. Magic sparked as the weapons punched through their sharp, overlapping scales. Other drones attacked from the sides, but the sentries worked in unison, their warded shields covering one another as they fought.

Shouts could be heard inside the camp as other warriors rushed to join in the battle. But under cover of fog and dark, the mimic's host advanced.

The Core: Book Five of The Demon Cycle

One moment the sentries' cries were of victory, and the next they were of shock as the demons emerged from the haze. The mimic took the first human it encountered easily, sweeping the man's feet away with its heavy tail and snatching a flailing leg as he fell. The hapless warrior was lifted aloft by the limb, his spine cracked like a whip. Those unlucky warriors who faced the mimic next were beaten down by the body of their fallen comrade. The other drones followed suit, with mixed success.

The few sentries were quickly overwhelmed, but many drones were slow to take advantage, wasting precious time rending the dead bodies rather than preparing for the next wave of warriors. More and more of the veiled men flowed out of the camp, falling quickly into ranks and killing with smooth, brutal efficiency. The wards on their weapons and shields flared repeatedly in the darkness.

Up on the rise, the mind demons watched the battle impassively, showing no concern for the drones falling to the enemy spears. There was a throb in the cranium of one as it sent a command to its mimic on the field. Immediately, the mimic hurled the corpse into one of the wardposts around the camp, smashing it and creating a breach.

Up on the rise, there was another throb, and the other corelings broke off from engaging the warriors and poured through the gap into the enemy camp.

Left off balance, the warriors turned back to see tents blazing as flame drones scurried about, and hear the screams of their women and children as the larger corelings broke through charred and scorched inner wards. The warriors cried out and rushed to their loved ones, all semblance of order lost.

In moments the tight, invincible units had fragmented into thousands of separate creatures, little more than prey. It seemed as if the camp would be overrun and burned to the ground, but then a figure appeared from the central pavilion.

He was clad in black, like the warriors, but his outer robe, headwrap, and veil were the purest white.

At his brow was a circlet of gold, and in his hands was a great spear of shining metal. The coreling princes hissed at the sight. There were cries at the man's approach. The mind demons sneered at the primitive grunts and yelps that passed for communication among men, but the meaning was clear. The others were drones. This one was their mind. Under the domination of the newcomer, the warriors remembered their castes and returned to their previous cohesion.

A unit broke off to seal the outer breach.

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Another two fought fire. One more ushered the defenseless to safety. Thus freed, the remainder scoured the camp, and the drones could not long stand against them. In minutes the camp was as littered with coreling bodies as the field outside. The mimic, still disguised as a rock demon, was soon the only coreling left, too quick to be taken by spear but unable to break through the wall of shields without revealing its true self. There was a throb from the rise, and the mimic vanished into a shadow, dematerializing and seeping out of the camp through a tiny gap in the wards.

The enemy was still searching for it when the mimic returned to its place by its master's side. The two slender corelings stood atop the rise for several minutes, silent vibrations passing between them.

Then, as one, the coreling princes turned their eyes to the north, where the other human mind was said to be. One of the mind demons turned to its mimic, kneeling back in the form of a gigantic wind demon, and walked up its extended wing.

As it vanished into the night, the remaining mind demon turned back to regard the smoldering enemy camp. Barely ten feet high and only one thick, the entire city's defenses were less than the meanest of a Damaji's dozen palaces. The Watchers didn't even need their steel-shod ladders; most simply leapt to catch the lip of the tiny wall and pulled themselves up and over. Jardir grunted but said nothing. The advance guard of Jardir's elite warriors had come under cover of darkness, thousands of sandaled feet crunching the fallow, snow-covered fields surrounding the city proper.

As the greenlanders cowered behind their wards, the Krasians had braved the demon-infested night to advance.

Even corelings gave berth to so many Holy Warriors on the move. They gathered before the city, but the veiled warriors did not attack immediately. Men did not attack other men in the night. When dawn's light began to fill the sky, they lowered their veils, that their enemies might see their faces. There were a few brief grunts as the Watchers subdued the guards in the gatehouse, and then a creak as the city gates opened wide to admit Jardir's host.

With a roar, six thousand dal'Sharum warriors poured into the city. Before the Rizonans even knew what was happening, the Krasians were upon them, kicking in doors and dragging the men out of their beds, hurling them naked into the snow. With its seemingly endless arable land, Fort Rizon was more populous by far than Krasia, but Rizonan men were not warriors, and they fell before Jardir's trained ranks like grass before the scythe.

Those who struggled suffered torn muscle and broken bone. Those who fought, died. Jardir looked at all of these in sorrow. Every man crippled or killed was one who could not find glory in Sharak Ka, the Great War, but it was a necessary evil. He could not forge the men of the North into a weapon against demonkind without first tempering them as the smith's hammer did the speartip.

Women screamed as Jardir's men tempered them in another fashion. Another necessary evil.One long and two short meant south and east. The Warded Man works not only as a great adventure novel, but as a reflection on the nature of heroism.

When they were close to the camp, still under the cover of darkness, the mimic slowed and waved the flame drones ahead. The night grew deathly silent even as a great demon host gathered, drawn to the call of the coreling princes. Some chores could wait a day, but the stock still needed to be fed and the cows milked.

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